Food Theory: Is Subway Bread ACTUALLY Cake?

The Food Theorists

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    Have you seen the headlines about Subway? A ruling in Ireland stated that due to the recipe of Subway bread it cannot actually be classified as... bread. What have we been EATING? Today Loyal Theorists, we are rising to the occasion of this bread controversy! What makes bread able to be classified as bread? Can you stretch those rules? Would you eat a sandwich made with cake? All this and more in today's episode of Food Theory!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick, Luke Barats, and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Forrest Lee, Edward Earl Newton, and Koen Verhagen
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
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    1. TheOdd1sOut

      I knew it

      1. Tai Nguyen


      2. chaze the gamer

        It's that you James A.K.A theodd1sout

      3. Lxnnzee

        @annoyed bro X y-yeah that them

      4. TheTheaterDork


      5. Jack Jones


    2. themonstertruckrockers

      Tbh I don’t eat the bread that’s not Actually bread soooooo

    3. Eclispestar

      Just a note from a Baker. The bread I make doesn't have sugar in it. I view anything with extra sugar or fats as enriched dough and and is sorta a sweet bread. I do make things with olive oil in it. And no sugar but I don't really see that as enrichment to a degree. Its all kinda subjective

    4. Christopher Pham

      I knew it

    5. Dáithí Mullins

      I just wanna say that you got the shape of Ireland wrong the north/UK part of Ireland is still part of the country their just still loyal to the Crown, I know this maybe confusing for you but take it from someone who actually lives their also your saying it wrong your supposed to say it like areland not ierlind

    6. becka bounds

      the odd ones out is that actually you im a big fan i watch almost every single vid if thats you im just saying im a big fan

    7. The Kyuber

      The bread was a lie.

    8. Dylan Williams

      Ah, "healthy bread". Tale as old as thyme.

    9. General Alduin

      Pretty sure matpat was hired by Subway to use this video in court

    10. Bethany Carter

      3:19 genuinely terrified me

    11. Kirsten Houseknecht

      ahem: "milk bread" in my old cookbooks is NOT a highly sugary confection like JAPANESE milk bread is it just means a bread with milk as one of the ingredients. that is, dairy, not pareve the milk bread in my recipe book for, say, my bread machine has no more sugar in it than the regular bread, it just uses milk instead of some of the water

    12. Safiya Mukhamadova

      Do a theory about bone apple tea! Or about localization. My friend who lives in China went to a restaurant that advertised paella, but it was really just the same ingredients as paella served as something more similar to egg foo young and he found that really offensive. I disagree with him on that because it's not like 90% of the stuff sold as Chinese or Indian food in European descendant dominated areas would be recognizable as Chinese or Indian food to natives of those countries. The fortune cookie was invented in California and tikka masala is from Glasgow. If the same thing is happening in reverse, then who are we to judge?

    13. illesizs

      Can't Subway pay different taxes in different countries? Aren't they doing that already?

    14. Jellyjake1123 -RBLX

      plot twist: subway pulled a Arby’s and made it MEAT

    15. Lazy

      Who else is eating left over Thanksgiving buns while watching this

    16. Stefan F

      11:04 So you could start selling cupcakes and cookies and having them 'usually known as' bread cookies and bread cupcakes (only in name), and they would qualify for tax exemption regardless of sugar content? (as well as a cake designed to look similar to a loaf of bread, like with fondant art) fantastic system.

    17. maze girl

      I like how he puts seàn in when he says ireland or irish In the start

    18. Al B

      And they call chips crisps and call fries chips and call cookies biscuits .they're nuts

    19. Declan Bachner

      I thought the bread was yoga mats


      I love your intro it has so many Easter eggs XD

    21. Keyon Rulez

      I’ve learned more from matpat than my teachers could ever teach me 😂

    22. Ярослав, зовсім не, Гергіль

      What the heck is going on with auto English subtitles???

    23. Bananar Boomer

      Me: Is eating bread Video: Is talking about subway bread being fake Me again: Well the bread being fake just makes it tasty

    24. rampage the sneaky lil bitch

      best part about living in europ is that we don't have to callcualte som stupid tax on the end of our groccery store bill our taxes is allredy callculated in the price of the items.

