I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016. I am in 2020 - here's why.

Ben Shapiro

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    I did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016, but I will be voting for him this year. Here's why.

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    1. Hari Jeong

      Thanks Ben this kinda taught me a lesson

    2. Gina Wagner

      Sorry for your loss. And sorry for your wrong assessment in what is right about how our democracy. ~ Oh, that fact is, well over 6 MILLION MORE Americans voted for Biden. - Maybe you should stock up on Kleenex

      1. Abotic

        6 million dead people voted for Biden, qhahhahh

    3. Bobby Donohue

      2:34 Why I’m not Voting for him but I’m not Voting for Biden either

    4. Harasser

      This woke people are the kind of people that say we respect all the opinions but if you don't agree with us then you're a piece of S*IT

    5. Harasser

      Biden can't even talk in his campaign and falls sleep . I agree that Trump is not good but Biden is worse

    6. Paul at PMSHomes

      No one on the right talks about the benefits of POTUS tweeting the symbolism of his tweets as a whole esp when the right does not have a voice in the mainstream.

    7. Sorrow


    8. Krish Saikia

      I unsubscribed at the beginning of this video and subscribed at the end, thats how good is Ben Shapiro is

    9. Massinissa Ibrahimi

      If conservatism isn't about changing things, then how is Lincoln not liberal. Would modern conservatives just be the confederates back in the day?

      1. s k

        Obviously they would That's what conservatism is, not developing

    10. Lalindra Siriwardane

      I wonder what he says about Trump now after calling the election a fraud.

      1. Lalindra Siriwardane

        @Abotic I did. All I can see is that he is a proud republican high on red bull giving facts and figures but not showing morals. For me end of the day Trump is a businessman. Fake news or not his actions were poor the way he handled the election results.

      2. Abotic

        Look at his recent videos

    11. Nightflyermike

      i'm glad he lost.

      1. Abotic

        He hasn't


      I'm a borderline demacrat, I found this video very interesting and informational. There are some very good points he makes, but when it comes down to it, there are so many more qualified Republicans. Same thing on the other side, I feel that democrats should be doing better as well. I would've taken Harris over biden any day. But when it comes to trump I feel like he's just not a presidential person. Comparing him to any past president, he just doesn't talk and act intelligently.

    13. Will Hinkle

      Joe Biden said that rioting is not protesting and it needs to come to a stop. He's on the same page he just plans to end it by doing the right thing not just shutting them down. He'll do both. He does not support rioting.

    14. Rabnawaz Khan


      1. Abotic


    15. Jim Sheldon

      Johnny come lately. I'm still suspicious of a person, who has a Harvard law degree don't make a person smarter than most. So you have to prove yourself as a true believer.

    16. thefink68

      he forgot illegal immigration and sanctuary cities

    17. Stungun 06

      If Ben Shapiro voted for Trump in 2020 but not in 2016, you just know how radical Trump got in these 4 years

    18. ken z

      well explained. the views and points in this video not only skewed to the far radical right, will be seen and proven incorrect on the wrong and dangerously incompetent side of history. time will tell.

    19. LawofAttraction

      Does this mean you voted hilary? If so I'm unsubscribing.

      1. Jayden Kenney

        He voted independent I believe

    20. IsaacISNOTCHILL idek

      OK is the video sped up or is his voice actually that high-pitched😭💀🤚🏽

      1. IsaacISNOTCHILL idek

        @a political teen and he talks about “how to be masculine “ 😭🤚🏽 like bruh my sister has a deeper voice than u and she 9

      2. a political teen


    21. History Buff

      Dude. The right made Kyle Rittenhouse a fucking hero. I don’t know any liberal that supports burning and looting. Biden denounced it.,

    22. History Buff

      MSM hasn’t depicted Trump as shit. Have you read his fucking Twitter?

    23. History Buff

      Donald Trump didn’t start a war? We’re in a cold civil war on the verge of being hot. Dumbass.,

    24. History Buff

      Clearly sold out to appease his base. Fraud.

    25. Brian Buckman

      I was a democrat until as you say, "the democrats lost their fucking minds." I stood as a moderate democrat. I haven't moved, but the left went so damn far left that I can't support them

    26. Ernst Bürer

      He talks faster than i can think.

    27. Daniel Paez

      I didn't vote for Trump in 2016. Trump defeats Clinton. I'm voting for Trump in 2020. Biden defeats Trump.

    28. agoale97

      Mhh you know you are the country with most deaths in the world for covid, right??

    29. sebas10 Pao

      Republicans would have won but for a global disaster called Trump!

    30. Scrub

      Cmon people, Trump is amazing! People didn't have covid-19 tests before him!!!! He said it himself, wow what a president!!!!!!! So good :DDDDDD Fucking America AHHAHAHAHHA, so bad. Good luck America

    31. Scrub

      kgup.info/get/f6SmdpuyeW2lfp0/video&ab_channel=NowThisNews nuff said

    32. sonaarr

      oops biden won

    33. driessen16

      People put the speed on 0,75 and you’ll have a normal speed lol

      1. Mason Kuldinow

        @driessen16 I am not sure how there could be election fraud in Georgia, where the head of the election commission is a proud Trump supporter and swears by the results.

      2. driessen16

        @Mason Kuldinow i think he will win to. They have way more information than we do and I also know that there’s election fraud so we’ll see what happens.

      3. Mason Kuldinow

        @driessen16 He brought on a guest who said Trump would win the election, and said it was a fact.

      4. driessen16

        @Mason Kuldinow so facts are a bunch of crap to you? Keep living in fairy tail land

      5. Mason Kuldinow

        Then you realize what a bunch of crap is hitting you.

    34. T K

      He cut taxes for the rich and corporations, loser.

    35. T K


    36. Poppin Shower

      TRUMP is losing his mind ( and also his presidency) Its ironic because he's proving EVERYDAY that the americans made the right choice in voting him OUT

      1. The IW Reel

        Not a very good idea.

    37. Ömer Tokyay

      Thanks, I am not as stupid as this guy. Legit confidence boost

    38. J J

      Biden 2020

    39. alonedesertwolf

      "Everyone loved Trump until he became president." -Floyd Mayweather

    40. deborshi deb

      I regret supporting the Democrats .

      1. Mason Kuldinow

        With new leadership, I think states can come together and decide on a comprehensive plan that doesn't entail locking down the country.

    41. Appraisal

      Fuck if only I could get my liberal friends to watch this but they don’t listen .. people will stay voting with their skin colors and not their brains..

    42. Mason Kuldinow

      How's that working out for you?

    43. Crypto Bliss

      All absolutely true

    44. Robert Eigen

      Ben Shapiro keeping a low profile after shifting his weight to the maniac who lost. Shame on you.

    45. Kibbit

      I, as someone who would vote for Biden if I were American, think you are very right about the part at 8:00

      1. Kibbit

        @Chris Birkin Because I agree with him on many other terms? Like. I could list a bunch of things that are true and good about Trump. The world isn't black and white. You don't vote for the good president and not for the bad one. You vote for the better of the two, even if both are actually not good.

      2. DalF4

        @Chris Birkin true

      3. Chris Birkin

        Then why would you vote for him? That's silly

    46. yoosuf Mughal

      Well this didn't age well

    47. 21centuryg


    48. Daniel Cross

      Unfortunate that it went the way it did, imagine what would of happened if trump was treated fairly like a president usually is, probably would of went down as one of the greatest

      1. Daniel Cross

        And I agree with the rhetoric thing but harsh things we're said by both sides that's how people are and especially with this election being so dividend, I wouldn't put his failure solely on the rhetoric of his supporters tho he had many things against him and Biden had everything in his favor from the media to socal Media and line of events from the last 4 years of trump getting grilled

      2. Daniel Cross

        There's a joke my dad used to tell me from his job, he was a super intended not going to go into details of the joke but the moral of it was " you have to be a ass hole to be the boss" and I feel trump brought that to his presidency from his business career being productive but not popular with the people

      3. TJ Martin

        He’s bottom 20 president ever

      4. TJ Martin

        Hell no

      5. Mason Kuldinow

        Personally I think he would've won, pandemic and all, if not for the rhetoric of his supporters. They seemed to use him as a springboard to act horribly and say whatever they wanted, right until a month before the election; it seemed to dawn on them that they might've been gloating a bit too much, insulting their way into a Trump defeat.

    49. Lord Troy

      As a moderate I respect that you’re calling him out, alotta his supporters wouldn’t admit his flaws.

