The *NEW* Rainbow Six Siege Operator Flores in Operation Crimson Heist


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    TODAY on Rainbow Six Siege in this montage we have Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist and with the new operator Flores.
    This Rainbow Six Siege Montage features flores siege, and you'll soon now what flores of Rainbow Six Siege Crimson Heist is nothing short of a blitz, blast whatever, PogChamp pancake
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    🎵 Music:
    PAYDAY 2 OST - Heist Successful
    PAYDAY The Game OST - 13. Breach of Security
    Super Mario Galaxy OST - Blue Sky Athletics
    The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess OST - Postman's Theme
    Mario Kart Wii OST - Coconut Mall [Qumu Remix]
    Pokémon X & Y OST - Route 1
    Katamari Damacy Soundtrack OST - Katamari on the Rocks
    The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword OST - Skyloft
    Undertale OST - Bonetrousle
    🎵 Outro: Noisestorm - Crab Rave

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    1. BikiniBodhi

      like the vid for more payday 3

      1. Arcuser Arc

        Wait, its a Trap!

      2. Faery

        I refuse to like the video, then.

      3. Luan Linhares

        They should make so you could put jammers in the walls or make so if the bomb is close to a jammer it would take longer to place it. It would be a great buff(in my opinion)

      4. VerdeMorte

        This game is so good with Overkill soundtrack...

      5. Jay_on_144fps

        Yo bikini three words, smoke plus MelusI

    2. Подарки от Эльдарадо

      First world bank is nutshel

    3. thainfamous mobb

      I can't find him in the operators when will it be available again?

    4. Evasive 43

      Dokki losing frags for gonne is the most disappointing thing this season. It’s nice having and automatic secondary considering her primary weapons along with frags. Now for destruction you have to forgo a secondary

    5. The Internet Police

      Damn flores got that mfing drip

    6. The GodWolfFox

      7:17 eEpiC CaRaMeLo

    7. Yeah that guy

      Harry is that you?

    8. Alfred-kun

      Wadaheck my name. Is flores

    9. FuryJuice

      I just want an operator with an MG42 with infinite ammo to just spray down anyone in your sight

    10. Kuydo

      Flores - gay

    11. Diego Alejandro Aguilera Ramirez


    12. TORBA

      Can the gonne destroy a Mira?

    13. Mirza Z.

      The new operator have the resemblance of cyclops & gambit

    14. Your local commander Cody

      Is this only for pc?

    15. Coupa Lee

      This season hasn’t come out in ps4 yet and it’s been a week

    16. Erik

      Please unban me in twitch

    17. Craig Jonker

      Ahhhhhhh I need a medic bag ahhhhhh I am dying

    18. Yesirr Anthony


    19. Max Langner

      How much does he costs?

      1. POOP Rat

        He'll be part of the battlepass, so maybe 10-15 dollars?

    20. Cmaner Gamer

      so the drones have a timer what disabled them after 10 sec?

    21. Kerry King

      Mozzi is going to have a field day with this

    22. The Shade

      Gad damn we had Ethan from H3 in Payday 2 and now we have him in Siege

    23. David Henrique

      Mó gay

    24. Deadly Gaming

      @bikinibodhi where is Marley?!

    25. SaarB


    26. Edvard Fladby

      Use förbövulen in a video

    27. Sergio Adrian Gonzalez Hernandez


    28. EgzitE 76

      Lots of payday references

    29. Bandit PL

      ma boi played peayday eh?

    30. Phantom Ottsel

      Payday 2 music is amazing

    31. DJ oskhan 99

      Pogers my guys

    32. U.S.S.R Useless

      I have a combo, Flores, Ying, Finka, 2 SAW Recruits. Ying flashes Finka adrenaline boosts they all supress the enemy witha barage of bullets and while the enemy is traped Flores explodes them all with his drones

    33. Chang Bum Kim

      plz... give..... buck c8 2.0scope.... plz.... plz..... plz....

    34. ??????

      Bikini how much costs Flores???

    35. N3vik

      Solo gli italiani hanno visto che alluc ha killato bikini

      1. N3vik


    36. DrRax480

      I miss payday

    37. Joe legal

      VERRY PAYDAY reference

    38. CEB130

      Flores is an operator from Argentina, my country, and that make me so fucking happy

    39. James Daly

      'KAMBOOM?' 'Yes Riko kaboom..'

    40. Sebastian Vargas

      I’m on ps4 and I don’t see the new guy Flores

    41. Dimas812 YT

    42. Caleb jaynes

      What guns he got?

