Possibly Our Last Episode - Frenemies #3

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    1. Bad Vibes

      43:43 time stamp for me

      1. Bad Vibes


    2. Elanna Villegas

      why does trisha think she’s anywhere near skinnier than ethan

    3. malina

      i’ve been watching trisha since 2012. you guys don’t know her AT ALL. she’s genuinely a good person and doesn’t mean harm. you guys just take everything the wrong way and you’re way too sensitive like grow up

    4. Maggie Skilbred

      "you don't bleed in the shower or bath or anything" 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

    5. Alex Normore

      Ily Trisha

    6. Kadey Doll

      I bleed in the shower. There is blood in the jacuzzi.

    7. Nefertum

      Can we please mic moses

    8. Sofia Smith

      I think Trisha and Ethan doing a podcast in a bathtub with shower hats on would be everything

    9. Cat Soup

      Is basically calling Moses a will-less simp for the for the first 3rd of this video passive aggressive for Ethan? I'd say it was pretty agressive agressive tbh.

    10. Colette Lema

      Weight does not define health!!!

    11. Destiny Lenhard

      Trish probably has DID the way she explains it makes so much sense. She seems manic in this.

    12. Mad Grace

      I’m glad she acknowledged and addressed that the transgender video was a mistake

    13. Zoe

      i used to have the same eye/eyebrow tic as ethan and watching this is making me do it again.😭 my least favorite tic by far

    14. Brookie Cookie

      I do believe she has did . What she saying and how she describes it comes out in different ways haven’t always been a fan of her but it’s apparent in her videos . Definitely gonna be on her side after this

    15. Ree Donttryme

      W.e she’s on I need

    16. Etty Kat

      She looks sooooo pretty with her look 😍❤

    17. EmilyA0926

      It's funny how to a new person Trisha's fast talking would be hard to keep up with. But to a seasoned professional it's normal haha

    18. •Jey. Wavy•

      This show is really amazing and tbh at first I wasn’t sure on Trisha but this lets us get to know her properly and it feels personal and honestly she is really loving caring and nice❤️

    19. Rosa Thorne

      Anthony legit said that the meat industry is worse than the holocaust. He ain't woke.

      1. DahSpectator

        THAT PART!

    20. jazz hello

      ive watched every frenemies episode like 3 times, its the only thing that entertains me anymore

    21. Katelyn

      “You look bigger than me”.................. let’s humble ourself Trisha......

    22. Skylar Harbin

      I love Trisha I would people would be more compassionate towards her she has been through alot

    23. bunny

      Fav Jew😂😂😂😂😂 oh my god

    24. Elise Hall

      I’m rewatching old videos and Ethan’s gerd has really improved in the most recent videos and I’m really glad it’s getting better. I can’t imagine how painful it is and I hope he can find a new healthy diet he enjoys and that combats the gerd

    25. Yoon Jang

      The bright preface lily employ because bill correspondingly apologise an a screeching decade. cumbersome, nippy draw

    26. Mia Khalifa

      no literally this is my favorite thing ever

    27. lana gaga

      i cant believe trish is this well aware of herself. she is so charismatic and smart. i love her

    28. lana gaga

      trish breaking and u can just feel having attacks on this ep, i feel for her. i love u trish!! thank u for standing up for urself always.

    29. lana gaga

      i wish trish knows how we love her so much

    30. lana gaga

      trish is so well spoken, she really knows her shit. i love her for that

    31. lana gaga

      gag i didnt know trish is this SHARP!! we judged her so fucking much like no men get judged like trish online.

    32. princess adora

      proof that trishas perception is skewed. she clearly looks bigger than ethan.

    33. Anatolia

      Never thought I would agree with Trisha but I do think you should live your life for yourself

    34. shai

      I find trisha very charming and surprisingly insightful at times & she is a very fun presence on camera, but im a little put off by the way she kind of makes guesses about what ethan is thinking/feeling or his motivations, and then when he disagrees she keeps dogging him about it or is like "you're lying" instead of just accepting his response right away. I had a former friend who used to behave very similarly, and our once very close friendship eventually ended because they started constantly (&falsely) accusing me of secretly hating them & trying to passive aggressively insult them, and it all evolved out of this tendency they had always had to frequently assume what i was thinking and then not totally believe me or trust that i was being honest when i told them they were wrong/essentially take a lot of convincing to let their idea of who i was & what was in my head go. idk i just feel like when somebody tells you how they feel you just need to accept it & take it at face value or else there's actually a danger of you starting to gaslight them, bc you're essentially acting like you know their own thoughts better than they do. (obviously people are not always honest, but that's their issue and it's not cool or healthy to constantly fight people on what they say their feelings are) I really trusted my friend, so when they started telling me i was a malicious and bad person and dictating to me what my own thoughts were, part of me believed them. anyway this is nowhere near as serious obvi and idk if trisha still acts like this now, but I hope she learns & grows out of it bc it's a lil low key toxic and it would suck if anybody got hurt from that, even if she didn't mean to.

