Airsoft Battle 3 (Behind The Scenes)

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    1. Alyanna Aguada

      The people who disliked were those who can’t determine who is Derek and Will

    2. Alyssa Hill

      I want to be called the plus fans.

    3. Tim Plummer

      Back scene boys!!

    4. prashant kumar

      can anyone tell me the name of the soundtrack????? plzzz

    5. Sarah Combs

      It's to bad you all did not have a bow or a something like a .338 Win Mag with you so you could get that nice cow, but that cow did have a calf with her though.

    6. Brad Hey

      These videos are so amazing they are unbelievable!!!!


      Let’s go love it dp

    8. josh howk

      plus BUS

    9. Skrovirg Gaming

      The perfect squad

    10. Elliot Lyons

      Can u call us the camera crew 2

    11. L. Sch

      When they said BTSers I thought of the band.

    12. tree meme

      I knew yall were in NC bc of the forest i forgot the range tho

    13. Katelyn Cammarota

      How about the BTS or is get hints on new upcoming projects?

    14. Apple Pie

      The Inside Crew

    15. Jamie Ruble

      kinda good


      We should be called B.T.S.D. behind the scenes dudes

    17. RoutineWins

      For anyone who actually plays the game the nomad character is a girl

    18. Beth Crawford


    19. Hidro clan

      I can see TY as a soldier

    20. MarGi

      Am i the only one, who really like these videos and want to see a lot more in the future?

    21. tri sha

      The secretive revolver notably play because development resultantly interrupt out a hideous high era. overt, lopsided lute

    22. Malynn Branham

      Idk about all Dude Perfect fans, but I for one really enjoy the behind the scenes stuff. Thank you, Dude Perfect, for making these vids! ❤️

    23. Malynn Branham

      What if we were just called something like the dudes and dudettes?

    24. Riley Stevenson

      mrBeast made a video there

    25. Diego Gonzalez

      Ty: let's see how close we can get to the deer with a gun The deer: (runs away)

    26. Universal Videos

      One idea to be called is “Dudes of Dude Perfect”

    27. Lleyton Skinner

      like the name we have now

    28. JxR ClaSSic_SKI

      Yes we do

    29. Irith Dittakavi

      Call us Plus Bust

    30. Mary Frazee

      Ty does look like nomad

    31. Doodle 375

      I would like to be called People Behind the Screen Unseen

    32. Ava Breckenridge

      plus bus

    33. For the Kiddos

      call us the bonuss

    34. TJ Skyliner

      The BT’s but sounds like beats 🎧

    35. BrOz Hype

      Call us bonus peps

    36. Ben Mallinson

      Call us team DP+

    37. teresia anderson

      Oh my goodness. This is like the movie "It Takes Two." Derek and Will are identical strangers!

    38. Aryan Kulkarni

      Do we need to pay any subscription for the '+' ?

    39. kempPhille Gonzales

      Call us TIC" - The inside crew

    40. James Sherratt

      # Behind the system

    41. Lucas Lengyel

      call us the dp+ers

    42. Micah Emery

      Looks fun

    43. Roberto Coello

      I didn't know Gustaf Skarsgard was on dp XD

    44. TheSock

      Call us “The EggMcMuffiners”

    45. Shourya Chatterjee

      Call us the insiders

    46. All In One Dude

      TT is a fun guy

    47. Aryan Panigrahy

      The B.D.P.V.W.ers The Behind the Dude Perfect Video Watchers How about that

    48. DozaBoyz3

      Can you do an airsoft battle royale four?

    49. Sophia Arntson

      we should be the only ones who know who is behind the panda suit. :)

    50. Akai tsubasa

      Survey corps

    51. Sniper Bros345

      Airsoft is really under rated for how much fun it is

    52. fishyzbtw

      Cook people

    53. Sam Plautz

      "Undisclosed location" Everyone knows that's the abandoned Ghost Town in the Sky Theme park

    54. Mint Lee

      Taiwanese here!!!!!!! A legit fan for three years!!!!!! Me n my friends are all DP FANS!!!

