2018 FLW TV | Lake Okeechobee


288 миӊ. көрүүлөр148

    The 2018 FLW Tour season opens with a bang on Florida's Big O.
    Winner's story - www.flwfishing.com/news/2018-01-28-frederick-s-first-win
    Top 10 Baits - www.flwfishing.com/news/2018-01-29-top-10-baits-from-lake-okeechobee
    Top 10 Patterns - www.flwfishing.com/news/2018-01-30-top-10-patterns-from-lake-okeechobee
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    1. Alung Fishing


    2. David McCallister

      God bless Tim Man I was almost crying for him

    3. Wrink

      Great to see someone get their first tour win. love these old vids helping me get through quarantine

    4. Brayden C

      Rip nick

    5. Bruce Truong

      Was wondering,,do they eat them afterwards or do they release them back?

      1. James H

        All the fish get released after they weigh in.

    6. david blue

      Tim Frederick….."If you gotta be Dumb you gatta be tough" LoL

    7. Scott Strong

      Can we find anybody who is less boring the commentators make me Wana watch golf

    8. YoBoy NP

      Please check out fishing Bro Nation on KGup and Facebook

    9. Nathan Ring

      Dude put your poles up! It's shallow water brother! :)

    10. BankingFromTheBank

      Rip Bro 🎣

    11. Leave or Liberty Fishing

      16:25 would make for a great PowerPole commercial 😂

    12. mdo686

      Wouldn't it be better to leave the fish alone while they are trying to spawn?

    13. Brian McClernan

      Tim Frederick is an outstanding professional. I fished with Tim at Lake Champlain last week and he is a true professional in every sense. Humble and versatile angler who will surely be a force in the FLW. Keep it going Tim!

    14. Royce Loi

      Wearing a slipper when fishing a competition reslly look awful

    15. James Hall fishing

      Rules must have changed later cause I could have sworn I saw mark rose use the old culling system

    16. Jurrasic world the fallen Kingdom fan 18

      he will be in my memory I will be praying for his family

    17. Nathan Behrend


    18. Gage Neubauer

      Sorry for your loss Nick... I will be praying for u

    19. jasontheryan

      Kudos to Tim, deserved it!

    20. ben dover

      This is hands down my favorite epsoide yet!!

    21. Clinton Raubenheimer

      Did Iaconelli attend the qualifier this year?

      1. MLF BIG5

        Not sure.

    22. Bradley Fuller

      that is my brothers friend

    23. Bass slayer

      That intro was beautiful

    24. Ivan

      video does now how to do subtle foreshadowing, knew Frederick was going to win halfway through the video

    25. Lenagdyfigpkhh; Mossuto

      it's crazy how big that lake is and all those guys fish on top of each other

      1. caden kea

        Lenagdyfigpkhh; Mossuto a lot of lakes are like that. Big lakes that fish small.

    26. J Bux

      Rip Nick , Go Tim Fredderick !!!

    27. Eiby Velasquez

      Bless all those who love and have passion for bass fishing.

    28. Noah Ray

      New commentators suck

    29. miracle man

      TO call them pro an got people netting for them or even using a net don't make an since to me pro tournments always been no nets

    30. Craig Taylor

      16:26 Put your poles up!

      1. Hunter Swoope Vlogs

        I agree man

    31. Mike Hoff

      RIP Nik... Great video... great tournament. Flip it or wind it!

    32. Your Favorite Person To Hate

      Absolutely beautiful 2 minutes later and still have chills!

    33. MT Fishing

      This is the best FLW Video yet. Well done Travis & Rob

    34. TTC TikTokClips

      When did this incident?

    35. Rod Buster

      Great footage of the actual fishing, nice job FLW

    36. Ridge S

      Don't care for the new voices of the FLW

    37. Danny B Fishing

      Watching with my Nik Kayler wristband on. Great tribute yall!

    38. Katlin Briefman

      Congrats Tim! It don't get any better than this.

    39. Josh Stubinski

      So excited the full episodes are back!

    40. Rain

      Yesssss!! Good Job Tim!

    41. Gripping Lips Fishing

      The first I heard about the angler that passed away. Condolences to his loved ones. So sad.

    42. Dwayne

      RIP 🙏 blessings for his family ,friends and fellow anglers !

    43. Mason Batchelor

      I will be fishing lake O this week in memory of nick 🙏🏻

    44. kee fishing hunting

      RIP NikFLW should go to Lake Mille Lacs MN

    45. William Bannister

      Very nice tribute to Nik.

    46. Scott Schappell

      Nice tribute. Made me think about how short life can be and how quickly things can change.

    47. DynamixD Fishing


    48. Gary Lukas

      Nick we'll be fishing for you this year..RIP BROTHER

    49. Luke Wallace

      I’ve been waiting so long for this

    50. Frank Rangel

      Hell yeah FLW Babyyy