Wind/Solar Powered Clothes Dryer


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    I made a Renewable energy powered clothes dryer but theres more to consider than you think....
    I made this as I'm hosting "Pitch the Future" the Virtual event being run buy the Shell Eco Marathon team as normal events this year have been affected by the Pandemic.
    Check out the Live pitches from student teams trying to solve real world problems and reduce Co2 emissions in 4 sectors here
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    1. colinfurze

      Now this is a very Low Tech approach to green energy but its always good to start simple and who knew about the washing machine door shape being so important lol. What other green projects would you like to see as this has got me thinking, Theres some great pitches from the teams with energy from falling rain aero efficient Traffic sequencing and different materials to improve batteries so hope this completion helps these things become a reality.

      1. Kevin

        Low tech for u or my dad not I

      2. DannyPlayzGamz!


      3. MrHoarses

        Add in a solar heater

      4. Alex Menell

        Make a solar powered motorcycle

    2. Happy Fox

      It's not tumbling - it's rolling it up man ! But still kind of relaxing seeing something slow coming out of the shed for once.

    3. Scwid Scwid

      How much carbon was used to make it?

    4. jay leaver

      If you use UV protected polly wouldn't mounting the solar panel under it make it last longer and make it more efficient ? Especially on cloudy days?

    5. Crystal Eksteen

      I love how colins bendy machine has go cart wheels on it

    6. Demon De

      Hii I in skool tree

    7. flip goat

      i think a dryer is less expansive... but i would do the same thing, because why not!

    8. Tom Lis

      This one could easily go on one of those useless inventions show. It's a solar powered clothes drier, when the sun is already good at drying clothes if you just hang them out to dry.

    9. Dan Mesael Soltones

      But if hang clothes in a clothing line isn't it a solar/wind powered dryer?

    10. Ahman Millener

      A heat element would be better. But you'd have to add another Solar panel.

    11. Jimmy Guitar

      Its a lot cheaper to just hang your wash on a clothesline. As a matter of fact, it's free!

    12. Aeimbwott

      Kenapa ga langsung jemur aja anjim


      He went from crazy inventions to earth saving inventions

    14. Traw Soronio

      Nice work Gordon Ramsay

    15. sunny verghese

      I have wind/solar powered dryer it’s called a cloths line ......🙂

    16. Will Brittan

      Colin: builds a wind / solar powered clothes dryer to help the environment. Also Colin: *Burns a massive palet wall of death*

    17. Kevin Button

      Amount of power and pollution produced to make that battery and that solar pannel alone negates any carbon reduction that thing ever gonna produce

    18. Jake Williams

      The gear boxes defo increased the drag on the wind mill. probably better of with a battery storage and switch on demand

    19. Seth Stilwell

      Colin, speaking of solar power... can you please make something awesome using a giant fresnel lens? (They can be taken from old rear projection TVs)

    20. Harsheen M

      4:35 you could use a cat

    21. Fragged by Grandma

      Where's the tie?

    22. fame artist

      The only thing I hate is his accent

    23. Drew N

      what if it rains

    24. Jamie Howard

      Just need a giant mouse 😂

    25. Tharmin

      Ahem *clothesline*

    26. Kevin

      This guy is awesome, I found him searching drift kart diy

    27. Tom Gilfoyle

      I'd put it right next to that rope that runs between the posts in my yard for some reason I haven't yet figured out.

    28. Teds World

      "Wind solar clothes dryer" er.. it's called a washing line! LOL it's like those people who want to build carbon capture machines... they're called trees, and they turn the carbon into something useful, wood!

    29. Ad Tausent

      Even you put your clothes on a line it is faster 🤔

    30. BradiKal61

      the drum needs some baffles? fins? to separate the clothes as the drum turns. that would help keep the clothes from sliding around the inside rather than tumbling. there could even be some blunt hooks for items to hang on as they went high to sort of stretch them out

    31. stuckonaslide

      this is just a good idea, it isnt even a crazy invention.

