PlayStation Vs Xbox - Which Gaming Console Is The Strongest? 45m Drop Test

How Ridiculous

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    If a console can’t survive a 45m fall is it even worth buying?
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    A big thanks to the awesome crew at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us use their 45m leaning tower for our own experiments. If you wanna head out there and check it out, it's not far from Perth. Western Australia:
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    1. Platon Dokhturov

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    2. jim smart

      Best snow memory was when i got a concussion at borovets in bulgaria while snowboarding

    3. Samuel Rivard

      My brother was pissing in snow and i pushed him and he pissed himself so bad. It was si funny

    4. allan allen

      I bet your carbon footprint is huuuuuuge. 😂

    5. Cessna 182

      (Snow story) I was like 6. And it was summer. I thought I saw a pile of snow and I was like "whats that?" Well I found out later while putting my face in the thing I thought was snow.... it was shaving cream.

    6. james sarvadyjr

      The flys would bug the crap out of me

    7. LiquiD KillzZ

      We dropped 5 x box 1s and ps4s Me:hah ps4 and x box 1 in 2020!? Wat about x box series x and ps5

    8. Jonathan Seth Harris

      “Decompression was really just an anointment of possibility.”

    9. TheNorm

      "What's the point in making a console if it can't survive a 45m fall" 🤣

    10. Sanchit Dogra

      Rip all the ps4

    11. Phoenix Lounge

      good video but all of them sound autistic lmao

    12. Brayden Paulk

      "Decompression was really just an anointment of possibility." Guanson 2020

    13. Beau Musgrove

      I live in Florida we don't have snow the last time we did was in 1977

    14. Chloe Mcknight

      This hurt watching this...😥, I love PlayStations.

    15. James Iliffe

      It’s definitely a plus after the 360 couldn’t stand to be relocated without going bzzzzft! 😅

    16. Koen Voskuil

      The Xbox won. Pun intended

    17. Max Gutfreund

      You guys are seriously the best!! Thank you for making the wife and I laugh during these time! 😂 Got both your channels on alerts for all new videos!!

    18. Roberto Francisca


    19. Jax Coloma

      Everyone gangsta till PlayStation gets demolished

    20. tykkään omenoista

      Snow story: mom did a barrel roll on her camry bc of spinning out.

    21. Elijah Sizemore

      Ok I don’t get this they can drop it from like 45m and it still work but I barely pull my hdmi cord out and the hdmi port breaks inside my Xbox like what the heck man

    22. Tesla News

      PlayStation is cheap garbage

      1. Nolan Seaton

        @Tesla News xbox is a box of crap all of there games cost a lot xbox allways messes up

      2. Tesla News

        @Nolan Seaton PlayStation is shit and the way Sony treats their customers is awful

      3. Nolan Seaton

        No xbox is trash playstation is the best

    23. Carosonology

      I just saw a brand new ps4 at Walmart he’s cap

    24. Riley Young

      It doesn’t snow in the south

    25. Gridlock

      you should see how strong a ps5 and a xbox series x.

    26. Isaac Hutchins

      i drop my xbox down the stirs once and its gone wtf

    27. Jack Dendle

      Hey fellas have u givin the ps4 away yet ? Coz if not I have never had a chance to buy a console thing 😂 anyway I’m in Australia and it is not SNOWING and I’m QLD which means the only cold stuff falling is hail 😂😂 anyway love you’re vids keep it up

    28. Mark D

      Itd be awesome if i could actually own, that one PS4 red console that was, connected to the parachute, and survived and, works..... But that was a good joke to play, on all your viewers :))

    29. pog wog

      I'm actually in Canada, but we're not going tobogganing yet Even though we get permafrost maybe 500km up north, there won't be snow here until mid november at least By this point, there has been snow, but it hasn't stuck on the ground My weekend plans are to play Fallout 4

    30. AlexandersFunhouse

      I’m stressed

    31. AlexandersFunhouse


    32. AlexandersFunhouse

      I want a Xbox one

    33. George Everett

      Guys get some citronella candles - try UCO - and they'll drive the mossies away. Bugs hate citronella.

    34. sam Thomas

      In the UK the weather is warm going outside and not going tobogganing

    35. All in one direction

      Giveaway me the bubble rap play station please 🥺😤i really want to play marvel spider man gta v red dead

    36. Yuvraj Singh

      Who is here after memes😂 👇

    37. James Mugi

      Please give me rexy

    38. Yaddy Hyrule

      I'm going toboggining in the form of water toboggining i.e. surfing because I live in hawaii

    39. Rueben

      The simple answer to this KGup video is that xbox is better

    40. Athens Students

      still have not got my shirt

    41. Athens Students

      6:16 THAT SUCKED

    42. anime fanboy

      Now do this with a ps5 and watch all the hate you’d be getting

    43. Larry Garcia

      Ps5 vs x box x

    44. Zachary Clarke

      How did two Xboxes work in this video

    45. Harry M Crews Jr.

      You can still buy ps4 in amazon or ebay or facbook store market

    46. Tanner Burke

      Man, the flies are amazingly horrible in some of these videos, how do you guys handle them? lol

    47. Tanner Burke

      My Gamecast is strong AF

    48. Cyan Sus

      Mate are you in Sydney Here the weather is crazy

    49. Optimism Overdose

      My class was just there lmao

    50. David Moskowitz

      When Rexy going up, passed the camera coming down, I kit the like button!

