Tokyo Tales: Tea Time with Granny (Simon and Martina Podcast Episode 12)


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    Episode 12 of the Tokyo Tales Podcast is more of a Kobe Tales one, since we were there for a few days last week and were finally able to explore it on our own, unsupervised. We probably should have had an adult present...
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    1. Chio

      松無古今色 (まつにここんいろなし) Matsu ni kokon no iro nashi Kanji: Pine, Nothing, Past, Present, Color. Meaning: ( Bamboos have joints above and below,) pine trees never change its color when the season changes. So we should treat other equally even if your situation changes.

      1. Hiroyuki K

        I want to add it. "Bamboos have joints for dividing above and below. (At first glance it seems there is a difference in status.) Pine trees have no. And pines never change its color when the season changes. (It seems like a perfect.) But, pines have more value for older ones than younger ones. (There is a difference depending on age.) Bamboos have no different value both above and below. (There is equality.) Pines and bamboos are different things. It's not good or bad." sorry, my poor English.

      2. ふくのすけ

        茶道は「一期一会」を大切にするもの。 近所のおばあさまは、お二人に出会えた喜びをお茶席で表現したのかもしれませんね。

      3. happymonkey06

        Wow so beautiful! That made me smile.

      4. Old Broad

        @BTS ARMY IS SHIT - ok, Loser, Chio translated FIVE kanji with FIVE words. Then, Chio gave an interpretation. Your comment was not very cool, loser.


        Okay, how the heck 5 Kanji characters can mean so much in English meaning???

    2. Erica Ng

      Thank you Simon and Martina for these podvideos. ❤ I've just found my way back to your channel after spending the last year watching (and I won't lie, rewatching) episodes of Begin Japanology because it was super easy listening (because of the English dubbing) while doing chores while my twins (just turned 1 yay!!!) had naps. These vidpods make me sooooo happy because I can listen and learn about the wonderful Japan w.out having to stop what my chores to watch ❤... Can I please make a request of you guys doing a collab video w Peter Barakan from Begin Japanology 😍😍😍😍😍 + the voice over man haha.. urgh would be the most amazing video!!!!!!! ❤Much love, Erica from the land down under!

    3. anagman

      Maybe 10 years ago I attended a tea ceremony at the Ro Ho En (Japanese Friendship Garden) in Phoenix Arizona. The Garden has a building made just for tea ceremonies held by the tea school. The teacher explained how the room was set up and what the student tea maker was supposed to be doing and what we as the guests were supposed to be doing. It was a lot to remember and I definitely messed up my part by forgetting some of what I was supposed to do. It was a lot of fun and everything was delicious. I would love to do it again.

    4. Faith Ann

      I went to an art installation tea ceremony. It was kind of a bizarro world tea ceremony. I think we did almost everything but it was really fast, in a small enclosed space, with black light and tea made with hot alcohol. It was really unique, but also discombobulating.

    5. Watery Star

      When I was in high school I was in a multicultural club.(Most of my friend circle was from abroad or had lived abroad.) One of the greatest experiences was being invited to attend a tea ceremony. Unfortunately we weren't able to be view the ceremony in it's entirety, only a very condensed 30 minute preview. I remember that because it was noted repeatedly before & afterwards. Before we went, I had been cautioned by a teacher or friend to not let the tea go cold. That it was rude and should be finished before it gets cold. I don't do well with hot food and drinks but I did my best during the ceremony to sip up my green tea as soon as I could while being graceful. I drank most of it, feeling proud because I had never drank tea and all. But then we were being ushured off. I felt bad but the woman there was so gracious and made me feel like she knew how much I appreciated the tea ceremony. I'm recounting a memory from ~20 years ago(ugh feel old) but watching & listening to this podcast brought back those memories. Thanks ! I've always appreciated the diversity in Washington DC and glad that I could/can experience a bit of different cultures in this area. Dream of visiting Japan but this podcast and your channels are the next best thing!

