Life of Bradley Martyn

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    Brad checks out the new gym location, and starts giving notes on what needs to be done for the future gym!
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    1. Jeremiah Kim

      Good shit brad! You finally did it and made it. Keep grinding and workin hard. Always gonna be here to support you🙌🏼

    2. Bryan Goetsch

      yo Bradley im a artist on the east coast and I got a couple dragon balls z paintings that I this will be perfect for your gym

    3. Fabian Aguilera

      Brad must want the money he’s doing his drop when Black Friday is over 🤣

    4. Dennis Hall

      I heard they based the Netflix series, Ozarks, on The Life of Bradley Martyn.

    5. Diego Ramirez


    6. poonacorn

      I can’t wait to see the American Greed: Gym Rat King Pin episode in a few years.

    7. Charles Flynn

      Are u still friends with nelk??

    8. Blake Thomas Selph

      So this is going to be another zoo but with food and smoothies? I'm lost.

    9. Claus

      If i could sub, for the rest of the fuckers, who haven't yet i would Brad :P

    10. Matt



      Why'd you try and sue nelk brad. Is this real??

    12. Ethan Sanborn

      Brad gotta post the link to the drug warehouse on Instagram so I can get more of your fire product

    13. Charboys

      Is he still friends with nelk

    14. d

      gonna be awesome

    15. Jay Arts Official

      Baller Moves , Ever Since I Knew Bradley He Has Always Been Such An Inspiration , The Best Part Is We Can All Reflect And Learn Something. Wish All Good Health And Success. 💖💖

    16. gsn 20

      Brad you got anymore black tar left

    17. Funny Moments Gaming

      Congrats on everything, Brad. Remember, once you hit 1M, you gotta fuck Steve up. 😂😂

    18. marilia torres

      Stop with the drug Jokes its getting old

    19. cake pie

      Did him & Nelk separate??

    20. Faris Nasir

      The money laundering potential is off the charts :D

    21. Adam Plastiak

      Oversized kitten

    22. Steven Wechter

      i just want to hang out with bam

    23. But W8t


    24. Stefan Berge

      The drug comments are old kids. Find something new to say

    25. Rick Craft

      From street dealer to the king pin. Proud of you Bradley.

    26. No Name

      Why is brad so happy that he stepped in shit lol wtf Bradley lay of the shrooms 🌈

    27. Richie Grewal

      Bradley has puma's Rsx complete collection

    28. Jimmy Alonzo

      Come to San Antonio. #7 largest city in the country....so business is booming

    29. hoiy vinosa

      I actually can’t wait to see this done

    30. KingNoble250

      Respond to Kenny kos boxing call out

    31. Eanna Freehill

      That’s insane

    32. Brady Myers

      Brad was late on my shipment then blocked me

    33. Scott Swisher

      All That Drug Money ! Putting It To Use Martin 🤣

      1. hoiy vinosa

        show you really did inject.... I still care about you dawg, muscular well built body with a small penis? Come on Brad, I thought you were smarter than that.

    34. Austin Hays

      What state?

    35. Viktor Angelovski

      A dude like Bradley martin stepped in shit, rubbed it on his hand, next scene shaking a mans hand

    36. Black Thoth

      Show us a video tour of Bradley Epstein island!

    37. Noah Sallade

      My uncle Matt is an artist and does murals, he is based out of St.Pete, Fl and does some crazy work, you should check him out if you wanted some crazy designs on some walls. His at is @mattkressart on ig

    38. jihad

      thats the biggest meth lab project ever good luck brad !

    39. Who Is Time

      Such an inspiration! #D.A.R.E

    40. O - Vlogs

      I cant wait till the fbi catch this drug dealer, the amount of kids lives hes ruint is unbelievable

    41. Tristan Wilson

      Anyone else curious as to when Brad Epstein will buy an island?

    42. SavageJ

      I love ur vids man keep it up


      bro put better content than this

    44. gioyu comi

      I actually can’t wait to see this done

    45. Jaime De la cruz

      That sounds like a SICK GYM. If i lived in the United States id pay anything for a membership there :(

    46. Olivia Pierce

      Bradley’s out here makin boss moves!

    47. Jamet

      Hi Brad, you may or may not remember me but we used to hit the gym together back in High School, I thought you were joking when you were talking about steroids... Goes to show you really did inject.... I still care about you dawg, muscular well built body with a small penis? Come on Brad, I thought you were smarter than that.

