Scott Martin

129 миӊ. көрүүлөр16

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    We not only caught one PB...We both caught our PB and the two biggest bass ever on the SMC. This challenge was one of the best we’ve ever had.
    Me and James Watson vs Fred Roumbanis and Terry Bolton.
    This is the Episode that aired on the Discovery Channel this year. Glad I am able to share it with you all.
    Thanks for all of the support.
    This is episode 5 from the SMC on Discovery Channel.
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    1. Scott Martin

      Hey TeamSMC - Thanks so much for the support! Do me a solid and check out this link when you can -

      1. Ethan Farrell

        I’d be honored to be that 12 lb bass😂

    2. D. Watkins

      Scott what is the best reel for 160

      1. D. Watkins

        Dollars 💵

    3. The pondfisherman

      Meanwhile my pb is 2.5 pounds

    4. Waterflap Xx

      Probably one of the best videos I’ve ever watched

    5. Kevin Wells

      Damn that was good. Thanks for being part of my COVID relief network!

    6. owen outdoors

      I can’t move I’m paralyzed 😂😂😂😂😂

    7. Jeff Fournier

      Don't get no better than that guy's fun for all.

    8. Kevin Smith

      Omg 😱

    9. Micah Williams

      Holy cow!!

    10. Check Mate

      That's what I'm talkin' about. 💪💥

    11. del crow

      You got to do more content with Watson. Man you guys are damn fun together

    12. John Davis


    13. AznKryptonite

      Great Video, so entertaining....who's here cause they got fishing withdrawal lol

    14. Tanner Stark

      "That's the biggest I've ever touched" LMAO

    15. Tom Muncher

      My pb is 12-2 great job love it

    16. Jack Gustavson

      I gOt To LiP iT🤪🤪

    17. F&H Outdoors


    18. timothy covey

      Scott Martin you are my hero ! Let's go fishing

    19. Chris Craven


    20. Marty G

      Bologna flavored popcorn

    21. Dakota Patterson

      Dude I was so close i was guessing it Wade 12.25

    22. Saturday7x

      Still looking for that elusive 10+ gonna get it within the next 12 months! Great fish

    23. Lonestar Fishing

      🤣🤣 16:10

    24. Andrew Yeh

      Me catching a 12lber: GAHHHHHHHFDJKLA:JFKEL:AJFKL:E FUUUUUUUUUUUU HOLY SHIIIIIIII Scott (calmly): That's the biggest bass I ever caught.

    25. T Deeb

      Oh. My. Gosh. Those will be in my dreams!!! Thanks so MUCH for this crazy vid!!!!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️❤️❤️

    26. Bradley Knowles


    27. Layton Casey

      12.14 pounder


      I really came close I called 12.13 on that fish when you said stop right now and guess the weight. WOW!!!! Love your channel to I used to fish in Minnesota or Midwest Premier league but had a serious boat malfunction and the two best motor guys who worked on Kirby Pucketts boat and they had a falling out and closed thier business and did not get the motor back till we had missed 4 tourneys and only one left so my career was over before it started using a sponsors boat.

    29. John Humphreys

      I love watching you and the crew!!! I can't go 24 hours without checking out what's going on.

    30. Thechristopherryan

      It’s like once Bass hit 10lbs their eyes start popping out of their heads.

    31. Cooper Terry

      My dad was in Flw before I was born I’m a big fan Scott Martin

    32. Steve Hogan


    33. Andrew Ingram

      Shake and bake, that just happened!

    34. Dustin Littrell

      What a crew, couldn’t imagine a better group of guys to be fishing with. Love it!

    35. David 1167

      Ok.. I'm officially addicted to smc channel.

    36. Scoobys Outdoors Adventures

      Congratulations on your PB And thanks for doing what you do and God bless from Scooby’s outdoors adventures

      1. Scoobys Outdoors Adventures

        And if you’re ever near Durant Florida you can stop by and we can put you on a PB here in Florida

    37. Juan Velasquez

      Someone just caught a 14+ here in Crockett Texas over the weekend. Awesome fish Scott!

    38. Josh Sneed

      Wow you guys are awesome

    39. Mark Cochran

      WOW!!! just awesome!!

    40. M

      Is this lake just East of Monterey? And West from McAllen? If anyone knows please answer.

    41. JaySoos O

      13.3 was my guess

    42. JaySoos O

      Dude would’ve caught a reel to the face if that hook hadn’t set. @ 8:34

    43. Team Mainlake


    44. Ron Chambers

      Freakin awesome

    45. Keith Jackson

      That’s the fish of a lifetime rite there congrats bro very nice god bless and tight lines

    46. BassGeek

      That was Crazy!

    47. Kerry Comstock


    48. Chasegaming

      8:27 litterally me when I'm fishing and my friend tries to call me 😆

    49. Froggy Style

      what editor do you use for your videos?

