PlayStation Plus Monthly Games - November

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    The first Plus game on PS5 is here. Your free games for November 2020 are Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition - both available from 3rd November on PS4 - AS WELL AS Bugsnax on PS5 from 12th November! All of these titles are available to download free for PSPlus members, and yours to keep as long as you remain a Plus member.
    0:00 Introduction
    0:24 Middle-earth: Shadow of War (PS4)
    1:07 Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition (PS4)
    1:53 Bugsnax (PS5)
    2:46 PSPlus November Roundup
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    1. Onix

      detroit become human is on ps+ for ps5 :(

    2. awesome man

      There's no bugsnax in ps plus

      1. Bobby Toddy

        Only for ps5. But you can claim it trough phone or pc

    3. Ricky Sanders

      Were all the playstation pluss games at

    4. _Prannoy_

      Will the games change every month?

    5. Spicy taco 59

      0:50 SHAME!

    6. Colonize Me

      Man I was told there was battlefield.

    7. Crimson_ Blood_58

      I feel like they are pulling a gta just milking us for money and giving us a slap to the face kinda don’t want to buy anymore PlayStation games I love PlayStation I have a ps2 and 3 aswell and just I feel robbed the games we are getting feel like I’m a child waiting for his friends to go play imagination

    8. Sauce424

      Hollow Knight is one of the best side scrolling games I've played glad I get it for free on the ps4

    9. DJ

      Own them on Xbox always thankful for more games for both 😊

    10. Dante

      bruh i just got shadow of war a month ago and havent even played it :|

    11. leonthesleepy

      Can u add bugsnax first even if u dont have a ps5? I cant see the option and i wanna add it so i can play it when i get a ps5

    12. Phantom Kraken

      0:50 the ghost looks like his from Skyrim like I can’t be the only one who sees this!?

    13. soymatrix1

      Very nice lineup this month!

    14. Mustafa Kaya

      Hey playstation hear me I need modern warfare ps plus. Colection

    15. King Kimchi

      "3:20" I just got a free gift card code from *** 📌📌 Thanks me later 😍💳 මට එය ප්‍රයෝජනවත් බව පෙනේ

    16. tz1

      dat progressive house in the background 😍

    17. GSHYNE87

      I don't own none of the games so November is a good month 🥂😎

    18. Ayoife Oni

      Why isn't this the Middle-earth: Shadow of War definitive edition though? I have that in my cart already and I think I'll just buy it either way

    19. Doge

      You clowns still crying

    20. Thomas Beck

      How do you claim hollow knight if I've already got it with PS now?

    21. Uluç Ali Altıok

      Are that games came to ps plus

    22. Floorwalker

      Another L

    23. Metamorphosis

      Monkey made u look nukka

    24. Shmed

      Ok, I was gonna buy shadow of war and then this came out. Luckily no money lost

    25. Mr SharkMan soon as i decide i want Hollow Knight for christmas....this happens? yo they really spoiled the second Hornet fight

    26. dolita windo

      As long as I can aquire the PS5 games on the Website, as I wasn't able to get ahold of a pre-order

    27. Szabolcs Nagy

      I mess with Ash voice dang. Those vocal cords are something else. :D

    28. KENOXIDE

      Didn't really enjoy last month games so hopefully this month's better

      1. dolita windo

        I Literally bought Hollow knight like a week ago, in switch, :(

    29. lampara amarilla

      I have a question it appear the november games on the store but they are with price anyone else have this bug??

    30. Sam Dunn

      Please respond I have ps plus but it won’t let me download any of the games it says shadow of Mordor is $50.00 and a it the same for you

      1. Sam Dunn

        @SoFreshBlaze yeah I realized

      2. SoFreshBlaze

        Btw, it's for Shadow of War. Not shadow of mordor

      3. SoFreshBlaze

        Yea, it took lil bit for it to change. It's free now

    31. Jesus Tovar

      Wait if the games are free ? Why do I need to buy them when I go to the playstation store ?