      1. Watery Star

        Interesting how my group all had our own cups but that not being the norm/how it's meant to be. I forget the reasoning but there was a group from the senior center and I guess a scheduling conflict. Either the time-slot was double booked by accident or they were trying to move it up for someone. We as a group decided to let the other group have the spot but we were able to be squeezed in for a preview. We couldn't arrange to reschedule because they were so booked up through rest of the school year. It may sound absurd but I wouldn't have had that experience at all so I appreciated seeing just a part of it.

    6. Adrienne Brown

      Late to the party but hearing Meemers in the background makes me laugh and feel better about my own attempts at recording podcasts with my animals

    7. Kameran Metaxas

      I love these podcasts! I remember watching your Korea videos years ago before I even had an email. Seeing you change has mad me look back at how much I've changed as well.

    8. Artemis Animals

      I'm watching this on 4th of July in the USA and I have 2 cats. I seriously thought my cats were crying from the fireworks but it was just Meemers!

    9. Robin H

      Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful experience your Granny neighbor gave you.☺️

    10. mary mai

      I've been to a tea ceremony once before . Literally only remember the wagashi which was so yum and my legs all numb even though I was able to sit on the special cheat stool you can tuck under your butt. Would 100% do it again though!

    11. Megaaaan42

      I'm really new to your channel and I've been catching up on all of your old videos. You two are adorable and I love hearing about Japan and your travels but it just made me SO HAPPY to hear that you love Buffy! Lol

    12. Sophie are you INTP Martina? introverted intuition thinking prospecting

    13. Gloria Caridad

      Aww! That was so sweet 🥰 I have never had a tea ceremony but now I hope someday I can.

    14. Adrienne Whiten

      I love the joy you show in having this new experience. I grew up watching my mom practice the tea ceremony and it was an amazing teaching experience for me as a young child to learn patience. Awesome podcast guys!!!

    15. Linda Yau

      Whoa, hearing Meemers throw a tantrum is cracking me up...

    16. tiberius K

      There's something to be said for careful quiet and considerate movements; those aspects of the tea ceremony sound lovely, and they especially appeal to me bc of my OCD rituals and such, but I'm also reminded of allowing yourself to simply exist in those moments. That kind of silence and existing is something Ozu Yasujiro and Hayao Miyazaki make use of in their work, which aside from given them a distinctly Japanese feel, also lends a comforting sense of simultaneous simplicity and the knowledge of inner complexities we all have. Hmm maybe that's why Spirited Away (for example) is such a sweet and deeply touching movie for so many people! Finding time for this in life can be hard, but I like to incorporate it into my breakfast hours on slow days, since it really sets me up for a peaceful and mindful day. One of my own build a ladder moments I guess :')

      1. Watery Star

        I know this comment is several months old but I love what you wrote. It really resonates with me that "allowing yourself to simply exist." I grew up watching quieter films with my mother. She loved having serene movies playing on the dinning room tv while in the kitchen. Even while driving she had music that had this kinda "zen" quality to it. She taught me to quietly appreciate beauty in the world. Would explain why I've been drawn to Japanese culture with traditions such as the tea ceremony.

    17. Malatang

      I live for Martina's Meemers voice "never~" hhh

    18. BellA Loves

      I love going back and just listening to their podcasts, they just make me happy with how much they love each other, their home, their friends and just how real they are about their life in a country they weren’t born or raised in

    19. A F

      Wagashi is a category (Japanese sweets) rather than a specific thing. Mochi and dango is wagashi. Re: tea ceremony - there's definitely a set of "rules" for both the preparer & the drinker. I'm so glad that y'all had such a moving experience! I experienced it in Kyoto (served by a uni student) & totally didn't do enough research to really enjoy it 😅

    20. Harley Bussell

      The way you gently hold hands is adorable!

    21. knitkate

      Now I really want to do a tea ceremony in Japan! To be fair, I go out for tea on almost every trip I take. But this sounds beautiful and lovely.