    51. BotaNO HarD

      xbox better

    52. Antonio Torres

      Snow story" My 9 yr old threw yellow snow ❄ at me.. he forgot he went number near by

    53. J J

      Xbox sux

    54. Realchill Dude

      You guys should bring a ham, or something expired from some local butcher, and leave it like 20m down wind from you, and the flies will go for that and leave you alone. give it a try.

    55. Realchill Dude

      lmao you forgot to do this with a PC X) hahahahaa I know exactly what would happen but I still wanna see it. Call me up ill donate mine X)X)X)X)X)X)X)X))X)X)X)X)X)X)X)X)X)X)X)X)X)

    56. Tama S.

      Snow story: when I was in 3rd grade I got a brand new sled for Christmas; this thing was made of that lightweight thick/compact foam stuff (like pool noodles) and some super slick material on the bottom. I still have it and it is still THE lightest and fastest sled I've ever used! (handles broke forever ago, and we use it for odd jobs year-round; you should totally make a vid with different uses for sleds btw!!) So I was excited to try my new sled so later that day me and two of my brothers took our sleds outside to test them out in the yard; and since we lived on top of a large hill we had two slopes to choose from. We went for the steeper slope on the side of the house that went to the backyard and stopped at our Bishop's plastic fence. We'd sledded down that slope thousands of times before... But I underestimated the speed my new sled would go... (─‿─) I flew down the hill so fast I didn't have time to jump off and crashed right into Bishop's fence... aaaaaaand sent a part of the fence flying and sliding down the hill in his backyard... Untill it landed in THE DEAD CENTER OF HIS POOL!!! The pool was empty (obviously) so the dark blue pool cover was on; so it was hard to miss seeing the single bright white plank in the middle of a giant dark blue rectangle right outside his back-door!! I SERIOUSLY didn't want to go to church the next Sunday! ≧▽≦y

    57. Willem Hattink

      Snow Story: I fell off a snowmobile while my dad was driving and my leg got caught in the track and pulled into the motor. The adults all had to lift the snowmobile up, put it in reverse, and yank my leg out. Thank goodness for heavy duty snow boots because 15-20 years later and I still have a scar.

    58. No one Anonymous

      Why? It’s just so fucking wasteful

    59. Tobyn Hays

      snow story: I was snow boarding and half way through the hill I stopped to tighten my shoes and neither of them we tightened!

    60. Rajngla

      This might surprise you, Gaunson, but flies also have brains 😂 they're called ganglia. Sure, you've got crafting brains. But the flies? Flies have got real complex sensing brains. They might be small but they ain't insignificant. Among us zoologists, some believe that the first advanced civilisation on this planet was ants!

    61. James Rowland

      I once did so much blow that I thought my dog was trying to kill me. Good "snow" story?

    62. Otto Schreiber

      this vid is bullshit only bullshit hits with the bald playstaitions that didnt have any cover actusly ps4 is better than xbox all days a week it is

    63. Kai Kirkway

      I think my best snow story happened when I was about 6-7 years old. I live out in Cali now but I grew up in Chicago, and one morning at like 3AM my dad came in and woke up my brother and I and was just like 'get your coats and snowpants on, theres something amazing happening outside that you'll probably never see again.' So we blearily got dressed, stumbled downstairs, and walked out in the front yard to witness what I can only describe as the biggest snowstorm of my childhood. The drifts were more than a foot high at this point and it just kept coming down in endless sheets. After a few minutes of romping around, we saw the sky light up and heard thunder that shook us and the whole neighborhood itself to the core. There were MASSIVE lightning bolts thay started rivulating through the impassable wall of clouds overhead, and the two of us just stopped and sat in the yard and stared up at it, frozen in sheer wonder. To anyone else, it appeared like a crazy man in his shorts and sandals outside in an unparalleled blizzard with two half asleep children staring at the sky, with my mother still half-drunk and swaying in the doorway; and though that's what it kinda was, it remains to this day a memory ill hold on to forever, because I've never seen anything like it before or since.

