SICKEST STUNT BIKE BUILD YET? - 2021 Kawasaki Ninja Zx6r


26 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

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    Episode 2 of the 2021 Zx6r Build series we swap the fork springs with racetech springs and heavy fluid, sic shop oil pan mod then parts arrived back from powder coating to assemble the new steel frame and engine!
    #2021zx6r #buildseries #stuntriding
    SNAPCHAT: DankWheelie
    SICKEST STUNT BIKE BUILD YET? - 2021 Kawasaki Ninja Zx6r

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    1. Electric Future

      Amazing work, I like how you do everything so organized so clean, This is not professional its over that, like Art work. Good editing, nice to see and learn little bit how to do it better then the factory, and I like that you guys explain why you change each of the upgrades. Good luck!!

      1. Exl

        @Dankwheelie hey dank im just getting into stunt riding and idk that much but is there like a shop or something where you can learn how to build a stunt bike or where someone can help you build it

      2. Dankwheelie

        Greatly appreciated!

    2. Jimmy Fallin

      Such a clean build, that thing is so sick.

    3. Sastisyesno

      You earn a subscriber today!

    4. Austin David

      5:39 I’ve seen this before


      Can you put all parts with links in description please?

    6. Exl

      im just getting into stunt riding and i wanna build a stunt bike but im not sure how once i buy my bike is there like some place to get help building your stunt bike

    7. The Rokkie

      What's the music name on 10:27?

    8. Lxlo Stunts

      Song at 13:00?

    9. Ca5pers_ STUNTZ

      Does the is my bike ok hoodie run big or normal and does the red dankwheelie shirt run big

    10. Lavish

      Bro invest in a space heater

    11. BTS-JK- Cookie

      I only just realised that I haven’t subscribed yet But anyway I looked at how many subs then boom Lol what am I saying 😂 yep I subscribed nowww

    12. BoAkE Wilson

      Bro I've been catching up on your vlogs. Im a new sub. So Dope. Preyin 4 stimulus so I can buy a bike 🙏 lol Dank! You should hit up Dan your vinyl guy that did your gold decals. He had his own KGup channel. There's an old school in the trailer u cut 2gether 4 his channel. U should stunt in some of the spots he filmed in. Woukd be SIICK asf bro.

    13. Ace Fixture

      Add turbo to it

    14. Pedro Pires

      I'm watching video from Brazil São Paulo

    15. RedDotStuntz

      this builds dope cant wait to ride again homie

    16. Savage 636 stuntz

      Bro that bike is so sic my guy 2021 killer for sure!

      1. Dankwheelie

        Much appreciated!

    17. Tha` Twinz vlog

      Awesome build bro can’t wait to see the bike when it’s finished 😎🤘🏾

    18. CALI_ 750

      Sick video bro. KGup needs more stunt builds.

    19. Sly

      damnn shee hoottt

    20. Matthew Gorgoglione

      Yes, awesome assembly , 🦾🤖🔧🏍️🚧🐕🍕


      Shout out to the homie rolando!!!! Get a heater for the barn bro!!!

    22. GameStation

      i loved waking up today and watching my 05 636 is hung up in my game room getting front and rear tires. fork seals. i liked the stiffer springs and how you raised the bike, i am 6ft 180lbs so the higher the bike is the better it feels. i am buying a cage next month from cox. for my 2005 i am a little worried about my second gear going, getting ready to flip at that point in my wheelies. love you channel i am always commenting, least i ant the only one working on my bike. is there a way to send fan pictures of winter bikes being worked on? ask the crowd to send in winter pictures of bikes. thanks for always keeping it real

    23. Strewtime

      love the quality keep it up

    24. M force gamers🔥❤️❤️

    25. Stuntarn

      dope build

    26. Lar Janus

      I didn’t see this on my recommended wtf

    27. Nicholas Burns

      That bike is sexy please don’t give it away

    28. Andrew Roberts

      My dudes been living up to the name. Fucking blitzed in every video🤙

    29. Russco Aus

      Hi bro nice 💯🤙

    30. Lah Lotus

      Yo Dank, how much does it cost to do all of that to your 636?

