Crepes - You Suck at Cooking (episode 123)

You Suck At Cooking

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    Crepes are a not just a thin edible pancake. They're not a cake at all. They're a crepe.
    Book + Merch:
    1 large egg
    ⅓ up flour
    ¾ cup milk
    This will make around 4 decent sized crepes
    Make raw egg pudding with the egg and flour
    Add a bit of the milk and Wangjangler until smooth
    Repeat until you have no milk left
    Let the batter sit for an hour if you're a baby who loves following the rules
    Put a small amount of butter in a pan on medium heat, then wipe it out with a paper towel, or an expensive silk scarf
    Pour some batter in and swirl it. For a medium large pan around ¼ to ⅓ cup of batter will be enough. For a 37 foot pan you'll need ten gallons of batter
    Cook until crispy crusticles start to form
    But you can probably skip blowing and also don't use your fingers if you're worried about burning yourself. Just use a spatula or try to flip it in the pan...but honestly good luck lol you're not that good at flipping.
    Cook the other side just a bit and then you know, stuff it or roll stuff in it, or fold stuff in it, or make crepe origami. Your call

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    1. Hunor Rácz

      In hungary these are pancakes (But not everywhere)

    2. Samuel Thomas

      I like the videos but the best part is the end song and doggos

    3. Jabbebe

      What are donkey eggs😭

      1. Jabbebe

        2:44 😭

    4. Shreddy Mercury

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    5. ML Wessel

      Dude you write cool jingles to sing along and wangjangle with!

    6. Birk Svendsen

      You said you weren't making pancake, but every where in europe this is what a pancake is

    7. Naxis31

      Every word that comes out of this guys mouth slowly makes me question about me sanity

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    9. Anon Ymous

      so that's how plumbuses are made

    10. kery

      my favorite part about this channel is the footage of his dogs running with his songs playing

    11. Magic Pocket

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    12. Lou Drake

      That background music at the beginning used to be the intro to the podcast DynamicBanter. Can I get two horn honks for this video

    13. Дрегног Сейлорс

      Shit, amerkans have found the recipe of Russian pancakes

    14. Brutus B. Martins

      Only 10 gallons of horse milk?

    15. Casper Adam

      "run full speed into your tri-pod" made me laugh way too hard

    16. R River

      Imagine Aliens find this Channel and think its all true.

    17. Gab

      Crêpes is just the translation for pancakes

    18. Örlogskapten Shmanya

      lmao in russia we have bliny, and dgaf about american pancakes or european crepes (tho this one is similar). And also it's not a "snack" there, we consume those in enormous amounts as a full meal with literally everything or with nothing at all and bake it until it makes a mountain that would feed a whole neighborhood

    19. Emil Viktorsson

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    20. thetypewriter bitch

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    21. Bradimus1

      Nutella and vanilla ice cream.

    22. Alisa Perez

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    23. Cheri Carreon

      I love you, was having a boo-radly day until l ran into your you-tube on crepes. Love cooking crepes and l love your post. ❤❤❤ try the hair straightener sometimes on your crepes for that golden color.

    24. Squid Jello


    25. RigbyStudios 04

      Don’t add a bunch of milk like he did cause I made it and it didn’t work because there was to much milk

    26. Everybody Drip frog

      I call them creepeys

    27. Jor Blor

      Who hurt you

    28. Sammy Dunbar


    29. xfallenxlostx

      Sorry, but had to stop as soon as crêpe was pronounced incorrectly. It is said like “krehp,” not “crape.”

    30. Uncensored Banana

      2 donkey eggs

    31. Din0za

      It's not crepes it's stuffed pancakes!

    32. Ravenous Elf

      This are Slavic Pancakes.

    33. Jake R

      7 years later and your still making great cooking videos

    34. FAZZ

      add a teaspoon of salt and you have norwegian pancakes.

    35. Tobiwolf

      2 donkey eggs ..... where do I get those ... or how do this exist ?

    36. isees

      Next recipe is gonna be Blini

    37. Fluffymiyster

      Love the song and have missed them!

    38. Chloe

      I have that same cutting board. Just thought you'd like to know.

    39. Marouane meftah Tf

      Bro tip:for sweet crepes add vanilla sugar or vanilla flavoring or vanilla extract you wont regret

    40. Marouane meftah Tf


    41. Kaoutar

      Hi, I just found out about this channel,... Yes I have a lot of questions 🙂

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    43. Neil Allen Lopez

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    44. Paridot

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    45. Paridot

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    46. YomonostrA

      Thats not crepes, Thats swedish pancakes

    47. Gracie Stickells

      he really burnt a message into a crepe using a soldering iron..... xD

    48. Techi

      Does fliping the room work too when fliping the Crepe? What about fliping the pan? Does a Half Flip of a Room and Half Counterflip of the pan work too?

    49. James Rosewell

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    50. Aaron Beams

      Pancake Girl, sucked into an extractor fan! Meringue Man, baked alive in an oven at 180C Degrees! Waffle Guy, caught in an electric eggbeater! NO CRÊPES!!!

    51. blackcatooow

      3:33 MaN

    52. keo kawasaki

      You suck at _something_

    53. Tree


    54. Python_mooping

      Make asian crepes or nothing

    55. Ghost

      my fav place ever used to serve the best sweet crepe of my life. Nutella banana strawberry crepe oh my lord ohhhhhhh my lord.

    56. QWOP

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    70. Im Phanta

      PRO TIPP: When the pan is already hot in your opinion, wait 1-2 minutes. That way the first one will turn out good aswell, since they just suck because of uneven heating. I ignore this though, I snack the first one while making the rest anyway.

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    78. I Am an idiot but

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    79. F L

      I made these today and let me say Ill never put My a breakfest pocket with a tortilla if i can make it with crepes they was good as hell

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    86. 167IsaBella

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    87. Secret Scarlet

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