Bassmaster Classic LIVE

Scott Martin

26 миӊ. көрүүлөр13

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    1. Scott Martin

      Sorry the quality wasn’t great. We did not have great signal in the expo.

      1. Brandon Kyle Mckibben

        Scott Martin Dang man pretty cool you are coming to Lewisville in Texas. I won my first kayak bass tournament on Lewisville last year in March. Its in my video’s on my channel. Good luck to you man. I’ll be watching.

    2. The Angry Bass

      Scott would never ‘snub’ anyone on purpose. Considering how busy he is at times, he always takes time out with the fans not to mention all the great Videos with tips. With Scott on tour, there will always be opportunities to meet and talk with this great man.

    3. The Angry Bass

      Brandon, Brandon, Brandon; where are you dude?

    4. ted davis

      It was still a great video. Tight lines Scott!!!

    5. brian gunner

      Update on why you didn’t make the classic,,,, 20/20

    6. Michael Teague

      Thanks for snubbing my son at the Classic on Sunday. I know it won't make a difference to you but you just lost two fans and one subriciber.

    7. Timothy Mason

      Hello Scott! This is Timothy again, and I thank you for what you do for this sport of Bass Fishing. There is no doubt in my mind, There is racist anglers in the FLW, and BASSMASTER. I know, for I have fished tournaments, well over 30 years. It is an Honor to watch you fish, Teach, and take this sport to a Higher Level. Tell your Dad, I said hello! GOD Bless you and your family!

    8. Timothy Mason

      Love your videos, and be glad when you come back to Kentucky (Paris Landing). It will be great to talk to you for a few minutes. Love talking to KVD! GOD Bless you and your family!

    9. dennis groves

      Hey Scott I was not there at the classic. However I have a question for you. My questions are about the Googan Squad swim jigs. Have you fished them and what trailers do you like for them for a baitfish profile?

    10. Nathan Cooper

      Just an idea but maybe u can do a video about every truck and boat combo that you have ran since the beginning of your professional career?

    11. carlos solis

      Hillary is famous

    12. gb ark fishing

      quality of vid is no good. cant keep watching

    13. Emily Crumley

      Hey Scott I am using my moms account but I walked by you at the classic and had no idea till my dad told me. Wish I would have seen you

    14. Lee Bolduc

      Scott man u need to be out fishn classic who the hell is hank Cherry lol kust kiddn u could have took it

    15. Richard Tremblay

      Scott just fished Lewisville this weekend the bass are moving got a 4lb on gold willow blade spinnerbait

    16. Steven Thomas

      Sorry I missed you, but I did get to meet Pops at the Classic. Very generous man that you had raise you. Best wishes and good luck in the future Scotty.

    17. Bryan Hunter

      Scott. You guys are awesome. Greater than awesome. More than blessed.

    18. Don Fousek

      That’s ok. You will be to busy next year winning the Classic.

    19. Bass fishing Jim

      Scott and Hillary are good people. 🇺🇸

    20. Brock Johnson

      Hate I missed this live! Not sure how I did. Good stuff

    21. Jim Johnson

      Was this filmed on a flip phone? Haha love ya scotty hope to fish the big o someday

    22. Mike Wice

      Hey Scott, what's your favorite live target bait?

    23. STN_Fishing

      Ayy Scott, I was the one who got u to sign Perik’s face on the poster😂

    24. Wheeler Smith

      I fished lake eufala the asabfa tournament saterday it was afule under spins I’m suprised the same one

    25. Josh Collins

      Sorry missed the live part. I was out fishing lol.

    26. Rusty Wells

      Scott word of advice don't get jealous or feel like you are over the hill when Hillary is the star of the videos sometimes because that day is about to be here and just remembered it's exactly what you wanted to happen don't think twice about taking a step back and letting Hillary run with it you know she's learned it from you just let her be Hillary! 🦅🇺🇸🦅

    27. Rusty Wells

      Next time mic Hillary aways mic Hillary that's a mistake McCoy! 🦅🇺🇸🦅

    28. Brett Barfield

      Hey Scott, got any good advice for a angler that is just starting to fish tournaments? Something you wish you would have known when you got started

    29. Michael Trott

      Are you gonna be fishing the central open at Neely Henry in Gadsden Alabama?

    30. Ryan Tripp

      Your the freaking man Scott, And your Dad is a legend! Hopefully one day i could meet you and get that autograph.

    31. E G

      When is Hillary going to start tournament fishing?

    32. lightlinefishing

      Im fishing as co angler in Lewisville.. hoping I get lucky and chance to fish with you Scott....

    33. Jon

      That's funny the young fellas were scared for ya too. I saw you went back in your truck without your daughter and caught that momma, I was scared for ya.

    34. Zachary Mcmanigal

      I haven’t been around for a while where is Brandon

    35. Earl Emerton

      Me and my boy miss seeing you Saturday

    36. Nipissing Bass Series

      Canada`s Hooked on Team SMC! Loved watching your Dad! Keep up the great Vid's.

    37. Phil Garrison

      Scott, has to make you feel great your daughter is carrying on the Martin Family tradition.

    38. Fishing MW

      Picture is crappy.

      1. The Woodshop

        @John Wolff your probably right

      2. John Wolff

        Probably bad internet connection in the metal building.

      3. The Woodshop

        Your not lying

    39. myYOLOtek


    40. Reuben Oaks

      Can't wait for the James rematch!! Love the channel.

    41. Stacy Jackson

      If you had only one bait to fish with this time of year what would it be?

      1. Reuben Oaks


    42. Warren louisiana

      Could we see Hillsue & James against Rollin & Rick Clune

    43. Michael Nixon

      What has been your most memorable experience so far this year at the Classic?

    44. Trey Miller

      It was amazing to meet you. Can’t wait til the next time. Need to come and fish Black Warrior River in Tuscaloosa,Alabama

    45. Ward Unger

      I'm trying to get to you to take a picture with you

    46. Joe Estrada

      Favorite fisherman 🔥🔥

    47. john helems

      Camera isn’t working very well

    48. Wayne Metayer

      SMC is about to dominate!

    49. Gary Glick

      Where is this event located

      1. Flix

        Gary Glick Birmingham Alabama

    50. Country Lewis

      Where is Brandon

    51. Peyton Taylor

      How much do you charge to take someone fishing.

    52. GradertFamilyMakes

      Yea definitely need Brandon back.

    53. Anthony Rose

      If you was stuck on a deserted island what is one bait would you want if you only had one option

    54. outdoor channel Nafus

      How many FLW TURTEMETS DID YOU WIN question

    55. Chris P. Bacon

      Why isn't Scott fishing in the tournament?

      1. afield 2212

        He would also have to meet certain qualifications

      2. mohunter68

        He didn't fish with Bassmaster last year, but now that he's decided to fish with Bassmasters his tournament tour hasn't started yet. The season started last year and the Bassmaster's Classic is the final tournament. Hope that makes sense.

      3. 6thSenseIsKing

        He’s too good it would be unfair

    56. Mike Rhew

      Where is brandon

      1. The Woodshop

        He got fired lol

    57. Lesley Stanford

      How old is Hillary

      1. Lionel Bauersachs

        Lesley Stanford haha funny. How old is he?

      2. Lesley Stanford

        Cause my son really likes her

      3. Lionel Bauersachs

        Lesley Stanford I think she’s 15 now why?

    58. Mark Lavern

      Bring Brendan back