Fishing for 300K and a BIG SILVER CUP - Forrest Wood Cup 2017

Scott Martin

596 миӊ. көрүүлөр85

    Bass fishing in the World Championship on Lake Murray in the Forrest Wood Cup. Trying to win the Largest Prize in Bass Fishing $300k and a Big Silver Cup. This video will show you my hard fight trying to become the first two time champion. This video will also show you how I fished and is full of fishing tips that will hopefully make you better angler.
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    1. Scott Martin

      You guys are the best!!!👊🏼

      1. Sarah Hanson

        Scott Martin your the beat

      2. YG RAGE

        Scott will you do a tournament with Hilary I think that will be a good video

      3. Trey Hicks

        Trey Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa ALABAMA football 🏈 fishing 🎣 Scott Martin happy 40 Scott Martin happy trey Hicksiii (423) 3147956

      4. MONEY Wilks

        Come to Oklahoma

      5. Wilma Johnson


    2. Lt. Dan

      29:45 god bless you Scott Martin, what he said at that time was amazing to hear, I’m wanting to get more serious into bass fishing and I’ve started watching his channel for a couple weeks now 🙏

    3. Delta Parker

      Here in 2021 watching

    4. David Thomson

      Slaying em like always. i would love to be able to afford on of your rigs hahah.

    5. Becky Zimmerman

      This is how many times he hit his fist against his hand the whole video 👇

    6. Mames /

      I need all of you to look at the time 17:16 it’s funny 😄

    7. Walker Meyer

      Scott! At the gas station when you did your shout out for the fuel treatment, George Strait was playing in the background “You Know Me Better Than That”.

    8. S&S FISHING

      I know this video is from three years ago but thank you for standing for the national anthem.

    9. Eric Stowe

      Dang Scott.....i gotta catch up on these vids.....lovin it

    10. GoldNRoach

      This dude has permanent sunglasses on

    11. Heather Knez

      Ya but you fished grate good job

    12. Drift Mania

      2020 yes I’m watching this

    13. Tyler Bideler

      Tomorrow’s gonna be a good day for fishing in the fall catch some Big one Scott

    14. Bluecollar Outdoors

      Thank you

    15. Will Yancey

      Can you take me fishing in one day so I can learn some stuff I know a lot of stuff but I love learning from you I’ll be really cool to go fishing with you

    16. Brenden Moore

      My dad did tile for Brandon Cobb

    17. Stryker Reid

      What reels does he use?

    18. David Cooper

      Scott u worked really hard keep it up

    19. Jasiel Cortez

      In 4:19 the guy left hand over heart the right to do it right hand over heart like what

    20. lol ayden

      I live near lake murray

    21. logan

      scott sounds like randy travis 😂

    22. Joutdoors

      I really enjoy these tournaments

    23. Chuck Hoffman

      Bro you killed me with the longest yard clip”HEEEEEEY”!!!!

    24. Nolan Boone

      did you go to ou

    25. Emiliano Mandujano

      Are from williston fl cause I am

    26. ProAssassin84

      Have much respect for Pro fishing but I honestly think Graphs and Fish Finders should be banned from tournaments. They are way to advanced these days.

    27. Keliegh Walters

      Yeah the cloud speech ruined it for me I stopped after tha

    28. ALEX R

      no you are the best

    29. Politricks

      i really like scott's video's, he really makes you feel like part of the crew!

    30. tom bulson

      Hi Scott, love your channel I would love one of those smallmouth baits, I live 80 miles from your number- 1 best bass lake, Lake Champlain. I was so surprised a week ago watching one of your father fishing shows and he stated that he was born in Albany New York I am just a little bit north of Albany we do a fair amount of fishing on the upper Hudson river for both largemouth and smallmouth

    31. mikes construction / maintenance roofing guthridge

      Hey Scott would like you to down and fish some of are Louisiana rivers and lakes

    32. Bobby Thrasher

      Been watching some for 2 days.lots of ur flw tournaments.not being a smart ass, but stop losing all those big fish dude!

    33. Salem Shales

      I love the prayer 🙏

    34. david mccullough

      I wanna be just like u

    35. Nun Ya

      That last part statement had me roll'n. Scott still the man tho!

    36. KDSd3stroyer official

      Stripers are bass

    37. Jason Yoder

      Good job

    38. Adam_NCF48

      Bro your lit I love watching your vids and fishing to

    39. Alisa Albers

      I love your vids

    40. Kagan Harrison

      Who else heard George strait in the background

    41. K Wilky

      I am surprised by the amount of fluro and mono carbon lines that are used, for my fishing of the coast of Ireland we (I) only use braid. Is there a reason for not using braid?

    42. Juan Ysquierdo

      Scott nice job I'm in a bind in my employment situation do to medical reasons I want to learn and grow to fish professionaly for my career since sezuires is stopping me from alot I need a few pointers if you would, feel free to contact me thank you.

    43. Jay Goast

      if you come to Tennessee can i come fishing with you?

    44. Blake Richardson

      Good job

    45. CJ Fishing

      24:30 I like that George Strait in the background

    46. marc k

      Your the best

    47. Andrew Shores

      You should get some Accu-Cull culling tags (I’m the owners son)

    48. Fishology

      You should go to bass pro shops and fish with the kids

    49. Wolf Pac

      Awesume videos n fishing scott

    50. Kristopher Laughlin

      Hi Scott my name is Kris I'm from Davis Oklahoma I would love to meet you one day and fish a tournament with you

    51. TEJ Jensen

      I am from Denmark and I would love to catch these beautiful stripes, Big Maud and Small Maud bass. It would be a dream comes true. We only have the perch here in Denmark, but I know that new species of fish are put out illegally. We must not put fish out without permission from the authorities. We should not have Asian carp as they now have in 23 U.S. states.