    22. Robert S

      Having a rough day, so I just wanted to say thank you for making videos like these to help keep me positive and happy : )

    23. Media Addict


    24. Jenny Moskal

      Hi Simon and Martina absolutely love your channel and your podcasts :) Been thinking about you guys lately and hope all is well!! Miss you

    25. Kou

      I wouldn't mind at all a full uncut video of a tea ceremony with no background music! Like maybe one video that is edited and cut with music with explanations to learn about it one way, and then also have an uncut video to experience it a different and undisturbed way

    26. Amanda Panda

      It's going to sound really weird but get some water and put vinegar and some dried black pepper and put it on the wires just like a very thin layer because once your cat goes up to it and tries to bite on it again it's going to taste really nasty and he will probably never do that again period I have a ferret and I have to do that with the wires in my house. The fair that I have now is really well-behaved so he doesn't do that but I've had quite a few ferrets who like to eat the wires so it was something I had to learn along the way and they really don't like the pepper because it's a little spicy for their tongue and then the vinegar is just so nasty hahaha. and I definitely understand how you're feeling Martina I have a hip replacement coming up in April and between the fibromyalgia and EDS and hip dysplasia pain I'm just having a really really really bad winter because everything kind of just like gets worse in the winter including depression and my anxiety has been horrible and my IBS has been acting up really bad because I quit smoking months ago. So my entire body is just freaking out and I have not been myself and I've kind of been secluding myself away from people for quite some time now. So I definitely understand what you're going through and I hope we both get through this as quickly and painlessly as possible. Lol. Such is life right? Try to see the happiness the best you can.

    27. landt smith

      It's pronounced Dray CO! Draco is Latin for dragon!nn

    28. Ciara Vanessa Santos Rodriguez

      You guys are too cute!!! HOLDING HANDS AT ALL TIMES!!! First time watching (not only listening) to your podcast. Love it!

    29. Darcie Hamilton

      they touch hands while broadcasting. im done.

    30. Marta Zukowska

      The reason we value the boxes for our tea utensils so much is because they're treated as a kind of certificate of authenticity. The writing on it usually says what is it, who made it (which gives us a hint regarding the utensils age), and if it has a name: what the name is and who gave the name. Let's say we have a teabowl, named 好日 ("good day") and it's box. On the box we would have: who made it/what kiln did it come from (which gives us the maker, type of ceramics and approximate dates of when it could have been made), the word "teabowl" in japanese, the name and the stamp/signature of the person who named the teabowl, if it wasn't the same person as the maker

    31. mrahzzz

      I studied Japanese for a year in university and had the opportunity to go to a local woman's house with a small group of classmates, where she had this immaculate tatami tea ceremony room in her subrban American house in the middle of suburban America. It was a truly lovely experience - I really appreciate this concept of care and consideration, and as you say, deliberate movement and care, for even the simplest little things. I remember there was even a correct foot you're supposed to step into the room with (never stepping on the threshold), and the proper place in relation to the edges of the tatami mat that you're supposed to sit. Before drinking the tea you're supposed to take a moment to appreciate the bowl that it's being served in, and turn it a certain way when you set it back down in front of you. I want to learn more about it, and try to apply the same level of care and consideration to my life in all aspects. I think this kind of ritual and quiet appreciation of the moment/art of the tea itself is kind of related to the uptick in "artisnal" sorts of coffee shops, where you make the water just the right temperature, and get just the right grind on the bean, and brew the coffee with certain pauses to let the coffee bloom - all that. Same with some of the art involved in creating the perfect piece of sushi (like your Saito video). It also made me think of the concept of wabi/sabi in Japan (which I learned about in an art history class), where age and imperfections can give value to an object - an acceptance of imperfection, and beauty in the quiet and under-stated nature of an object, maybe even an understanding of imperfection as related to beauty in the use of an object, with or without its imperfections. There's a lot of beauty in this concept of quiet peaceful appreciation for things+life. Thanks for sharing your experience ! Bonus: Actual image of Meemers during this video: =^A^=

    32. Daniela Parra

      Tea in Taiwan is amazing!

