Chasing Bugs - Why Gandhi Went Nuclear (Civilization)

The Salt Factory

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    NOTE: It's recently come out that this bug was actually made up by an internet troll on a forum forever ago, at least according to Sid Meier's autobiography. I've decided to leave this video up (I don't make money off of it because of Baba Yetu and Frolic) just because it's still kind of an interesting piece of internet history, I think.
    Special thanks as always to the lovely Leonie for the drawings shown in the video: cakebunn
    Another category I haven't dipped my toe into until now, though I'd like to cover more bugs in the future.
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    Indian Theme - Atomic from Civilization VI
    Introduction from Civilization
    Gandhi Peace Theme from Civilization V
    Gandhi Theme from Civilization IV
    Atom Bomb Baby by Five Stars
    Curb Your Enthusiasm theme
    Baba Yetu by Christopher Tin
    Civilization Let's Play by Necroscope86-
    Gandhi using nukes demonstration by sn0wsh00-
    Gandhi II bit is from UHF
    Credit to Tristan_c for their Civilization technology chart-
    This forum helped quite a bit-
    Gandhi dialog from Civ V by Daniel-
    This video is brought to you by getting demonetized on two separate songs.
    Thanks for watching!

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    1. The Salt Factory

      It's recently come out that this bug was actually made up by an internet troll on a forum forever ago, at least according to Sid Meier's autobiography. I've decided to leave this video up (I don't make money off of it because of Baba Yetu and Frolic) just because it's still kind of an interesting piece of internet history, I think.

      1. THEHorse

        @Daniel Meanor "Blessings can come in the oddest of disguises." -dunno if I just made that up or read it from somewhere

      2. Daniel Meanor

        I've been nuked by Ghandi more then everyone else combined.

      3. Idiot Gaming

        @THEHorse well the 2nd-6th

      4. Idiot Gaming

        @THEHorse I believe it was a feature in the second not the first

      5. THEHorse

        @Idiot Gaming Thanks, apparently it wasn't a bug but a feature since the first Civ. Whoever posted this video wasn't too clear about what exactly was "the real deal" with Nuclear Gandhi. Now I know -- IT WAS INTENTIONAL ALL ALONG!

    2. apleofnaples

      the SALT factory

    3. Some Random Smith :3

      1:08 Were the tanks Italian and were the spearman Ethiopian?

    4. angry Wehraboos noises

      I gues gandhi had enought

    5. Cokedup Normies

      He sounds like a character straight out of Fallout 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    6. Aneesh Joshi

      "An eye for an eye can only be painful if you aren't vaporized by nukes instantly" - Mahatma Gandhi

    7. PortaTerzo

      I keep rewatching this video once a year, I don't know why; somehow I find this inspirational and relaxing.

    8. Advaith Shankar

      "if something is standing in your way to achieve a peaceful world- just reduce it to rouble" -Gandhi.

    9. Aditya Suhane

      This comment section is just lit 🔥🔥🔥😂🤣🤣🔥

    10. braindunkin

      Well imagine being put in a game but your character gets a glitch making him the most violent person ever and you were an activist of peace

    11. Kingsnake Command

      Turn a bug into a meme into a feature.

    12. Mr OwO

      I am a indian and that was soo funny 😂😂

    13. ᴍɪɴɪᴍᴜᴍ ᴡᴀɢᴇ ᴅᴇᴍᴏɴ

      "They told me I was weak, so I showed them my power"

    14. Lucky assassin

      I love the ghandi glitch, but sadly India never survives past the advent of gunpowder in my games because all the nations near them are always very aggressive. There was one time ghandi survived and they never got nukes because they were to small and poor and never had access to any strategic resources and if they did a neighbor was on their ass like white on rice.

    15. UngusBungusFilms

      U.S. :we have Castle Bravo! Soviets: cute, we have the Tzar India: [God of War Initiated]

    16. Taylor Gibson

      Wow, that's even funnier to find out how the bug worked.

    17. Derrek Larson

      One thing, computer integers can include negatives. A specific integer is used when negatives aren’t needed or expected, and due to being more memory efficient was likely used in development of this older game.

    18. rohit pant

      I'm indian and initially i foind this offending considering how peace loving gandhi was but lmao now i foind this hilarious.

