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Corpse Husband

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    Taking your average everyday situations and ruining them for you.
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    A lot of people ask me what video they should show their friends who they're trying to get into these kinds of videos, and I hope that this video can be it.
    I figured what better way than to start with some of the classics that made people originally fall in love with this type of content.
    Story Start times:
    Story 1: 0:28
    Story 2: 5:02
    Story 3: 16:03
    Story 4: 19:00
    Story 5: 28:45
    Story 6: 32:32
    Story 7: 40:22
    Story 8: 52:00
    Story 9: 57:07
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    1. Corpse Husband

      Let's try this again. *STORY START TIMES BELOW* Can't thank you all enough for the amount of love i've recieved even though I hadn't uploaded in 2 weeks since video was so long. I also had a fun time livestreaming with you guys, and plan on maybe doing one once a month. If you missed this livestream, please turn notifications on by clicking the bell next to the subscribe button so that you're notified when the next one starts. Or, follow me on one of my social media's below where i'll let you know ahead of time when the next one is; Story Start times: Story 1: 0:28 Story 2: 5:02 Story 3: 16:03 Story 4: 19:00 Story 5: 28:45 Story 6: 32:32 Story 7: 40:22 Story 8: 52:00 Story 9: 57:07 ► Twitter: twitter.com/Corpse_Husband ► Snapchat: Corpse_Husband ► Instagram: instagram.com/corpse_husband/ ► Facebook page: facebook.com/CorpseHusbandStories/ ► Steam Group: steamcommunity.com/groups/Corpse_Husband ► Google +: plus.google.com/+CorpseHusband ► My second channel for bloopers and other non-horror related stuff: kgup.info/must/uZPtWDsczOuztPMUr0mmpw.html

      1. Taine Robertson

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      2. Taine Robertson

        Oiiooii iii. Iiio oi.

      3. Taine Robertson

        It i

      4. Crosby Maximiliano

        @Ridge Roy Damn! It took like 15 minutes but it reallyworked!!

      5. Ridge Roy

        dont know if anyone cares but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using Instaportal. Find it on google if you wanna try it yourself

    2. Oliver Fischer Schwartz

      This is why we need guns

    3. Oliver Fischer Schwartz

      Run the red light. It's not illegal if you don't get caught

    4. Star Fish


    5. SlowLorisgamer4783

      You did a another very amazing job on this video, you are the best spooky story narrator I know :)

    6. Totality Real

      9:50 corpse is good at voice acting if it was not on this channel i would have not guessed that corpse said it

    7. Pumpkinbricks

      the name of the video randomly changed when i was watching this XD

    8. Lima

      is just me who keeps reading the comments just to avoid the creepy pics during the narration?

    9. Hey Jamie

      Man I forgot he used to sound like this lol

    10. Truthteam10

      i dunno why but i always end up on these type of vids at 4am when i should be sleeping haha

    11. Aiadeva

      6:34 Maybe it's @simplynaillogical"s holo coffin she made with Threadbanger !

    12. MarinCraft


    13. Jaimee Erasmus

      Violin creature was shy, went home to practice, came back and wanted you to hear them. Creature just wants a friend

    14. CommentCop 666

      That guy terrorized by the violin freak, love him. So many stories I hear always have the dog owners seem like they are willing to send their dogs out towards the "unknown" like a canary in a mine. Yeah I understand some people get dogs for protection but I think the protection should be from dangers of the known variety. Like as in a bad guy of the definite human kind weilding a knife. If they weilded a firearm, I would be my dog's protector. Again, I love the guy that said he diidn't aything to happen to his dog and didn't even think of sending it out to check or scare the owner of the two eyes playing a fuckn' violin. Could've been a viola too. Thad is a good boy with a good human.

    15. YouTube Sucks

      Those kids need therapy fr

    16. CommentCop 666

      I hate stories when they don't call the police. I'm referring to the girl on the bus who over hearing the Spanish guys. Oh sorry, Spanish speaking guys. They could've been Chinese. And as for Dr Ramsey, it had better been set prior to the 80s. And ffs why'd those parents leave those girls home alone so often? Yes, even with a younger brother they were practically home alone. smh And the camping couple, hooray! They had a gun. Best detail to one of these stories ever. I hate hearing about campers going camping without a gun. Pistol or rifle.

    17. me me me !

      mind your iwn frigging business nosy parker mr.meterman in the second story

    18. Daredevil Tomboy

      57:01-57:07 I honestly love how content yet gentle he sounds when he brings in the classic The Smiling Man story. He really does sound like he adores his channel very much; it is so sweet to me. There is a reason why I love his content.

    19. Ryhog ,

      I really don't mean to offend but these aren't scary idk but I have heard scarier

    20. GriffinsStuff

      go to hell dr ramesy.

