Funk Flex x Rowdy Rebel - RE-ROUTE (Official Video)


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    Sha Money XL invited me to the studio to meet Rowdy about 7years ago! i only met him once before he had to go away! The day he was released I reached out to Slow, French Montana and Fetty Luciano! Slow put him on facetime and we were off and running! Recorded the song on a Tuesday, shot the video on a Friday and played it on a Saturday! Thank u Sylvia Rhone, Zek, Rich, June, Dominique and Epic Records!
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    Directed By: @Quinn_Films
    Produced by FunkFlex and Luis Bordeaux / NonNativeMusic
    Label: InFlexWeTrust Films & Records: Tat Wza, Sabrina B., Joe Jaxson, Emma, Nova, HR, AZ, Wil, Mike G., Clare, Seife, Pamela, Juganot Media, Quinn Films, No Cap Films, Basil
    A&R’s: Hunter, Jayden, Dante, Alex
    Special Thanks To: Maria, Orlando, Shaft, Gabby, Joie IE, Carl Chery, Ebro Darden, Jason / Tidal, Lyor, Kelly, AJ, Tuma Basa
    LitDigitalDJs; DJ Bobby Trends, Kool DJ Red Alert, Dj Chuck Chillout, Dj Spazo, Dj HR
    Partners: Create Music Group, Crowd Control Digital, Eric & Fred from Collab, Bob Celestin, Eric S. Marder, Pio, TT Torrez
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    Location: Da BRONX NY
    Booking Information:, 718-400-6301
    Up And Coming Next Single: Funk Flex / CJ AND Funk Flex / Jadakiss
    IG: @FunkFlex, FB: @FunkFlex, TW: @FunkFlex
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    1. Matthattan Beats

      Flex always supporting the younger generation that’s dope. NY🗽 in here for sure! ✊🏽

      1. YagaYeetBruh

        @Draco Beats Defo and it will be fire🔥

      2. Destini Ayala

        @Drivero 00⁰00000000000⁰00⁰0⁰000000000000000000000⁰000⁰0

      3. Gray

        I just listed to the Funk Master Flex against Jay Z and I thought: He has 99 problems and a Flex ain’t one.

      4. Keron Windley

        @Kings County he’s 29

      5. Keron Windley

        @Andy S And flex is 52

    2. Patti Piapot


    3. Jovan Dancy.

      This shit is so hard that beat is crazy Rowdy did his thing on this one word

    4. Umar S

      It's only right Bobby jumps on this as a remix. Rowdy Rebel Ft. Bobby Shmurda Re Route want to hear Bobby on a drill beat 🔥💯

    5. Servant of Rahman

      Did he say “bitch I’m a sufi?!” I’m just gonna roll with it. I’ve listened to this half dozen times since I heard it blaring out of a late model lac out Von king park. I heard what I heard. May Allah bless this young man and forgive Pop Smoke. La Ilahe IlAllah

      1. casey cook


    6. Anonymous

      🗣 AYO DA YOU GOT EMM???


      and bobby out yessir!!

    8. Troy White

      Stay real King,cause niggas can't rap 4 shit!!

    9. James Maina

      FUNK FLEX just stood there like GRRRR and it was lit🔥🔥

    10. Thisboy fly

      NYC BACKKKK 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐🐐🐐🐐

    11. Cashflow Hunnids

      Yesssiskiiii big bro snappin

    12. BIG JAY L7

      💥💥💥 am back in my shit fache......

    13. Luckas Lopez arancibia

      Miss pop :(

    14. Lasalle Brookins

      I love this shit

    15. Glenn McKnight


    16. jamerea burnett

      I can hear fivio on feature

    17. Y.K DA TRUTH

      Damn he bananas on this shit.

    18. Al Jang

      Jail made him better

    19. lotto boy315


    20. SHOPIN

      Here before that 10 Milly!

    21. Jasmine Marie


    22. KJ MAC

      Uh hasn't this topic been rapped about over 500 billion times? And you guys aren't sick of the same old shit yet? Lmao

      1. KJ MAC

        @LoneStar There are rapper's out there that rap about real shit like (Hopsin, 6lack, NF, Kendrick Lamar, Tech N9ne, Joyner Lucas, J. Cole, etc). But they are light years ahead of all the "fake flashy Hollywood" rapper's that I'm sure you listen to. Why would you wanna listen to the same lyrics over and over? Guess you're too simple minded. Lmao And I never said other genres didn't have the same issue...anyways...maybe try listening to some real rap little dude.

      2. LoneStar

        Riiiight? Because to you pop, punk rock and country music diversify their subject matter right? Go somewhere else

    23. Gido Jordan

      Can't wait for a new Rowdy x Bobby banger

    24. nadavsh__


    25. Todd Hunt




    27. Lbmizzy Hernandez


    28. Sirtone Capone

      Cali in the building im bangin this nodoubt!!!

    29. Sirtone Capone

      Good looking Flex This shit was ear candy Fr Yo shout out to Rowdy Reb Welcome Back!!!! !!

    30. Dan Butler

      Kings of ny gs9 Detroit fucking with yall

    31. Josiah Salomon

      Is this song on Spotify

    32. Owen Landry

      so does Flex just maintain relevancy by posing awkwardly in the videos of the new school

    33. Zakaria Mohamed

      Who tf is montay he in every song

    34. cherry kizer

      BRUH!!!!!!!! 8.8 MIL!!! ALMOST 4 MIL IN A WEEK!!!! ZAM!!!!!!!!!!


      Yo you can spit my niggah much respect love this fucking track we need to link up Rowdy real talk let’s net work love NY

    36. G morreale

      Shit, God bless GS9 literally ❤️💯 X

    37. garner8

      Yeah the old heads need to love the young ones, more bigging up, more support. Keep it up Flex, nice one.