    50. Querhya

      For those of you who think he's an idiot and disagree, I dare you to have a debate with him. 😂😂😂

    51. Mike 903

      Wow I was seeing how biden won the election then I had the thought of who did ben shapiro vote for? And then this video showed up

    52. melskilove

      And you should have kept your vote see your first instincts were right lol

    53. davidshmavid5

      damn, listening to this propaganda is peak reactionary-right brain worm infection. sad shit.

    54. Keaton Collop

      Pro tip: Change to 0.75 speed

    55. dalton fritcher

      So Scientology basically joe Biden scary that is

    56. Jonny Ogg

      How'd that go for ya Benny boy

    57. Sil3nT

      I only have one word. Disinfectant. (Neutral Perspective). Then another one. Shut up. (Neutral Perspective).

    58. General Jigsaw

      I legit thought the playback speed was at 1.5x 😂

    59. David Castillo


    60. Conner Barnes

      For arguments sake, and if it was a fact...if jumping off your pedestal for saying certain things was a thing....would these people still say them

    61. Wuki Wushi

      I’m sorry but didn’t we almost go to war the beginning of this year or..

      1. Benjamin Herrera Ariza

        Um but we didn’t....

      2. Poke dudes


    62. Leo Vinci

      I'm muslim n asian myself and non american, but if i were american i'd definitely vote for Trump. In 2016, i was supporting H. Clinton. Now, i'm rly glad, that she wasn't elected. Trump rly wants to make America great again. He built a lot of factories, made work places, was defending domestic manufacturers, stopped immigration etc. Yes, i do support this. Liberalism sucks, saying it as an ex-liberal. Trump went against globalisation. In a nutshell, wanna say TRUMP WON. SORRY, BUT: FUCK BIDEN.

    63. Carrie Lee

      Trump is petty but he's funny so I look past it. He's a good president and they've all has their faults. Plus, like Ben said, democrats are effin nuts.

    64. Murk Crimson

      Believing every democrat is part of “the media,” what a toxic generalization to make.

    65. Ben Schutte

      Total liar

    66. Luke Harwood

      This video isn't going to age well...

      1. FatNut

        Yes it is

    67. Pedro Marques

      Hey Ben, Hasanabi made a video reacting to this one (which I know to be a clip of the full one, but oh well) making a lot of bullshit points but a few good ones too, I'd like to see your take on that

    68. Speedyboba

      go and hate on me; I’m Californian and I support Biden 2020 :).

      1. Apyni

        @Chesse I'm from California and I'm going for Trump, mainly because I agree with his policies more so than Biden.

      2. Speedyboba

        @Chesse everyone never supports one candidate/ 35% of people voted for trump.

      3. Chesse

        I think everyone in Cali supports Biden. It's a democrat stronghold.

    69. Tekton MC

      Am I the only one who thinks Ben doesn’t talk fast? Like I never found him hard to understand or talking too fast when debating/ talking. Everyone memes about him talking fast but I think it’s just the info he puts in that makes people think that

    70. TheOnlyDreadfather

      I don't think anyone could have given better reasons to not support trump.

    71. Christian Anubis Pineda

      I predict civil war.

    72. Lol Lal

      You only defend him because he supports the jews and Israel and nothing but that...it's just that obvious

      1. FatNut

        Did you not watch the video?

      2. FatNut


    73. Raphael Comprido


    74. Liamo

      I'm so extreme, I watched this video in ×1.25 speed

    75. Brian Manion

      Bens second point is ridiculous and it's a horrible attitude to take. The country is more divided than it has been in a long time and Ben says "Trump has a problem with his character but whatever damage that could do has already been done so I am not mitigating anything by not voting for him". Oh please there is always more damage he can do. Ben wants everyone else to think the facts guide him to his beliefs but he twists and cherry picks the facts to support his ideas just like everyone else.

    76. Medelyn Cornejo

      I also didnt vote for him last 2016 but for the last four years I've seen how he works and how he protects the American people and I've seen how the Media in particular brutally campaign against him. He's no typical politician and i think that's one of the many reasons why they (democrats and Media) hates him . He walks the talk.