    33. Shannon Cameron

      I recently experienced Chanoyu as part of my Japanese Culture class at school. It was incredibly well done, our wagashi were in the shape of pines since it corresponds to the season. I hope you're feeling better Martina!

    34. Pamela Batchelor

      Much appreciated story of tea ceremony. You could reach out to Satoshi from Tabieats to interpret any written Japanese for you. I’ve been dreaming of you folks together.

    35. Sarah b

      I would love to watch an unedited 2 hour long tea saramony video!

    36. nerotann

      I absolutely love these podcasts. It's so exciting to hear about your adventures and inspires me to find my own! Building a ladder has been very important to me ever since I adopted the concept. Thanks for sharing your stories with us! :)

    37. KitkatJapan

      There was a tea ceremony at the center in Japan I studied at and it was great because I got to see the lady who prepared it again when I joined the local Taiko group. Some older ladies really get into their culture and I love it!

    38. Anna Taylor

      I've had a pretty rough week so I really appreciate Martina being so open about her piggies and Simon's comments on making good memories to hold onto despite a rough patch. :)

    39. Mortis Speaks

      Based off of what I've learned in this episode, I now understand a specific episode from Samurai Jack . I thank both of you so much.

    40. happymonkey06

      Do any Nasties or Simon and Martina have any suggestions for a nice place to experience a tea ceremony? I’m visiting at the end of April and thought I might add it to my To Do list. Thanks!

    41. Wanlin Huang

      The theme of your house is Martina's paradise. Simon you got to get this. *Shakes head*

    42. Maria Pletneva

      OMG U of T for life!

    43. Kagome

      This is the Simon and Martina theme house!

    44. Anna M

      What happened when she served princess Diana?

    45. Alessio Fangano

      Your podcast is a real treat! Love how your voices come through... so relaxing :D And you are great storytellers so I can just let myself go and follow ur imagery. Now we just need a camera with a bigger battery/memory :P

    46. mmmmsashimi

      Your houses theme is classy eclectic nerd

    47. Gypsy Feng

      Where did you get that u of t alumni sweatshirt?

    48. Pozzo

      You have an 'Eclectic theme', then...

    49. Porter Roverson

      I can super relate to wanting to be prepared. I get so anxious if I’m not

    50. Berrie Bloo

      omg OHSHC mug !!!!!!!!!! D:

    51. masterwhiteduck

      Awesome podcast! My reccomendation is to bring your neighbor a bouquet of beautiful flowers! 😍

    52. Say Pinecone

      Martina, I love you, but the way you pronounce Draco makes me cringe so hard.

    53. Metalman200xdamnit

      What is with the backward N's in the title card?

    54. littlebear

      i'm so happy you guys started podcasting :')

    55. Bombchu Bowling

      It’s so sweet the way they hold hands while talking

    56. Bombchu Bowling

      I don’t know how I’ve only just found your podcasts after watching for years, but I’m so glad I have xx

    57. Exactpi

      Mee probably is acting out with the loss of his friend. I've lost 2 fur children, and the other puppies grieve. He lost too, ya know? Thanks for sharing. You help me do the travelling that I can't physically do.

    58. Jera T.

      I love your podcast very much and it makes me very happy. That's all. Thank you.

    59. Kody James

      Do you always have to play pIddy fingers...??

    60. Alicia McManus

      I love yall’s relationship. It’s beautiful ❤️

    61. Brianna Wilson

      If you want to do more research, I highly reccomend "The book of tea" by Kazuko Okakura! It's been translated into english and it explains not just the content of the tea ceremony, but also the context and mindset. It's a great read!

    62. pnkstcy

      I love your podcast! Please continue to do these. Feel better Martina!!! Love you guys.

