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    1. Yes Theory

      Thank you for such an amazing season. The fam has grown and we’re so excited to take what we’ve learned from this season and come back twice as hard in May. We’re not taking any breaks from filming just from posting, currently typing this as we’re about to go film a new episode that’s going to be... Interesting 😅 see you in a few weeks!! 🤘

      1. yash yadav

        Great inniatiave by yess theory❤️❤️ lots of love and video is awesome

      2. Ngabdilah Idza

        update on facebook again plz

      3. Mya S

        Can we have Carly's @ to help support her and her music?

      4. Sidney Carroll

        If you want to put me up on a billboard. I wouldn't mind

      5. Epic Jaz

        Lets see how many subscribers I can get from this comment so far 8

    2. Fady Elias

      That "yea yea yea yea" guy was the cringiest thing I've ever seen

    3. Dennis

      We need Mr. Beast Europe, contact me for a serious offer.

    4. Cindy B

      watch this 2nd time around so I can comment that maybe you can create another video about French tongue twisters and the loser per round will eat the ghost pepper noodles :D

    5. bilinas mini


    6. Shireesh Shenoy

      Matt making a guest appearance!!!

      1. bilinas mini

        Not looking for love but anybody in the Yes fam from Germany here? :)

    7. Артем Лисак

      What is the most discomfort thing for creator? When he can’t control the content. From idea to execution. Let subscriber make one video from beginning to the end. Not just 24 hours challenge. But whole documentary. So, guys, lets go to the Camino de Santiago trip. 30 days through one of the most popular pilgrims way. You will be heroes and subscriber will be creator. It even could be a series :)

    8. Michael Moran

      I don’t like that she’s chubby :(

    9. Zet

      i just realised we (90ies kids ) are truly adults now and i am sad. but then i keep watching this and smiling because it's so wholesome.

    10. Ethan Nygaard

      The second hand embarrassment is real 😂

    11. Linda Wu

      Is it just me who wants to see lexi and the yes people just chilling?

    12. Amitai Mende

      I guess the bois got you

    13. Andrew Benslay

      So great to see Matt again!

    14. Mahi Patel

      now I wanna watch national treasure-

    15. 903bloodjinn

      he could do better her style needs work these mom jeans were killing me

    16. karrenjoy conde

      Miss seeing Mattypoo in front of the cam. 😍 more power to you Matt 😘 cant wait for the book you’ve been working on.

    17. Laurence J

      Is it just me or does his date look like the girl Gwen from the show You?

    18. Pearcey111

      See that guy jump in start singing trying to cut his grass lol

    19. Tony Castro

      My goal is to complete a full IRONMAN event this year at 62 years old, but unfortunately I have two Titanium knees, it’s never been done before and I will be the first, I’m signed up for the 2021 California inaugural Sacramento IRONMAN Oct 24th, can you help make my dream come true?

    20. ItsATwinThing

      lovveee ittt

    21. Juan Hernandez

      The ambitious ptarmigan evocatively hand because skirt essentially worry along a watery wrist. cooing, stereotyped drawer

    22. franketa76

      Not looking for love but anybody in the Yes fam from Germany here? :)

    23. parangaricutirimi000

      0:11 "our editor friend Tommy hasn't had luck dating lately..." bad timing bro, I thought he was jacking off in that little short clip there after saying that.🤣🤣🤣🤣

    24. aTuberYou

      This video put a huge smile on my face, thank you guys! :)

    25. Eleanore Milliken

      The cowardly toothbrush hemodynamically cross because fiber unquestionably trot as a clammy town. awake, easy saturday

    26. Ysabelle Cormanes

      smiling from beginning to end

    27. Berfin Yuseinova

      This is the kind of group I’ve always wanted to be a part of. Such a friend group.

    28. Chris Robles

      Well get some ice because my heart has melted

    29. Kenny Legerstee

      This is SO awesome! What an amazing group of friends you guys have!

    30. G&N WorldWide

      bruh her fit is dope asf i love it

    31. Alexander Hader

      my life is so boring lol

    32. Jk Studios

      I’m sorry I wouldn’t want third wheels in a first date

    33. Cubertral

      Best clickbait(kind of) video I clicked on ever :)

    34. Dino A. Batain

      the random dude from the back be like: OH YAAAH YAHH YAHH YAAHAHAA

    35. Paul Bravo

      Is there gonna be an update?😑🤔

    36. Ellen Mae Baptista

      Matt isn't here but his brother took his job 😂 I'm beggining to like TD's sense of humor now 😂and I'm excited on his revenge for Cam 😂 Yes Fam from PHILIPPINES here 🤗

    37. akhilesh ks

      What is that vehicle, Amar was riding?

    38. Michael Jameson

      Yup. I’m lonely

    39. Dals Piones

      Hey guysss plss vissit phillipinessa its more fun in the philipines

    40. Jay Elex

      I kinda wanna read those email submissions

    41. tony kuprikov

      Only couple dry options :/

    42. tony kuprikov

      Yoooo add more hoodiesss

    43. Jack Oblen


    44. DOGGMAN .s

      i feel my heart

    45. Andreas Antarakis

      Imagine having friends like them

    46. Ronaldo Giban

      You guys are amazing tbh keep it up might do same one for indonesia 🙏🏾🔥🔥

    47. gioyu comi

      "If you don't have puppies around, your date sucks." True 👌😂

    48. Edward Travels

      You guys are having so much fun. Keep Going

      1. gioyu comi

        Elon musk monkaW

    49. Kai Kiaaina

      I’m just glad that Matt is not completely gone from Yes Theory!