    77. Torment VZ

      Lmao how do you feel now

    78. i D c

      this kinda sounds like fear mongering but ok

    79. Tobi B

      I think its quite interesting how both sides paint this evil threat that oppresses you and that will destroy everything you care about . The left talks about bullshit like "Systemic Racism" ,"patriarchy" and they love their Victimhoodmentality. The Rigth claims that a communist conspirary will take over whenever a democrat becomes president and that corona is only an excuse to take controll over their day to day live. Fear is usually not a good adviser. I hope that there are more moderate Citizens in the US than the media indicates.

    80. Workout Tony

      They should just take away Trump's twitter

    81. Workout Tony

      Remember when the right didnt vote for Trump, they voted against Hillary. Now the left isn't voting for Biden, they're voting against Trump.

    82. Axel NA

      is he been sarcastic?

    83. Math & stuff by Samson Paul

      Please return your JD to Harvard University and BA in Political Science back to UCLA. I am not even American, and I can understand the American political system better than you. Just using fancy words doesn't mean you know a lot of knowledge; empty vessels often make more noise. Look at the USA's voting results; where the educated are more, there is bluer colour, and in the midwest states where educated are less, it is red. You oppose transgenderism because you believe biologically it is wrong, and here you are talking about democrats acting on their opinion. Ben Shapiro, "You are right on a lot of issues, but your reasoning to keep an asshole in the most powerful position in the world is just stupid."

    84. Julie Gordon

      Sorry, character matters. You can't get good from evil. Fortunately the majority of Americans have chosen to retain their soul. As far as losing ones fucking mind, only a fool would support a president who does not believe in democracy. You sir, have proven to be a fool.

    85. The Joke's on Life

      What do you mean not voting for trump doesn't change the bad things trump did that is "already part of the system"? Of course it does. A president who is not Trump can change the bad part of the system. Trump will only perpetuate it.

    86. Zayn Aydin

      With all due respect. But didn’t Donald Trump loose the election?

    87. S G


      1. Egg Poo

        A bit late

    88. CrniWuk

      I just can't take anyone seriously who's calling Biden, his campaign or the people around him communist or socialist. I mean like, wtf? The comment section here is full of it. And i wonder, why? This isn't rocket science and stuff one can easily look up. I mean hey I am a very strong leftist and I hate Biden. And I am not here to convince anyone to vote for him. If you like Trump, you do. You have every right to vote for him. But Biden a communist? If Biden would be a real communist than Trump would be a real Nazi. That's exactly the same logic - in other words it makes no sense, Biden is not a communist just as how Trump is not Nazi because you can look this up. And if you really complain about the fact that Biden is maybe somewhat more to "the" left than Trump? Omy gosh! The horror! Actuall differences between candidates! Isn't that what some people complain about? That you don't have choices? I really don't get it sometimes.

    89. Charlotte Haggerty

      This is such bullshit. Half of those claims about "democrats" are extreme and unbacked and just inciting fear. What a joke.

    90. 15donahue

      To sum this up: Trump would be ok if he wasn't Trump

    91. Aaron Rubin

      Ben Shapiro is the smartest Trump supporter I’ve ever seen

    92. George Washington

      in 2016 I voted against hillary. in 2020 I voted for trump

    93. Randy

      Fun fact. You always vote for the loser.

    94. AJ Eakin

      Ben, you're starting to get really cocky & rambling. Trump lost. Deal with it.

    95. Adam O'Shea

      This very believable but I know that what he is saying is exaggerated and I don’t agree on the gun laws . The biggest gun you be allowed to have is a hand held gun 6 clip magazines so mass shootings don’t happen anymore or not as offended. It should be harder to get guns as-well like a 3 month process of between paper work mental testing and maybe fire arms practice course for a month aswell in how to safely handle a gun . If you want a shotgun for hunting or semi auto rifel for hunting it should be a 6 month process between getting hunter permit and shoutgun and auto rifle license.Also training in how to handle the gun

    96. royalrod _

      Leftists listening to this: *my mind doesn’t understand logic; therefore, it is racist*

      1. Nic Fenner

        That's one hell of a strawman you've built there, be a shame if someone destroyed it with facts and logic...

    97. Dan C

      If you vote for someone because they are "the most conservative president of my lifetime" or vice versa, you have lost your fuckin mind.

    98. Bluntro 440

      All you have to do is stop acting like you hate your opponents as people. Don't hurl insults at them Ben, I thought you were smarter than that.

    99. Cicily Ly

      Dude you talk way too fast, slow down. Lol

    100. Oskar Ramirez

      Let's go Biden!