Yellowed Keyboard Restoration - Windows 95 Retrobright

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    On this video i show you how i restored this Yellowed Keyboard made for Windows 95.
    This Keyboard was set to me by Sendico .
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    1. TysyTube Restoration

      Thank you for watching my video! After you finish watching you should check this awesome Bread Guillotine Restoration 😍👍

      1. Shawn Black

        Man, i really miss keycap salt.

      2. Макар Колесов


      3. Tec Guy

        Can you tell me what does the UV light does?

      4. Emanuel Asitimbay

        for your birds name one fluffy and the other one muffy

      5. Mamataz Islam

        i like your videos beacause you can restore anything in this world

    2. datastorm

      @1:05 Nice cable management, modern keyboards DON'T include this. They should. @1:20 Those feet NEVER broke! Guarantee you that keyboard was in a job trailer or oil change place in the dirty office for a decade. The cheap quality of the keyboards of today, the feet are gone or snap in just a few days/weeks.

    3. Zachary Walls

      Y do u not talk

    4. Канал Конвиталика

      Bird names are: Watereyko, Jaccuzi)))

    5. Desmond Fernandez

      KOKO and MOMO names for the birds ^_^

    6. C m

      Why would you start removing keys from the middle or the board 😱


      ;-; Beasts for the Windows


      Golden Person get have momments guys with now watch personally think :)

    9. S3vRnet

      Is it just me or the keys look like legos?

    10. Samrockhead Gaming

      The birds names should be flamingo and flamingno

    11. Josh Pastor

      who else clicked on this thinking it was an ASMR video, heard him pour water in and was like "oh ya that's nice" and turned their volume to the max with headphones in, then got your ears completely assfucked when he dropped the keys in lmaoooo.

    12. Chara T

      Pebble is the flamingo and Paul the other birb

    13. Fantoma 7

      in windows 95 i play harry pooter and plant vs zombies tedi etc

    14. maxx1991

      The keyboard looked ruff and you made it look new

    15. KD's THOUGHTS


    16. Md Ateeq

      𝙈𝙮 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 𝙖𝙛𝙩𝙚𝙧 𝙨𝙚𝙚𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 😳😳😳🤯🤯🤯

    17. Filipe Gabriel Silva Tomé

      Alfredo e solange

    18. Dee Dah

      Is it just me that loves to watch this type of video at night?

    19. Andrea Cockrell

      Name my bird; Flamingo = George and Toucan = Tucker

    20. Simona Asavei

      4:18 LOL

    21. Simona Asavei

      3:57 bill and giuly

    22. Simona Asavei

      That it a old and important keybord

    23. Simona Asavei

      I want fortnite

    24. Simona Asavei

      Cool bro

    25. Johny1220

      The ending was SO creative, good job man! 😂🥳


      It's like legos

    27. General Pony

      Looks like The Realxing End?

    28. X24

      the birds name joni and asep

    29. ELGRIGO

      Good video 😍😍😍😁

    30. OverG Thai gaming

      8:37 the sound is look like howtobasic is throwing eggs

    31. Pedro Guarany

      the birds are jubiscleudo e jamal

    32. Lizy

      Peppa Pig and George. Those are the birds name

    33. VendelEx

      mine as well get a new one because they outdated


      Nusr-et :D??

    35. ꧁ Mateo ꧂


    36. metin eren Mutlu

      Next day : keypoard turns a rgb keyboard 😁😁

    37. A REAL NOOB

      He's a good chef lol

    38. brianmayn141

      @tysytuberestoration Just a helpful tip for the creator, on teespring you can click the t shirt on one design and it will put your Hoodies, mugs, and whatever else you put the design on. When someone clicks on the t-shirt everything else will be in the tab that's open with the t shirt. It makes your shop look nice and clean. Thanks for the video, love your channel!

    39. OfTheFuture IntoThePast

      That keyboard should be considered Biohazard

    40. Eknoor Singh

      silence for this guy who was sponsored for greasy keyboard

    41. حكم الكوياني

      Stop now😠😠

    42. meme currry

      did anyone realize that the keyboard doesnt use ‘qwerty’ ?

    43. • Kick George •


    44. • Kick George •

      Flamingo- Pinkie/Adam the other one- Steven/Dora the Explora

    45. Omer Tasci

      4:11 nusret salt

    46. Julian Kyle Espiritu

      windows 95 its already ended

    47. Julian Kyle Espiritu

      hi i know all about windows

    48. Edward Anthony Francisco

      Cool 😎

    49. Zend YT

      4:38 i want to eat this ORIGINAL Soup

    50. Mycko Cogay

      people : Being amazed on how he made restored id like it was new me who is confused how he remembers all keys in certain places.