    21. Lilly Bozzo

      the pictures freak me out more than the actual story lol

    22. Sad fire


    23. The Bearded Vegan

      Don't people lock their front doors

    24. M N

      im going to listen to this tonight by myself in the woods with my eyes closed , cant wait

    25. Noah Bueno

      Who else recognizes Story 8 narrated by Mr Nightmare before??

    26. Bailey Gelder

      Hey corpse have you ever heard of Mr. Ballen (I think that how you spell his name) he does scary stories too and he does some funny stories too, you should check him out, or not it's fine

    27. Brittany Zoha

      You have a great voice for videos like this. Got my subscription! Thanks for your videos and that voice of yours

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      i looooooovvvvvveeeeee the panio

    29. Mark Colucci

      hey guys im trying timestamps 0:28

      1. Mark Colucci

        it worked

    30. laraschlock

      on the second story.. why didn't he called help the moment he heard the screaming again?

    31. grifballa

      *Dog hung from porch* Cops: Definitely an accident. Do your hometown cops happen to work for the ATF?

    32. Professional Moron

      The violin one was unnerving thus making it my favorite one

    33. BuHba

      Hey let’s tell scary story’s! Corpse: I got a few for ya

    34. donavan

      Ay my step dad has a judge bro I shot it and I would totally grab that bad boi if someone tries something

    35. donavan

      Jesus Christ that 4th one

    36. ian kinnear

      2:30 holy crap that must of been a lot of trama for a child

    37. beaux smith

      im watching this in 20201 ur voice has changed alot.

    38. Domenica M

      But I still love Corpse and his stories. In my previous comment I hope I didn't offend Corpse.. I thought it was funny to mention it! A lot of his fans make silly comments about Corpse sometimes. I hope he doesn't think we are judging him. I'm positive he knows it and laughs with us!!😜

    39. Domenica M

      Idk about u guys but when the guy talks thru car window with the beat up girl, I'm pretty sure Corpse said " she mention me to low the window" instead of "motion".

    40. Ciel Phantomhive

      you sound so different

    41. Hector

      So mans went from telling ghost story’s to Among us

    42. you have something in your eye

      52:09 woah woah woah is this a call out????? *offended FOB fan noises*

    43. you have something in your eye

      i love how he’s using the deep voice filter for some characters and that’s literally what his voice sounds like right now

    44. Ghost Ophelia

      Lol 😂 my grandma kept her coffin in her basement because she got one on sale but they wanted to charge her out the ass to keep it in their storage so she stored it herself. Everything has a rational explaintion i guess haha

    45. Alexandra Rae

      So you are telling me that some crazy man has been threatening your young daughters, described how he could get into your home, often knows who is and isn't home, and even murder your dog and you left them home alone? What the actual fuck?

    46. Alexandra Rae

      narrator: there are usually normal explanations for all of these me: the coffin? narrator: okay maybe not the coffin... bahaha

    47. milkboy senpai

      im just watching all the old videos i use to watch and guess what it was corpse that did these nice

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      i saw the doctor ramsey one by Mrballen

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      His voice makes me feel able to sleep, I have insomnia so this is rare.

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      Iowa City, Iowa.. I used to live there. I wonder where that was.

    54. XanSketches

      The pediatrician was just trying to have a pleasant conversation 🙄🙄🙄🙄😚😎🙁😌😣😍😟☹️😋🙁😚😣😢🥺😊😠😌🥵😚😥🤥🧐😱🧐🤯😳 Hdudhuehdunkwiwkuejr dmdkdmcdk

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      "Armed with the world's worst lantern: got me good 🤣🤣🤣

    56. Guro Daljord Bø

      okok I don't mean to be rude but wHaT iS tHiS speaking so clearly and not at all mumbly? xD It sounds so unnatural at this point xD

    57. victory vlogs

      if ya see little timmy and sally in the basment then call 911

    58. Julia Marton

      A pediatrician is medical doctor who manages the physical, behavioral, and mental care for children from birth until age 18. A pediatrician is trained to diagnose and treat a broad range of childhood illnesses, from minor health problems to serious diseases.

      1. Julia Marton

        (hope this helps)

    59. Malakai Wilmot

      HP help me now please I need help

      1. Malakai Wilmot

        T Frank ago got you scared

    60. Charlotte Dukes

      I’m literally listening to this whilst falling asleep in the dark at 1:30am 😟🤔🤦‍♀️😂

    61. Charlotte Dukes

      On the 1st story when it said “you made the right decision” I felt my heart skip a beat and I physically jumped, these don’t normally creep me out but that part 😳😂

    62. discarded thefold

      i luv u. dont feel the need to prove anything to us, we are in many ways gimmicks,, or for character..."You Cannot See My Brain & ThereFore I Am!!!" tactics,, which may, of course, b33 spurious...be careful,, U R Loved, every hair on our heads IS numbered.. but as tangented as your experience is, i think u know this.