    31. Gideon Sikk

      Clever boyz ..Best bitz 🍕. 🐕

    32. MrNihilism

      Straight fire 🔥

    33. Suited Up

      love it ... cant wait to see its first ride

    34. GG Wolf

      If Dank wheelie comments on this comment I will buy a new dirt bike

    35. Jack Morris

      Dang all the logic music love it

    36. nerfmaster33

      Yo that logic in the background remids me of the old mixtapes 💯 very dope video, as always you don't disappoint Dank!

    37. redneckgamer2013

      You gotta keep rolling out the vids!

    38. Juan Montero

      That helmet is sick

    39. ChaQ SpaQ


    40. Two Stroke J

      Yo whats the song at 3:15? just asking for a friend.......

      1. Tom Brady

        Beetlejuice- Curci

    41. Easy from TN BTW

      That’s gonna be sick af. It’s gonna look good on the streets

    42. Longstocking Moto

      Clean build 🔥🔥🔥

    43. Magiik Viper

      Love the music theme for the video👌🏽

    44. Angelina Munoz

      Hi I couldn’t make it so sorryyyy

    45. RidingwithZeus

      Neon yellow combination I already kno!!!!!!!

    46. BuffaloChinaRider

      I LOVE stunt bikes and seeing people stunt BUT I also love stock brand new bikes. Don't think I could ever buy a 2021 street bike and hack into it right away. Love seeing others do it though!

      1. Joe Gardner

        Yeah it's a shame that you end up tossing a lot of stuff away imagine if they offered like "barebones" bikes for custom stuff like this

    47. E X P

      The editing has gotten so clean!

    48. robert solorio

      3:55 “I’ve only seen the inside of these blown up” 💀😂 I felt that

    49. Jaedyn Loria

      can we start getting music link's pleaseeee

    50. Anthon Er

      Track list?🔥

      1. Anthon Er

        @Canal Kidz Good for you kid👏

      2. Canal Kidz

        @Anthon Er at least I know how to spell sense bro 🤣

      3. Anthon Er

        @Canal Kidz make sence, bro

      4. Canal Kidz

        @Anthon Er hahaha bruh u listening to merkules and fucking webby😂😂😂 no shit yourself

      5. Anthon Er

        @Canal Kidz No shit

    51. Odin Martini

      Can you give a link to your playlist, I've been running off shit music for far too long.

    52. Casey h

      These always make my lunch break entertaining thanks dank fam!

    53. Greg Holton

      That color clip at 5:40 was 🔥 sick shit

    54. Motocross Chris

      Where’s the reveal my boy

    55. Clapped_636

      7:55 i just changed my cam chain tensioner and i can confirm it “no longer rattles like a crack whore” too 😂

    56. Brandon Ej32

      Well that looked easy with the motor out. I’m in the middle of putting the same pan on my bike and with it in the bike it is a real bitch I can’t get it without knocking the pickup off

    57. smooveboy500

      Dank the goat and lifestyle of the whole south bikelife seen hands down 🙌🏽💯no 🧢

    58. Eat Your Broccoli

      Protein > Liver Failure Iykyk

    59. Larson Films

      Getting famous off of comments day 237, so I can live the dream, live every day like it’s your last🤙🤙

    60. Galang clbk motovlog

      God job friend love you kawasaki hehe

    61. Fox Eats GFuel

      You need to come to Miami and link with me and teach me the Dank ways

    62. Tinta Online

      Watching from Bali

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    65. good morning Barisal

      just awesome....

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    68. Dr Grom

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    69. Josiah Josiah


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        @Dr Grom no I was first yeah we can fight

      2. Dr Grom

        I was first, I’ll fight you for it