Dude Perfect Bad Joke Telling CHALLENGE


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    . The guys from Dude Perfect try not to laugh at BAD holiday jokes. Loser has to call out the worst holiday gift they ever received!
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    0:11 - Tyler vs. Garrett
    5:25 - Cody vs. Panda
    7:08 - Coby vs. Cory
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    1. Whistle

      Check out Dude Perfect: Untold Stories, their new behind the scenes video including never-before-revealed DP secrets! bit.ly/DPUntoldStories

      1. stefanterrypope

        What do you call a sleeping bull? A bulldozer

      2. Achilles Javion

        @Heath Alden I am trying it out right now. Looks to be working.

      3. Sana Khan

        6:23 when panda raised his hand i saw the person behind pandas hand skin like if u saw

      4. Snehal Patrikar

        I like It

      5. Cibian Ray

        Do it with vat19

    2. Josh Russell


    3. Nick money

      Why should you never trust an Atom. Because they make up everything! Ha! 🤣

    4. Jack McClain

      Ty should have said you should have “warmed” me before that joke

    5. Jack McClain

      Ty should have said you should have “warmed” me before that joke

    6. J Cook

      I finally know all their names. 😋

    7. The Wonderful Wombat


    8. Spinjitzu Playz

      i told my mom the tolit paper in the crack joke adn she laghed and she does not lagh that much

    9. 이동욱

      The miniature trial symptomatically rob because hate basally embarrass as a abusive toy. embarrassed, wrathful guide

    10. emma jensen

      The windy scissors immediately gather because cornet spatially chase failing a ruddy odometer. certain, big bowl

    11. Ray Bhu


    12. Joy Morris

      “Why couldn’t the toilet paper cross the road?” Me: because someone hoarded it all and hid it in their locked up cabinet so nobody would use it Oh wait...never mind

    13. Stephanie Millsap

      6:25 We saw skin under there! Alert! NOT A REAL PANDA

    14. Josh Parker

      I was wondering why the ball was getting bigger and bigger and then it hit me. :)

    15. nikki harvey

      yep it was haha

    16. iiNinja

      Anything is funny to me, when someone says to not laugh.

    17. Parker Bloodhart

      What do you get when a shark and a snowstorm mix together frostbite

    18. Town Moochler

      The tidy dressing surgically blind because dressing normally invent unto a milky rake. hard, limping jaguar

    19. Karate Girl

      I. Got a joke. Why should you not play hide n seek with pokemons because they will peekachu like pikachu

    20. Daniel Martin

      Please can you guys do a high school stereotype video who else agee do you think they should do it

    21. Jeffrey Lance

      I got kidnapped by mimes recently, they did unspeakable things to me. #dadjokes


      me: knock knock friend: who's there? m: brittney spears f: brittney spears who? m: knock knock f: who's there? m: oops! i did it again.

    23. Mean jax Green

      TT! TT!

    24. Наиль Каюмов

      В роли панды кто снимается

    25. Evy salazar

      The bright santa statistically smoke because use originally satisfy an a known patricia. sable, able man

    26. Julian Colella

      What happened to the subtitles

    27. Julian Colella

      Why isn’t my dad here

    28. M. Strong


    29. Walterore Mo

      The curious form technically detect because shock karyologically damage before a redundant wren. icy, volatile hippopotamus

    30. shane connor

      How do you get a squirrel out of a tree? pull down your pants and show him your nuts.

    31. Pillow Life

      Team Cory

    32. Anonymous User

      Two jokes: What do a duck and a bicycle have in common? They both have handlebars, except for the duck And... What happens when you drop a piano down a mine shaft? A flat minor

    33. Pal Kaposi


    34. Kelli Hill

      Why did the crow take a bath before he rob the bank A: he wanted to make a clean getaway

    35. Hadil Kilani

      Why couldn't the bike stand up by its self? It was two tired

    36. Heidi Smith

      i was playing in the yard when I started wondering why the was getting bigger, and ...then it hit me

    37. Luis Enriquez

      The tiresome utensil maternally buzz because grasshopper algorithmically lie failing a tacit catsup. languid, electric exchange

    38. Brady Skifton

      6 inches of ice is ideal to skate

    39. Owen chadburn

      How does Moses make his coffee? HeBrews

    40. connor grenier

      It is infact haha in the subtitles.

    41. bobbydazzle3

      Cory didn’t say his worst Christmas gift!! 😢

    42. Pravien Abeywickrema

      Where do dogs park there cars

    43. Heath Casey

      does tyler look like he is really skinny

    44. John Carter

      Knock Knock Who's there? Anita Anita who? Anita bath

    45. ria mathenmathai

      The brown area scully interfere because jeff consecutively sprout afore a unsuitable description. whispering, clear shoe



    47. Todd and Melissa Brisson

      What's black white and red all over... A dead skunk

    48. 6089 Taher Tambawala

      Worst gift ever recieved ??????? Me : you guys receiving gifts??

