2021 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 636 Unboxing & Complete Build - Pearl Nightshade Teal - ZX6R MotoGP

Tripp On Two Wheels

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    2021 Kawasaki Vulcan Ninja ZX-6R 636 Supersport Motorcycle is unboxed, completely assembled and made ready for the showroom floor. Pearl Nightshade Teal with Metallic Spark Black paint scheme. This video shows every step of the motorcycle's build / assembly! MSRP $10,199.
    The spray polish in this video is the best I've ever used. Period. Get it from Amazon:
    Original Bike & Spirits Spray Cleaner & Polish (14 oz can): amzn.to/3pLbw39
    Original Bike & Spirits Spray Cleaner & Polish (3, 14 oz cans): amzn.to/39Ibza3
    *** FIVE MUST-HAVE MOTORCYCLE ACCESSORIES FOR UNDER $10. *** I own and use all of the items below.
    Battery Tender (Single) USB Charger Adapter: amzn.to/3aDzqXK
    Mroinge (Dual port) USB Charter Adapter: amzn.to/36HpWtv
    KiWAV Motorcycle Kickstand Puck (small) - amzn.to/3rpJ5Z0
    PROAUTO Motorcycle Kickstand Puck (large) - amzn.to/2MAUIgD
    Astro AI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge - amzn.to/3pQ4SbM
    Earplug Holder - amzn.to/3pTqSCs
    Rechargeable USB Headlamp: amzn.to/3ro2itM
    (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases and I greatly appreciate your support!)
    Special thanks to Jeff, Kyle and Aaron at Kawasaki of Universal City, the only family-owned all-Kawasaki dealership in the US. Contact them for great deals on parts, bikes and service work!
    Kawasaki of Universal City
    1737 Pat Booker Rd.
    Universal City, TX 78148

    MotoGP ZX6R

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    2. roz almesheh


      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        Thanks! Hope you subscribe Roz. -Tripp


      Bro price?

      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        It's listed in the description. $10,199 USD.

    4. dr blast

      Cool! I've bought 3 bikes from Gary and his shop, and getting ready to buy a 4th one soon. I thought I recognized the shop and crew! Cool video!

      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        It's a great shop isn't it? I love the place. Ride safe and hope you subscribe. -Tripp

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    6. fawad ahmed


      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        $10,199 USD

    7. Lida Sat

      How much?

      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        $10,199 USD. Thanks for your question Lida, I hope you subscribe! -Tripp

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        @Tripp On Two Wheels thanks

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        @كن مع الله يكن الله معك You're very welcome!

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        @Tripp On Two Wheels Thank you

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        Thanks and hope you subscribe! -Tripp

    9. Ben Gjerde

      I've always wondered, do they ship wet or dry?

      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        Wet except for gasoline and battery.

    10. murugandorairaju murugandorairaju

      I'M form India i want Kawasaki ninja send me India price

      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        I have no idea what the India price is unfortunately. I think you could Google it quickly. Good luck and I hope you subscribe. -Tripp

    11. Agaba Abibu

      How can I make order

      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        Hi Agaba! You’d have to visit a Kawasaki dealership. Where do you live?

    12. TRexHeliPilot

      So tell me again why dealers charge upwards of $1500 for PREP! Hell anyone can do what I just observed in this video. Heck, give me a call when my bikes arrived and I'll do it myself!

    13. Alejandro García


    14. pronix124

      Привет . Подарите хоть мопед какой небудь (((

    15. Irao Maiden

      Beautiful, I wanted to hear the noise.

      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        Next time


      linda de mais se acompanhar a tecnologia da zx10 top mais top ainda.

    17. rustysteam

      All that and you didn't fire it up? Weak.

      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        It was assembled for showroom stock which means no gas and no battery goes inside until it’s sold.

    18. Mikhail Pasichniuk

      That color is AWESOME! Reminds me of Bubblegum Crisis anime, and also Oni game/ looks cool as hell!

      1. Mikhail Pasichniuk

        @Tripp On Two Wheels Its not very big, but it is present here and slowly growing)

      2. Tripp On Two Wheels

        Glad to have you Mikhail! What’s the bike scene like in Moscow?