    32. Thiago Pimenta

      I'm from Brazil, love your videos

    33. thewaytruthandlife

      Even simpler design: some wires between 2 walls and a roof over it.... the cloths doesnt get wet from potential rain and can dry naturally without any electrical fancy gizmo's ... dry in a few hours... worked well for the last 5000 yrs... K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simpel.... Silly....

    34. MoltenSalt Reactor

      Shell also loves to sell you natural gas backup power.

    35. POGAMES BigYahir1997

      Hi, i from México

    36. Joe Thomas

      "wind powered clothes dryer" isn't the wind... already a clothes dryer?

    37. batt3ryac1d

      I mean if it's taking all day to dry stuff just use the washing line. The whole convenience of a dryer is it only takes like 2 hours.

    38. Alexandra Marberry

      Everything Colin builds is just so beautiful and polished. All of my prototypes and even second and third versions of things I build look thrown together with duct tape and cheap scrap wood 😂

    39. Educated Guess Works

      How about adding a solar hydro system to it so you can circulate hot water in front of the fan. This will allow hot air to be blown over the cloth, just saying :)

    40. Sergey

      I guess it wouldn't be more efficient than just hanging them on a rope

    41. Remote Viewing

      But clothes will dry all day if u hang them up

    42. Craig Robinson

      Furze for prime minister

    43. César

      colinfurze all year long : *burn things and build things with steel for fun* colinfurze on ecomarathon : *with an angel's smile* "renewable !"

    44. ADEDE BRET

      Furze is too calm and without a tie, the culture and spark is deteriorating.

    45. CHILD

      sub indo plis

    46. Neal Paddock

      I'd love to see more details in how you build stuff, how you work your ideas out :)

    47. Rohan whyte


    48. Alexis Garcia

      Love your channel! Greetings from the Philippines 😁

    49. SwitcH

      or just put like... 10 more solar panels and batterys and send it to your house and use it for all electric appliances :D

    50. asdreww

      OR.... just fit 1kw worth of PV panels to your house & use a standard heat pump tumble dryer when it's sunny :D

    51. Super Gramps

      wouldn't it be easier to make your current dryer run off solar power

    52. Ryan B.

      I’d just hang them out on the clothes line and they’d be dry in a fraction of the time

    53. toothlessblue

      How much did this cost? Am wondering how long it would take to pay for itself, since you don't need to pay electricity bills for it

    54. NG Army

      I love your work and videos ❤❤👍👍👍👏👏

    55. number 1 chief rocker slick

      😂 brilliant

    56. Gerardo Regalado

      I hang my clothes outside and they dry in 1 hour xD aldo im on mexico, so its kinda sunny here So I see how in a more cold place it could be an option

    57. lewis mcardle

      Should have installed it into the apocalypse shelter

    58. jjlojamo

      Colin won the award for most calmest video on his channel

    59. Dingo Dog

      Maybe just use a cloths line.

    60. Stevie Hoblyn

      I think just doubling the speed would be enough, it doesn't need to go fast but that is outrageously slow lol

    61. thexbigxgreen

      I've just realized that you look like Chris Hanson's weird British cousin.

    62. Matthew Pfaff

      It almost does the same thing as a clothesline

    63. CowGoes Moo

      It MUST BE awesome to be your neighbor lol.

    64. Breaking Bread

      That was the most boring and useless invention Collin EVER MADE!

    65. Martin A

      Wind and solar clothes drying. ?? Sounds like my washing line to me. Very effective and cheap no components cuts out the middleman this invention can't beat that surely.

    66. Samuel Wong

      Dude, just hang it...... let the sun dry em up

    67. CrUNKz

      *I WOULD OF BEEN MORE IMPRESSED WITH A WIND POWERED WASHING MACHINE* but love your content colin :) From South Africa

    68. Jon Adams

      “MMmmmmh....Carbon reduction FReSh!”

    69. Jose Animates

      I have an idea lets just make a clothes line and let the sun do its job.

    70. DinosaurDemon5 Mst

      Mate you get no sleep

    71. Ricky Sickles

      I've had a solar/wind drier for years It's a clothes Line hahahahah

    72. MD adnan

      Calling brother, what is the name of your country and where is your house?