    55. Kyle Findlay

      Why not call the behind the scenes fans the dudes and dudettes of dude perfect. "Hey dudes and dudettes welcome to behind the scenes!, Lets go!!"

    56. Bowman173

      The Panda army

    57. All Harding adventures

      I love being called BTS it is so funny 😜

    58. dung eater

      You should get tons of people and do a capture the flag 👌

    59. Wrld.Of. Elite

      Ty is actually defined in his arms

    60. Valentino


    61. Lennox Bettio

      Call is the(the plus boys)

    62. fan forever

      we should be called The Pandas

    63. VeggieSquid Games

      0.00 a legend was born

    64. Fire 2nd Channel

      3:36 Armies: oMg tHeY LiKE bTS

    65. Rebecca Montgomery

      Isn't this a place that Mrbeast filmed a hide and seek video?

    66. Mushrøøm girl

      This looks just like the Mr. beast Battle royale

      1. Abigail Richards

        Uh, I guess, cept' for the curses they bleep out, the inappropriate references and gender-based unclean jokes. Mr. Beast.... I don't know where to start on the flaws.

    67. Neveah Deckon

      call us the rykers

    68. Caleb Taten

      I wonder why the elk ran away You had a gun

      1. Abigail Richards

        Ty: Oh. That might explain it.....

    69. Sharon Schofield


    70. Troy Coulter

      DP extra

    71. Heather Morris

      lil js

    72. GameBadger 12

      Moral of the story... Give Smoky a lighter, and the next thing you know NC is making California look like a matchstick

    73. The Yotes Fan

      Wasn't expecting special forces. 2:58

    74. Minkl

      Call us btsers

    75. Nik Teerth

      I think that the we should be called the BTS Gang

    76. JoannaS08

      sparky reminds me so much of someone but i just can’t remember who ahhh

      1. Abigail Richards

        Idk, now that I think about it, he seems like one of my friends.

    77. Taylor, Micah & Garrett

      what about "the V.I.P.'s"

    78. in4no

      pog in the chat we have a airsoft battle 3 coming

    79. Declan Monahan

      The inside crew sounds the best

    80. Robyn Silvestri

      New OT segment: Willy do it?

    81. Reza Mesri


    82. Robert Kurschat

      I want to see a battle with simmunition. THAT would be epic.

    83. Aloha Chama

      My Son(Jacob) thought you guys can call the "bts"ers, Little Dudes. :)

    84. ants 345231

      Ghosttown in the sky ? Is that where this is

    85. Karisna

      U guys should call us the "insiders" I really don't know y but it sounds cool.If u like the name "Insiders" like the comment plz

    86. raghunandan reddy

      we wanna be part of the Dude perfect team

    87. Ryan Stewart


    88. Greg Smith


    89. SP3CTATED

      Nice shirts BTS!

    90. Big Blue

      Y'all should do a FortniteXairsoft game

    91. Will

      call us the Deputy Dude Perfect members the DDP

    92. Was2up

      Ty: let's see how close we can get......not very close "you are in full battle gear even a human would be scared.

    93. Noelle Maynard Holmes


    94. Cyrus

      Raise your hand if you think they kept playing after the video shoot was done.

    95. Zeppeli’s Hat

      When Cody said it was the most fun he’s had in a long time, was he talking about the Airsoft Battle or the Behind the Scenes?

      1. Abigail Richards

        Good question🤔. I never thought of that!

    96. mystic gaming

      the dp plusers

    97. Sophia Arntson

      we should be the all knowing

    98. Sophia Arntson

      moment of silence 4 the people who haven't discovered this channel yet.

    99. The Daily Life

      Just an fyi this was posted ok on my 13th birthday. Like if you care

    100. The Daily Life

      Definitely the inside crew!!