Hilarious - Redneck Bass Fishing Challenge (Ft. OUTLAW, BLACKTIPH, LAKE FORK GUY, SLONE, COX)

Scott Martin

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    This bunch of Rednecks take on Team Relentless for a no-holds-bar challenge. The stakes are higher now than ever before as BlacktipH wants to take Scott Martin out in this bass fishing challenge. Outlaw and Slone are slinging bass everywhere and Outlaw loves kissing them too. Team Relentless - BlacktipH, Lake Fork Guy and John Cox vs. Team Redneck - Outlaw, Slone and Scott Martin

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    1. Nic Mays

      Man boatflipped a 6 pounder

    2. Uri Orlov

      That’s a musky. 😂

    3. Britton Hewit

      Black Baits Matter lol 😂

    4. j w

      This is Good Stuff!!!

    5. Zach Ploen

      Outlaw has a giant "lipper" in the entire video! Love it :) Josh at BlackTipH has some awesome vids as well. Love the amberjack challenge. He needs to get Scott out for that. Guaranteed he can't land one before the sharks bite him off.

      1. Zach Ploen

        I absolutely love Scott's videos as well. He is a legend just like his dad. I grew up watching Roland Martin and Bill Dance. Great videos Scott, keep them coming.

    6. Porch Honkey


    7. Eddie Shirley

      Kik there buts

    8. Caden Wigg

      I thought the title said inside of bass pro

    9. Paul Shipp

      so we are at 10k likes... about that fishing challenge show..

    10. Chase Myers

      Puts sunscreen on neck, only spot that burns 😂

    11. Hunter Hicks


    12. Jimbo Packin

      I love that outlaw is there 😂

    13. Aram Cadena De Lara

      "Are you serious" you gotta make shirts like that "bro"

    14. Ethan Cole

      My fav vid of outlaw is cleaning the snapers

    15. Braxton Mclean

      Outlaw has changed a lot up to now

    16. brittan ray


    17. Jack Noel

      So when are yu starting the tv show

    18. Adam Haught

      roland martin

    19. Jacob Carter

      Black tip being races.

    20. Rippin Lips Inc.

      Sooooo Close!!!!

    21. Caden Vlach

      U need to go fishing with KVD

    22. Tilapia Jake

      YOUR FINNA HIT THE PROP... want some jelly - scottmartin

    23. Jason Yoder

      Good job Scott Martin

    24. Dustn Nolen

      Blacktiph is the king of big fish for saltwater idk abt freshwater

    25. Reid Stewart


    26. Chris420Jackal

      I love fishing for bass

    27. SmallWater Charters

      This Lake is a catch and release only lake......didnt think you were supposed to put any in the live well....hhhhhhmmmmm

      1. Chris Grayson

        Wheres this lake bro?

      2. SmallWater Charters

        Hence the name...catch and release...not catch..haul around lake...then release

      3. Drake Hosking

        Jon Hedrick they caught them, and released them

    28. Mike Atherholt

      So hey you should do that TV show only do it in ever state, and make some sorta challenge per state as to who you challenge when you go there. Just an idea.

    29. Caleb Statham

      Are You Serious ? 😂

    30. Ethan Matthews


    31. jetskill99

      Is this rolands little boy?

    32. s G

      Buy directly from the manufacturer not retailer

    33. s G

      Bass Pro Shop, get your specialized stuff but anything else buy it someplace else

    34. s G

      Bass Pro Shop ... by what u need not what you want or what they wanna sale y

    35. E8ucationers Son

      Why dont you do a video like this but with your subscribers?

    36. Drew Parker

      I died at the eagle screech when he jumps from boat to boat, literally hilarious Scott

    37. Jon Lissner

      Alright....3rd one in a row got you another sub. Good stuff!

    38. Conrad Peterson

      This is awesome and you still haven’t gotten to 10,000 views

    39. camo0709 c


    40. Brandon Mays

      I love hearing Scott talk shit

    41. Zach Rogers

      Scott when you taking me fishing?

    42. Jeremy Portnoy

      Been going through some rough times as of late and have been watching your channel for about a month now to pass time. Hands down favorite channel. Loved seeing you with Bill Dance. Genuine good folks. Hope you keep the videos coming. They help a lot.

      1. Jeremy Portnoy

        @Scott Martin Thank you sir. Bless you and your family.

      2. Scott Martin


    43. Guy Peeter

      Go Josh!! Team Black Tip H!!!

    44. outdooradict

      Lol “private lake” anyone from florida should recognize that boat ramp😂

    45. Derrick

      I fish with a kayak in Perth Western Australia

    46. Clay Looby


    47. fishing rods spot

      Love it so entertaining

    48. colby larsen

      only reason to watch this is cause of outlaw!!!!!

