The Challenger Disaster: STS-51-L Helicopter Camera


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    From Tuesday, January 28th 1986 The Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion from the Helicopter camera. The explosion took place 73 seconds into Challengers 10th flight at 11:39:13 A.M EST
    The STS-51-L Crew:

    Commander:Francis R. Scobee
    Pilot:Michael J. Smith

    Mission Specialist:Ellison S. Onizuka
    Mission Specialist:Judith A. Resnik

    Mission Specialist:Ronald E. McNair

    Payload Specialist:Gregory B.Jarvis

    Payload Specialist: Christa McAuliffe
    (Teacher in Space)
    (Footage is courtesy of shuttlevideo Y.T channel)

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    1. Helen Tudor-Douglas

      I heard Challenger was about to take off just as I walked inside a racquetball club to play a quick game on Michigan Ave. in downtown Chicago. By time my college friend & I walked outside after our game, people were on the streets of Chicago with (not kidding here) people shouting "Extra. Extra, Challenger Explodes" as they were selling fast, newly printed newspapers about the explosion that only took place only about an hour beforehand. No internet/cell phones then. Yet the sad news still traveled fast!

    2. hyperpuppy2

      I’d like to know what math NASA uses 104% 🤷‍♂️

    3. Matthew M

      The worst part of it. The crew were alive while falling back to earth

    4. GGMattt_

      Nothing about space travel will ever be considered 'routine', sad event and always in the back of everyone's mind on any launch

    5. Oreo Kush

      Waiting for the throttle up...........

    6. ShareWheel

      RIP 😞

    7. Robert Donovan

      Weather auxillary and all them tool time retrofitted pools etc

    8. Hal

      They would have been fine if they wore masks and distanced.

    9. Tyson Thomas

      It’s sad that the family’s had hope. That they could survive that, which I guess they could but not the fall into the ocean. And yes I guess they found evidence that they opened there oxygen containers or something. So at least 4 of them were conscious because 4 of the packs had to be manually opened.

    10. Jithin R

      Poor souls. RIP. For Science!

    11. All Good

      Q:What does NASA stand for? A:Need Another Seven Astronauts Sad but true 😔

      1. Mudkip909


    12. juan alberto

      God bless America.🌹✌️

    13. Art Pekarek

      Today there would be a rescue team that would be able to track the cabin that went 3 miles after explosion slamming into the ocean. Today this would never happen. Sadly, this seems to always keep happening.

    14. Larry Davis

      I will always remember this day. The day I was watching the shuttle on television from Texas.

    15. S Yomismo

      A very sad moment of our History that we all remember. RIP.

    16. theforest gamer

      These guys are heros🇺🇲

    17. Amy Niemann

      I will never ever forget I saw with my own eye outside in Florida my home. So sad they wouldn’t listen about the o rings failing. It’s heart breaking. O rings?!?! Wake up NASA and let SpaceX handle it.

      1. Mudkip909

        It was for the booster. That was the issue

    18. Joseph Wood

      After so many years, this is the first time i see this helicopter view

      1. Pieces of April Rose

        Me too

    19. Jim McIntosh

      "A major malfunction " is an understatement.

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    21. Jeremy

      R.I.P Challenger Crew 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    22. Dave Davis

      Watch all avail? Angles in slomo for Orbs flashes streaks mirage smokescreen visual shift phasing ghosting etc. ORB fires laser from right circles fires laser through time window at “PLANESHIP” from left hits watches and absorbs energies! Mother Nature is best! Down With the robotic hate virus program channels. Truth will last forever. No lies here!

      1. Mudkip909

        Oh cool! Artificial Intelligence generated comments! What a time to be alive

      2. Tyhgaming

        Shut the fuck up you disrespectful piece of shit

    23. michelle wilson

      What if someone views the launch from camping

    24. Ahuman

      In 500 years, when we travel in space as basic as commuting to and from work, there will be humans looking back at this footage with heavy hearts thinking of the sacrifice these pioneers made

    25. Tom Wilson

      I watched it when I was a little kid

    26. TIR Productions LLC.

      You wanna know how fucked up KGup's copyright system is? This video is currently being monetized by Sony Music Entertainment for using a Latin song which is nowhere to be found in the video. Just look in the description.

      1. Mudkip909

        I mean the name checks out Lmao

    27. -

      Its crazy to me that I didn’t know about this until i saw a tik tok (yea i know). Now I’m wondering why my school didn’t tell us about this 🤔

    28. Konnor Steels

      " malfunction" they just blew up LITERALLY BLEW UP and they say its a malfunction if only NASA listened to the engineers

    29. Jonathan Falkowsky

      Challenger broke up 8.7 miles (46,000 ft) altitude and Columbia broke up 40 miles (211,200 ft) altitude. And you could see Columbia exploding from the ground.

      1. Mudkip909

        Yea but it broke during reentry

    30. Jonathan Falkowsky

      I wonder what was going on in the cockpit of the orbiter.

