Saleswoman FAT SHAMES A Customer, Lives To Regret It | Dhar Mann

Dhar Mann

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    - Mother Fat Shames Her Daughter, Stranger Teaches Her A Lesson:
    - Judging Others:


    00:00 Saleswoman Fat Shames A Customer, Lives To Regret It
    06:15 Recommend Video To Watch Next

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    1. Dhar Mann

      Hi #DharMannFam, EXCITING NEWS! Shop my latest limited edition merch collection, everything is on SALE! Shop now before it sells out: Also, for exclusive giveaways & more inspirational content follow me on Instagram here: ★ RECOMMENDED PLAYLIST FOR YOU ★ - Judging Others:

      1. InquisitorMaster SquadXf

        OMG Dhar man i love Ur vids and messeges

      2. Paris Mat

        Just bought the deep blue huddie

      3. Alona Thomas

        Hi. Loni I Watch your videos every day

      4. Ramesh Oddepally


    2. Abel Martinez Martinez


    3. King khaled Akl

      I love you dhar man your video are so real

    4. Deaja King

      Is it just me or do I just think it looks like dhar man’s closet

    5. Israel Garcia

      I was fat shamed too it was emotional at first but then you get used to it

    6. Amelia Pletosu

      why didn't ashley just be like shut up karen my mom runs this place.

    7. Pandaguurl Plays games!

      If Sssniperwolf is watching I want her to react!

    8. Jade See

      Ashley: **Accidently knockes things over** Mallory: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! Ashley: "I'm Sorry" Lindsey: "Is everything okay"? Mallory: "No!! This big load over here knocked everything over!!" *Literally 3 Pants are on the floor* 0-0

    9. Mustapha Touray

      Amazing video I love it😁💖💯

    10. Julia Vozza

      I love all the lessons you teach

    11. Errick Banks


    12. Lara's Outlet

      Mallory: Now take of those jeans Before you rip them! Me: Chill they are already ripped jeans!

    13. Tesfachin Assefa

      Why is no one talking about how pretty the girl is?

    14. Pink Unicorn world

      I’m crying of happiness 😭

    15. Bookworm Reviews

      That rude saleswoman looks like Hazel from "Bunkd" And she acts like she is too

    16. ꧁boba tea gacha꧂

      “I get this position or I quit!” “Oh that won’t be necessary, because you’re fired!” Me: wow karen! you just got wrecked by a savage person!

    17. Nat Tacos

      Mallory: UGH I CANT BELEIVE THIS!!! Me: Beleive it honey

    18. Justin

      Fat people dont have to get fat shamed an get bullied imagine if they were in the fat persons shoes imagine how they would feel

    19. Michael Gokhman

      Honestly Ashley looks more beautiful than that blonde girl

    20. Champion Gamer

      The fist one just reminds me of myself and how people but me down calling me fat and btw I’m a boy but I never listen to those mean assholes

    21. Figz

      Damn she a fatty

    22. OMGforlife Peeps

      This makes my laugh

    23. Theresia G Kfoury

      Skips add ✖️ Watch it✔️

    24. ela seferi

      Noooooo!she have a beautiful body 😍😍

    25. Varshini. E

      If I had ashley as a frnd I would hug every day!!!! She is soooo adorbs!! 5:36 wow... Such a savage 😎😎 Ik they aren't related but yea....

    26. Grove street

      store manger is cj

    27. Grove street

      Cj my boy

    28. Siimply_Chanel x


    29. Nermina Smajić

      NOOOO Hi😠😠😠😠😭😭😭

    30. Loomigurumer Mana

      Ashley in this video, idk what her real name is but she is SO pretty like you can’t disagree.

    31. Vikas Kumar

      Flat board vs thicc You knew the answer already.

    32. Lani Thornton

      The girl that is helping the girl that is trying clothes on it’s super nice but the other one just keeps being mean can you tell me why please because I kind of don’t understand why the girls being mean and she didn’t mean to bump the clothes down😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    33. Elijah

      Watch people died inside: 5:06

    34. Muhfaad Comments

      So you see 👏

    35. Funny bunny

      In my world Oreo into stores my mom is usually fat but sailor's don't care women's don't care

    36. Daniel Suryadi

      bruh nvm

    37. Daniel Suryadi

      the store is named Asley's, not Mallorys

    38. Lily Jameson

      Bahaha!!! That UGLY salesperson, inside and out, found herself in SECRET SHOPPER HELL!!! You'd better watch out, everyone. You never know who you're really dealing with!! I used to be a secret shopper, years ago. Everything gets back to your boss, so be careful.