    63. Old Broad

      Since you asked, I attended a tea ceremony once in May of 1989 in Yokkaichi. I was on a hiking tour of temples with a small group of 8. This tour company was called Journeys East and they were based in San Francisco. As far as I can tell, the owners have now retired. The ceremony I attended was much as you described, but I think may have been geared specifically for gaijin tourists because it was only about half an hour. We got to keep the little plates that our pastry/candy came on as a souvenir. It was a beautiful experience. After that we spent several days at Tsubaki Grand Shrine, which is nearby. If you're looking for things to do, I'd strongly recommend this shrine. That was my favorite place we visited, and we visited places that were hard to compete with: Koyasan, Minobusan, Otsuki, Kyoto (including a temple not open to the public!), and sitting zazen in Tokyo. Thanks for another great video. The Geezer and I are your oldest fans.

    64. Sandra

      UOFT alumni REPRESENT!!! Simon, did you buy the sweater the last time you guys visited Canada?

    65. Evelyn Revolorio

      🐷🐖 Doble pig fun. Hope you feel better soon. Tokio Grandma tales. ❤️👵

    66. Cozmicsuga

      Ouran High School Host Club mug! Still love that anime! Love the last pic too. 💜

    67. xXExBooXx

      I was Uchideshi in a Japanese Culture Center over this last summer in Chicago IL. Mainly it I was doing Aikido training almost everyday, cleaning and fixing things. But one time I was trying to be very quiet in the kitchen as a tea ceremony class was going on. (I really wanted to make food.) My name gets called by Francis-sensei, and he asks if I can come be a stand in guest for the student he was teaching. I had only done one intro class with sensei 2 years ago, so I was lost and just did everything I was told to do. I still very much enjoyed the spontaneous event and was very happy that I was asked to receive the students hard work.

    68. Tialisa TEA-ah Chapman

    69. mcmaximax

      I was invited to a tea ceremony once as part of the exchange student program. It was at Yusentei Park in Fukuoka which was amazingly beautiful. Everything was so meticulous, and I couldn't have appreciated it more. Like Simon and Martina said, it's something to experience oneself to truly understand, like.. I don't know how to tell what it was like in text form either. One thing I'd like to add is that there are certificates for this too, and students learn everything starting from how to slide doors open, how to walk, etc.

    70. Suzanna Veeder

      Would LOVE to see an unedited tea ceremony video, maybe put it on the bonus channel since it's so long.

    71. Hans Sueño

      is it just me or is the volume of the video really low?? wish it was louder :/

    72. T3hXinro

      The cushion on Simon's chair is so cute!

    73. Jolene B

      So what you're saying is that if you do a tea ceremony for a video it's going to be live??

    74. y4miko

      I went to 2 tea ceremonies in Japan. One when I was studying there and it was part of a culture class and they explain every step to us and showed us everything in English. I was so impressed to see how many steps there were to drinking tea hahaha. The second time was when I was back in Japan with my family and we decided to all do a tea ceremony activity. The women didn't speak a lot of English but they were so kind and nice! plus the tea was de-li-cious!!!! I regret not buying ceremony-quality matcha in Japan because it was the most delicious, creamy tea I had ever tasted before.

    75. Elly Sabordo

      I always look forward for your podcasts guys. I love listening to it on the way to school, perfect way to start my day! 😊

    76. peako39

      Simon's voice can be so soothing, he could record audio books or those meditation talks. Love these podcasts. I was feeling kinda crappy today.... Let's build a ladder together 😊❤️

    77. Maria C

      When I'm having a bad day I get strawberry milk and snuggle a stuffy, usually it's a panda or rilakkuma plush ( ˶˙ᵕ˙˶ )

    78. happybunnyntx

      My first experience with a real tea ceremony was at an anime convention. My boyfriend lost all patience with it after awhile and we had to go do something else. Like Martina I'm also into graphic design so I did see a little of what she mentioned. Unfortunately, he did not.

    79. A P

      This was heartwarming, even the story itself was emanating piece. But Simon, my man, you sounded very quiet in this one, was a bit hard to hear your points :)

    80. Katherine Buccieri

      Your obvious love for eachother is the most refreshing thing on the internet. You are a constant inspiration for me and my ladder. I love you guys and I hope you both have a better week.

