How to Win a Domination Victory In Civilization 6 - Turns 1-100


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    Hello friends! I hope you found this video helpful! Let me know what you think in the comments, and feel free to pop by the livestream!
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    1. Mdogs36 Google

      Your mouse work drives me nuts

      1. Itty Bitty channel

        @Ephraim Justin woah took roughly no time and found out ur both bots!

      2. Ephraim Justin

        @Eugene Jose whoa! Took roughly 20 minutes but it actually worked!

      3. Eugene Jose

        Dont know if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using Instaportal. Just google for it xD

    2. yukidaruma6988

      Why are you screaming at us??

    3. Jānis Meija

      any videos with deity?

    4. Andrew Boudreau

      The way you say barracks makes me giggle.

    5. A. Lobanov

      Great content! Thanks for the video! You sound like Dexter Holland a bit. XD

    6. Tony

      This doesn’t seem feasible if you play continents since you need to conquer your starting continent then develop a fleet to navigate to the next continent

    7. Murat Şekercan

      you are good buddy!

    8. Alexander Waters

      Yo Brad , it's Alex Waters from high school. We played ball hockey together. I just got into civ 6, and iv been watching all your videos, super informative. Thanks buddy!!

      1. VanBradley

        Ayyye Holy Shit! Glad you’re enjoying the videos man. It’s lovely to hear from you 🎉

    9. jwm0z


    10. Spencer Mammen

      No one noticed how he said barracks?

    11. ItzFuzy

      How to you get governors my game doesn’t have that option

      1. Omar The Argonaut

        Its a DLC gathering storm is the one I have

      2. Crahser YT

        That’s what I was thinking. Maybe the game updated or maybe it’s a certain game setting?

    12. Ajja Lalonde

      Man, it's not a hate but, I'm almost certain this vid could have been so much shorter. It's not like it was an online play, right?

    13. Ievgen11

    14. XxxSucks4UxxX

      those great generals are a game changer. definitely worth rushing an encampment for

    15. Dj Nefroz Hardstyle Promotion

      For the whole video I thought that you were saying "We are now going shitbuilding" instead of shipbuilding lmao.

    16. Jake Sykora

      Why do this on prince difficulty?

    17. Michael Bauers

      Don't civs usually execute traders? Or is that traitors? Building encampment on road is something I never thought of, thanks. I wonder if AI is prioritized to build towards a potential enemy before settling a great location like seen in this game?

    18. Charles Cinco

      Barrack... Obama? Video is great, just that part.. Lol

    19. Jiawei Ren

      Can you win a China dominant game ?

    20. DerpEdlerp

      At the start, I found La Venta and Yerevan. Just wanted to say it because I thought it was peculiar.

    21. keeporjot

      FYI “Bear-icks”

      1. Michael Bauers

        Borax? Borat? :) Reminds me of a french-canadian instructor I had for some programming class. His pronunciations of some words really threw me off until I got used to his speech.

      2. coolrewl

        That threw me off so much...

    22. Neil Calabroso

      You're the best! Your culture victory guide changed how I approach the game. I can now win around turn 150-ish on Emperor (I know, still noob). Now I'm trying to win for Domination and you're the first vid on my search. Awesome!

      1. A

        Noob?! Noob! I’m entirely new to the game and can’t win a single one. God I’m watching more KGup than playing the game

    23. Dylan Grdinich

      As a new player this was quite helpful

    24. Jacob Hutcherson


    25. Josh Coup

      Any higher difficulty guides? I've recently started playing on emperor. Haven't completed one yet though.

    26. Adam Foley


      1. Corey Moore

        He was obviously goku's father

      2. Daniel Burris

        He was the 44th president of the USA.

    27. Joel Andres

      cool game i just bought it thanks now I can dominate the world

    28. Tom Stark

      just found your page after weeks of searching for adequate civ advice/training. Your page is bound to blow up the video topics are the exactly what I want

    29. Unknown X

      I've watched them all now. Do you think you could share the seeds of all the victory types you did with Rome?

    30. piazzaj88

      Thanks for the video man, this is super helpful

    31. David Beard

      What's a barocks...?

      1. OfficialFlyPhish

        You know, the ex-president

    32. Adam Sasso

      Love the ‘thinking out loud’ parts btw!

      1. VanBradley

        Good to hear! They’re the toughest parts to keep in because if I kept them all in everything would take forever! The Livestream is really good for not missing a single thought, but I try to keep the important stuff in for KGup Content 🎉

    33. Zachary Kuhn

      Not sure if you know and are just mispronouncing it on purpose or not, but barracks is pronounced like "bare-axe." Great content, by the way. You're easy to listen to in the background while playing my own civ 6 games while still being entertaining. Thanks for the videos!

      1. Michael Bauers

        @Hugh Mungus bare-axe seems pretty close. I pronounce it Bare-eks ( slight emphasis on B). Maybe that's not quite right, but I am good with it :) Google search says /'ber@ks/, where @ is a placeholder for the "funny" e symbol ( schwa). Which I learned to pronounce as the UH sound. The ' means emphasis. 'e' is probably like in bed. Approximately Berucks? But I hear people staying the first part like bear or bare all the time. Language is not exact and subject to change :)

      2. Hugh Mungus

        Wrong. It ain't bare, it's bAr - r - axe. Google translate is a good tool, check it out, if you're unsure how something is pronounced.

      3. VanBradley

        Well then, I suppose you learn something new everyday! I hadn’t the slightest idea that it was pronounced “Bare-Axe” I shall try to throw it in every once in a while, although it’s hard to change how you pronounce something after so long 😂 Glad you’re enjoying the videos! Really appreciate it 👌

    34. Zach Camp

      new sub and new civ player been checking around for a civ creator i like so glad i stumbled across you, your pacing and ability to fit a lot of good key points in a timly manner is great, i've learned a ton! big thanks!

      1. VanBradley

        Glad you’re enjoying the channel! Always happy to help new players enjoy the game 🎉

    35. Eddy T

      Idk if you forgot this or whatever but I don’t think if an archer is on flatland it can shoot over hills. I think the archer has to be on a hill to shoot over hills. And forest idk but there’s rules on that

      1. VanBradley

        You're right! In the moment I was just trying to do things quickly and it wasn't very consequential so I didn't really care. But if I had investigated at the time I think you've got it figured out!

    36. igotbrenz

      Didn't know you had a youtube i will watch more of your content!

      1. Revenant Gamer

        Woah... didn’t expect to see you here

    37. Zach Evans

      I'd be really interested to see you do these victories on standard. I followed your culture guide and it helped my game phonominaly. Of coarse it took me until turn 300 though.

      1. Marine Willis

        I always play to build up big and then turtle while I crank out science and culture so that I become a superpower and play around with buildings wonders etc. I usually only go to war to sorta solidify my empires borders. I am still stuck in the old civ mindset of plopping cities down to stop others from encroaching. I still havent wrapped my head around only doing 5-6 cities only and on top of each other. Plus I usually play on huge or the next one up so i see all this open land and think "my precious".

    38. Godman 63

      Will you do the hit it and quit it challenge. It's when you click the last civic and tech. Then never touch the trees again.

      1. Conquer Nation

        Cool idea thats for sure

      2. VanBradley

        Not only have I accepted your challenge! I will stream it tonight 🎉🎉