Entomologists vacuum Asian giant hornets out of nest found in Whatcom County


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    The first Asian giant hornet nest found in the United States appears to have been successfully removed from a tree in Whatcom County, according to the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA).

    Heavily protected crews with WSDA worked to eradicate the nest early Saturday morning. The nest was first discovered Thursday in a tree cavity, about eight feet up, on private property in Blaine. The property owner gave WSDA permission for the nest to be eradicated and for staff to remove the tree if necessary.

    Learn more: www.king5.com/article/tech/science/environment/entomologists-safely-remove-first-asian-giant-hornet-nest-found-in-us-in-whatcom-county/281-681e736b-5af2-4101-8a7b-0d2feb6db982

    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун



      Does anything good ever come from asia dam

    2. Electrical machine

      Birds and parasites are natural enemies of the giant hornet in Asia. But they are not in America. You should get rid of it as soon as possible.

    3. ac n.

      ...those China's Giant Hornets are so same w/ their personality,It was also found in Japan.They are found in high trees to be difficult to reach

    4. qopoy dnon

      Good job. But its 2020. Im expecting man eating butterflies with 4” fangs next.

    5. Chris M

      No one is asking or finding out which moron thought it a good idea to bring them here. Like when the UW thought it was good to introduce sea lions into puget sound.....

    6. Gina Brooks

      I'm a beekeeper, thank you for getting these.. Question, how many more are out there do you think?

      1. qopoy dnon

        lol, you called European bees native.

    7. baldieman64

      Too late. The queens will have already flown.

    8. Stop Global Warming

      They handed this better than COVID-19

    9. David Torres

      As if we covid wasnt enough now they saying bout murder hornets are out somewhere as if someone trying to end life

    10. bouytt guyt

      This video: exists Hollywood: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN

    11. ceerw buty

      Of course, when he was talking about "native bees" they showed a honeybee colony.

      1. bouytt guyt

        European honey bees aren't native to the US.

    12. Anderson Anjos Som

      Se é aqui no Brasil os vizinhos tinho jogado fogo árvore.

      1. Anderson Anjos Som

        @bouytt guyt olha só... Faz tempo então que essas vespas estão aí. E só agora estão sendo procuradas

      2. bouytt guyt

        Asian hornets aren't new here. I have seen them in Virginia years ago.

    13. Mr Wdpkr

      who you gonna call ?

    14. Sara xDouglas

      Omg! I didnt realize that those giant hornets would be so far north. I was thinking they would prefer to be in a warmer climate.

      1. bouytt guyt

        wow many baymax lol

    15. ivan

      Trump is the cause of this biological war wake up.

      1. ceerw buty

        wow many baymax lol

    16. bogey19018

      Only to be re-released into the wild AGAIN. Thanks china.

    17. Virtual Rex

      👨🏼‍🚀 EMERGENCY MEETING 🚨 Hornet: white is sus vote white 👨🏼‍🚀 Guy: Hornet is clearly wrong I been doing all of my tasks so vote him off Hornet is sus Hornet: NO!!! 🐝 Hornet 👨🏼‍🚀👨🏿‍🚀👨‍🚀👨🏾‍🚀👨🏻‍🚀👨🏻‍🚀👩‍🚀 *Hornet Was An Imposter* *insert number here* imposters remaining

    18. Die Geigergarnele

      *clearly two nukes weren't enough*

    19. Rob Wastman

      Anything to promote fear.

    20. Alan Cooper

      SUS spotted!

    21. Troy Clayton

      lol, you called European bees native.

    22. CVEIWKID

      I think those suits are a little to dramatic. Scare tactics.

    23. Ruth Biøhazard

      0:24 they all be lookin' sus tho

    24. Know No Good Silva

      Agricultural warfare

    25. vsdfv3

      Asian hornets aren't new here. I have seen them in Virginia years ago.

    26. Dustin Dodson

      European honey bees aren't native to the US.

    27. Mikowacomet

      This is what you get from greedy globalist activity

    28. TMS999

      Viewer's, let us all hope it was only 1 nest? If not. That will not be good news.

    29. melon soda

      wow many baymax lol

    30. Randy Farnsworth

      😂😂😂😂 you can tell it’s a government operation. Count 11 guys to remove on nest. Like a road repair crew where 10 guys standing around watching 1 guy digging a hole😜😜😜.

    31. ii_LoveLexi

      Me: Scared of bees Giant Hornets: Let me introduce myself

    32. Al mac

      Trump deserves to be locked in a room with the murder Hornets.

    33. runtothehills

      the bee suits are more terrifying than the hornets....

    34. Mike Lynch

      Might as well piss into the wind ..

    35. SanchiBoyMusic

      Бедные шершни (

    36. Bob Smoot

      On ice? Better if it were on fire.

    37. texasabbott

      “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure...”

    38. Flaming

      This operation was pointless if they didn't get the queen....

    39. rich habig

      Spray them with brake parts cleaner. They will instantly die. Best hornet an bee killer I ever used.

    40. andy m. smith

      Use a queen excluder on the door to stop them maybe or door reducer

    41. r e v e l a r e_ XVII

      *Murder Hornet was the Impostor.*

    42. Cyro

      I’m fine with murder hornets as long as they stay out of my state

    43. E Lane

      I will see you in 10years in my recommend but until then bye

    44. The Gentlemens Club

      Who's the sus here? Why are they all white? Who hacking?

