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    Washington Redskins safety, Sean Taylor's death, we look back on his life and career through NFL Films A Football Life.
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    1. Marie Mathews

      Sean you a legend

    2. American Eagle Claw

      Still my favorite player

    3. Jamie Brumant

      Jealousy is why they killed sean taylor, he worked hard for what he had but those who killed him never tried to learn from him instead of trying to understand his story all they saw was his glory, Jealousy and envy is the opposition of others happiness and prosperity, Laziness and lack of ambition causes people to see others are just lucky when in fact its hardvwork that creates champions in any aspect of life.

    4. PrinceCezar27

      His girl know the cartels

    5. SEA

      Amazing all around. God bless his spirit

    6. TRC TurtleIsland

      Dauphin River First Nation Manitoba Canada 🇨🇦

    7. TRC TurtleIsland

      Rest in power Rest In Peace Love ❤️ Respect ✊ brother Sean Taylor

    8. Monica James Smith

      My 16 yr old loves him and mind you he died before he was born talk about amazing 👏❤

    9. Phillip Lyn

      Loving this one thanks for sharing very information blessed love to all knowledge is power hopefully everyone pays attention keep up the good work 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

    10. thaddeus_ 22

      WHO DISLIKED THIS?????????????????????????????

    11. Jelly Dean

      RIP Sean Taylor.

    12. josh Thompson

      Damn shame!! Hall of Fame on and off the field. The GOAT as a MAN!

    13. Jude Kay

      Didn't know much about football, accidentally came across this. I'm heartbroken for everyone who loved him. Sounds like a good man

    14. The real french Dose

      💛❤ Legend lives on forever

    15. Tenzin Rabgyal

      why we still don't have Hollywood movie abt Sean. he was and still is inspirational. RIP

    16. Ricky McSwag


    17. Ricky McSwag

      I made a list of my opinion top 100 nfl players of all time. Sean Taylor was number 22.

    18. Deez Nutz

      The people who disliked had tears in their eyes and by mistake pressed the dislike button

    19. aris


    20. Mandy Bland

      Sean your my football idol im gonna be just like you

    21. Jasmine Washington

      I remembered his death like it was yesterday because I was 10 when it took place

    22. Terri Hudson


    23. Algonquian Son Weroance

      The NFL was not worthy of Taylor..hes playing in the Legend League somewhere in another world

    24. JNats 13

      Rip Sean Taylor a remarkable Nfl Player and a Nice person to all . Long Live sean Taylor

    25. Off elijah

      He is my favorite safety of all time

    26. Eve's perspective

      What an amazing story. We need to see more of the heart of the players instead of what the media sensationalizes to make money. Thank you for posting. He touched my heart and is making a difference to show everyone that all things are possible.

    27. Cookie Banana

      I'm sad rn cause he was a good player

    28. Swagclan Games

      That’s nasty Sean Taylor AND Ed reed

    29. Miss Martin

      Rashard Dudley no offense but I Kno you still feel those hits til this day! I love it !! When your dedicated to something and it's your destiny but they reward someone else with it, it does wake up the beast in you!! He definitely was in BEAST MODE!! GREAT PLAYER!!

    30. happs

      Thank you NFL for making this. A great tribute to Sean.

    31. Michael Suh

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    32. ChaseWont Miss

      i don’t think people realize how good this miami team was too

    33. Delila Thornton

      This made me cry so bad. What a good man.

    34. Lil Byrd09

      Happy birthday Sean Taylor

    35. justin garcia

      Happy birthday goat

    36. Ethan3DS

      He would’ve been 38 today. RIP

    37. Trap Trees

      RIP Sean. Would have turned 38 years old today. I never watched Sean play live but I wish I did.

    38. Shree Camphor

      I miss this kid..luv u from l boy

    39. LOFT Tm

      I do this every year. Happy Birthday, Sean. HTTR

    40. Michael Dodd

      Pro bowl everyone no hitting. Sean Taylor said 🙋🏿‍♂️

    41. Price Darcy

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    42. Sophie loves

      Damn, actually made me cry, just such a sad situation. 😔

    43. ajaypal sidhu

      That's why our parents advise us to avoid bad company. What was the sister doing, making friends, with these guys? They look criminal.

