I Surprised MrBeast With A Custom House


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    We surprised MrBeast with a custom house then gave it to someone who really needed it
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    ZHC & MrBeast surprise someone with a custom hand painted house
    Special thanks to @MrBeast and his crew!

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    1. ZHC

      Subscribe right now if you want to win custom items and money in my next video! No joke I give away most of what I make back to my subscribers lol I love you guys! Special thank to MrBeast

      1. Brandy Tharp

        You should’ve brought Izzy

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      3. muhammad alam

        surprising thing mr beast has more like + more replies on his comment

      4. rap boy Jn

        I'm in Denmark soooooooooooo

      5. Mason Alan

        I subscribe with notes

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    4. Arsenal Gamer

      Woah...shrek s been working out

    5. Sara Almansoori

      6:07 i see mrbeast vibing on the bottom left corner

    6. shadowithfun

      8:14 Everyone: Starts screaming* You: Disapointed.

    7. • Cløwñy •

      When zach said "now u want you to paint this whole hallway blue," and she was like"okeh,"

    8. Alexis Logan

      "Go waste my money" ~ZHC 2020~

    9. SA Tahaa

      This video was like the every giveaway video ever

    10. Liam Palmer

      Again with my comment on “I surprised mr beast with a custom Tesla

    11. Jintal 5491

      Dear ZHC , when will u upload new content at ur new channel ZHC TV ? ❤️

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    13. Mich Parajas

      Hello! I saw your comment saying I won a price 🥺 I wish I could claim it 🥺

    14. Priti Angre

      I made a cute mr beast logo

    15. Alexandra Godoy

      i like zhc and mrbeast😁

    16. Pingwinarmy Arlet molleman


    17. hgdcno zadcb

      I like you videos before you this house and if you give him the Mr beast and the walls okay that's that that's cute one the the title of person

    18. Lover girl

      The tattoo looks like Harry Potter's lighting bolt

    19. Ogre Minnesota

      Tu sirf Mr beast ko surpise krne k liye channel khola h

    20. Yogesh Beragi

      Totally shocked Its insane😱😍

    21. Inese Bikše


    22. gamex

      Schlechtes Video

    23. Menchie Faeldonea

      virus you

    24. Technology Wizard

      Nice..NEXT VIDEO in 2030 :I surprised Mr Beast with Moon

    25. Ivy bloom

      omg this is awesome

    26. jpaulik77

      You and mrbeast should make a channel together

    27. Jordan Garcia

      How do y’all do this shit-i can’t even draw in a straight line

    28. Heather Slaughter

      I'd love to meet Mr beast 😍

    29. GOD BIRDS


    30. GOD BIRDS

      I would live there if I could

    31. Mack Playz


      1. Mack Playz


    32. GOD BIRDS

      btw good job on the house!

    33. Iconic Rainz

      Where’s the rocket ship

    34. Rivka Bronshteyn

      ZHC: "Ur gonna want to watch to the end to see how were gonna pull this off" Me: 'or u just skip to the end"

    35. vincent0405 Fuderanan

      Awesome 😎😎😎

    36. imogene treantos

      Please iphone11 or 12 house 247 tracy

    37. Callie Cranfill

      WOW that’s amazing work! I love what ya do you to mr beast

    38. Razor BladeXX

      I love this video

    39. Tristan Kelly

      You copyright all the time

    40. Train Table Railroad

      Plot twist: The person who buys The house doesn’t know either of those youtubers and paints over it all!

    41. Divyanka Playtime

      Did you get the custom rugs from SIMJI Shorts

    42. Estefani Martin

      nice videos i love them so much

    43. Syahmi Hilman

      Who is watching this in 2021?

    44. Azuriya YT

      Jaz is my favourite artist! Ly 💅🏻

    45. aydenisawesome

      Oh My God! It's The Incredible Shrulk!

    46. MrAGame SuperFan!

      What about the ps 6? (When it comes out)

    47. Play With Oscar

      :( you never come to my house

    48. Bruh ._.

      2050: Zhc surprising Mrbeast with a mansion that has a helicopter pad and a rocket ship...

    49. Kynlei Grant


    50. qt_ evez

      ZHC transitions are lit

    51. JC YT

      ZHC be like:my art is mind blowing Me:I have brain damage

    52. Gaming_Josh play

      I love jimmy

    53. Purple Slazer


    54. Floxex

      15:56 hehehehehe :D

    55. Gacha Tomboy


    56. MbmFlores

      Jimmy in the car video be like if you customize a house I want it and this video will be like I want to give away this house

    57. Kaka Fayeza

      8:22 zach : help me

    58. Jayden Kwan

      real cool

    59. Jelena Djurkovic

      Can I get a haus :>

      1. Uzbeki Mapper

        No lmfao

    60. gaveryl joshua

      When zhc said I surprised mr beast but mr beast know that zhc will give him

    61. Elena Mae

      This guy is like a Mr Beast want to be

    62. Darzella Elise Zaragoza

      I can't subscribe because i might have too much subscribers

    63. Kelsey Murphy

      alright, next is a city, next is earth

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      Lol you’d understand. K.

    66. Just Voice

      I would lose the food challenge I eat so slow 😂

    67. DL-Renault

      Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaah

    68. Respectful Rowland Arel Master

      Congratulations to everyone who is early and found this Comment”🏆

    69. Sophia Adele V. Corpuz

      does anyone wants to know this edit is cool? 11:26 - 11:40 is so cool..

    70. Дмитрий Шелудько

      Крутое видео !

    71. Bakugo Da hijabi

      ZHC First words : M M MRBEAST Zacks mom. : hunny Zack is going to say his first word

    72. Antonio Voinea

      mmmmmmmmm yes the key video

    73. Antonio Voinea

      mmmmmm yes the key video



    75. Shane Chris

      Nolan was happy

    76. liew yukang

      i sub but everytime not me :(

    77. Racheal Standley

      muslin clos13

    78. kirisou

      I swear Zach is just the artist version of Jimmy.

    79. Zoy To The World


    80. • idøstufføk •

      Does anyone else think Michell and Viv (I can’t spell names) look like Gold and Rainbow from the Krew? Viv is the blonde who first got eliminated if you’re wondering

    81. alfiethemonster

      The Key Video LOL

    82. Sean Butawan

      Did I just hear this is the hell

    83. Poonam

      who first got eliminated looks teentigada

    84. Nicole Johnson

      🧚🏻‍♂️This is so nice of you guys random acts of kindness is awesome to see these days 🧚🏻‍♂️

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    86. Ashley Olsen

      MY TURNjk

    87. Jose alberto Atempa alcaide


    88. Emily Aynor

      Viv is really good at drawing and colouring realistically ❤️

    89. .............

      Zack your a better artist then me omg !!!😗😘

    90. Nash Anakin Candelaria

      Bruh the art so good and edeting skill epic

    91. Isaiah Allen

      You guys are good with paint keep up the good work I wanna see you paint more😍

    92. {blank}

      No one: Me organizing my stuff in minecraft: 7:50 / 13:49

    93. Jamie Ecker

      I never seen two pretty best friends only one of them godda be ugly😂 zhc and mr. beast

    94. oumou diakite

      you said MrBeast

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      I sub

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      My birthday was yesterday

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      I love your Videos

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      ZHC and Mrbeast collab

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      I love you. ZHC