    81. Samigiri XP

      To be honest I love how you guys didn't record it but explained everything so clearly it's so nice to imagine how beautiful n magical the tea ceremony must have been! I love these Tokyo tales 😭😭 I'm sure meemers loves them too but he's just being a naughty boi

    82. Drives The Car

      There's something in my eye... darn it! This happens every time you hit a nerve... a 35 year old nerve, when memories hit me like a rock! Many years ago I was an exchange student in Japan and I had two tea ceremonies. One was by girls at one of the high schools we visited-toured-spoke English with. They were absolutely terrified! All of them were shaking like leaves... So nervous!! I didn't know what to say to make them feel better... plus I couldn't/can't speak Japanese worth a poot. On the other hand my saying something might've made it worse? The other was by the Abbott's wife of a local temple. One of the priests at the temple was a white guy from California. He explained the ceremony as the Abbott's wife performed it. I enjoyed both ceremonies immensely, but I was 18... I'm afraid much of it was lost on me. Did you eat that sweet sugar candy thingys with toothpicks or really tiny chopsticks??

    83. Sandy Arthur

      ASMR tea ceremony 💕


      Hi martina. Can i send something for you? Edit: i mean do you want to adopt my Babi ? P. S: its not typo and a baby, its a stuffed pig. And i cant afford to keep more

    85. Nightengale64

      It would be neat if you could set up a 360-degree camera and just let it run. Then you could all participate and not worry about it. Then just post the video as is. I would be interested in seeing the full thing.

    86. Commander-Flapjack

      Id love like a tea ceremony live stream, especially since they're so long and editing it would kinda ruin the magic. Also I used to work at a teashop and hearing you guys sounds kinda...I guess blown away by like first leaf, second, golden etc is really interesting. (And I kinda hope this leads to more tea exploration)

    87. Lesley

      Aw Meemers is acting out because he needs a friend.

    88. Jessica Sutherland

      I've had a tough week too, struggling with my anxiety and depression, but I had a good day today! Always building a ladder! Thank you for your uplifting content!

    89. beebyday

      Thanks for sharing such a heartwarming story!

    90. Tami Toohey

      I'm loving these Podcasts of yours!!!! Just a little observation...... I think that Meemers "crazy mode" could be a sign that he misses Spudgy. So sorry, if I spelled their names wrong. I know you may not ba ready to get Meemers a new buddy, but, I think he' s showing signs of being in mourning. I'm sorry that you're having a difficult week. Hugs to you!!! 💖 💕

    91. NeoGee

      Relating to Meemers' behavior in the video, the non animal people are probably going "why would anyone put up with that nuisance" which the animal people are probably going "oh that Meemers, such a little character".

    92. Linda Hilmer

      I am currently an exchange student in Kyoto and started taking Tea Ceremony classes a few weeks ago and I love it! So I was really happy to hear about how you experienced it and that you liked it a lot :) There are three main schools of Tea Ceremony which are all slightly different. I was curious if you know which style your neighbor teaches? Hope you feel better soon Martina!

    93. Arkonite

      I would so love to meet your grandma neighbour! My granny was 92 recently and we had a british afternoon tea party for her birthday 😍😍😍

      1. Arkonite

        Id love to send you a photo

    94. Arkonite

      Martina im loving kogi and friend ❤️❤️❤️

    95. unaanguila

      Thanks for sharing! How sweet that Granny invited you to something so special.

    96. Charlie Gammon

      I hope your week improves. We're over here putting up our Christmas tree to try and cheer stuff up at our house. It's been a bit of a hard week here too.

    97. fartzinwind

      Evergreen trees drop needless, but like how cats she's l shed fur, it never goes away all at once. They always look green and covered in needless. I know, I live best l near billions of them.

    98. talita emy

      is that weird that I think the way Martina moves her hands while she's explaining something is very graceful? 👉👈😶

    99. Mike Smith

      I think Meemers is asking for his own podcast. 😝

    100. auri cci

      I honestly hope to find a guy like Simon 'cause he looks at Martina with freaking LOVE EYES. Thats what true love looks!!