    64. Kaotek Kowbell

      Snow story: from Michigan. Used to extreme winters. Have seen and driven through feet of snow. Have been tobogganing. When I was 10 years old our school bus, on the way to school slid into a ditch and got stuck. 2, yes 2 tow trucks got stuck coming to help us, 1 other bus to transport us also got stuck in viewing distance of our bus. About 3 hours later the principal and a teacher showed up in their 4x4 trucks and took us in groups of 3 back to our homes. They canceled school the next day and I got a four day snow weekend just before winter break. No one was hurt, everyone got home ok and I got almost an extra week off for Christmas break. Easily one of my favorite winters.

    65. S R

      Snow story: Me and my dad went sledging Down a hill... my dad fell on top of me

    66. jordan bramwell

      my best snow story is i was going down a mountain and i went of a cliff and sprained my ribs

    67. ethan Degner

      PlayStation's better than Xbox

    68. ADrewster

      When it snows in october...

    69. NotRuled

      Ok I have a idea to drop a empty crown Royal whisk bottle off of the huge tower

    70. Daustin Nelson

      I just went on a hike

    71. miguel angel ogando

      No lo rompa dámelo a mi 😢😢😢

    72. James Leaver

      love ur videos

    73. Caden G

      I'm stressed

    74. Whats-My-Fandom

      1:54 LMFAO

    75. Colin Gana

      I say PlayStations are going to survive

    76. VossWaterKim

      Damn y'all really drew on the limited edition Mgsv console. Smh

    77. Random By Design

      I got my mo examinator on my leg and got told I'm going in for a biopsy absolutely love you guys and your team

    78. John M

      I've actually been needing a PS4 for a bit now but can't afford it. nice to see perfectly good PS4 being destroyed :) but I suppose this happens all the time. I guess there's something to be said about entertainment value, but even so, it's wasteful. A few hundred thousand or million cheap laughs at the expense of a functioning electronic device, or arguably worse (since it's a necessity) when food is wasted like this. Of course food is much cheaper but...anyway. I wish you guys would try to find a way to not drop things that are good. I see you drop a lot of things that are already broken or scrapped that that's one thing, but you often drop food (wasting it) and functioning items that people in this world might need and can't afford. :\

    79. Casper Larsson


    80. 3vo Dog

      My mate had his football in a snowman

    81. 3vo Dog

      Remrins day

    82. Fabien Naude

      best snow story i saw snow ones i guess i saw snow ones so that coold get it like cool but cold cause its snow btw in south african any one else

    83. Fabien Naude

      hate to say it but i think xbox is gonna be much stronger hehehehehhe

    84. farsthchi

      Snow story, making creamed vanilla snow

    85. KrazyFuckinCrackers1

      Personally I’m glad that The Xbox one did better. At least The Xbox one was better at one thing.

    86. Briten Barber

      Will pin ya video in sioux falls

    87. audiotron1003

      I tried explaining my rexy te shirt to colleagues in England where I work and found 2 others watch you blokes. BTW I thought up this,..... If you mess with Rexy Large Marge will get Bruce to give you a Coney Joney you'll never forget! Believe me, he's got plenty of Keggers not to mention Berries. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!!!

    88. Irene January

      Drop a ps5

    89. FadhilAlFarabi

      I waiting you guys dropped nuclear👍

    90. a STUFF entertainment

      Snow story i was sledding down the biggest hill in my town and you were supposed to start in the middle because it was so big but i started at the top and me not knowing there was a jump at the bottom i went down at top speed hit the jump and almost broke both of my legs

    91. a STUFF entertainment

      Ps4 is probably much stronger

    92. Maurice Francis

      SNOW STORY: i live in canada

    93. James Lee

      PS4 is better than a Xbox in every way TRIGGERED 😤

    94. 7 ten

      Lmao bs

    95. Angus Scott

      I'm stressed

      1. 7 ten

        Smoke weed it helps

    96. Terrorizer herron

      I want a play station and a snow story frozen the movie😂😂

    97. The only Ewok

      I have never seen snow

    98. Natania Tracy

      Snow story: I live in Canada, and my house is on the street corner, therefore, there's always a MASSIVE pile of snow by the driveway. My friends and I love to play in/around it. One day, I was chilling by myself and jumped down, to try and slide. I put one leg behind me for some reason, and then I got stuck. I couldn't move the foot that was on top because it would sink and bury my other foot more, and I couldn't move the other foot because it was ALL THE WAY in the snow (straight down no less). I wasn't able to boost myself with my hands because the top was not solid enough. I had to call three friends before one of them answered and came to dig me out!🤣 And since I'm on the corner there were a bunch of cars that drove by looking real confused 🤣

    99. Luis De Luna

      You guys didn’t do the same as the Xbox

    100. Seb Slinn

      I was sleding down a hill and my sledge steered into a bush leading me to do multiple flips and slide the rest of the hill on my back