    38. Mr don’t play

      Are those lugz flex rocking?

    39. Primetimegrant

      My friends- let’s get 10 shots Me- 00:39

      1. MirkFC


    40. G Q

      All funks video got that pop smoke beat vibess

    41. Taz

      Bruh rowdy really said RIP to POP SMOKE if we find out who did it should know we gon pop em ! RIP POP

    42. JohnnyBoy Juggin

      Sheeeesh!!! Rowdy snapped 💯

    43. CalMean

      Everything Litty

    44. OVO _BRICE


    45. Bryson Ruggs

      That New York beat 🥵🥵🥵🥵

    46. Sway Bless

      Brooklyn really stamped hip hop forever ! Good shit rowdy bring real back

    47. Roc_Official

      This is good shit. But Man this woulda been better without that clown Flex.

    48. Prettyboy Jay


    49. Mike yo momma Toll B

      When i 1st heard it didnt it this bih hard.

      1. Kash Sneakers

        Cant judge music on 1 listen

    50. snothead


    51. MR STEP IT UP

      Why he do the beat like that

    52. Ajayy Stubbs

      Ready for the shmurda remix about now 👌🏿

    53. ifilia

      Idk what flex saw at 0:21 but I hope he's ok

      1. Kid Kai


    54. Drilly Beatz

      which uk producer made this fyahhh

    55. Pharrell Bonhomme

      When you going to drop Bobby freestyle my guy

    56. Jaylon Mckee

      If only pop smoke RIP was still here for this return, they all would kill the game like 50!!

    57. rapstatsmedia

      GS9 back!!!! Shout out rowdy n bobby bout to change the game again

    58. Movie World

      Chief keef dropping new music 🎶 🌞🚦💨😈

    59. Ryan Hamilton

      Flex got to do one with Bobby now!!!!! 🔥

    60. Brigitte Scott


    61. Itzz Nino

    62. Snotboogie

      In Flex Wet Rust, euuw...

    63. Igor Tojaa


    64. Irvin Martinez lopez

      Pop ft rowdy would of been crazy 🔥

    65. Kid Dolla aka K.D

      Remix comic soon with Bobby

    66. FlashTheProTv


    67. Thai Zeo

      Wish him and pop smoke could of worked way more, RIP Pop

    68. Ayisha Dubois

      Back in my bag chachè don’t get me mad fachè did that for the Zoes 🇭🇹 💯

    69. RIP David Barksdale

      “RIP Pop smoke when we found out who did it you know we gon pop them” bro they’re in jail 😐

      1. shotty no sympathy

        I think he said rip to pop smoke if we find out who diss you know we gon pop them

    70. Gahbasst

      we gettin it poppppped

    71. Juliana Gamboa U

    72. jayare yeeaah

      This cornet ass beat made me click off..I hate this pop smoke flow shit

      1. jayare yeeaah

        Whoever flow it is it’s fucking ass and these beats to match it

      2. Kid Kai

        @jayare yeeaah this not pop smoke flow you goof

      3. Google meets

        This is not pop smoke flow you stupid🤣

      4. jayare yeeaah

        Well who ever flow it is and the beat I see a lot of people raping and using that wack ass flow and wack ass beat types

      5. D.I.

        thats not pop smoke flow

    73. Get Money

      Bobby home now flood the streets and drown out these fukking clowns

    74. Kenol Donat

      funk flex and rowdy!!! now add Bobbby!!!

    75. Warlord784

      Imagine if him and pop had an album together shit would of been🔥🔥🔥.........💙💙💙💙

    76. Jean glaze

      I'm back in my bag, sache💰 Don't get me mad, fache 🇭🇹 💫

    77. extended_clipzz

      Rip pop smoke that was hard

    78. Andrew Thomas

      Back in my bag sachet, dont get me mad fache'.....My creole people stand up!!

    79. Fame Martinez

      Real oG people hearing this no kap

    80. Martell Washington

      ♿️♿️♿️♿️WEST TO THE AND EAST

    81. Kelvin Escalona

      "Ayo D.Boy you got'em?/ Yea I got'em....MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😈😈😈💯#GS9

    82. Gray

      Shit sounds like the rest of it...Lame

    83. Gray

      Oh shit this dude is still alive!

    84. rasean13

      Look up Ra Burns he next up in Brooklyn 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 love to see the guys litt & free & to see Brooklyn on the map again 😈😈😈😈🔥🔥🔥🔥

    85. Kelvin Mendez


    86. Kelvin Mendez


    87. Kelvin Mendez


    88. NIKKI BABY!

      THATS Y I RESPECT FLEX !!🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    89. HAVNOTT

      10 k on his head, fuck that we gon double it.. 💥💥 the real is home...

    90. Charel Vercauter

      Pop is like him he is like pop

    91. Dizzle Filmz Forever


    92. project Baby




    94. jay jay

      7 mill in a month!!!!!!! Let's fucking goooooooo Rowdy!!!!!!!! Welcome home bobby.....#stillfreeda9s#

    95. Jay Chilll

      Flex better get Bobby on the remix

    96. Big Breezyo

      him and bobby gon be a problem for the rap game

    97. Hygimps Joseph


    98. Tha Truth

      Ayeee 🔥🔥🔥

    99. tay grice


    100. Benny Broom

      I like Rowdy cuz he doesn't sound like all these other mfs. He has his own sound. And both him and Bobby not afraid to boogie on these beats to make shit fun and G at same time

      1. Lou Velazquez

        Wtf are you talking he sound just alot of them🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡🤡