Making aerogel


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    It has taken many months, but I was finally able to make a decent aerogel!
    Procedure resources: and
    Veritasium video:
    Applied Science video:
    NileBlue video:
    Nile talks about lab safety:
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    2. Sarkleng Teron

      1 sec longer than your previous longest video.. ah yes!

    3. PengalOver9000

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    5. Attack Bot

      Raycon earbuds are indestructible. A guy froze them and got them out with a hammer and he also got them with a golf club and they worked.

    6. Karras35

      Aerogel: 38:23

    7. ÙŚĔŘ728

      _İ want it_

    8. Fire 647

      You know those chocolate coin , well make a edible golden coin that taste like chocolate Edit : what i mean is like take an actual golden coin make it edible i dunno how and give it taste which i also dont know how , i dont know if it is possible i just tought of it

    9. txchris_z06

      I just got off work at 0300...I don't know why I'm watching this whole thing lol

    10. Cj Ilustrisimo

      See? I have time for this and none for school :(((

    11. x scalf x

      As impressive as all of this is, this man's patience is the most impressive.

    12. Nelson Chhorn

      Yes my favourite part of liquid silica is also the fact that it can permantly blind you mhm yes yes

    13. Splash

      School toilet paper:you dare oppose me mortal

    14. ͙̈Gon Freecss

      mha fans: thats kinda familiar

    15. Tonto Fronto

      I saw this on breaking bad I think but they didn’t call it aerogel

    16. _sean _

      you’re a robot

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    18. Connor Smith

      14:10 yes that makes sense, as glass is mostly silicon.

    19. Dartheomus

      Absolutely brilliant work. I love the troubleshooting and perfectionism. So few people have that level of persistence, and it really makes all the difference. I have not looked into aerogel research much yet, but I am familiar with the sol-gel process. Are you familiar, by chance, with MQ resins? They are really unique hydrophobic materials made by end-capping the sol gel process with hexamethyldisiloxane. (HMDS) I wonder if there's an application where it makes sense to build a hydrophobic surface onto these aerogels so that they would be resistant to moisture? I'm already certain this would be much more difficult than it sounds, but it would be a fun project. Anyway, keep up the fantastic work!

    20. Isabela Itapura

      I saw if you put it against light it becomes a little bit yellow, so i don’t think the problem was your recipe, you did a great job!

    21. Auri Kvothington

      The patience this guy has is unfathomable to someone like me. Waiting four days to test a chamber’s holding power is just incredible.

    22. Little Jonathorn

      Stupid question: What is Aerogel?

    23. Mark Stoddard

      Holy shit this video comes up all the time. I'VE ALREADY WATCHED LIKE 5 TIMES

    24. Jpc

      I wanna eat it so bad

    25. Sebuh Honarchian

      Well done. Should start taking Crypto Donations. btc, eth, xtz, doge, xmr, zec, ltc, etc etc etc, just post up the addresses.

    26. Flint Lockwood

      Remembers me aerosol shoes made by flint lockwood

    27. Infamous_one

      If you think this is cool, you should see my meth lab.

    28. 2Good

      why am I watching this at 4 am?

    29. Volcanic

      Tips for aerogel: go to the northwestern mushroom forest, specifically lifepod 13. You’ll find a big mushroom tree, there you can find gel sack. For the rubies you can go to lifepod 19. In that chasm, there are rubies. Sorry this joke was terrible.

    30. sri vathsa

      You are an artist... It's like Methamphetamine 😂

    31. Bruh Moment

      if you needed meth I know a guy

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      32:34 among us

    33. Luci Azazel

      9:45 : hexagons... Are the bestagons.

    34. theobstacle

      @14:02: forbidden pop-rocks

    35. Lucas Hagg

      I wonder what the dude at your hardware store thought about you buying 10 litres of methanol in a week.

    36. Carter Stong

      As an engineer, it gave me great joy the way he said “McMaster carr”

    37. Deep Atlantic

      Hitting the table also relieves stress and can be fun.

    38. Buster Huneycutt

      Shoulda used playdough

    39. Tizona Amanthia

      ok, unrelated to the video, but...I figured I'd ask...somewhere. Oxalic acid is used as a stain remover in woods, like water stains, and the like. I was might be interesting to look into that, what chemical reactions are the acids doing to remove discoloration? I'd love to know your thoughts on if this is a video idea, or not.

    40. Pumba WTF

      @24:16 what I said about the call girl in Atlanta.

    41. Pumba WTF

      24:15 what I said about the call girl in Atlanta.

    42. Marcus Beganovic

      Where are the subnautica fans

    43. Ayesha Siddiqua Nasr

      I reeeeally want to bite these

    44. TheLegend27

      You need some gel sacks and red ruby's, thats all

    45. Nothing To See Here

      I'm confused. He said he posted a video on Nileblue a few weeks ago. But the newest video on that channel is 5 months old.

    46. Duckeyduck

      Science is cool

    47. Sudarsan Ghosh

      His voice is so soothing

    48. Trevor Compton

      The fact that the glass thing on the gel thing was bouncing when he punched the table make Nile a force to be reconned with

    49. Max R

      I remember watching this when it came out and I just came back.

    50. Gumbo Gumbo

      He is the dexter. No 🧢.

    51. Reiner Braun

      I love how nowadays we have KGuprs who are practically scientists.

    52. Entropy Bean

      It's my favorite color :0

    53. ACNB Animation

      My man, I am high af, and I have no clue what you're doing in this vid, but damn I can't stop watching. Subbed.