      3. Mikhail Pasichniuk

        @Tripp On Two Wheels I'm from Moscow, Russia ^_^

      4. Tripp On Two Wheels

        You da man! Good luck with that. Where are you from?

      5. Mikhail Pasichniuk

        @Tripp On Two Wheels I'm only planning to get my A-riding license this year) Subbed!

    19. hussein ahmed


    20. Nepali Music

      Wow 👌

      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        I feel the same way. A great bike for sure. Thanks and hope you subscribe! -Tripp

    21. Cymafred Chan

      exhaust pipe really ugly

      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        Agreed. But a minor issue in my book. Always can be replaced I guess? Thanks and I hope you subscribe! -Tripp

    22. surendra negi

      My favourite bak

    23. Habib Habib


    24. Hasan koko

      2020 model deluxe ka price kiya hain

    25. Hasan koko

      Ye bike ka price Kiya hain

    26. A J Club

      My father has this motorcycle

    27. Jack Sparrow

      What's the price of this machine?

      1. FuzedBox

        10,199. Best bang for the buck in the class. Worth every penny.

    28. Lucrecia Sabella

      Tanto lio en el desarme para que? Si no arrancooooooo!!! Que barbaros!!!

    29. Lucrecia Sabella

      El mismo trabajo me llebo cuando me compre la zanellita 50cc

    30. Erick Bendezú


      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        Gracias amigo!

    31. Dhea dandia



      Magnifique moto Le prix ces combien euro

    33. stillshakin

      You could make an entire cylon from the stainless steel on that exhaust !

    34. أفلام قصير

      دوزي عندي عفكم

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    36. Mohamed Assenwi

      my dream this motor

    37. S dong S dong


      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        Thanks! Ride safe and I hope you subscribe! 🙂

      2. S dong S dong


    38. JorVanne

      I think the green color are the best

    39. Reginaldo Ribeiro

      Maquina lindissima

      1. Hamza Chouar


    40. Buggy Bugson

      weirdly enough i had no idea bikes came like this

      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        I don’t think many people do. I sure didn’t. Thanks for your comment Buggy! Ride safe and hope you subscribe. -Tripp

    41. nick wescott

      didn't even fire it up what a waste 6 minutes

      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        Ha. Funny. No dealer except Harley adds gas or a battery to showroom stock. The foreign bikes turn slower and can’t be allowed to set with gas and batteries aging on the showroom floor waiting to be sold - which often can take a year. Harleys are the exception, as they turn faster and can be replenished faster because they are only a 1-2 day truck ride from Milwaukee. Overseas, Harleys aren’t gassed or batteried either unless they are test ride bikes. The waste would be you buying the bike in the video after it had sat on a showroom floor for a year or more with varnished gas and an old battery.

    42. Mathew parker

      Just bought one .. should be here by April ... I love the teal

      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        Great news! Congratulations Matthew. Ride safe and hope you subscribe! -Tripp

    43. الملك عبد العزيز

      ايه الحلاوه دي ياعم ❤️

    44. Cx3_Destroyer

      I don’t understand why they gave this one the outdated digital interface, but gave the 600, and 1000 the newer digital interface. Swear this would be an instant buy if it wasn’t for that

      1. Brendan Anderson

        @Cx3_Destroyer hardly ever i shift according to sound of the rpms not by the tach and same goes for speed

      2. Cx3_Destroyer

        @FuzedBox that’s fine if you feel that way, I just like the digital interface as it also allows for for the ability to connect with an to check fuel levels and all that good stuff with the bike even being on.

      3. Cx3_Destroyer

        @Brendan Anderson so you don’t look at the cluster at all?

      4. FuzedBox

        Ew. Analog tachs for 600 class or go home. I fail to see how a smartphone screen is any better. It's a trend, nothing more.