    49. Dean Richardson

      black baits matter and no one found that funny i was in stiches .

    50. Ron Tracy

      Hey everyone please check out our FB group Bass Fishing Network!

    51. Louis Jr Rebolloso

      "Are you serious?"

    52. Cory Kent

      These videos are slowly turning into my favorite fishing videos to watch. You huge pro, doing nothing but having TOTAL fun out on the water with a bunch of goofballs like himself. Yeah...Scott, you’re quickly turning into my favorite pro angler. Kept these coming man.

    53. fbf outdoors

      I would enjoy a fishing trip with scott

    54. ReelJedi

      Black baits matter😂 Im dead. Holy shit Josh is bass fishing, good stuff!

    55. Strung Out Outdoors

      2 years later and Im just now seeing this?

    56. Gavin Britton

      What song is used in this video?

    57. Zelff

      What tv channel is your show on?

    58. Angelina Juarez

      I wont to meat you

    59. Frank Guerra

      I'm here in texas, an I love all your tips, it really helps me a lot, ty

    60. Andrew Wolf

      Lol I love all of you and this channel but you spelled forfeit wrong lol

    61. Grayson Wells

      my freind uses white spinner bait and he caches likeits nothin

    62. mark Roper

      F ing awesome!

    63. DIMES

      hHAHAAHAHAHAH blacktiph vs scott martin needs to be a full length movie...

    64. Bentlyi Childers

      If you catch a 10-pounder in one of your videos I will like every video of yours

    65. Manny Nincompoop

      Man Scott you're actually a pretty cool dude lol

    66. Ben Ploch

      Beat those cats

    67. Fairland Fishing

      That cool I watch your tv show

    68. David Morrow

      Scott, Scott, HEY SCOTT, just saw a vid on Garmins new PANOPTICS, you have to see it and get it for this years tour, it is a game changer!!!

    69. Ethan Tatum

      All bait fish are white except blue gill 😂😂😂😂

    70. DieToW1n

      "My name is josh btw" "No, you're blacktip"

    71. BamaBassFinder04 4

      Black Bates MATTER 😂😂😋

    72. Miller Home

      Blacktip is so whinyyyyy...

    73. William Nett

      YELLOOWWWW 😂😂 Freaking outlaw.

    74. George George

      Lfg is sick outlaw too but for other reasons than fishing. I just found out about Scott but for bass don’t underestimate lfg seriously. Hell of a fisherman

    75. Watcher 01A

      I don't know how I have never seen this one before, but it was awesome. That drone note was hilarious.

    76. Nick Heyd

      Outlaw is so annoying

    77. Adam Smith

      Next time leave are you serious guy in the middle of the everglades

      1. Tilapia Jake

        Adam Smith makes no since

    78. Lake Fork Fishing Guide


    79. jackbolo

      lol fun challenge

    80. Nicole Hess

      Dang those are nice bass

    81. KillerYT


    82. Frank Aylward Jr

      Hahaha “OH NOOO BRO”!

    83. Packadapod

      When is round 2!?

    84. Miles Solsky

      Not first ever

    85. N1K 5m1Th

      LOL "want some jelly" BHAHAHAHHA

    86. Blake Hobson

      Literally every time he says r u serious Siri thinks I said hi Siri 😂😂

    87. Andrew Murawski

      Josh.... you need to work on your passive-aggressive behavior.

    88. Kyle Castro

      Blacktip is a serious cry baby

    89. isaac kirby

      Outlaw and Scott need their own show like today!!

    90. Eric Ovalle

      You guys are crazy. This is great.

    91. BassKiller Murphy


    92. michael jones

      white is not like by all fish. u can't catch shit on anything white in my home lakes. they hate it. I threw a white and black speckled tube for hours and nothing. changed to a black and purple tube and they tore the hell out of it. white doesn't always work. black and blue or watermelon is my favorite.

    93. jesse glen

      the accctttual googans

    94. Powers 01

      Same background music as Jon B haha

    95. Daniel D


    96. gerald wells

      blacktiph is obnoxious.

    97. Terri Townsend

      you need some females fishing with y'all. we like fishing too. Just saying. Lol.

      1. TruthSeekerD

        .. and then someone comes on and complains about clickbait and someone else is offended because she's in a bikini.. there's other t/a fishing channels already anyway.

    98. Jacob Kimes

      Please change the "web-series" part of the logo..... the filming and editing is top notch now but the logo and intro is out of a 90s outdoor channel show man. love it brandon and scott keep it up

      1. Scott Martin

        +Jacob Kimes we will be updating the intro..the logo is da-bomb tho..:)

    99. kaleb williams

      private lake i was just there yesterday just nobody knows where it is