    25. Alexa F

      Wait... It's gonna be taxed like a "desert?" Oh, boy. That's gonna be expensive 9:48

    26. Üńìx ZíèsTō

      13:05 This just hurt

    27. Chris B.

      Taxes. The most ridiculously convoluted and nonsesical laws desined to get as much money from citizens as possible without causing anarchy.

    28. Timmy Nguyen

      Imagine spending hours researching Irish bread laws, and still not knowing how to spell "dessert". Spellcheck is not your friend, but that's just a theory.

    29. CalculatinGenius

      1:17 horrible pun you fricc

    30. Sillqe

      grain doesn't sound like a word

    31. Tessa Johnson

      He got a little worked up about the classification of bread...

    32. Keith Clingan

      When you see what you can get on a Subway sandwich, the grain/sugar ratio in the bread really does not mean much...

    33. a.dead. weeb

      ToOrU 🤪oIkAwAs🥰 fAvOrITe 😋 fOoD 🍱 iS 🤭MiLk BrEaD 🥛🍞

    34. Serymar Matias

      I'm so brain dead from life that he said milk bread, and I just went "Tooru Oikawa's favorite food is milk bread, his personal motto is if you're going to hit it, hit it till it breaks!" And I don't know how to feel-

    35. CornManXIII

      Matpat says "for you American viewers out there" like he's not American

    36. kennybirdy

      subway bread

    37. kai

      I just noticed bobs burgers was in your intro

    38. soomin lee

      but hey thats just a theory a foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood theory

    39. Keep1n1tFr0st1e

      I work at a subway lol

    40. William Backus

      Woah. Why aren't you a lawyer?

    41. Aaron Urton

      The opposite of unleavened bread is raisin bread

    42. ph kg

      They add sugar to mask the weird after taste from the bread, and it didn't work. I don't know what kind of preservatives they use, but Subway probably has the worst bread ever.

    43. None Yall

      Why is the whole grain stamp Aprooving this as 100% whole grain in the first place.

    44. Henry Richards

      Watching this knowing you reacted to gamer from mars content vid like a lame

    45. owl_barrel 99

      We thneed answers

    46. Mysterious Things

      Well.......I'm going to Subway for my hibernation this year with all of that sugar!!

    47. Cittasanto's Humanities

      The Irish tax law is not undermined by health regulation definitions as they are talking about different things. The tax definition is to differentiate between luxury and staple commodities (the UK has a sugar tax) but you do not mention this when comparing laws. The tax law in Eire is defining staple bread, and non-staple bread, not defining bread.

    48. FewRxi

      Actual video starts at min 8:00 prior to that is only gibberish

    49. Un Funny

      I know what it is Cake, it’s cake.

    50. Godot Pfp bottom text

      Phoenix would never eat the subway sandwich, in japanifornia they only eat b u r g e r s

    51. David Osso

      While the graphics are slightly obnoxious to me and the high pitch comedic punch lines are unnerving, the information was presented masterfully. Very well written, and I see and recognize your work. Well done.... and I'm just an old media guy. Keep it up,

    52. Gusty

      to be fair, most bread from america has more sugar than most sweet pastries in other countries and people from foreign countries have commented on it

    53. Craig Conway

      Why does he show his face over a million times ? Ego much ?

    54. Noah Choi

      7:05 bruh you just go home and put it in the microwave.

    55. Kristen

      I worked at a Subway - honestly, you REALLY don't want to eat there. The stuff that I could tell you would turn your stomach.

    56. Zappo 616

      Fun fact, mc Donald’s buns are also cakes

    57. Franco Arias Celma

      Just an idea, is a dilemma in Mexico, quesadillas con queso o sin queso/ queso = cheess, in mexico is a big deal this topic

    58. Willie Quilligan

      As an Irish person that very very very annoying because it love subway

    59. DIY GMR

      America! known for having sandwich crisis! or at least i wish..

    60. Jaimmv

      I didn't understand a single thing during this entire video, but I still enjoyed! 👍

    61. Ethan Lin

      Is cereal a soup?

    62. WeedFur


    63. the weirdo

      Once I got a foot long but instead I got the best day of my life and came home with a 14 inch sandwich

    64. scorpioninpink

      Why should Ireland care about Bread in other countries? That is their definition of a Bread, so it shall be.