    32. Leny1777

      caca games

    33. The_ jakkub

      wait.... WE dont get 18 games?

    34. Alex Frank

      Disappointed with this months game😭

    35. Zote The Mighty's 57 Precepts

      Games I've had for awhile now. Great for people who haven't already played these games. Hollow Knight specifically, it's a great game.

    36. Dwayne Dwayne

      Honestly all these garbage games I rather go back to Xbox step up your game

    37. KoX-kill Z Cymerii

      So now that my friends play Shadow of war theres a chance that i get vendetta missions fron them? Is there a filter on that optiin to get thoise missions only from them?

    38. Robert Bongiovanni

      Wait there is shadow of Mordor game oh yeah I’m ready to grind to get a hundred percent

    39. Off-The-Cuff Gaming

      Wow shadow of war - that’ll make lockdown a little easier. I bought Hollowknight at the start of the last lockdown, worth every penny.

    40. J Huggs

      As someone hoping to acquire a PS5 but will likely not have the opportunity in the month of Nov, will we be able to add the PS5 game to our library for play once we do acquire the PS5?

    41. Resunoit

      I don’t really care much for shadow of war, but hollow knight is an absolute steal!

    42. The Twin WiFi Routers

      Does Shadow of War include DLCs?

    43. BJay Croft

      I don't see the hype at all for bugsnax, but maybe cause it's a child's game. Kero kero Bonitos song was the only enjoyable content from it

    44. Nacho

      I Literally bought Hollow knight like a week ago, in switch, :(

      1. FizzRpg

        It’s inside the switch?! Well what’re you waiting for?! Get it out of there!!

    45. yuoop noke

      😭 they keep giving me games I own alrdy

    46. Magma Fiuser33

      Its second november and they are still not here

      1. Magma Fiuser33

        @Rui Martins its november and i still get ads for the ps plus games for Oktober 👌

      2. Rui Martins

        Who said it was in the 2nd

    47. iRick 7

      The games didnt show up and its 2 november :((

      1. Rui Martins

        @iRick 7 Today is not tuesday...

      2. iRick 7

        @yuoop noke how that solve my problem :)?

      3. yuoop noke

        I already own both of them :/

    48. Josephi Krakowski

      Hollow Knights nice. Always wanted to play that game, never really got around to actually buying it.

    49. Nobuddy Official

      Bugsnax looks amazing lol

    50. Julian Figuereo

      Worst month ever

    51. JJ Bros TV


    52. Kaliber Nine- Topic

      Give us MINI NINJAS

    53. RAZUR

      Perfect time to play the online of shadow of war

    54. Fare's Tutorials9

      Hey where are my Ps Plus games PlayStation ?? Its november

    55. abbsnn cose

      YES! Hollow Knight is one of my Games of the Generation. Don't sleep on this one, everyone; y'all are in for a TREAT.

    56. Maysey

      I'm happy Hollow Knight is going to be free game of the month. Hopefully alot of people enjoy it as much as I do. I liked it enough to even attempt drawing it (my youtube avatar is the attempt)

    57. MrShoryuken1

      Is it just bog standard shadow of war or the full version with DLC?

      1. abbsnn cose

        Wow, amazing lineup! Hollow Knight is fantastic!

    58. Kill Sux


    59. mikeylambda1322

      Two weeks to go baby yeah!