    19. PanzervPL

      The immortal player will long be haunted by the darkest spell of Gandhi the Undaunted

    20. KrazySamurai

      Gandhi after watching age of ultron once

    21. Sodium Chloride

      This is sh*tposting at it’s finest

    22. Its_Prks

      Imagine Gandhi actually decided to go Nuclear in real life and completely destroyed Britain. Bro, that would be, weird.

    23. the-guy-with-pc

      I didn't know that there was Voice Acting and impressive animations! It's only a still picture on my Weak Laptop...

    24. Adam B.

      I love having ghandi in a civ game. I'll always try my best to protect him until he can unleash nuke hell. 10/10 one of my fav bugs/Easter eggs

    25. Mr Green With The Long Bean

      Has noone given any recognition for this dude typing that whole news article.

    26. Flynn Taggart


    27. mthzb

      is there a reason why gandhi is the head of state in this game?? he wasnt even a politician irl right?

      1. SonicVenom829

        The Avatars of each civilization are usually memorable and well known, so Queen Elizabeth, Teddy Roosevelt, Mahatma Gandhi, Suleiman the Magnificient, they all fit in.

    28. BlanketFort

      Wait this isn’t a link to my history textbooks hector you taco eating man

    29. m8 is b8

      I mean, nukes do make things peace and quiet

    30. bubbajoe117

      "I just keep moving forward, until all of my enemies are destroyed" -Mahatma Gandhi

    31. Jon

      i don't care but, isn't this kind of insulting to gandhi? He was historically a big critic of mutual nuclear anahilation, and was always saying some variation of hatred only being overcame by love

      1. o2

        There are lots of Indian right winger who hate Gandhi

      2. tf niggy

        Not even indians care lmao

      3. Gabriel Schneider

        bro, it's a joke. chill

    32. WP Lewin

      At any moment I could be nuked (am neighbors with Mathma “nuke happy” ghandi

    33. Odysseas kagialis

      "An eye for an eye Only makes the world Blind So you better make sure your opponent can't retaliate"

    34. Gabe The Borking Dog

      How many of u know that Gandhi is actually a surname.

    35. Andotus

      because he saw the Truth, and he feared for It

    36. Lluma

      This is literally my play style for life Be a pacifist but nuke the hell out of hem if they fuck with me

    37. Demon Spawn

      He is hacked by a synth

    38. Softren Production

      The nukes are canon

    39. Mister Kaos

      It's not a bug. It's a feature.

    40. Mister M

      He does not want to declare war. But when he does...

    41. Jsk 14

      Single dude Destroying entire Indian History

    42. Mazi

      Ghandi took some notes from Teddy Roosevelt’s big stick diplomacy

    43. Kaelum Knight


    44. Al

      I love how it shows in the original civ that Stalin is "aggressive" and "militaristic" with a threat level of 5 and then right next to it America is "friendly" and "civilized" with a 1 threat level. It's just so cool to see how real propaganda and patriotism was at the time.

    45. CulltureShock

      As it was once said. "If you seek Peace, Plan for War"

    46. The Juggernaut of Spades

      Imagine historians get confused on this meme

    47. The Expat Dodo

      The World: "Ahh, we finally established world peace!" Ghandi: *"It's time to 'liberate the world' from suffering through a nuclear nirvana!"*

    48. Gipsy danger, americas monster

      So, basically what i got from this is “murder Gandhi before he gets to democracy”

    49. WolfHunted

      'Its is not a bug its a feature"

    50. HolyFlare484

      3:49 sound effect is Enemy Death Sound - Final Fantasy 7

    51. Mohamed Huraira

      Lies. This is what Gandhy was like, also irl.

    52. chryobyte

      There is no shame in deterrence; having a weapon, is very different from actually using it.

    53. lori0bgslight

      "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

    54. Anonymous One

      "our words are backed by NUCLEAR WEAPONS" Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

    55. just a random clone trooper with internet access

      That explains why the brits left our country.

    56. DodongGetch

      Nukes is not an answer, its a question and the answer is yes.

    57. Rad Reno

      Comrade Stalin: threat level-5

    58. Jon Veliky

      He likes his steak. Medium rare.

    59. Bubba D the Patato

      Gandhi during early to mid game: Love everything, hate no one. Gandhi post democracy: Humans cannot harm humans if there are no humans.

