When Mean Girls Become Murderers

Kendall Rae

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    1. Kendall Rae

      Happy Birthday Skylar 💜🙏🏼🥺

      1. Ren Allie

        Happy birthday angel

      2. Dinis Zukhra

        Happy birthday skylar poor girl 😇😙💗

      3. JayBark JayBark

        Happiest birthday beautiful angel in heaven🥺🥺

      4. lol suiikax

        Happy birthday skylar 😇🌈🌹

      5. ZombieGurl

        Happy belated birthday Skylar❤

    2. annece ferron

      I watch a lot of true crime channels and discovered yours just few weeks ago, but I definitely love your empathic way to talk about them !

    3. Kyanna Gomes

      This case is so eerily similar to the Michele Avila case which makes this case even more disturbing.

    4. Ren Allie

      36:27 Did anyone realize that when Rachel’s mom was talking about Rachel’s dad she said my husband even though they’re divorced

    5. Megan Leigh

      you look like jennifer aniston

    6. sophie

      this one made me sob for the parents

    7. Mary Forstall

      My husband and I are Dave and Mary;too. 43 years?

    8. Terd Ferguson

      Lots of red flags before this, parents not involved in their lives.

    9. Laura López

      I googled Sheila and found these twitter accounts that support Sheila and post pictures of her. There's hundreds of these accounts. I am beyond disturbed, she literally cared more about her hair during trial than everything else. She deserves the life imprisonment she got. RIP Skylar and peace to her lovely parents.

    10. lipdoku putoqhol

      The uninterested node lately file because ping taxonomically guard toward a shut jelly. materialistic, obedient pickle

    11. Wthboi

      I think part of the motivation was to hide the lesbian thing at least for the really religious girl

    12. Sarah Cary

      Aww your animals are all so cute!!

    13. Blanca Belmonte

      I don’t understand the thumbs down, if you don’t like the video click out.

      1. Blanca Belmonte

        This is someone’s life that ended like how can you dislike the video, if you don’t like it click out,

    14. Sawyer McKey

      she literally has the same birthday as me 😭🥺 february 10th 1996 😭🤍 she’d only be 25 and that breaks my heart. rest easy babygirl 🤍

    15. Berlinda Martinez

      The open avenue affectively rhyme because country spectroscopically store underneath a ill gosling. stale, acceptable ukrainian

    16. Oddy Nugget

      What is the video of the parents talking about what they think

    17. Oddy Nugget

      Just to let u guys no she is gonna go to hell there is no way that she is going to heaven

    18. Oddy Nugget

      Poor girl I feel bad for the mom and dad:(💔

    19. Shelby Woods

      I really enjoy your postings. Thanks for taking the time to keep your viewers aware of these cases.

    20. Human Being

      Listen please, evil is in us, you see... We are all capable of murder. All it takes is the right circumstances, a whole lot of childhood neglect, and no love. And I garantee you, you can bring the worst out of every human being on the planet. Ego always wants to be aggressive, it always just tries to find a "reasonable" "acceptable" reason why it should be hateful. Judging others, judging oneself, at the very least is a form of agreession. How big or small that becomes as I said is a matter of triggers. Of course not everyone will choose to do that despite of it, but that person will need to have an enormous amount of faith in something bigger, a source of love from something bigger. We are all murderers if we don't turn to the spirit, which we can find in the moment. Meditation is all about that about leting go, and about being in the moment, because in this dimension, this is where god is: the present. Bottom line is, it's not easy being a human being. It's very difficult, and scary... We are not better than any murderer, or any evil person out there. Let's not judge. At the end of the day, we seriously don't know nothing about nothing.

      1. omfg .

        Go to f*cking hell 🙄

    21. derpy turtle

      In my honest opinion they shouldn't have went to prison I also don't agree of what you said about evil it doesn't exist

    22. Sammy Young

      She had her whole entire life ahead of her. She was my age...Fly high Skylar, you deserved so much more 😞❤️

    23. Kristina wood

      I was in prison with both of them and they are treated like queens there. It's truly ridiculous how they can take a life and live so comfortable in prison. I was there for grand larceny so I'm not an angel but taking a life is the worse 🤬🤬

    24. Aiseruchan

      Narcissist like Jodi Arias

    25. Elsa Romero

      the smiles bug the crap out of me..ugh!