    60. _ ZEN_

      My friend is sharing me fifa 21 and he is gonna get ps5 does that mean i can download the 18 games

    61. kareem snowden

      This is Phenomenal im already playing hollowknight on ps now but to own it would be better it's a great game

    62. kareem snowden

      This is Phenomenal im already playing hollowknight on ps now but to own it would be better it's a great game

    63. ᛋᛟᚾ ᛟᚠ ᚨᛋᚷᚨᚱᛞ

      I already own both of them :/

    64. cnmmd qiuoo

      for it :')

    65. 1andonlytoonkid


    66. IntrovertedGamer

      I can't believe I have both of these games

      1. cnmmd qiuoo

        Why cant this be on xbox

    67. Pinballwizard 34

      When there’s only one good game

    68. ZivoHD

      Oh :| i was hoping Friday the 13th would be back

    69. Old School Gamer

      I want to know; what if we can’t get a PS5 before the 4th of January do we still get bugsnax in our library ready for when we do; because it’s gonna be really goddamn hard to get one. Plus it’s the only game I don’t own. I’ve been a PS Plus member for over five years now and have only ever had three games on PS Plus I didn’t already buy.

    70. Gray Is A Clown

      Can PS4 players still download bo3 if they don’t have the Ps5?

    71. dolimi jotoo

      for it :')

    72. keshan k̶i̶d̶d̶o̶

      This is heartbreaking.......Am still waiting for God of war Accession😔

    73. serdy ximi

      Wow, amazing lineup! Hollow Knight is fantastic!

      1. dolimi jotoo

        This is a great month! Hollow knight was fantastic and shadow of war is something I'm yet to play. Wonderful

    74. Mad About Games

      As ps4 owner, can I add bugnax to my library until I'm lucky enough to get my hands on a ps5 to play it?

    75. ShugoAMVs

      Damm, both games have been on my list to buy. Good stuff.

      1. serdy ximi

        Somehow bugsnax looks like a ps3.5 game, its just slightly better looking then a ps3 game yet still has a nice glow of a ps4 style game

    76. Анатолий Пашнев


      1. Анатолий Пашнев

        Oh, thx bro

      2. Анатолий Пашнев

        Typekast-go through with it

    77. Kakashiツ


    78. Trevor Hieb

      So what happens if we cant get a ps5 before January 4th then we are stuck paying for bugsnax if we want to try it that's stinks I really wish everyone could preorder a ps5 that wanted one instead of the mess we got I was working when preorder went live and they were gone by break time

    79. Z U Later

      Hollow knight is a masterpiece and I am glad that people can play it on ps plus this month

    80. serdy ximi

      Bugsnax is cool... couple of free games with a ps5 at launch pretty good.

    81. Greivous took an l

      Finnaly everyone will have the abilty to play my favourite game ever.

    82. nhdxgjikvddtyjhv

      Why cant this be on xbox

      1. serdy ximi

        and so my backlog grows....

    83. Mark Vickers

      Another month of disappointment 😪

    84. superwildejellyfish

      Was planning to get Shadow of War on PC and Hollow Knight on Switch at some point. Well, if Hollow Knight is THAT good, at least it’ll only be one of those games I’ll be getting again.

    85. MrWallManMain [Moot]

      a new all time low

    86. Finn Donald

      Nice voice

    87. Jep Sparow

      If i got free games ps+ on ps4. Does it downlable and playable in ps5 platform using same account.

    88. ThaProfetPR

      Y'all should include the PSNOW games in these vids

    89. Kaustav Sood

      This is a great month! Hollow knight was fantastic and shadow of war is something I'm yet to play. Wonderful

    90. bower 14

      when this promotion ends?

    91. Not_Mat

      Somehow bugsnax looks like a ps3.5 game, its just slightly better looking then a ps3 game yet still has a nice glow of a ps4 style game

    92. Hamza

      I was about to buy Hollow knight

    93. King M

      This month is ono of the best so far.

    94. WarriorOfTheHeavens

      Great free games this month! So Happy! : )

    95. NAMELESStupid

      I like the way we are growing so fast.

    96. Joel Smith

      So... Sony is doing 1 plus game for ps5 for 2 months? Cheap cheap.

    97. LeoOnyoutube

      Ps5 is good

    98. MrZRACER

      and so my backlog grows....

    99. hamzah _M

      its the "Y: Same" meme game isnt it! Awesome

    100. MiLi MJ

      I just wish they add racing games