      1. discarded thefold

        sry, i dont mean doe as in unidentified body,,, i mean as in a f0rged beast... are u marked? be desperate and humorous at the table, like u are..manifest of weakness. such a condition is in need of rest, if they still wanna burden beast u, their sported player , reckon with this attitude, may be compromised,,

    63. Probly Beetlejuice

      The guy in the basement was probably autistic. We’re demonised a lot, so it would make sense.

    64. Ella clem

      "The good old smiley man story" My brain: Dream

    65. Ella clem

      Love the shining , really good movie

    66. Hugh Ganis

      For story 7 Labradors are amazing dogs. Very playful and loyal but they have a very menacing bark and can and will protect you. I've had 2 1 chocolate and 1 golden retriever they are great.

    67. Short Sight

      I think the Dad killed DR. Ramsey

    68. CA S

      Story #8, ever hear of Black Eyed Children? Demonic possession, grown adults posing as children due to genetics.

    69. Tim J

      I was a cable guy for yrs & I never seen the far fetched shit he seen in basements. Like meth labs, coffins vampires, zombies and whatever other lies he mentioned that were not believable outside of bugs, cobwebs, roaches & other obvious bugs or what not. Such lies & garbage

    70. Tim J

      Yeah pediatricians always go out recruiting kids on the streets by foot.

    71. Tim J

      I'd rather be a dasher than hear these stories or steal methods to make $20,000 a wk like misha Wilson.

    72. Tim J

      A random guy lived randomly in a basement of a house 4 rent that nobody questioned or was told about & then u later find out he attacked someone with a knife but got away with it & still lived there. Yeah real believable

    73. Tim J

      Such BS trash!!!

    74. Toe_6

      omg this is corpse :)

    75. Jakob Rose

      Dr. Ramsey: *in deep, slow motion* ... Relax. i'M a DoCtOr.

    76. iiAmxraaa

      pls i just relised i used to watch him before he got really big like this

    77. Sean Dillon

      Did crazy guy in the basement have Tourettes

    78. Arkham Knight

      .. Our meters have always been outside the home. Weird. HEY CORPSE; when ya' gonna do more stories? No rush of course.

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      wtf this is corpse?

    80. PrestoCharge 1999

      corpses stories make daytime scary

    81. Mister Jalisco El Mas Cabron

      I speak Spanish..im scary....uuuu...that girl should learn manners

    82. Batamp 19

      Story 4 was my favorite. It gave me chills

    83. FreeTheInsanity

      I wish corpse would release more of these. His voice now is perfect for these types of stories

    84. Big Chico

      Why does his voice sound incredibly deeper 4 years later did he go through like 3 stages of puberty or what lmao

      1. TOE5

        It didnt get deeper, it got raspier bc of his gerd

    85. Nadine

      Ever since I watch charlie(penguinz0) and listen to this stories, I wonder how much a Mobby Huge or something else would have helped the poeple if they don't have a flashlight.

    86. DJ

      “She said 5 words that still haunt me” “Uh- is mayonnaise an instrument?”

    87. The Real VaultyVaulty

      “What lunatic sits in the dark in total silence?” Me who lays in the dark in silence every single night for my whole life: 👀

    88. x_roses_and_skulls_x

      27:07 “I woke up one night-thirsty.” Same, Corpse. Same.

    89. Clara Hensey

      These pictures are godamn nightmare fuel so so I have pictures of cute things on another tab so I can quickly change what I'm looking at as quickly as possible lol Also, I will never be able to listen to the smiling man story on the video tab

    90. Ari

      Both of my airpods were in my ears and i felt something touch my foot out of my blanket and i looked down and saw ✨n o t h i n g ✨

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      Nooo I’m sad the poor dogs

    92. Aech Pee

      13:01 Nice looking doggo you got there. What breed is that? Cthulhu?

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      fall out boy is NOTHING to be ashamed of

    94. nicole

      i dropped my phone on my face when corpse said “freeform jazz”

    95. Jennifer Revay

      Referring to number 4. You mentioned the stalking laws. As far as I know they are still the same aren’t they That there is nothing the police can do until something happens to you Is there something new they can do if so I’d like to know what it is. Thank you

    96. adison escamilla

      so scarrey

    97. Corpse's Rose

      This is the Corpse Husband I remember


      The girl actually says Corpse - the 5 words that ever haunt me since Girl-you made the right decision

    99. Peanut the froog

      Me: thinking this is just a normal creepypasta video and not being scared Also me: terrified at the picture in the last story

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      That dude just didn’t want to pay that meter bill man.