    39. Praise's Blocktanks Gaming


    40. Keith Bergstrom

      I feel like this is real and not acting

    41. Lagum Lemoni

      My two favorite dhar mann quotes: 1. Nobody asked for your opinion 2. Your fired

    42. Lagum Lemoni

      Ashley is THICC

    43. Lagum Lemoni

      T H I C C

    44. Lagum Lemoni

      This lady clearly didn't learn since the last time

    45. Juan Antonio

      Grade for kindness The girl that's a jerk: F - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The girl that's real'y kind: A++++++++++++++++++++++

    46. Angelxprxncess

      That mean

    47. Fay Val

      Ashley literally is so pretty-


      “Your way too big for them” bruh and you salewoman don’t know how to talk well

    49. Jayden The gamer

      The mean girl got a taste of her own medicine I screamed all of that

    50. Vasa M

      isn’t the manager supposed to be like U WNAT CLOTHS going to random people faces

    51. Poke Ho YT

      a a

    52. nnioop nnioop

      She's so sweet when says your fierd

    53. fluffyjr. stone

      I love it videos I get treated by my size

    54. lizbeth camacho


    55. jackie doright

      Is it wrong when I watch most of these videos I laugh and say nanny nanny boo boo on you? 😁 It just feels like such sweet revenge.

    56. Verx 123


    57. VsN_ChampBean

      1:29 the mean girl was so mean 4:40 HAHA! The mean girl got fired. LOL!!!!

    58. Robert Farquharson

      Notice that Dhar Mann's head is the same shape as Schlitzie the pinhead.

    59. Katie Satie

      I saw my friend and she was ...big...too but I still wanted to be her friend because everybody no matter what there size or what they look like,there just like us but the difference is so little it doesn’t matter cuz we are great the way we are.

    60. ThatLooksWhiteBut_IsBlackHispanicGuy

      I’m sorry but if my mama owned the store and I walked up in there and this broad treated me like that... first I’d be catchin a fistful of that hair

    61. Hannah Joyce


    62. Melanie Pratz

      5:40 roasted

    63. Osmara Correa

      I quit oh not necessary your fired and love your vids

    64. basel the pro

      how many times so you see was said in this

    65. Naruto FF

      5:42 daaaamn thug lyf lady!

    66. Wisdom the Robin


    67. Tyron Davis

      The moral of the story is: Don't Judge! Just Help the customer, period. Lindsay: You have been hired. Mallory: TERMINATED.....part of served her just right. Ashley is the nicest girl that needs her help with her pant size... Great job on the video 😌😔💎☘️🇺🇸❤️🎶🏔️

    68. It’s Jasmine

      and I am not un happy with my life

    69. It’s Jasmine


    70. Avery Edwards

      Sorry rude girl but Let me show you where the nearest landfill is I think you’ll make some friends that are just like you!

    71. ゆかわまりこ

      I promise that I won't judge people size :)

    72. War veteran pedro

      *”that wont be necessary because your fired”* DESTROYED

    73. P4B08 Student Ieong Sin Mei Charmaine 楊善美

      Her daughter is beautiful even if their actually not mother and daughter still she’s beautiful

    74. Margaret Curran

      That’s what I call acting

    75. Devon Benjamin


    76. Devon Benjamin

      She needs to chill

    77. ꧁AJK Wonders꧂

      I swear this happened but at school I was in the library with my friends in school and a security guard walked over and slapped me and told me to lose some weight my friends comforted me though I luckily wasn't crying but it hurted

    78. Sans The Youtuber

      Omgggggg lol when She said oh no that won't be necessary because your fired lol

    79. Sans The Youtuber


    80. Christina Georgakopoulos

      The detailed deadline constitutively paint because english essentially shock into a friendly insect. plastic, fallacious drawer

    81. Mandy Johnson

      I think she’s BEAUTIFUL

    82. Aliaa Helmy

      I CRIED

    83. xLili_Toadx

      Ashley's smile makes me smile 😊

    84. Eli Schwartz

      All of them say so you see

    85. Jay McGlasson

      She's not fat

      1. Robert Scott

        Yes she is😂😂

    86. XxxGacha_ DemonxxX

      does no one notice how the mom has different colour eyes? THEY ARE SO PRETTTTTTTTTY

    87. Antonio Joel Mesa

      Kinda like a king size bed

    88. XxxGacha_ DemonxxX

      How dare you, Ashley is one of the prettiest people I have ever seen, and I'm not just saying this, I mean it, and those jeans look really good on her :D

    89. Miss Artemiss


    90. Mille Lynn

      Pls put snipper wolf in more vids aka lia

    91. Chum Quinones

      Ashley and Mallory are both great actors, even if Mallory is the bad guy.

    92. Roblox ily slender!

      No joke I acctully love dhar Mann’s shirt

    93. Nevaeh Boone

      Next time she needs to not be a rudey because she does not call anybody fat

    94. Random Shit

      4:19 her eyes are to colors

    95. EllaBobaTea

      This has to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

    96. LifeWith7Animals

      I have to say, this was the most heartwarming video I've seen yet of Dhar Mann:) It was beautiful and touching in every way possible

    97. Amber Lisac

      Never shame anyone

    98. Anil Twins

      Ashley is so pretty

    99. phyllis Wellington

      'Oh save it' 'I get that position or I quit' 'That wont be necessary... your fired' OH HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED

    100. Piano Tutorials

      Ngl this is how real life works