    45. Zach Miniweather

      The look like stormtroopers

    46. Greensage

      Make the Fear look real, so it will Cost US more! :) The Chinese are Invading Canada, better get a bigger Vacuum! :)

    47. Casey Duncan


    48. Yabarow Yabarow

      Ilma dhibaato

    49. Mini Buns

      Let them live! They are cool

    50. garrisp

      This is all a tactic to keep you scared: the hornet has been in Weiser, Idaho since my childhood in the early 2000’s when I used to kill them by the pool during the hot evenings when they came in for a drink. You probably can still find them there during the summer.

    51. No No

      And where is this!? Edit: What state/country?

      1. No No

        @The Slippery Noodle oh lovely...

      2. The Slippery Noodle

        I think it’s in Washington in the US. I definitely know it’s the US.

    52. bareftsanger92

      Have we not learned our lesson....nothing else from China should be allowed in at all.

    53. Bruce Illest

      Guys this is very serious! If those things adapt and spread all over the US. They will wipe out all of the bees and could ruin the agriculture sector. We are talking about our food supply!

    54. kieran 8

      Why let them fly what’s wrong with the us they destroy everything 🤕

    55. Allaan Snackbar

      Why Asia, you’ve done enough to us this year

    56. Professor Farmgirl

      Ok, great but just fyi, honeybees are not native bees. :)

    57. JohnBoy

      Murder Hornet Lives Matter! No justice, No peace!

    58. Wayne Heidlebaugh

      How can they be sure there are no other nests in the area? How can we be sure that new queens haven't all ready left the nest before it was destroyed? Questions like these is what keeps me awake at night.

    59. Beamz

      Bruh who’s been acting sus we need to vote someone out

    60. Matthew Reed

      Oh that's what they wear to protect them from a bee sting? Oh

    61. Lewie McNeely

      They've been in NC for YEARS! The queens are 3 inches long at least. And they'll come to a light after dark to get other bugs. Ask a concrete finisher.

    62. lic2kil007

      I remember the Killer Bees from the 70-80's. So the Asian hornets have a "Slaughter" phase, hmm.

    63. Ocean To Sky

      Where did they find the hornets?

    64. Rodrigo Gonzalez

      Early morning Suck Out of the Dangers that Lurk in the Stalks of these trees Shafts, by these Phrophylactically Protected Upstanding biological Enthusiasts... causing a lack of Reproductive capabilities... Its been years since I've said.... "Thanks!" and "good JOB!"

    65. Sam L

      There was a stink bug chilling on my shoe while we were out driving yesterday and I nearly made my husband crash from my scream. Meanwhile, people really out here taking out whole ass hornet nests like, "just another day in the life of an entomologist 🤷‍♂️".

    66. MTB4miSoul

      Question: what was the point of long process to vacuum them out vs spraying hole with some wasp killer if they were going to die anyway?

    67. Wishie

      Another hacker, they’re all white. White sus

    68. Binh TC Nguyen

      One down.

    69. HVAN

      among us lookin ass

    70. Joshua

      Fun fact these aren’t asian giant hornets

    71. Jeffrey Cornish

      Oh so we are now supposed to believe what they say or they report? I say you are all liars

    72. JaBurd Mclovin

      I thought we need hornets & bees ?

    73. The Great Nation of Wuzilund

      Not going to lie those suits kind of look like among us.

    74. Hi Ma

      This scp writers are really getting out of hand...

    75. Shivam Patel

      I don’t want this to be the next COVID. Eradicate them now

    76. Kirk Foret

      Lmfao what are they wearing? They act like these hornets are the black plague. Lord help humanity, not from the hornets, but from the stupidity.

    77. Gracie Rose

      it’s like that horror movie with the birds... but... bees..?

    78. Chamomil3 T3a

      Honestly, I thought this was another among us skit.

    79. baddog711

      Thanks guys for the hard work removing an invasive species. Only proves we need to watch for people bringing in this crap.

    80. Admitted Sinner

      I thought you're not suppose to Interfere with nature

    81. pog mo thoin

      Wuhan HORNETS

    82. DREKEart

      The bee suits look like weird indie gaming graphics

    83. VDAM1984

      What a waste to not have a video of it

    84. mike zerr

      Another staged scare tactic!

    85. Ty Ehm

      Do mosquitos next

    86. Rebekka Martin

      Why did my dumb self think this was another among us reality show😐

    87. Tonybone Robert

      It’s China trying to slowly kill the us

    88. Saxon Rains

      These things attack and wipe out bee hives, but God help these hornets when they travel further south, and stumble onto a killer bee hive for a quick snack.

    89. 1251wire

      Get em Baymax men !

    90. GrinBean

      It's Among Us in real life folks

    91. WallFlee

      Fking love the suits, they look like chubby spacex astronauts

    92. Rey Rey

      K, the thumbnail made me think this was an among us meme

    93. Jordau

      Among us: Has odd space suits Hornet protection suits: 0:25 prophecy or coincidence?

    94. EE CC

      First Corona, now killer hornets... What else you got, Asia??!!! :-D

    95. Dr Victor Fursov Entomologist Beekeeper Teacher

      Next invasion of Giant Asian hornets Vespa mandarina will be defintly to Europe. Or may be Australia, if Australia will not be protected well. Europe is free and very suitable for invasion.

    96. Dr Victor Fursov Entomologist Beekeeper Teacher

      This was an American fashion style of suit's for protection. Japanese suits are very comfortable, they should bye their suits.

    97. chief 1 redwolf

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    98. bees in the what now?

      guess i shouldn't be surprised there's a "slaughter phase"

    99. Lilit ASMR

      help me get 1000 subscribers please!

    100. Rxonmymind

      *Australia shrugs* Bees killing people? We have about 10,000 of those bugs that will kill you. Pick one.