      5. Brendan Anderson

        Lmao you should be looking at the road not the cluster

    45. 86250r

      Love the bike but absolutely hate this color! Not sure what they were thinking

      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        I'm sort of the same way. The bike is great, but not overly fond of the color. They do need to try new things now and then to appeal to everyone at least now and then. Thanks for your comment 86250r, ride safe and hope you subscribe. -Tripp

    46. El Mostrito

      Everyone knows that new things always look pretty - but this thing is even an eye sore out of the box. I've owned a few bikes. 05 636 and 06 ZX10 among them and they still hold up to this day, so I have no idea what happened to Kawasaki. Diversity hiring? Maybe they hired Hellen Keller as their head engineer?

      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        @El Mostrito I’m not really the one to comment. Not a sport bike fan. Cruisers are my thing. 🙂

      2. El Mostrito

        @Tripp On Two Wheels The Color?? That's the only thing they've been right since 2010. I'll check in again in 2022.

      3. Tripp On Two Wheels

        It’s a polarizing color that’s for sure. Some live it and some hate it! Thanks for your comment El Mostrito! Ride safe and hope you subscribe. -Tripp

    47. Kawamon90 ZXZ9

      I do qualify for a ZX6R or ZX10R with my credit for zero down but I’m waiting to make the right decision and payment. I really think I’m going to go for this one since it’s a lot cheaper and I do like the style of the 6R. I’ll probably wait till next year to do the deal.

      1. Kawamon90 ZXZ9

        @Tripp On Two Wheels thank you Tripp! Ride safe as well ✌️

      2. Kawamon90 ZXZ9

        @86250r I have the cash ready to deal 👍

      3. 86250r

        If you can't afford a down payment you probably shouldn't be purchasing that much in credit. Especially of the interest % is more than 2%

      4. Tripp On Two Wheels

        Good luck with everything Kawamon! Ride safe and hope you subscribe. -Tripp

    48. Hiro s


      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        Thanks Hiro! I hope you subscribe.

    49. Bardjlaghi Abdelkader

      قطعة هندسية جميلة متوحشة قوية ماشاء الله تحفة فنية رائعة وتمتاز بالقوة والجمال أحبها أعشقها ماشاء الله اللهم ارزقنا مثلها

      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        I couldn’t agree more! (I think.). 🙂 Thanks for your comment! -Tripp

    50. Andres Da Fonseca

      Ninja zx hermosa moto veneno

    51. Kicau Borneo 24

      Woow kapan bisa punya ya mantan motor nya😍

    52. Carter Tucker

      Ugliest color ever! Went yesterday to surprise and buy my wife a new 2021. She looked at the colors for this year and she said " I'll pass and keep my 2017" Her 2017 ninja 650 has 10,000 miles on it. That's why I wanted to buy her a new one. Sorry kawasaki hopefully you change this color scheme

    53. Ngapak 39

      Pancen mantep rek Zx6R iki. Jo lali Subscribe ya guys

    54. Low Life18

      This is the “assembly” fee you pay 3-500$ for....

      1. debo9412

        Shit when I got my bike. Once I got home and looked I was banged 1600.......

    55. Who need to know ?

      I like this color !

    56. indraine foxtr

      super gantengg

    57. Jio Jiovana

      Unboxing Phone ✖️ Unboxing Motorcycle ✔️

    58. Jason Voorhees

      Sweet bike I want one !!

      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        Do it! Just make sure you subscribe. 🙂

    59. venkat naidu

      Sir, what's on road price in bangalore, which r the colours available.

    60. IceMan Kent

      Awesome video. Love the look of the bike (except) that horrendously large exhaust. That would be the first thing to change, as it detracts from the beauty of the bike. Waaayyyyy too huge.