    43. Person

      Flores = Reworked Fuze

    44. Elias

      The Mario Kart music was just perfect

    45. Cris_puo

      payday 2 first world bank solo stealth death sentence

    46. XxSW4G G4MINGxX

      i did both

    47. mustardo mano

      They go back to Britain and America and don’t go somewhere new like Ireland or New Zealand

    48. KIND THE KING9

      Bkini, i got a new strat idea for ya, clash+maestro, the cams plua shield annoy the shit out of them, if they attack the cam they get shot by clash, if not, they will just be in a world of pain

    49. Hutox

      Lets wait the nerf

    50. HXNIF 4LI

      Lol he looks like Matt Murdock from daredevil

    51. TheAAngryOne

      I bet that’s the gay one

    52. Artac

      i'm moderately pissed because a year ago i came up with the idea for this exact gadget during a game lmao

    53. Suko

      How mutsch it cost

    54. majorwheel the shadow knight

      Wait wasn't there a Nok rework or something

    55. RaDicaL

      Ovkl: how much payday refferences do you need? Bikini: yes

    56. Anton PL

      Oh nigga you gay

      1. POOP Rat

        Yeah, it's hella cool.

    57. DonXmaster

      how do i get the update?

    58. RIP juice 999

      Why doesn’t he make he’s intro “hello everybodhi this is bikini Bodhi “ like bro it rhythms

    59. m4ksyuk

      why you didn't say anything about nøkk?

    60. J-Cotto33

      To all of the people who think blackboard shouldn't be nerfed anymore or that his rework should be a shield that protects him from some body damage while obscuring his vision, please explain why. Mind you, he is an operator that is shielded from headshot damage, which is one of the most vital parts of rainbow six seige. Also consider the potential fact that even if his shield protects him from just body damage, people are still going to feel dissatisfied when playing against him because they may have killed any other operator, but due to blackboard shield, they lost the gunfight. Those are just my thoughts. Very eager to hear back from the community :)

    61. 618 Terrorist

      Ur a bitch for using your influence to ruin the game

    62. aint-otaku

      why did you ban gcgamer ???? you don't like brazilian or you don't like gcgamer

    63. Tóth Máté

      Operation Jihad

    64. 전가리

      map is make more spawnkill >:(

    65. Front Line Medic

      Please send graphics card so my game can run RB6 again without crashing on load up

    66. omachi

      lmao the payday 2 music killed me

    67. MadeIInTokyyo

      woah did they make the textures, for the lack of a better word, prettier ?

    68. Russian Robin

      *This is just a new DLC for Payday 2*

    69. Timbo

      B O L U D O

    70. DeeJay the DJ

      That Sly 2 First Level music tho. Fuckin Dimitriiiii!

    71. Under The Rock RHCP

      Caramelo: oh again Oh no it's on me 👊😔

    72. Toilet Gamer

      They should make an Operator with a gadget that just kills you

    73. MedicMaster049

      I love the Payday music. Really committing to the "Heist" part of "Crimson Heist." Make that payday everything

    74. Creeper

      I love the payday thing at the start of the video that was awesome

    75. Ry Bbb

      "Designed to take out bullet proof utility" famous last words

    76. Rbzdj

      I cant see the ops?

    77. Midnight -Morgz

      Yay payday 3! Payday 2 still good though

    78. Brandon Piedra

      This would be such a good clash counter

    79. WILDCARD

      So its basically the RC DC from COD

    80. ERIK Szakmáry

      Revolt robikaaa

    81. Mohamad Dimashki

      Can Mozzis Pest catches the RCE-drone?

    82. JustLupka

      R6 is really big shit

    83. Fui Banido Em 10 contas

      where is Flores from?

    84. BikiniBodhi

      Give the heart to yourself bikiniiii

    85. Spencer Hallenbeck

      Hey kini they changed the gunplay in due process and added a game show type map it’s pretty great, do you have any plans of ever playing it again?

    86. Nachteule

      That new sidearm is going to ruin shit I just know it

    87. Mr.Bagelsworth

      i love the payday stuff

    88. NCR veteran ranger

      Isnt that duklock

    89. Poggers Mcnuggets

      Hello everybodhi

    90. The Emerald Tuber

      I'm waiting for someone to plant a Flores drone by a mute jammer, shoot it when an enemy comes near, and have a bomb

    91. Mr.Annngel -Hf

      Grande caramelo

    92. XDgamer 018

      Even more stuff to make me want a refund for goyo

    93. ARAM SDIQ

      your game is trash and you say 17.99 WTF bro

    94. Filip Černey

      I still dont understand the Payday 2 joke even tho i have 6k hours on Payday 🤣🤣


      Caramelo & Bikini👀👀😎

    96. Chrisdonian

      Much love God bless. We broke Gods holy law, the ten commandments(this includes lying even once for God's holy standard is perfect) leaving us all guilty of hell but Jesus paid that fine we never could of on the cross giving us the option to turn to God through Jesus Christ and be saved and justified not by works(which are no better then a guilty man pleading to a judge to let him go free of charge when he has done multiple unjust and unholy actions) but by Gods grace to us sinners, made into new creations with Gods word on our hearts for those who turn to Jesus(God in human form). saved for the amazing will of God to abound through our lives as believers

    97. Fuze

      Flores is Fuze on steroids

    98. Emre D

      payday3 looks interesting

    99. Rice Farmer

      the new operator looks like leon the professional

    100. Basalleitor

      Pero bueno kirsa que haces aquí compañera