    31. Jonathan Falkowsky

      The space shuttle program was so expensive but so amazing to watch. Also it was one of the only mission programs to leave miles and miles of trailing smoke behind

    32. Irvin Ethan

      KGup lots ads on this of course

    33. Pop Warner

      no one has ever ridden on a rocket. this is why. the real space shuttle gets a piggyback ride on a jumbo jet airplane and glides back down to the ground trying to maintain a safe speed so it doesn't build up too much heat. space travel is a lie

      1. Tyhgaming

        You disrespectful asshole, there is so much proof that we've been the space that I can see it at sunset. Wake the fuck up and stop pedaling this stupid shit

      2. E. Rose

        Oh buzz off dumb ass.

    34. Sara Shepard

      Because if it doesn’t curve and crash into the ocean it crazhes into the firmament. Lol they knew this all along. Operation fishbowl

      1. Tyhgaming

        Operation fish bowl is a fucking nuke test, these people lost their lives but you don't care about that

      2. E. Rose

        Yeah, sure kid.

    35. John Riccio,Jr.

      I saw this & it was horrible

    36. Play by Play


    37. Hello There

      I was at home making lunch and saw this live on TV. We lived 1 block from the school. That was insane to see live on the tv. We actually had a group from NASA that visited our Junior High. They brought in a Shuttle panel on from the bottom of the Shuttle when it busted. In the 1980’s.

    38. cider man

      You shouldn't mess with the unknown anyway.

    39. Yuri Valencio

      I was a kid when it happened and it was truly sad

    40. Joey Glasses

      Soooo sad I remember that day I was in school when it happened..we were watching in class still unbelievable.. #rip #challengerdisaster #neverforget 😞

    41. Jamal Robertson

      if they examined it more just a lil bit MAYBE they would have been alive

    42. Frankscoolection

      That camera man was most likely very excited this day to film the shuttle until the explosion. Absolutely devastating for all.

    43. Jim C

      Remember that day well...horrible!

    44. Pastor Kaprosuchus

      Reventé el Challenger porque adentro viajaba una maestra que yo odiaba en mi niñez

    45. Chris Johnson

      I was in middle school. My teacher brought a tv into the the classroom. The classroom was silent as we watched what had unfolded. The astronauts gave their lives for all of humanity.They’re Heroes who who will live on in the exploration of Space.

    46. RKGSD

      I still can't get over how the Space Shuttle had no escape system. Turns out it was in Boeing's design but eliminated by NASA as a cost-cutting measure! Obviously that wouldn't have saved the crew here since it was sudden.

    47. stef 107

      86 proved to be a dramatic year for technologies humans thought safe : Challenger destruction and Chernobyl catastrophy both within months

    48. April Johnson

      i will never , ever forget that day, that was my best friend's birthday, RIP challenger crew

    49. edu u

      qepd 🇦🇷

    50. Tom & Michelle Wilson

      No this is a video of a space shuttle helicopter

    51. Miles Campbell

      Need Another Seven Astronauts 🙄

    52. Highland_Biker

      2:09 I believe the plum of smoke going straight down is the crew capsule many believe the crew remained conscious until it hit the water it doesn't bare thinking about

    53. Dan McIntyre

      It was traveling faster than a bullet when the center tank failed.

      1. Dan McIntyre

        @MattMN2FL it was , but it burned through the center tank causing it to collapse . The boosters went off and the orbiter tumbled and disintegrated.

      2. MattMN2FL

        Pretty sure it was an o-ring in one of the SRB's.


      Damn megumin

    55. Joseph B

      Major NASA f**k up. They knew about the o-ring issue, should have been held responsible for 7 deaths!

    56. Kyle Gravel

      Calmly saying “yep, it exploded”

      1. lecotatuta

        well you expect to screm "YEP IT EXPLODE"

    57. alex dias

      I was in my grandmother’s house during Challenger crashes . It was creepy, I got nightmares since until today. In exactly moment I was watching “The Incredible Hulk “ on tv and comes the terrible notice of space shuttle explodes. I was 11 years on that time and amazed my chilhood like Jonny Quest’s episode.

    58. Sylvester Stewart

      A defective door handle.

    59. James B

      I watched this live.... 6th grade Ocean Breeze Elementary about 25 miles south. Very sad indeed. I remember a couple years later watching the first launch after that and wow that was emotional.

    60. A D

      when you are getting older automatically some memories are deleted and some others stay more clear. I was 8 years old and remember this picture so clear and the pain i felt after this

    61. Marko Brainz

      This is a very sad tragedy. A very terrible accident! The Astronauts trained all their life for this. And all of it was a waste.... With every mistake, a lesson is learned. Nasa will go further into space and hopefully with fewer accidents like this. R E S T I N P E A C E

    62. Linda Merchant

      Reminds like of the hindenburg truly sadly oh the humanity when aviation or aero space disasters like these happen in history

    63. Linda Merchant

      Terrible day like Columbia in 2003 noting the shuttle program really first. Began with challenger and Columbia like Apollo 1 capsule flashfire. And NASA near miss of Apollo 13

    64. dgcmusi

      When the science should have been listened to..those rings didn’t seal well in the cold

    65. Hassam Cameras

      La falta de sensibilidad del controlador que solo da ordenes y diciendo que solo hay una situación, no puedo creerlo

    66. Rifa Elektronika


    67. Luke Wagner

      Obviously a major malfunction ...