      1. Thân huỳnh_viloc

        Hello I need your help 1like thank

    61. Mooseposse

      Nice job Tripp, and thank you for not burying the first portion in music. Cool bike

    62. Ibrahim R j

      Waooooo awesome

    63. Kay Inoue

      That color is amazing

      1. Thân huỳnh_viloc

        Hello need your support thank very much

    64. -CFH-ArcHitectoR

      Amazing Colour

    65. Giridhar reddy

      Super super nice colour

    66. Vile Nation Gaming

      Nope. My 2015 ZX6R still looks better

      1. Brendan Anderson

        Doubt it

    67. L A

      Not that I but new bikes or cars but I did buy the 2019 I will never ever pay for a dealer prep fee everrrrrrr

    68. Tripp On Two Wheels

      The spray polish in this video is the best I've ever used. Period. Get it from Amazon: Original Bike & Spirits Spray Cleaner & Polish (14 oz can): amzn.to/3pLbw39 Original Bike & Spirits Spray Cleaner & Polish (3, 14 oz cans): amzn.to/39Ibza3 (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases and I greatly appreciate your support!)

      1. Sumaya Laboni


      2. Iyad Mamah

        تاع&+-لن+&الناس تا عن

      3. abdul gafor


    69. VapeKing

      Looks like he has done this like 700 times before!

      1. Tripp On Two Wheels

        Maybe 800! Thanks for your comment VapeKing, I hope you subscribe. -Tripp

    70. HandgunPro

      So sexy. Can't wait to trade in my 650 lmao

    71. T O

      So cool!!! Kawasaki in Japan does not sell that color. I envy you very much.

    72. trese0000

      What type of cleaner spray is that you’re using to wipe the bike down?

    73. SanThali Raska World

      India me launched kb ho rha hhhh?

    74. Edwin De guzman

      Wow amizing bike ,i like this bike.

    75. Naenzy 09

      Idaman banget🤩🥰🤤🤤🤤

    76. R.Y.T Channell

      W0ww beautyfull 🥰🥰🥰

      1. Thân huỳnh_viloc

        Hello need your support thank very much

    77. Yorcen

      This particular color is almost the best design i’ve ever seen.

      1. zeke2solid

        I feel the same way and Blue is my favorite color this bike looks sexy af. Might trade for it when I'm done paying off my ninja 400

    78. Kapil Sharma

      My dream machine❤

    79. BIKE YARD


    80. Rahmadi Simas

      mantap poll cak

    81. Michael Stewart

      1994 zx 6 best one was fast comfortable awesome graphics zx 6 are nothing but torture racks in the modern era

      1. FuzedBox

        I'd argue that the '00-'02 J models were the pinnacle of balance between both. Power went up and comfort went down after that. This current generation isn't that bad, though.

    82. Livid33 !

      Does this one have abs?

      1. FuzedBox

        @Tripp On Two Wheels Wait, does it? I thought only the KRT edition had ABS.

      2. Tripp On Two Wheels

        Yes it does. Thanks for your question Livid! Ride safe and hope you subscribe. -Tripp

    83. Efren Balatico


    84. sompongke STORY


    85. PaPaChou

      man, and dealerships are charging $400+ for this kind of effort?

      1. Brendan Anderson

        Only if you pay it. I've never paid msrp or dealer fees always press that as a deal breaker and they will budge

      2. trese0000

        Exactly the same thought right after watching this vid as I was scrolling down to the comment section... smh on dealers

    86. Gorilla Moto

      By far my favorite 600 super sport bike. Edit: once that boat anchor of an exhaust is replaced.

      1. Gorilla Moto

        @Farhan Zin Not everyone likes low to midrange torque, some like everything up top. I’m not one, bc it makes a horrible street bike, but I understand everyone is different. R6 is a dog until you get it higher in the revs.

      2. Tripp On Two Wheels

        Nice bike! Thanks and ride safe Farhan. Hope you subscribe. -Tripp

      3. Farhan Zin


      4. Engine Notes From Underground

        @Fundamental Bear why waste money on something everyone is going to remove and throw on eBay for 50 bucks

      5. George Lynch Dixon

        @Fundamental Bear Economy emissions..... stupid though... nobody is gonna keep that ugly thing on anyways.

    87. Buddy Harshaw

      Man I love this bike awesome video

      1. Thân huỳnh_viloc

        Hello need your support thank very much

    88. Sagar Hingal

      man, she looks gorgeous!

    89. Argha Biswas

      Ninja 300


      OMG!!..That is one of the best motor............