    65. Anthony Spontella

      Last year i measured a footlong and i swear it was 11 inches

    66. The Amazing I don’t know

      I don’t care if it’s cake

    67. Heika

      This whole theory is just applying prescriptivism instead of descriptivism

    68. stephanie kievaughan

      Subway 11 inch Cake wait isn't 11 inches a French Foot

    69. darkdudironaji

      "Hey judge, what's your educational background?" "I have a law degree, obviously." "And do you bake? Or study nutrition regularly?" "I do not." "Then why are we letting you decide what's bread and what's cake?" "Because taxes."

    70. Jeffrey Torres

      Yes its bread i used to work there

    71. LT Trickster

      I love the taste of hole grande bread

    72. JFIVE

      That why subway subs all taste the same no matter what meats you get it all taste like bread no favor 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    73. Guacaforggy :P

      What about sweet bread? Is that bread

    74. The Trainmobile

      1970: Oh boy! I can't wait for all the scientific discoveries we will make in 50 years. 2020: Subway bread is not bread.

    75. liloz sharo

      Me eating subway like: 👁👄👁

    76. Adlan Kacak

      by watching this video it`s kinda make me want to eat subway sandwich

    77. James Berend

      Dessert misspelled as desert at 9:55

    78. Evelina San Mateo

      It's pronounced soobway

    79. no u

      why aren't my cookies delicious, I'm being cheated by cookie

    80. Charger ples

      Whats next? Life theory?????

    81. Chen Linda

      If it smells like bread,looks like bread and tastes like bread then what is it? Bred.

    82. Sean Normoyle

      For profit food chains like Subway aren't staple foods that shpuld be tax exempt. Subways bread being legally bread elsewhere than Ireland aside, they are objectively not a staple food, they are a fast-food outlet. A luxury. Why does law ignore basic sense so often? So what if their sandwhiches are bread, and could, maybe considered a staple meal? They are a for-profit, fast food outlet. Not a luxury, should not be exempt. Digusting that subways attempt to skip out on laws cos "its bread" wasn't laughed out of the courts immediately.

    83. Victoria Berman

      Wait it’s all cake? Always have been

    84. MaddieCatUltra

      -carries my foot long sub- me: uhhhhh this is nothing also me: -carries sandwhich and eats it-

    85. l m

      I am eating subway right now ... I hope I'm eating a sandwich

    86. VeteranRedBeard

      I'm waiting for "subway meat is actually a laxative"

    87. Fovvs' Girl 896

      Is there no VAT in the USA?

    88. becka bounds

      i also love food theory.

    89. becka bounds

      oh you knew thats not bread.

    90. becka bounds

      OH MY FREAKING GOD IT"S THE ODD1S OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM YOUR GREATEST FREAKING FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    91. instantbooty006

      everything is cake

    92. Megan Bastable

      making bread as I watch this

    93. PhoneGuy

      here in germany, we indeed use a strict definition: "brot" (bread) - "stuten" (sweet yeast bread) - "kuchen" (cake). and sweet yeast bread would never be used in our fast food restaurants for sandwiches, including subway.

    94. Ian Gough

      Big argument with my sons years ago when i suggested that Subway bread was rehydrated dust. I don't like to hold a grudge, but I will make an exception for Subway - I 've given them two extra chances: one store refused to give me more than 2 salad additions - BOYCOTTED; and another store wasn't clear that their bacon was hal'al, minging turkey bacon - BOYCOTTED. I did use to like their jalapeno, surprisingly spicily strong - but you don't get to get jalapeno if you've already got tomato and lettuce in your roll (in some stingy shops). I can only think that Subway is so popular because a lot of people don't like food.

    95. Alien Stoner420

      You should try a torta if you haven’t,that would make it to at least top 10 sandwiches

    96. Isaac Ezekiel The color blind guy

      Subway is not cake 100% its not sweet at all maybe in other places what where i live its normal bread

    97. In the Cosmic Balance

      This might be a surprise I boycotted Subway earlier this year. Hope you don't actually think that's all that much of a surprise though. Somehow I knew Subway wasn't a hundred percent healthy anyway.

    98. Nemesis Voidfallen

      Tecnically all subway sandwiches are actually side hotdogs

    99. Annie Beanie

      Most american bread is a cake for Europeans ....

    100. maestrozero117

      I ate plenty of whole grain in the barn Lolol Also fvck gov't and taxes especially when they give billions to many countries