    26. cloudy.

      the parents faces when rachel read her "apology" was so powerful. good for them!! i don't understand family who can forgive their loved ones killer, it's unforgivable

    27. cloudy.

      they should be charged as adults, they committed a violent crime that they planned out. they totally knew what they were doing.

    28. cloudy.

      even if she WAS a runaway, shouldn't the police want to find a 16 year old child ???

    29. Zoe x

      Rachels apology is also such a bullshit apology. That was a different person? No that was you don’t even try to shift the blame.

    30. hillis Micheal

      the whole lesbian secrets part of that story.was so vage was that part of the split started in the "thrind- ship". Of the three.

    31. Ash Tee

      Okay but this is from over 2013!? 8 years ago!?

    32. Addy & Jaz Gaming !

      No parents should have to know that there child died before them.

    33. Carlos Idelone

      I think, that Sheila was probably jealous of the love in Skylar's family, since she was little and hooked up with another damaged person to help her exclude and punish Skylar to make up for the love, that Sheila regretted never having. Very, very sad.

    34. Addy & Jaz Gaming !

      Her best friends....

    35. - YoYo -

      So this is why my dad always told me to “choose my friends carefully”

    36. MAYA HALL

      ... If you want to get rid of your friend.. just take them out of your friend group- not freaking stab them. Now they are going to spend the rest of their lives in prison for doing something that could have easily been done by saying " I don't want to be your friend anymore".

    37. Victoria Bingaman

      The next one you do can I be about the Abbey and Libby in Delphi Indiana

    38. Susan Kokoris

      devastating and evil

    39. Carla B

      Kendall Rae thank you for the two videos on Christian, excellent work. Question for you please, Did Whitley get Christian's life insurance?

    40. Quantum Physics

      RIP Skylar ❤️

    41. tori

      you should do the story on mollie tibbetts

    42. Nonexistent Username

      My question is why Shelia and Rachel lied about the time they picked Skylar up. I'm glad they did because that was the thing that made the police suspicious, but what was the reason for the lie? It doesn't seem to contribute anything to the case besides screwing them over.

    43. Megan Benslay

      A crime that heinous and premeditated shouldn’t have life sentences with no possibility for parole. For both of them.

    44. 1Tap_ Vexxruto

      Damn it really be your own people RIP🙏🏾

    45. Lemonade Stand

      3 is such a tricky number for friends. What got me about the 2 girls is their stupid smiling and smirking faces in the court photos. I hope they never let them out. Evil evil kids.

    46. niara

      i think a huge motive was rachael and sheila being afraid of skyler telling everybody their secrets, specifically how they were hooking up. ofc that’s not a logical reason to murder someone, but i’m guessing that’s why they had to “get rid of her”. especially since rachael was religious and sheila was just pure psycho. even though sheila was the mastermind, rachael is still just as horrible bc not only did she commit the murder, help hide it, she also lied to police and stayed silent for months. if she really felt bad, she would’ve said something a while ago. i do believe she was highly pushed and manipulated into making the decision, but that doesn’t make it okay.

    47. Corey Graham

      This case happened near where I used to live although I didn’t hear about it until recently

    48. Angela Stefanovska

      it’s insane to think that this could’ve been anyone. like you said, cause 3-person friend groups usually never work out. i’ve been in one and in my case i was more like skylar. always left out and they’d have sleepovers without telling me. but to think that some will go to the extent of murder is so disturbing

    49. Deb Webber

      It's not mental illness it's the devil and his workers I'm telling you they have no soul anybody that can do that they have no soul God have mercy because I'm telling you they got a bigger power to answer to than our judicial system God will ask them to answer for what they did I'm telling you I feel so sorry and my thoughts and prayers are with Skyler's family Daddy please please in your heart pray to the Lord not just pray pray pray for the Lord to give some you some kind of Peace in all this I'm praying for you and your family it won't bring back Skyler but I wish and I pray for peace for you and your family

    50. Deb Webber

      They're evil This the system is stupid why should they be allowed to ever be out on the street again no they shouldn't even getting three hearts in a cot put them out of their misery they're evil

    51. afreen

      it disgusts me that their reason for taking such a valuable life was because they just “didn’t like her” absolutely sick.