    60. cooking with tool

      India is actually a nuclear power irl, so It makes sense

    61. Imma Bee

      "Hippity hoppity, you opposed me, now I shall nuke your property." - Mahatma Gandhi

    62. eggbaby


    63. Lilith

      There is no shame in deterrence. Having a weapon is very different from actually using it.

    64. thelaughingrouge

      Gandhi brought a peace so deep it was like The Dark.

    65. Pale knight

      "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, so i will just take your entire upper torso instead"

    66. Acro has a tablespoon

      You could say it... _BLEW UP IN HIS FACE!_ Edit: The Mafia is knocking at my door now

    67. name unavailable

      I mean, if he were to nuke the world, there would only be peace...

    68. Hannah L

      Stalin was a Russian in the original civilization? lol

      1. Hannah L

        @Asht Mslf no he wasn't, he was Georgian. Russian wasn't even his first language

      2. Asht Mslf

        because stalin was russian?

    69. pooper dooper

      2:56 "while this does seem like every game of civilization was set up just for the player to get into a non stop nuke fest with Gandhi" not a sentence i thought I'd heard

    70. Chillnat

      "You are fat go eat a lil Debbie"- your mom to your dad

    71. Parth Soni

      Shinra Tensei : Mahatma Version

    72. Lonthearab 69

      It's simple duh,if u strong,the weaker will follow u

    73. Shapesnatch

      "U is for Uranium... bombs" - Ghandi probably

    74. Aelloner

      he went nuclear because his sandal fell in the water and got aten

    75. Muslim Farel Irsanto

      Gandhi the true anarchist

    76. Cobalt Prime

      Historically, Ghandi was an idiot anyway. He actually told the Jews to let the Nazis kill them.

      1. leobrine 9445

        I hope that was a joke

    77. Hercules Thor

      when i won as ghandi recently i had to use nukes like guided missles

    78. Gage Stovall

      Someone: _accidentally spills a drop of water_ Gandhi: *LAUNCH ALL THE NUKES!!*

    79. Mike Henny

      That first comment about German panzers being beaten seems false. Not because of a belief that German science is the greatest in the world (though they were really good tanks at the time), but because India would let anyone close in with tanks instead of blowing them up with nukes

    80. Felix Gutierrez

      "Even the woman and children won't be spared" ~ Gandhi...probably

    81. Carlos Hurtado

      3:22 Nuclear Gandhi: did I perish along the way, but now I shall not rule but nuke my way to true peace 🕊️

    82. Smeq Wack

      What started as a silly bug oversight, became a staple of civilization

    83. Ananth Sundaram

      That's why I am loyal to age of empires

    84. Aflay

      Ironic. The history of a game redefined the telling of history in life.

    85. Abhi P

      Fallout 5 can't be made because Gandhi is dead

    86. Klavin

      India becomes a democracy and Ghandi becomes the Shura

    87. Bampa

      Kim-Jong-Who? All I know is Ghandi

    88. Bampa

      No more Mr. Passive Resistance...

    89. Finnche

      Considering how racist, sexist, and classist Ghandi was, the secret destruction lust he has through nukes is kind of fitting.

    90. Noobo

      "To get peace you must acquire violence. And To Acquire Violence? You Obtain Man's most powerful creation, *bomb* "- Gandhi Probably

    91. the black swordsman

      as Gandhi once said let there be nukes

    92. The red demoman from team fortress 2

      “There is no shame in deterrence, Having a weapon is very different from using it” -Gandhi

    93. Renegade

      I never encountered this issue in any of my games. Because I conquer the Gandhi before he even enters the industrial age since his cities are mostly found in places of high food productions which is pretty important in early game...

    94. Jack The Slayer 7220

      Hello there

    95. Tuc0

      I’m sure the real Gandhi would’ve found this funny.

    96. Anthonie McCay

      An eye for an eye makes the world blind, that's why ghandi's not giving you the chance to retaliate

    97. Bampa

      I remember playing Gears of War and there was a flashback of one of their memories of the Coalition of Gears fighting the last remaining independent government, the Indian government. Now I know why they held out for so long...

    98. MEGA BLU

      Simple reasoning- The fury of a pleasant and patient man

    99. Huntter2323

      man gandhi really wanted their salt back

    100. Hkswan

      He realized human beings aren’t capable of true peace and decided to cut out the cancer