The Among Us "Movie"

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8 млн көрүүлөр3 223

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    1. Sammie Armstrong

      Bruh my name is sammy

    2. dajuwilson81


    3. dajuwilson81

      GO #AMONG US !

    4. NGHỆ SỸ 24H

      What kind of name is that. Now people is gonna bully you because. Your name is Your mom

    5. RaNae Brateng

      this is sooooo cool better than amoung us logic whith player vetren and mr chesese

    6. ThePoppin75

      As the big snowball was thrown into the lava he came back

      1. ThePoppin75

        And Sandy was alive

      2. ThePoppin75

        Did anyone see the Snowman on his head

    7. ThePoppin75

      When bananas said that he got 5 times in a row I got 6 times in a row


      Lmao Santa wasny even on the ship

    9. Kyle Charleston

      Remember how Snowball was angry because he couldn’t get the card swiped to work?

    10. Kelly Rivera-Burgess

      Me:sees the imposter kills *Run* Me:When I'm the imposter.COME HERE I WONT KILL YOU :). Yay tysm for 0 likes!!!

      1. Kelly Rivera-Burgess

        Tysm for 0 likes :)

    11. Sreeja Nag

      Can you create a Among Us Disney Princess video

    12. Arezia Ramjohn

      the end omg

    13. HexJm0


    14. Izabella Ionescu

      i love it

    15. Long Bajohns

      At 26:14 I was on the toilet whilst listening to 💩 the player

    16. Long Bajohns

      Imagine if it said winner killer crew mate dinner 🍲🍴

    17. Mia Ellie

      Y did Snowball kill Sandy in the reverse round? He loves her

    18. Axel Playz

      Green hade a hole demon circle XD

    19. kiler bob brother

      cool like may brother i can i kill may brother but i can kill all oh may brother is spobob

    20. kiler bob brother

      hi kiler time im spobob brother

    21. Mollmollplays Mollmollplays

      Wait a sec at the srart snowball does the telescope task and then he does wires???? Whaaaaat

    22. pz 33

      C,mon snowball ask sandy/your mom out ask her out ask her out :D

    23. Michelle Kaye

      i love amung us it is the best

    24. Cait Donnelly

      I love this video

    25. محمود عفيفى


    26. Jxam Pagaran


    27. Nora Avalos


    28. Lewarisnakiristoki

      Hacker in a episode lol

    29. Lewarisnakiristoki

      This is R for me so..

    30. Speed iPhone - Dancing line dance 2

      sami ks a boy

    31. Hefaa Alemi

      Well I don't care I'll even go out for 100 days

    32. Hefaa Alemi

      Sirius black and red what the heck is wrong

    33. Hefaa Alemi

      Black and red

    34. Jahmari Whitaker


      1. Jahmari Whitaker


    35. Stoppy GD Æ

      Mr Grits is sire sirol

    36. Marcey Gochnour

      Oh my God pepperoni man just kill the Imposter sequential Deceit by Sade no one's ever done that every man is insane he's probably my favorite character now if it's another round of dance they have to keep an eye on pepperoni and if they might be one might and might kill them again

    37. A Loredo

      i like it when green says I CAN KILL THE KILLERS!!!!!

    38. michele Skelton

      snow ball loves sandy

    39. Ava Pagan


    40. Taytum cool show Friend of Evan cool show


    41. p ja


      1. kek


    42. The Master Gamer

      1:12 First became 💗

    43. Cherisse Robinson

      I find that funny 😂 and your videos are funny

    44. Mmm Mmm

      I love snowball

    45. Marilu Esquivel

      And how is

      1. Marilu Esquivel

        White and the purple came back when they were voted out

    46. Marilu Esquivel

      Wait something is not right there is a last character that supposed to be in dear and that character is black 🖤 where is he

    47. Agustin Lewandowski

      evil laugh mr pepperoni man in 24:41

    48. Naomee Nao from New Minecraft

      Tell me if your Sta Or Sua

    49. Naomee Nao from New Minecraft

      Hi SUA

    50. Gabriel Crop

      way god way

    51. Gabriel Crop


    52. Gabriel Crop

      we broke up

    53. Gabriel Crop

      have you seen sandy not that im in love or anything

    54. Gabriel Crop

      oh hi Mrs.potato

    55. Mary Ann Solis

      Herobir ok at PIP 💖💖💖😂😂😂😂

    56. Joao Fidalgo

      The Steve's are cute

    57. Narasimha Murthy

      i mean man and he killed everyone but i see brown but he did not kill the imposter

    58. Narasimha Murthy

      in the 2 video he was checking the the imposter i mean pepperoni mam

    59. Deborah Evans

      My name. xxCKNxx

    60. moof760 loofy

      Were black

    61. Ben Holmes

      25:40 context please

    62. Tiến Phúc Nguyễn

      Red is Santa because Santa costume is red :)

    63. Srinija Maloth

      wow. this video was released on my birthday!

    64. Ibrahim Ali

      Red was Santa

    65. Sabitha Juvvadi

      Whoa this is the best among ys video

    66. Rudgen Cauguiran

      Everyone dumb

    67. Cool Phoeb yo

      Hackers are evil

    68. Margaret Tristan

      Snowball: “oh shucks” Subtitles: “nope ur gonna say oh sharks” Me: “😂”

    69. kiler bob brother

      wait red is real santa

    70. kiler bob brother

      im sorry but idk i dont done des vides

    71. kiler bob brother

      wait sandy and red is inloneve😇

    72. amirKing0

      24:37 ahhhh you missed poops body hes alive

    73. Dark Skull456

      Look the name of cyan was Chester and the name of dark blue was Mr grifts but here 31:05

    74. Matilde Carrascal

      Good movie

    75. Matilde Carrascal

      3:20 funny

    76. Oli


    77. kostilkov


    78. Teira-Leighg Alesana

      Hahaha hahaha Mr pepperoni was so funny using fake knife then push Steve down hahahahahahahhahhahahahahaha

    79. Thunder shark

      24:24 Flowey: hey that's my line

    80. Teira-Leighg Alesana


    81. Teira-Leighg Alesana

      Snowball has a crush

    82. Scarlett Galipo Turner

      This is pretty good

    83. Kidfox111


    84. Gisele Halim

      Make more please 🥺

    85. randi Sheppard

      Did you know that I have every skin in among us

      1. Sinjini Nakarmi

        Wow lucky

    86. King Charles

      Doing doing videos your videos are awesome

    87. Ariana ROBLOX VEVO

      Snowball in love with SANDY

    88. YiY Gamer

      4:16 why does Mrs Potato have a leaf instead of the sticky note?

    89. YiY Gamer

      Snowball has a crush on Sandy?!

    90. spider playz

      In the ending of reverse among us Mr pepperoni man goes totally phsyco!

    91. Seth Lancaster


    92. R.A.P. R


    93. Dylan Pash

      AND at 10:08 why did was it red pushing the button if he was always asleep in the lobby, and why did green say that HE called the meeting?

    94. Dylan Pash

      4:30 why was the body yellow when he reported it, if sandy was pink????

    95. AnthGamer

      this is so boring

    96. wondr

      I made this btw yep yep yep

    97. Anayeli Sanchez

      Lo puedes traducir al español de México por favor 🙏

    98. Tara Lewis

      It's a really good movie

    99. Elly Yang

      glitch! it said green hit the button but it was red

    100. Jazlyn Sanchez

      you can't hit a girl