    54. Sneaker Heads Custom

      Heart surgery doesn't take this long

    55. Mitch Ramey

      I wonder if you could still use the failures for something!

    56. Wx1rm

      Cool if

      1. Wx1rm

        If u were a god 😫🤒🥴

    57. Mauk

      Can i make a gaming mouse out of aerogel?

      1. Patriot Zest

        Hello good morning

    58. Greg Hill

      i have worked with this as insulation and the dust seems to waterproof everything it touches including people why is it so water repellent and hard to wash off?

      1. Patriot Zest

        Well no as their is gold in it

    59. Steve J

      "From all this though, my main conclusion was that this process kind of sucked" -Me whenever I try to cook a fancy meal.

    60. Aakash Magotra

      Finally found you.

    61. Celivalg

      honestly, ask one of your connection that is good at arduino to make your aerogel cooker to work automatically

    62. Lololol 4324

      Subnautica players: no no that's not how you're supposed to make aerogel

    63. Kirkie

      12:40 Is it just me or it looks like crystal meth.

    64. Pitched

      This looks like blender volumetrics

    65. Pepito Panchito

      Curious Cat: "Hey, Mom, come and watch my latest experiment !!!" 😋 Mom walks in: 💥 "Uh oh !!!"

    66. Leonhard Masche

      13:50 there all our processors and gpus went

    67. Reyansh Kharga

      I'm stunned by the perfection and hard work you put into making this. Hats off!

    68. leosasin

      Co2 VeNtEd GuYs

    69. xtreme

      its quantum co2. when you look its orange when you are not looking its not

    70. yoshi-Ku

      still confused what is that

    71. The Bali Unicorn

      My thought the entire time: I can’t afford this I can’t afford this you can’t buy it you can’t do it! What I wanted to do: spend $4000 on this shit 😐

    72. SpazzHD

      Bruh is it bad the first think I thought was "𝕊𝕦𝕓𝕟𝕒𝕦𝕥𝕚𝕔𝕒"

    73. Slotzoffun

      The main channel: I want to keep everything free from crack(s) The second channel: 41:25

    74. Matthew Campbell

      I like my aerogel like I like my neighborhood. Crack-free.

    75. D G

      I just watched u make transparent wood (AWESOME!!!), now this vid (not even seeing all your ingredients yet ) and you have another subscriber... Awesome channel !!!!

    76. Shemar Whiteman

      When he invented pop rocks

    77. omegaman1971

      Nice work. Very interesting. Thanks

    78. Snorpax

      I want my creations to be crack-free too, helluva drug

    79. ElFrostyzoid

      38:00 forwards DAMN This felt like watching Breaking Bad when they make the meth and waiting to see if it's blue and perfect!!! Awesome video! YEAH SCIENCE B@%&!!!

    80. Athern Protogen

      12:00 does it not sound like he's having a crap?!

    81. General Grey

      very scientific method of punching the table XD

    82. Caleb Brown

      5:14 Aerogel breaking asmr

    83. Scottish Bonsai

      Do you think you could get them soft enough to be comfortable for insoles for your trainers? I do a lot of walking in Nikes and they can end up going solid after a couple months constant walking, we'll that's how they feel and I can't find one decent comfortable pair that would like mould to the foot, idea like memory foam but we all know memory foams usless for insoles for shoes etc like they already make! They really do go thin solid wafers lol! That banging the table's the way I get my resin moulds to let out air bubbles or if you blast over the tops with the flame but wouldn't try that with this lol

    84. Clinton Kerry

      The ones that messed up, cracked and messed up at least, can't they burn still. I'm a newbie with a new fascination thanks to you and E&F. But I like my fingers and lungs whole. So I live vicariously, yes a ritual maynard fan here, through you fellas while the whole world dies. But with the methanol content, would it not be like a candle with the capillary action. Longer burning with a usable silica content afterward?

    85. Lasky Labs

      Nigel. Crack free since 2020.

    86. Y/NisLost

      My favorite part of the video was when he was talking about the effect it had on eyes. Why? Because all I picked up from it was: my favorite part is it can cause blindness.

    87. Sieglinde de Boer

      I totally expected this shit to be squishy

    88. SpongeBob SquarePants

      does anyone else just want to bite the aerogel?

    89. lil' razorblade

      Couldn't you replace the air with helium

    90. Michael Hilgendorf

      Anyone else notice tha putting a video on 5.0 time it makes anyone soun drunken

    91. David Mathis

      I’m in no way saying I know more than you, but you should dither your gages.

    92. David Mathis

      Part of me died watching you assemble the dryer with pliers.

    93. Cherry Palacio

      This is why I subbed to your channel

    94. Tha One 5866

      2:13 yeah the *BEST* part

    95. Schuyler Kelley

      Also, I've watched several of your videos today, and now I subscribed to your channel. And it's because a) you seem to know your stuff and this is all pretty fascinating and well-produced, good job and b) you unironically say things like "I also found that it was just good to punch the table in general"

    96. Schuyler Kelley

      til aerogel is brittle. I guess I've never seen anyone squeeze it, so I don't know why I'm surprised, but I am

    97. Poldovico

      9:35 ah, yes. The bestagon mold. I know it well.

    98. GetRekt

      NileRed: For this we will need silica gel. Me: grabs silica packet from my new shoes

    99. Jiří Žáček

      I love when he says “ i never did something Like this “

    100. Michael Diaz

      eat one