    44. Christian Gallagher

      The handsomely wedge intracellularly twist because ice exceptionally colour like a ripe lake. jagged, hurt finger

    45. James Cowan

      Flash dat bling and you here the gun ring. JS

    46. James Cowan

      Kellen who?😆

    47. James Cowan

      Parted ways before his birth? Imagine dat. Typical spoda upbringing. Sad but true. JS

    48. Desean Money

      Sean Taylor needs to be in the Hall of Fame ASAP💪🏾💪🏾!!

    49. Markus Wysblo

      The blushing airplane intriguingly mark because vinyl immunochemically wish like a simplistic invention. wacky, periodic ocean

    50. Javion Rodriguez

      I’m a WFT/Redskin fan... this hit hard 💔 #HTTR #Live Long #GoneButNotForgotten

    51. Khaamir Williams

      if never got shot he would of been hall of fame

    52. King Kizzy

      His girls voice is annoying though, sorry🤦‍♂️ But RIP to the young man

    53. Bailey Reichert

      Reshard Dudley did nothing after high school. He never went to UGA because of his academics. He went to Junior college and then Oklahoma State

    54. James Jones

      He deserves it what a linebacker

    55. Fister Mantastic

      I wish Sean had an attack dog. They have specially trained dogs you can purchase that are great pets but are trained to identify burglars and intruders and subdue them until the cops get there.


      WHY THE GOOD ONES....taken away by low life garbage

    57. DEADSHOT 5806

      NFL make this man a hall of famer if no Jackson only played a couple years and is in it SEAN TAYLOR should this man was the best safety in the league when he was there and changed lives with how he played I agree not first ballot but it’s been 3 ballots MAKE THIS MAN A HOF ER

    58. Chaz Hagenes

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    59. Mason Dagod

      If i played in the NFL during the time sean taylor did i would have died by his hard hits Rip.

    60. Arron Williams

      I just Cried! I hadn't Cried in a Long time! Thugs are bums! Trying to take something from people that worked hard for it 😡

    61. Michael Suh

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    62. Michael Suh

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    63. Michael Suh

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    64. Adrian Flores

      I hope one day Sean’s brother makes it to the NFL

      1. DEADSHOT 5806

        Should go to Washington and hopefully he is the next Sean Taylor on the field 💪🏼

    65. Scilencだ

      I done a hero project on him and when I presented I cried inside when I told them about his death.

    66. Michael Suh

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    67. Neil King

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    69. B R

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    70. Myles Gipson

      RIP Sean Taylor man🙏🏾

    71. babyrozexo v

      I just ran into this devastating story😪

    72. Matthew Shea

      You could see it for the short time he played in the NFL, he was going to be great. Absolute Tragedy. I still remember the playcall they did to honor him, and the disrespect from Buffalo. Still irks me.

    73. XXxTheTrojanHorsexXX

      “i woke up to banging on the door, and i remember opening my eyes, looking to the mirror, and it was still dark”

    74. Colton Horne

      28:55 gave me goosebumps 🥶🥶💀

    75. Nixon Darcy

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    76. Henry Hawkins

      I'm from Ft Myers Florida, and I'm ashamed to say that I know one of the kids involved in Sean's death. I am a Dallas Cowboys fan. And I'm a Sean Taylor fan. RIP bro 🙏. Gone way too soon..

    77. RayyCappin

      Best FS of all time: Sean Taylor

    78. Shanna Gronhoy

      I feel bad for sean taylor because he was the best safety of all time

    79. Josh Snow

      From a diehard Nole, Sean T is one of the greatest defensive players to put on the helmet

    80. Venom's Pain

      Why can't they tape their helmets?

    81. Brian Adams

      his sister was in on it.

    82. melvin chanthalangsy

      Rip Sean you will be missed

    83. Olgui Q

      Miami ❤'s U Sean....So missed!!!

    84. Designer Outlet

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    86. Albert Lopez

      Rip #21😇

    87. Joseph Locricchio

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    88. Anodyne Hipster Influencer

      I think I've watched this episode half a dozen times and it never gets easier.

    89. Wavy Jas

      i just cried a river

    90. James Dickerson

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    91. Contrell Yarbrough

      Them guys cared about Taylor those are real teammates R.I.P. S T

    92. fearofdavid

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    93. Craig Killmonger 7

      So, he got shot in the leg and died?

    94. Marlin Record

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    100. Louis Jones

      I watch this for motivation from time to time. I admire the young king as a person