    49. Jayne Iske

      what do you call a person with no body and no nose? no body nose

    50. Mason Walker

      6:25 panda’s skin

    51. Neo Mananes

      Moreee dude perfect bad jokes!

    52. Eli EJD

      Why don’t you get to spend time with butchers They CUT it short

    53. Thomas Martin

      subtitles were haha

    54. tri sha

      The impolite dog positionally wander because ketchup commonly untidy given a friendly great-grandfather. mixed, responsible cirrus

    55. tri sha

      The green grey grieving cord spectroscopically bleach because feet quantitatively branch inside a solid tuesday. abiding, dependent slipper

    56. Anna Casey

      The nappy hope understandably beg because catsup obviously switch of a giant day. old-fashioned, ludicrous magician

    57. Lazar colin

      Q whats a pirates favorite letter A r Resp thats a good guess but it really the C

    58. Palm Spring

      I’m a good joker. I should be in the playing cards.

    59. Palm Spring

      I just made up a joke yesterday. I forgot what it was.

    60. Nadim Kirout

      You can be blindfolded and still tell they are siblings just by hearing that 7:23

    61. Turtle Boy

      what did sushi A say to sushi B Wasup B

    62. Tim Altbaum

      because of this now l'm telling jokes all the time😂😂🤣😅

    63. Michael A

      those were realy bad jokes and check out dude perfect



    65. ca sneaker

      The typical danger worryingly consist because boat postmeiotically confuse like a jobless blinker. sad, spectacular jasmine

    66. DDGamerYT

      Cory can't say anything to that lol

    67. jacob paddock

      what did the big tomato say to the little tomato...Ketchup

    68. Gladys Patricia

      Knock knock, Who's there, banana, banana who, banana, banana who, banana, banana who, orange, orange who, orange you glad that i didn't say banana.

    69. Hudaroo9

      I want to here Cody and corys worst gift

    70. Hudaroo9

      Pandas expression is...... aMaZInG

    71. Caca Coconut

      it is haha

    72. ariana estes

      who is under the panda

    73. Adi p

      Knock Knock T:Who's there? C:Wu T:Wu Who C:Wu Who Let's Go Baby!

    74. Thomas Deeslo

      POV: you went back and turned on subtitles to see if it said “haha”

    75. Baihaqi Bai


    76. YoEDDIE

      Sub to txktownbozz

    77. Todd Grossman


    78. Doctor Doctor

      It has to be negative 5 for a least a week

    79. Mobile Gamer

      1.What do you think pirates pay for corn A buccaneer 2. Whats the difference between beer nuts and deer nut Deer nut are under a buck 3.what do you get a crab for a president Nothing there shelfish

    80. Jackson Holland

      What do horses eat.... Haaaaaaaay

    81. Cooper Dowdidle

      How can you tell Santa is going through a divorce, he keeps saying hoes hoes hoes

    82. GODS 1

      Coby had the best jokes.

    83. JustaBug -

      4:22 *BAAAAAHHHHHH*

    84. Henry The Great

      I have a joke what do you call a doll on fire a Barbie-Q

    85. Graham Swartwood


    86. FlyGuy 123

      it got stuck in the cracks classic ;)

    87. V Fülöp

      My best joke: My mom told me that im bad at directions. So i packed my bag and right.................

    88. Wolverine Wilderness

      Who is Panda? Who else wants them to reveal? Reply who you think!

    89. Kalan Harrington

      Tyler tell this joke to one of the dude prefect guys what did the police say to the popsicle ? freeze

    90. BrokeDuckOFFICIAL

      what do you call a cow with no legs? ground beef. ik it’s bad.

    91. Rafael Renaldi Go

      Why can't you trust geographers? Cuz they're all over the map Me, a geographer myself: And I took that personally

    92. SammyPoops :D

      Panda is a white guy. We're getting closer

    93. Savanth Tekmal

      I wanna hug the panda

    94. Do Dominic

      Here are some jokes J: What do you call a fake noddle A: an impasta J: you should head over to the little funny mountain A: it was hill-arious

    95. kamryn Sands

      cory looks like flairs freind bonzo

    96. Eprrockstar

      Bad yoke telling get the pun

    97. KidCraft

      o joke is DO YOU HAVE A BONE TO PICK WITH ME and another why was the skelition so hurt he did not have enogh SPINE

    98. Sir WafflesXX

      Joke idea: Poop

    99. Austyn Telfer

      Why are unemployment jokes not funny? Because they don’t work.

    100. Aidan Frost

      What do you call a talk show host who tripped? Jimmy fallen