    52. Karana Ferreira

      Watch out girls! Other girls can be very jealous and jealous is a evil disease, look out for red flags! Not everyone is your friend stay safe xo

    53. justine guthrie

      Not a fan of Rachel but am glad she confess for whatever reason a lot of persons went missing or dies no one knows who kill them or where they at you know and honestly still like that she apologized at least you did God will forgive her 🙏 😔 its honestly mess up to know you guys couldn't just walk away from Skylar friendship without killing her 💔 😢 SMH am sorry she didn't believe when ppl warn her about her so call friends..

    54. Boo Hoo

      I'm already feeling so down and feeling like no one can be trusted. Friends, boyfriend etc. Everyone can hurt you, I think to myself. But watching this makes me think that maybe I am right to think these things

    55. Jacob Caudill


    56. Karana Ferreira

      No one knows stuff better than a teenager in high school, nothing is secret. Nothing

    57. Patience Barrett

      this makes me sick😔

    58. Animal Nerd

      This is terrible Those girls mental or not need to stay in jail

    59. TruthSpeaker Incognito

      The look on Skylar moms face as Rachel is reading that bullshit! She looks at her husband and I just burst into tears. I have only one child. How they held it together is beyond me!

    60. TruthSpeaker Incognito

      I got blocked from Rachel’s page on Instagram

    61. William Smith

      I would love to see you and Eleanor Neil do a swimsuit show

    62. William Smith

      I would love to see You and Eleanor Neil do a swimsuit thing together 😉

    63. Mahmoud Ameen

      Some people starts to hate their role models when they realize that they are growing to be a totally different people. I think this is why they hated Skylar after that friendship and love. They couldn't stand have her around reminding them with every detail in her life how messed up bad b*tches they turned out to be...

    64. Melissa Wolf

      How am I just finding your channel. Finally another amazing true crime youtuber to binge 😭🖤

    65. Drakonyx

      I was in a friend group with of 3 in secondary school, and it became pretty similar to this where the other two would hang out together all the time and leave me out and ignore me. One of them even said she wished I’d died after I had a bad asthma attack. As horrible and painful as those years were I’m glad they never decided to actually murder me. I feel so sorry for Skylar and her family.

    66. John King

      The biggest crime, as usual, was committed by the judge and lawyers for letting these scumbags have a chance for parole in 10 and 15 years respectively. Total bullshit.

    67. The4thperson

      Shelia will never get out. Parole eligibility or not. Remember Charles Manson was constantly up for parole did he ever get out? Nope.

    68. suzie vargas

      I mean like really I can’t like wtf is wrong with u to post on social media that we miss u and love u WHEN YOUR THE LOW LIFE LOSER THAT KILLED HER WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE TWO GIRLS

      1. Sienna White

        Evil. It’s not mental illness they are just evil.

    69. suzie vargas

      This is so fucked up. Wtf those tweets those little bitches made is disgusting 🤢. There is a special place in hell for those girls who killed skylar.

    70. SC 1949

      Totally terrifying and unimaginable ‼️Stay safe & well ❤️😷

    71. God Speed

      I'm pretty conservative, but these girls are nothing but raging hormones and underdeveloped prefrontal cortexes. Their brains are not done developing, and they don't understand actions lead to consequences.

    72. Invisible Doctor

      I got choked up when you said the last thing Skylar said was "why?" I can't imagine looking up at my best friends after they stabbed me and left me bleeding to death. These people are suppose to be there for you, to support you and have your back all the way. Instead these two girls killed their friend and destroyed and ruin the lives of her family.

    73. The Last Dad on Earth

      Imagine being so insufferable that an investigator calls you a tool.

    74. King Leo XVII

      Women/girls are the most vicious towards each other.

    75. Saff J

      This one really really bothers me

    76. mark medley

      You look so gorgeous in those colors.

    77. YoshiSkySun

      Two's company, three's a crowd. RIP Skylar

    78. Mike C

      Damn shiela sounds sooo narcissistic and full of herself. I've met people just like her in my past. Grade A piles of crap

    79. Kristax6 x

      Rachael's apology was so scripted. I don't believe a word of it.

    80. Izumi Chan

      Rest in peace Skylar, and to Sheila, you are so freaking sick. How could you do this to your “friend”?? I hope Skylar rests well.

    81. Sally hiker

      Shelia is fucking sick. This is disgusting, especially losing your life to someone you've felt close to.