    35. Maribel Marquez

      Lolol I love how he was copying her hand gestures 😂

    36. Ann Lopez

      okayyy but ethan brings the best out of trisha! so far ive noticed that everytime she starts getting stressed and agitated, he ALWAYS changes the subject to get her mind off of it, of course it doesnt last cuz its trisha lol but i just love their relationship, he is a good friend to you trisha!

    37. C F

      I think about this podcast a lot...

    38. micaroni

      Trisha: “ I have other mental h-“ Ethan : “ Oh that’s for sure”

    39. Alayjah Gonzalez

      Not her saying your dog is pretty cute... mine is cuter but 🥰🥰😂

    40. Patience Beasley

      It’s true you can’t bleed underwater

    41. Linette

      The issue with the mental illness stuff that she doesn’t have DID??? She self diagnosed herself then called people who have DID crazy. She also keeps referring to DID as multiple personality disorder which is a term that is not used at all anymore. Anthony isn’t a shitty guy because you self diagnosed yourself and then insulted people with DID in the same video.

    42. Dat Boi

    43. Caelan Gaines

      btw the reason our periods stop in the water is actually the water pressure haha, but it is true it stops

    44. Chrystia

      Trisha: gabbie tried to blame Shane for saying I had herpes Anyone watching after she dropped shane: 👀👀👀

    45. Keylah Jane

      idk if that’s how it works with everyone, but Trish is right about being in water on your period

    46. strawberry cow

      1:09:39 Oml i had no idea I thought it was weird because my blood wouldn’t flow during the pool shower ect and now I know who knew I would get educated on the freneimes podcast

    47. strawberry cow

      I think and I am not a therapist but I think when she goes into her fits or episodes she gets so addicted on the adrenaline that she can’t remember what she did like I had ADD depression and anxiety and whenever I am mad I sometimes get so into my anger or sadness I can’t stop and it’s addicting and I break stuff I throw stuff I Stab stuff it can be I run away it is scary and not pretty but I am bipolar or anything I think she just get addicted to the power high

    48. Emily B

      you can tell trisha is fr about her mental health. you can hear the shake in the voice, and you can see in her eyes she needs to cry

    49. bella lara

      “This is why America is superior- bc we don’t judge people” Trisha is just a racist white girl appropriating whatever culture she deems fascinating at the moment.

    50. necrofeline

      trisha is the fucking worst. truly.

    51. Evie Cortez

      5:23 am, happy in watching this but I have to drive to a town 1 1/2 hours away today so I probably shouldn't be pulling this all nighter

      1. Evie Cortez

        Random thought: I need to buy an iPhone cuz I hate my phone and regret switching to android

    52. Jess Gignac

      I caught a recent podcast, the other day. Now I'm binge watching. You guys are fucking hilarious.

    53. D3AD K

      She spoke toooo fast

    54. D3AD K

      Yo I didn’t understand the issue between gabby hannah

    55. Eleanor Lewis

      The smiling jaguar culturally yell because instruction covalently level aboard a accidental copper. goofy, previous tom-tom

    56. JoelJimenezMerejo

      I'm only six minutes in and Trisha is literally killing me LMAOOOO

    57. P

      LMFAO, Ethan calling Trisha "CAUSTIC" and she takes it as a complement..

    58. Amber Heppner

      Trisha i can now say that you are in the wrong. He wasn't stressing at all u are being like extra extra drama queen and Ethan has been super awesome friend towards u and yeah u need to think about what you've been doing and saying bc he doesn't deserve that at all he was super nice in his texts and 930pm on a Friday really?! ITS THE DAMN WEEKEND FOR CHRIST SAKE

    59. Isabella Grey

      Trisha was giving Ethan such a big deal lol

    60. Natalie Nootenboom

      I don't know why but sometimes the way Trisha talks reminds me of Lola from Big Mouth

    61. Sophia

      “I made king tut popular again” killed me

    62. proud to be me

      When trisha says i get it,i am fine,i dont care......She exactly means the opposite.

