The Mad Butcher, Cleveland Torso Killer - Still Unsolved ?? Mystery and Makeup | Bailey Sarian

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    Hi friends happy Monday!
    Happy December, well almost but still. What a year it has been!! Thank you guys for being here and hanging out with me, it really means more than you know. I wanted to do a giveaway and give a lucky winner some goodies! Come over to my Instagram as well because I will do some more giveaways over there for the month of December! I appreciate you guys so much and I wish I could give you all something.
    Today I wanted to talk about the Cleveland Torso Killer, what a wild UNSOLVED story this is. I would love to hear your theories down below! Hope you have a great rest of your week ahead and I will be seeing you very soon.
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    Bailey Sarian
    A big thank you to Courtney Sabol for helping me research for this story!
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    1. Bailey Sarian

      Recommend future stories for an episode in the comment section or Email them to: All I want for Christmas is to know who the heck was responsible for these murders...what kinda science project was going on 👀

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      Honestly it sounds to me like the coroner may be the culprit. Think about it, all the clues point to him.

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      i think it could be the coroner, he would know a lot of the cases, he would have the space to work, draining the blood. Also how would a coroner back in the day know, if there was a struggle?. ...and he would not be he would form part of the authorities

    28. Hayden Gage

      ok here me out in the mad butchers letter he said he found a new partner or whatever right and in the black dahlias case there was the tic tac toe carved in the side of the thigh so it kinda makes sense that there would be two killers in both idk if this makes sense but

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