    82. Nikki Cleveland

      i actually have a funny story about this case. Back in march I visited Disney with my now Fiance (whooho got engaged at Disney) but anyways we were staying at my family's time share and the channels there weren't very good. And we found this channel that did very old school stories of unique killings and this was one of the stories. It is a terrible story and horrible what these girls did, I just think our story is funny cause we went from all day smiles and happiness to watching about killers at night lol

    83. Dee Cooper

      I love your page. Your voice is very calming and you have a kindness in your tone and seriousness. I would love to have you on my show as a special guest.

    84. Elisa Lilja

      Now I'm scared.. because my ex bestfriends have become mean girls...

    85. Venessa Stanton

      Mean girls are either nurses or killers LMAO

    86. Vince Yambao

      I remember a one episode in HTGAWM I forgot what season.

    87. Lyric grandwood


    88. Malvin Gorostieta

      What really broke me was the video in court of the dad talking when he almost said “To me and my fam- wife”

    89. Mia E.

      This entire story made me sick. First of all, the thought that she was murdered on my birthday is awful. Second, someone in this comment section mentioned that Sheila has a damn fan base and that makes my stomach turn. They deserve ABSOLUTELY no empathy or compassion. I hope Skylar's dad actually does find a way to keep them without parole. I hope they rot in prison.

    90. Skye Salvador

      There's a svu episode based on them 🥺 i immediately recognized the story. Poor girl 💔

    91. Tina Abedin

      At 55:05 when Rachel says "sorry". I got so mad. "I dont know if theres a way to say sorry or explain how guilty I feel." No. Their isn't a way for you to say sorry. Honestly Sheila or Rachel should stay in prison. None of them deserve parole. I know Sheila is the mastermind, but Rachel helped. Not until after she stabbed Skylar and a few days after, did she start to feel guilty. She helped with the plan and the murder. Both Rachel and Sheila should stay in prison for life, for what they did to Skylar. For acting like her friend, turning on her and kill her. And for what they did to Skylar parents. They took the life of their only child. "Sorry" doesn't excuse the things Sheila and Rachel did. All love for Skylar parents. All three of them (Skylar and her parents) deserve justice for their once happy family.

    92. MrBeastmode127

      10:29. . . . . . . . . . . . . giggity

    93. ThatOneWeirdGal

      I think Rachel feels remorse. Sheila doesn't tho.

    94. Sweetycake04

      I don’t think those girls should be at the same facility.

    95. Sir Animosity

      I once saw a comment that said there's words for other losses like widow but there isn't a word for losing a child. I think about that a lot and especially here.

      1. miriamemc

        Yes!!! This is true, Because it's not supposed to happen it's so sad 😭

    96. Karen Purtell

      Mental health is being used an “excuse” for evil people because the average person just can not believe that people are capable of killing, regardless of age pure evil is real. They were friends for years, close like sisters, wrote journals and I bet there is no mention of mental health. They planed a murder and carried it out not because of “mental health” because they had it in them and wanted to do it. Pretty “convenient” they both had mental issues when caught out 🙄 No wonder evil prevails when people keep making excuses. They should both serve the same sentence as any killer who planed a killing to the very last detail. 😡

    97. Karen Purtell

      Hi, I Just found your Chanel, you read very well. Thank You so Much I was hanging on to your every word.

    98. Estella Grace

      I've read and watched a lot of True Crime, and my heart always goes out to the families and friends of the victims.. But Dave and Mary Neese.. I can't even look at them without crying buckets. I hope that they can heal as much as possible, and I hope they can find moments of joy.. They're obviously wonderful people who raised a beautiful girl with love beyond measure..

    99. Brighid Nichole

      Omg ok so things I wanna know Why does twitter still have up ACTIVE convicted murders accounts?! There's even a Sheila "fanclub". 🤯 The amount of "stans" Sheila has is disgusting and why I still question humanity. Like it's just the fact Twitter is leaving this legacy. ALSO, WTF are they in the SAME jail?! Rachel's up for parole in two years and I just read on Reddit that Rachel got married to another inmate (not Sheila) which TOTALLY makes me know that they killed her to cover up the fact she knew about their sexual relationship. Ughhh this is SICKENING. RIP Skylar

    100. SOCrooks

      I refuse to listen to her attempt at an apology for fiercely robbing a human of her life! Any remorse is not worth lesser time tf! Don't let these sickos out EVER!!! They are equally to blame! They're Nobodies, FORGOTTEN . Let them BOTH rot Under The JAIL!