    73. MD adnan

      Brother Ellen, what is the name of your country and where is your home?


      Just buy the solar panel to run washing machine i think its cost effective and time effective

    75. Jjackandbrian

      I have a nuclear powered clothes drier... I just use the wet clothes as the coolant fluid for the uranium fuel rods. Dry in 30 seconds. The only problem is my clothes come out smelling a bit radioactive...

    76. Wissid Sleeve

      gear it up so it spins faster

    77. Alex C

      Now make a bigger one and make it a human hamster wheel generator

    78. waptek2

      clothespins & line

    79. George Good

      I'll tell you this much it's a water powered self sustained power source pretty much non stop energy self sustaining I have one problem getting pulley size right that's where math would be involved again interested I'll send you the stuff you need to build what I have so far and ship it to you reach me at Facebook George good in Illinois

    80. George Good

      Interested in my invention let me know will give you what I have so far for you to perfect it not asking anything for it you get rich off it cool I'm wanting nothing maybe a shout out

    81. George Good

      Have idea for a self powered light well sorta contact for info you build I'll give you the specifics mine works to a point don't have the math attic skills to perfect it it generates continuous power not a lot 18 to 36 volts low amps though will run led lightbulb don't need plugged in or batteries

    82. Darren Art

      Is the General Grievous saber copter a good idea? I've always wondered if it could be viable for lightsaber combat

    83. Christian Helfmann

      Hello Community, Coloin's projects are simply great, I devour them ..... the background music is great !!!! One song caught my eye in this video, it runs from minute 9.20 until the end ----- I LOVE HIM ----- Does anyone know the song? I've seen the video a hundred times just to hear the song .... and can someone tell me the artist and title ...... I'm very desperate that I haven't found it after a long search !! Greetings Christian

    84. bobfal

      I think this video set renewables back at least 10 years 😆

    85. Claudiu Beligan

      How about a clothesline?

    86. Rasyad aziz

      gak ngerti baha sa inggris

    87. BluezZ

      too bad you're still dumping washing detergent into the ocean

    88. Adam Pecillo

      Paint the drum with black paint, so that it absorbs more solar heat. And maybe some reflective panels around to catch even more solar heat in the drum. A thick bottom plate, insulated from below to radiate heat after sunset is another improvement i imagine could work.

    89. C C

      Unnecessarily large (and heavy), the slick plastic surface dissuades actual "tumbling" of the clothes (could add a few obstructing inside bars like tumblers have) making a bunch of them stick to the surface, could have been infinitely better if the wheel had more holes as that's what lets air through & moisture out and the added plywood will be very susceptible to rotting and warping due to English weather and the part where you're stuffing it with wet clothes. You should've also watched the forecast before making the wind turbine (and i do hope you added some sort of safety breaks to that thing).. Or just gone the extra mile and made your own photovoltaic cells by using copper sheets.

    90. Ashley Collier

      I am making wind powered washing machine and I made a wind turbine

    91. Randomix40

      4:34 for a moment I thought that you would dress up you cat in a mouse suit and throw her in the drum 🤣🤦‍♂️

    92. Matthew Piper

      Thank you so much Colin.

    93. Joe Leoffler

      lol could have just used a clothesline

    94. Sonic 2.0

      Jesus love’s you an he is coming back soon an if you’re not ready you’re going to hell

    95. Navigator

      A little bit simplistic approach to given problem but decent realisation of the project. I suppose the over theatrical ( for my taste) appearance is supposed to attire more audience.

    96. De boys

      Hallo ik ben Nederlands Hello i Nederlands

    97. marianwhit

      Some great shooting in this video, thanks to the videographer!

    98. Kanalarbeiten !

      Please build a pulsjet cloth dryer

    99. Lachie Lachie

      6:58 are those plastic hands

    100. sunshinemodels1

      I just went ahead and used this really amazing thing called a clothesline.. and surprisingly all the laundry was dry in a few hours.

      1. Sasha Domo

        Was looking for this comment