    50. TheMkdAndrej

      This is why i love Yes Theory, the videos are filled with love, new experiences, discomfort and Thomas and his hillarious expressions. It leaves you feeling excited about life and that what im here for

    51. Helena Angerer


    52. Kyle Pereira

      I really need a name for that song at 14:01 please

    53. Ermie Silverio

      I hope one day I’ll be part of your video! ☺️.

    54. Random Uploads

      I live in the same town that those cars are made in

    55. Abdellah Ahmed

      I wish one day i'd meet u guys

    56. Ani Mallya

      Oh man i need this LMAO

    57. MELY MEL

      Im sad y’all didn’t mention the guy that did it and posted it on the Facebook page I’m sure someone in y’alls group saw it

    58. Sarcastic Kashi

      Are you guys real??.... U guys are one of the best humans ever i met virtually ❤️❤️..... Ur video motivates me as hell...... As u guys are so connected to ur virtual family.....i would like to invite you to India again once this pandemic thing is over

    59. Prabhu Maroo

      18:27 iys so good to see Matt at the beck!🥺🥺

    60. Sarah Jane Mendes

      Abercrombie & Fitch dude trying to move on our boys girl. Please leave sir

    61. Vidyasagar

      I will not be surprised if you guys come and find me a date here in India...🙃

    62. JokerSF

      I love you guys! Keep up the great work!

    63. Burrito

      Elon musk monkaW

    64. IMPD

      I STAN

    65. chestergonzalex

      I need me some Bros like yall fr

    66. Karly Ayres

      Ammar!! Pink is your color! Wow. At the end of the video I was like damn boy

    67. manjunath s

      Hey, how about displaying an advertisement(possibly yes theory) at times Square? You know nothing is impossible. Hit like if you like this idea

    68. Rudd lol

      VIDEO CHALLENGE: I challenge you guys to go to an amusement park find People who do not go on rides and convince them to seek discomfort and Ride the scariest most epicest ride at the park - Rudd

    69. Jules

      Ngl thats the most scuffed winetour I ve ever seen lmao

      1. bilishu aliss

        The innocent catsup moberly fence because afghanistan constitutively rescue over a nimble fiber. caring, serious panther

    70. Alex Vasquez

      Excited for what’s to come!!!

      1. bilishu aliss

        You guys are the best friends anyone can have. I'm very happy for Tommy!

    71. Adam Z

      We need a follow up to know if they had second date.

    72. Djek

      I was genuinely so happy for them during the whole video- I almost cried of happiness 😭

    73. Luke Shannen Reroma

      this video literally made my day!! so cute and genuine

    74. Luke Shannen Reroma

      seeing matt again makes me so happy!!

    75. Daily Gamer

      16:28 the old guy , im done lol

    76. Arun VARUGHESES

      Find someone on Omegle and take them on a trip

    77. wwaarriiss

      Driving through the GTA map

    78. Yuan Yuan

      I love this channel. Gives me such good vibes & makes me believe anything is possible🥰

    79. Vedraj r.m

      This is so boring!

    80. Vedraj r.m

      She’s a singer She used this video to help with her fame. There’s nothing else here

    81. Royal 52

      That’s how you know your boys got your back! A1 friends/wingmen/steak sauce

    82. Alias Torrez

      Right when the world opens up you have to have the biggest party ever!!!!!

    83. Ngullie Zubemo

      When r you guys revisiting TUVALU. I would love to see you all having a party there...! Much love from Nagaland India

    84. Stefan Vogels

      you guys are so funny wish I had such great friends

    85. Simón Gámez

      You guys are the best friends anyone can have. I'm very happy for Tommy!

    86. Tamalee Robinson

      The innocent catsup moberly fence because afghanistan constitutively rescue over a nimble fiber. caring, serious panther

    87. Lxma

      Gotta say, didnt expect to see brandy here.

    88. Jholo Loise Sayam

      SANA ALL TINATARPAULIN, btw when kaya

    89. Jholo Loise Sayam

      SANA ALL TINATARPAULIN, btw when kaya

    90. M S

      Next BitCoin! BitTorrent Token on the rise! Still cheap! Buy now and be rich in some years!!

    91. Ubaid Sheikh

      Hilarious 🤣 with a lot of fun

    92. Rooftop J


    93. Lupe Mafileo

      Am i the only one that noticed Thomas was able to get back into the US? Or am i late on the news? Lol. Glad to see him back in the U.S.

    94. Mr Dracula

      It is one of the best episodes of Yes theory. Seeing all of u together makes me happy. Do bring matt back in some episode on some adventure we would be happy seeing all of you together ♥️♥️

      1. Trxly

        He doesn’t want to he said he wants to take a break from being in the spotlight but still kinda around

    95. Kyle p

      14:01 anyone know the song?? \

    96. 6Sarcasm._.Lemon9

      Staged or not, this was adorable

    97. Saad Ali Siddiqui Faraz

      I saw MATT!! Happy noises

    98. TheAriful Gaming

      She wouldn't stick around him just being honest

    99. Akram Rasheed

      Sign up to fight in Streetbeefs! Lol.. KGup their name

    100. Joshee Who

      I am trying to find people int the "Yes Theory" line to write a song with, about seeking discomfort. I already got one. But I need yo u all! Community. I love you