    51. Fillipe Almeida

      When he placed the keys i thought he placed wrong but only later i saw that W95 keyboard templates was different

    52. Aggie Dragovia

      Toucan : Shirley Flamant : Dino Like si t'as la ref

    53. عباس عادل

      الشياء الي صرفهن على الكيبورد اغله من الكيبورد نفسه

    54. TxpHxt


    55. TxpHxt

      4:55 scrubbing intensifies Boss level starts..

    56. Joel Hinostroza de la cruz


    57. TxpHxt

      Lol this has a lil bit of humor.

      1. BIEL z

        Tumor e picadas

    58. TxpHxt

      ASMR + Restoration = Satisfaction

    59. Dorin S

      Salutare , ești Român?? 😄

    60. Eren Çağlar

      Nusretciler burda>3

    61. Himiko Yumeno

      I just found your channel and I’m wondering why I haven’t found it sooner! The effort you put in each item you restore is amazing Keep up the good work 😁

    62. Zaraujo

      flamingos name can be: Adalberto, the toucans can be: Cleiton

    63. Johannes Larsson

      "make some names for my birds" The flamingo one should be named Albert.

      1. Lars peeters

        You have a good taste in youtubers i see

    64. Misha21220 [GD]

      ASMR Keyboard

    65. Eymen Ragıp

      4:12 keyboard buttons Nusret

    66. Finish Tablet

      Names for the new birds: toucan: tysy flamingo: tube

    67. mini kouto

      ibere tenora

    68. Mięsny jeż

      The toocan: Mark The flamingo: Sally

    69. Lori The Awesome Kid

      Windows 95: from the past Windows 10: from the feature. Something is wrong here, I can feel it...

    70. M&X

      Birds: Pinkie and Midnight



    72. JBGaminG 21

      All the frites are done

    73. ᴋᴏᴋᴏ _

      2071 : gaming keyboard

    74. The Coolest Person Ever

      flamingo:Darcy Tucan:Westly

    75. krista roch Fernandez crazy bird

      Name is flamago

    76. Saei Salt

      Hmm, for the name of the birds... The pink one will be Flamego and the other one will be Sutart

    77. 3b Aisha Shabrina

      4:04 🤣🤣🤣

    78. Kokichi with a shotgun

      The flamingos name is “tommy”. And the toucans name is “Owen”

      1. Jay Bbbiiirrrddd

        I instantly thought of Ryan for the flamingo and Dimitri for the toucan.

    79. Ryshon Palmer

      its like asmr

    80. DiYand Restoration

      bird name..tyty and sysy

    81. DiYand Restoration

      satisfying to watch...hope i get a heart.

    82. sushiw097

      Ultra bien fait tes videos je les aime bcp!

    83. Omlet Somel

      Bird names: Elon & Musk xb

    84. Honey playz

      3:55 name the birds binky and boop

    85. ZACHBLOX

      this is what lil kids think kids"DAD OH NO HES BREAKING THE KEYBOARD"

    86. lorenz perez

      That satisfying sound of a 90's keyboard.

    87. nGuz

      Names for the birds: 1.- bird 1 2.- bird 2 Thx for u attention

    88. tirades xxx

      I'm watching from thailland it's awesome

    89. Jari Naumanen

      Old keyboards are the best. They have keyboard buffer that allows you play with you friend with same keyboard. Dynablaster for ever :)

    90. Matt 657

      Wow french product! 5:43

    91. Rafael Gutierrez

      Nice Now play Quake with a restored Windows

    92. Clubbeddread31

      One day this dude with restore the titanic

    93. Hades PL

      Flamingi: Kity Bird: Colo I AM not for names xD

    94. Ahmer Khan

      sheeda, meeda (names for ur birds)

    95. حسام 777

      لعرد لد ل بدلدبل بل

    96. Sinister 77

      Fun Fact :- *That Dusts Are Older Then You*

    97. PixelFilms

      The birds names are (Jesse) and (Matheo)

    98. Kaine2021

      When your son gets a Surgery.

    99. rere nomad

      what now? what are you going to do with the keyboard and why did you buy it to begin with?

    100. krista roch Fernandez crazy bird

      Nice I like it