    68. CS975 L

      They should have put the NASA manger in prison for life the stupid idiot's murdered the crew because they were in a rush.👺👺👺👺👺💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    69. CoolChib124

      Launch site: LC-39B, Kennedy space center, Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA, Earth

    70. Harry Balls

      The engineers at Morton Thiokol KNEW this was going to happen and they still couldn’t stop it from launching. It’s all about money and deadlines. Very depressing.

    71. Jose L. Martinez

      I was 8 years old and living in Polk county Florida. Most of the school were outside to view the shuttle takeoff when this happened. I remember a teacher saying “something went wrong “ It was a sad day

    72. X PLANET


    73. Kenneth Brown

      It's 2021 and this still makes me cringe because it could of been prevented. But the people who knew their was a high probability that the boosters O-rings would fail were under pressure to launch. Such a sad day watching as a 7th grader with my classmates.

    74. rob royce

      rip to all on the fateful SS Challenger (Jan 28th 1986??) flight!!

    75. Патриция 'Patty' Кувшин


    76. Comiik

      Listen to the damn engineers

    77. Danielito Gonzalez


    78. Karl Fortuin

      All 7 will always have the right stuff 👨‍🚀👨‍🚀👩‍🚀👩‍🚀🚀

    79. TVG_GueRRiLLa GAMING

      I always thought right when it exploded it looked like a scorpion 🦂... the smoke that is 💨

    80. The People

      My 2nd cousins was the school teacher. Christa McAuliffe Rip.

    81. Владимир Чернышев

      Очередная вавилонская башня ... .

    82. Lia Muzzalupo

      I remember watching this live in grade school in the cafeteria. One minute we were all standing up celebrating with our eyes glued to the TV then the next minute we sat there in complete silence. Teachers were crying. Its one of those things that you can't get over. My heart broke for all and their families. RIP 🙏

    83. Michelle Wilson


    84. Michelle Wilson

      Challenger you are go for dropping boosters

    85. Michelle Wilson

      Challenger is now heading to space

    86. Michelle Wilson

      10 9 8 7 6 we have main engine start 4 3 2 1 and lift off lift off of challenger and it has cleared the tower

    87. Daz Steele

      "It takes a good rocket scientist to know a bad guidance system. It takes bad, bad investigators to lay blame on an O-ring". I'm deadly sure that; while the systems engineers feel guilt through hush: that the clean up team feel nothing for the families.

    88. Daz Steele

      OH GOD! That is not a 'good roll, comfirmed'! It's a diagonal lift-off and not aiming at where it should be going! I know exactly what went wrong! I CANT BELIEVE NO ONE ELSE STILL KNOWS AFTER SEEING THIS. YOU STUPID PPL. HOW DID THEY HIDE THE FACT THAT SHE ROLLED AT 400 METERS? ARE U AL FUKN STUPID. SEEMS LIKE THE FUKAZ ALREDY KNEW IT WAS DOOMD AT FUKN 400 METER oh my god can no1c this

      1. Mudkip909

        Then how was there a flame coming from The booster in the other camera

    89. boggy6060


    90. Surfer Bud


      1. Mudkip909

        I wish

    91. Surfer Bud

      Did I see the Devil Horns in the explosion cloud??

    92. marty mackydog

      I was working at RICMAR Engineering at the time and when I got home I saw this on the news. We made components, assemblies and sub-assemblies for the space shuttle and space lab at the time. The following day at could hear a pin drop,but before I went home, someone asked me were what does NASA stand for? The answer was..."need another seven Astronauts". Sad but true.

    93. Aldo Demurtas

      🧡 😓

    94. Kevin J Redmond

      Did they ever have a cockpit audio that the crew was alive, there were supposed praying, someone was crying before they hit the water???

    95. Chester Swing Jr

      Why would you NOT listen to the people who built it, that tell you “DO NOT LAUNCH“!!!!! If someone tells you this car is dangerous, and you will DEFINITELY crash, would you drive it? I certainly wouldn’t!!!

    96. John Hickman

      “Challenger, go with throttle up.”......

    97. Amy Trammell

      RIP Dick Scobee 1939-1986 RIP Michael J Smith 1945-1986 RIP Ellison Onizuka 1946-1986 RIP Judith Resnik 1949-1986 RIP Ronald McNair 1950-1986 RIP Gregory Jarvis 1944-1986 RIP Christa McAuliffe 1948-1986

    98. Donald Koelper

      "Flight controllers here looking very carefully at the situation - obviously a major malfunction." 35 years later, that's still the most haunting and heartbreaking understatement I've ever heard uttered by anyone. You can sense the NASA announcer trying to maintain his professionalism and composure in the face of profound tragedy that was still unfolding right in front of him.

    99. Maureen O'Brien

      Here for the 35th anniversary of this tragedy. RIP Challenger, she was destroyed so young... We'll never forget her and her courageous crew. Ad astra per aspera.

    100. Aaron Wicklam

      I was in grade one at the time and I remember watching this live at school.