    52. T1NK gaming jb304dubv

      More entertaining than John b or Any of the other fishing channels

    53. Revoke Asher

      You are my favorite fishing youtuber and u give great tips

    54. Tristen Raulerson

      I would start getting mad catching striped bass when I’m trying to catch largemouth

    55. Mike Mason

      Great job. There are a million of us weekends who wish we could be in your bbn place.Learning by watching you bait selection and presentation.

    56. chawn vezina

      I could only wish to fish for a living. I would love your job. Great work your an awesome fisherman. And your good at entertaining.

    57. Austin Culpepper

      you are to

    58. Tommy Albrado

      Fun times! Get ‘er next time!

    59. David Baker

      Love this video

    60. Peyton Kyler

      What baitcaster should I start out with I’m new to bass fishing I useshally fish in salt water

    61. Chalmer geis

      Good fishing scott hope one day i could see ya live! Love the videos man

    62. crosstgr1604

      Did you go to OU?

    63. Kevin Dunahoo

      Lmao Billy’s story

    64. jraintdead

      @ 11:33 - “I think there’s a fish there”........2 seconds later, BAM!....amazing. That’s why he’s a pro and the rest of us just toss lures.

    65. Trey Hicks

      Trey Hicks iii Scott Martin happy 40treyhicksiii happy 🎂🎮 40treyhicksiii Tuscaloosa Alabama Scott Martin treyhicksiii 40treyhicksiii happy 40treyhicksiii (423)3147956

    66. Fishing Fools

      A tip for this year fish the airport right out of the little gap it pays off that time of year trust me I fished that lake for 9 years I live 2 mins away from park

    67. Beef Supreme

      2:30 You're all idiot puppets. making a triangle with an eyeball in the center

    68. Hayden Johnson

      I would love to fish with you

    69. GabezVibze

      You did great in my heart u got 1st

      1. GabezVibze

        Ps I wish I could go fishing u

    70. thomas liebel

      put gloves on

    71. Btc Bassin

      But will u read this one... hmmmmmmmmmm

    72. Cowboy Car Crushing

      Fishing for 300K.....ever fish for your dinner? You don't gotta brag homie


      They are all “GIANTS” haha good shit S. Martin.

    74. Jesse J Morales Jr

      Well it's very good that you we're dam close to wining the championship. You's we're only one closer to that. I'm handycap disabled I'd love fishing all my life. Now it's so dam difficult so hard. That im not able to Craying any of my fishing ger up smallest hill or down a hill. Or anywere's walking around a lake. Because of my heart condishtion that I have Congestive Heart failure. What I'd found out that it's same as Cancer. I'd was dominoes't this year 2018. And my Understanding that lots people live for littlie bit more year's longer. Other die pass away in ten , 10 Years. My one hope is to be fish be pro angler befor I have to pass away. To meet you Scott Martin n to be sponsored be able fish at a Pro Testament like You's everyone else.

    75. Fishing Fools

      That is my home lake I live 2 minutes away form bill dreher island

    76. Trey Hicks

      Trey Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa ALABAMA Scott Martin fishing 🎣 (423)3147956 Scott Martin happy Trey Hicks iii Tuscaloosa ALABAMA Scott Martin happy Trey Hicks iii 40

    77. Kyle L

      Scotts wife is a SAVAGE........ "you didn't win" 20 seconds after the loss was official lmao....

    78. Dawson vlogs

      i want to be a pro bass fishermen win i grow up i feel like i could do it cous i am 10 and i have already cought a 8.7 pound large mouth bass

    79. Trent Hubbert

      Would you consider yourself a country boy or a city boy Scott?

    80. Mel Moncler

      How can I get a chance to fish with you scott?

    81. Mechanic Kid

      Fuck of

    82. Jesse Wood

      I love your videos and the that 70s show things

    83. jerry scott

      By watching your videos I'm getting a understanding on how to fish for bass now thank u and keep up the good work

    84. Jayson Novak

      Absolutely awesome that you and your wonderful family have found a place in this crazy society to positively influence others think you give us hope God bless you and your family

    85. Zach McCall

      Way to fight to the end. I love your videos keep pumping out the content. You are a top notch man with a beautiful family. Best wishes from another brother in Christ.

    86. John Friesenhahn

      What a solid dude! I loved the prayer. Best of luck next year!

    87. swampland

      scott I wanna come fishing with you one day, south Louisiana aint that far from florida.

    88. Thechristopherryan

      Are you throwing a drop shot?

    89. Ricky Bobby Aviation and Fishing

      Love this channel, I hope to get a chance to fish in a tournament some day here lol

    90. Tim Sanders

      Just want to say your pretty awesome man. Very humble down to earth. The world needs more people like you. I enjoy watching you videos brother keep up the good work.


      Like if he should buy a lambo

    92. lane welsh

      I love watching you fish and I love your awesome winning personality but I'm always going to bitch about weigh-ins. They're bad for the fish period. Every boat needs an official that weighs the fish records it and then the fish goes right back in the water.

    93. Brandon McMurrin

      this years your year!!!

    94. Southern_ Brush

      Awesome Vid love watching you fish tournaments, and your positive attitude really keeps it enjoyable to watch. : )

    95. See It All Outdoors

      Love the tourney vid. Would like to see more. Neat to follow you through some serious fishing. Keep it up man you live my dream

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    100. Angus Pritchard