    50. Archie Williams

      Holy Guacamole

    51. Barry Eslick

      That look on Watson's face when he gets that big fish in is priceless! LOL

    52. John Jones

      12.1 what was you using

    53. xengher1990

      That is sick. Nice fishing guys.

    54. Tony Lynn

      Ice in the veins Scott!! That was a monster and you stayed calm as hell boss!! Congrats on the pb!!

    55. gene nasworthy

      Scott wasn't serious because he was wearing shoes not flip flops

    56. Reg Jackson

      Good Lord!!! thats Moby!!!! Nice work.

    57. BigBassBlake


    58. HookEmHeavy Fishing

      Thats the biggest one ive ever touched! 🤣🤣🤣

    59. M Jones

      Could you imagine rolling up to the scales at a tournament and you buddy saying I got a limit of good ones around 18 or 19 lbs and you saying I only got 2 and they are those 2 for 23lbs

    60. porthos6914

      I've been waiting on this!! Watson never disappoints!!!

    61. All Outdoors


    62. Jerome Torrez

      Good job scott your the man slap spinner for me. Lol awsome

    63. Matthew Druckenmiller

      “Oooooh MUY GRANDE” classic worldwide

    64. Justin Little

      Hands down the best pro channel on KGup

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks bro

    65. Rick the Enthusiast

      Wow!!!! That’s awesome!!🎣💪🏽🐟🐟🍻

    66. chiefbacca

      I respect that dude for just being awestruck by the size of the fish, but holy shit IDK how Scott kept talking like that while the biggest bass of his life dangles over the edge of the boat like that for almost 20 seconds.

    67. Stephen Bowen

      DUDE, you are living the dream my man. Congrats and go Team USA.

    68. Robert Jaynes

      Love the video , you are the best there is , your my idle !!!

    69. Josh Davis

      Holding fish up for pics...."Ummm, does this fish make my head look too small?"

    70. Will Turner

      I followed instructions, paused the video and guess the weight on Scott's ditch panda, and swear on everything I own my guess was 12lb 2 oz.

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s so cool!! Will you’re the man!!!

    71. Bass4Ever

      That was nice fish. Good job Scott

    72. MXbass

      I hit the 1000 like. Awesome fish Scott.

    73. # Hopkinz

      Awesome stuff Scott!!!

    74. BASS NINJA

      19:20 where they weigh the lil fishes

    75. David Morrow

      12.4 My guess, nnice fish Scott!!!

    76. Sean DuBose

      Absolutely amazing. This is the most entertaining fishing channel by far. Keep working hard!

    77. Stuart Brown

      I got to lip it!

    78. wildlife explorers

      Those bass is are giants

    79. wildlife explorers

      I remember this episode

    80. Big K

      Two guys that have been fishing their whole life and they both get their personal bests on the same day . That must be one great lake to bass fish

    81. Daniel Was Taken

      Update after fishing trip! I cought my first small mouth bass. What a weid bit. felt like i was snagged. i swept to my right and boom! FISH ON BABY😄

      1. Scott Martin

        Love those SM

    82. Gilbert Gaspar

      Wow .. congrats Scott on your PB .. in La presa El Cuchillo I have my own PB back in 2002

      1. Scott Martin

        Very cool..Great Lake for sure

    83. james amaro

      Thnx guys I needed a smile

    84. Bobby Swain

      8 dislikes? Cmon man!

      1. Scott Martin

        Some people..🤷🏻‍♂️


      Didn’t you order a ocean type boat a while back or did you show it already

      1. Scott Martin

        It will be here soon

    86. Kruss 88

      That's a dink in comparison to Scott's fish!

    87. K.C.

      Scott (we've heard this before): "Oh, it's a big one." No! This time, it's a donkey!!! Congratulations on the big wins- team gold & fish.

      1. Scott Martin

        I figured if I kept saying would work one day..this was the day.:)

    88. jimmy arvid


    89. Kerry Parks


      1. Kerry Parks

        @Scott Martin congrats on the big win for Team USA! What you guys did, everything just fell altogether! Way to represent!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      2. Scott Martin


      3. Kerry Parks

        I was close! 😉

    90. Stephen Graves

      🥂☕☕! Congrats!!...

    91. will west


    92. Andrew Matlock

      Nice job guys, my pb is 9.43 in land o lakes FL

    93. Showtime533 Cook

      Ok... simply safe, I get it Scott!

    94. Teggy 53647 Gj

      I really dig the brotherhood. (10:13) lol

    95. Ray Dizon

      Waited nearly a year for this footage. It was worth the wait.

    96. Lee Hubbell

      Wow those are some fish

    97. Noah Sneider


    98. Joshua Shearer

      J Watson seems like a blast to hang out

    99. marc k

      I love your theme song it's badass your show is bomdiggdy.

    100. Tom Cieri Jr.