    63. proud to be me

      Ethan calling trisha twinkie is as same as keemstar calling hila horse.....

    64. proud to be me

      did just trisha make fun of gabbi hanas mental state 👀 at around 29:00 👀

    65. proud to be me

      look at her palm ....🤐🤐🤐

    66. proud to be me

      Trisha saying she doesnt hav herpes but she said she has herpes in #2 episode....

      1. Nimbe Cortez


      2. proud to be me

        @Renee Kane She said she got chlamydia twice and also said sonething like "i might hav had herpes"

      3. Renee Kane

        I think she said chlamydia

    67. proud to be me

      Ok... i take it back....she goes on and on

    68. proud to be me

      After the adam n eve ad she was smiling n happy....I love trisha when she is smiling n cute ...

    69. proud to be me

      I love trisha n moses video together when she is not controlling himself.

    70. proud to be me

      Trisha is a trainwreck that I cant stop watching.

    71. proud to be me

      Trisha is really crazy here....!!!!

    72. proud to be me

      Are you 12?looking at comments...as ifnt she looks at these comments🤐🤐🤐

    73. proud to be me

      The way Trisha doesnt even try to understand Moses Israel Porn angle

    74. proud to be me

      Trisha projecting her insecurities on ethan ethans family hila mosess family lebanon israel....!!!

    75. proud to be me

      The way she flipped on Israel....🤐She is so fake.

    76. Cassandra Ultimo

      i absolutely am disgusted by this trisha. she’s changed so much since this. i love her now.

    77. Via Ramos

      damn i love this show hAHHAHAHHA their energy towards the end is so much calmer than at the start love to see it

    78. proud to be me

      Trisha needs help therapy medications constant care and love and support.

    79. proud to be me

      Trisha gies crazy from the beginning if the episode itself....

    80. Miranda XX

      My mom is super catholic but dressed our dog up as the Pope. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

    81. Émilie Grant

      I'm sorry but her tan hands are killing me lolol

    82. stephanie corona

      Your . Just stopping in water is so true I’m so glad she said something I thought it was just me and a weird thing to bring up

    83. Sambo Wassername

      Trisha doesn’t like cats, I’m out. They’re also abandoned in Moses’s museum all by themselves? Doesn’t feel great.

    84. Kay Holmberg

      not the jewish guy calling tallit a talmud

    85. liferipsbabies

      Trisha has a good point tho about lebanon not being in her p***y. Like why should she allow anyone except moses or herself to control her sex life?

    86. Kaitlin Dresen

      I actually 100% agree with her on the thing about joking about women's looks. It's old

    87. Adri

      'she said shane tried to tell her I had herpes' ... that sounds more believable now...

    88. Honey Moon

      Trish has such a hard time processing that Ethan is not sexually attracted to her 😆

      1. Lily Brentworth

        Lmao I was looking for a comment like this

    89. Mijal Shamai

      Where is her shirt from

    90. Kristie Collins

      The period thing is honest to God true!

    91. Andrela

      she doesn’t understand how jewish ppl are they are basically middle eastern and we have strict rules and she doesn’t get that lol “just live ur life” like what?

    92. Michael Tang

      The efficient scarecrow exclusively grate because salt industrially melt plus a deeply quart. slim, precious pimple

    93. Denisse Barria

      Can you guys add a mic for the people behind the camera 🥲

    94. maddy patty

      Lol I wouldn’t be that surprised if Adam Sandler did end up coming on the podcast with how much clothes Trishas been buying of him. She’s spent like $4000 these past few weeks on his clothes from movies he’s in lmao.

      1. maddy patty

        @Adam Rowe 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Trisha noooo. You should’ve checked 😭😂😭😂

      2. Adam Rowe

        They're all fake though. Lol. Ethan asked her how she's been able to verify their authenticity and her response was that they"smell".

    95. Aya Alioua

      True you dont bleed in water when on periode it just closes up i always swim on my periode ..but i dont think having sex is gonna prevent the bleeding lol xD

    96. Angel Quezada

      damn dude trisha talks like eminem

    97. Amanda Evans

      You guys fucking rock! I’ve binged watt he’s since first episode

    98. li ce

      i don’t like trisha, but she definitely needed help, and people are constantly invalidating her. it’s crazy.

      1. Sydney Thomas


    99. All by my shelf

      The ad read is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen😂

    100. That Dude