    91. 755hp

      Beautiful bike. I almost settled on a grey 2019 ZX6R with only 734miles on it; but I got a brand new 2018 ZX10R instead.

      1. trese0000

        I brought it instead.. hahaha.. enjoy that 10 though

    92. jack napier

      Love it for sure but looks just like my 2013 not much has changed at all cosmetically

    93. Julian Waters

      This was so satisfying to watch. Your bike unboxing skills are🔥. My 2yr old son screamed for joy when you took the top off the crate. Thank you.🙏

      1. Brendan Anderson

        He might be on the spectrum

      2. Thân huỳnh_viloc

        Hello I need your help 1like thank

    94. Goodheart Pee

      I need one how much please

      1. Luis Alonso

        In MEXICO CITY the cost is $13,284 USD 🤦🏻‍♂️

      2. Tripp On Two Wheels

        $10,199 USD before all the other BS charges. Let us know if you get one Goodheart. Ride safe and hope you subscribe. -Tripp

    95. Gustavo Garcia

      por esto si me compro una moto nueva la quiero en caja, que no la toque nadie, nunca sufrí tanto...

    96. Drastic Thompson

      That bike is sooooo U.G.L.Y.

    97. Luis Alonso

      NINJA for me is GREEN or BLACK any other colors isnt KAWASAKI!🤷🏻‍♂️

    98. jonathan lay

      haha that tech must be a newbie, 1 he insers the weights directly with the impact gun, 2 he sprays polish on the bike and not rag

    99. rick m

      I bought this one. Same color and all. Love it. Super hard to get though.

      1. primo sparazza

        @FuzedBox defensive driving as well as the MSF course discount.. also the majority of accidents here happen on 600cc sport bikes so everything else is almost always cheaper unless, like you said full coverage.. Careful out there on those roads but enjoy man Fair enough.. I do a lot of cruising for the most part.. I’ll have fun on off ramps and on ramps with some knee out leaning action but I’m one of those that believe you don’t need to go everywhere at 200mph because your machine can do it

      2. FuzedBox

        @primo sparazza Sure, you can work down your insurance by getting the bare minimum liability coverage, but tack on some other coverages and it can rack up quick. Also depends where you live. I find it odd how yours is so cheap when NY and CA are infamous for 10k/yr policies; you're doing something right for sure. As for mountain twisties, I have a select handful of local roads which are fantastic, clean, lightly traveled, and with rare police activity. The only thing that scares me is the deer at night. I won't share my favorite local routes, but you know Dragon's Tail. Yes, the liters I rode were an '07 CBR1000 and an '06 R1. Skittish throttle and meandering in turns. They scared me and I won't lie about it. I know the new ones have their fancy power mappings and what not, but at that point all the unusable power (for my use case) feels like a waste.

      3. primo sparazza

        @FuzedBox all depends i guess. Id personally never ride mountain roads.. to many variables .. if I’m going to ride like that I’d just set up a track day.. did you try any of the newer 1000s? Or are you talking about mid 00s liter bikes? The insurance argument is false.. learn how to shop for insurance .. 40$ a month for a 17 s1krr in NYC.. I was paying $70 for my 09 zx6r 4 years ago so it’s actually cheaper ..1000s just feel more sturdy and solid in my opinion.. I’m just surprised he made his choice solely because of color and nothing else lol ..

      4. FuzedBox

        @primo sparazza I don't blame him at all. I bought mine exactly for this color, while the dealer had the '20 in Furnace Orange (also cool) for nearly $2k less. Yeah, I paid extra for the Nightshade Teal and would do it again. Edit: I've tried liter bikes, but they're just not the same. You can barely get past third gear on open highways, they're nowhere near as nimble on mountain twisties or track, and their insurance premiums are highway robbery. 600 class is useable throughout its range and can be pushed HARD.

      5. Brendan Anderson

        @rick m haha I knew you were a Californian just by the way you write. What a

    100. Anthony Trost

      Does anyone know what they do with the steel framework around the bike ? Sent back to Kawasaki, dumped or recycled ?