      1. gioyu comi

        Thanks I just got the notification

    48. Ryker thomas


    49. The Tiven Show

      Brad goin to have new drug production in the warehouse

    50. Vee Pee Cee

      Who doesnt brad hangout with nelk boys anymore???

    51. Jodi Swinbourne MUFC

      Look legit

    52. Blaik Lewis

      Is it the new shipment coming in from columbia that you have been waiting for?

    53. jack morrison

      Woah Bradley’s drug money must be really piling up considering he’s had to open another gym to wash his dirty money with. Smart dude don’t want the irs all over him.

    54. Jay Ant

      Make a gym in San Antonio, I would cancel my la fitness gym pass instantly

    55. Cam MacPherson

      bring something to Canada!

    56. Mitchell Neaves

      zoothie bar

    57. alida flus

      Finally dom has a place big enough for his enourmous size

    58. Okan Dullak

      My gym here in aus has a smoothie type bar too and it’s the best shit On the way out grab a protein shake,smoothie some quick protein bites and stuff Definitely a good idea 🤙🏽

    59. brandon williams

      No matter how far you distance yourself from Nelk you will never live down your drug life

    60. AGxAnxles

      Yo brad if you even see this i was considering buying the protein powder but what are the flavors is there only blue rasberry

      1. alida flus

        I think it would be so cool for brad to take a skinny fucker (like me), or kind of overweight person that wants to change there life around and just train with them... obviously the

    61. abernathykaleb

      Big brain moves right here!

    62. marilyn mcvay

      Thanks I just got the notification

    63. James Mclaughlin

      This is so sick

    64. Zack Carvalho

      What happened w you and Steve

    65. Monke Oprah

      I wanna watch the Super Bowl there that would be dope

    66. Monke Oprah

      Congrats brad

    67. Darryl Flinch

      "Shit Happen" -Forest Gump 0:37

    68. The Postlims Show

      Is zoo culture still a thing or did something happen?

    69. Jesse Locke

      You should let me run your spa. I’m a sports massage therapist. With 17 years of experience. We can do table and chair massage.

    70. NotoriousBAY

      Hawaiian poke bar/ smoothie would be great

    71. Mason Richards

      Bradly don’t be selling Steve your bad stuff

    72. blunc

      good to see all the Drug money go to good use

    73. Mr Watto

      Heard that turd 💩 explode, even got his hand!! Heroin & underage trafficking warehouse.

    74. Devin Rudolph

      DUDE....Rawgear is not the name bro......that shit is lame as fuck, not gonna catch on. ZooGear or something that vibes off your brand would be way better. Anything other than RawGear...just sounds kinda lame in my opinion. I could be wrong, just my opinion.

    75. Cody

      I think it would be so cool for brad to take a skinny fucker (like me), or kind of overweight person that wants to change there life around and just train with them... obviously the dude/chick would have to be sooo determined to change there lifestyle. But him personally or one of his trainers just to see the progress. Think it would be a big inspiration for alot of people to get there life together

    76. TeeBeCrazy

      Thought it was the 30k Steve owed you 😂

    77. Cody Valliere

      can someone explain to me what happened to bradley and nelk and stevewilldoit?

    78. Russell Supertramp

      he should have spent his money on making Zoo better. it's a horrible gym. it's too small and there aren't enough machines

    79. jariroggeveen


    80. Thomas Aleman

      Please find a location in Houston, a lot of dope areas to make the gym!!!

    81. Joe Rock

      That drug money paying off

    82. Jordan Nguyen

      Let me work for you

    83. Rocky Reyes

      Fakeeee weights

    84. vliduu zeeb

      Why has no one said anything about him stepping in dogshit and how he got that off his shoe

      1. Mason Adams

        And shock that mans hand after 😂😂

      2. Monke Oprah

        Why would someone leave that on the sidewalk and not pick it up some people are retarded

    85. Matthew Ibarra Ramirez

      throw the shoes away ;

    86. Trey Phan

      I’m still waiting for my “supplements”

    87. Hank Amarillo

      yeah buy another gym in california. when the entire state is on lockdown.. makes sense

      1. vliduu zeeb

        Hey Bradley my shipment of HGH never came through, can you send the tracking info?

    88. Daniel

      Are we just gonna ignore he never took off the shoe that smelled like shit

    89. InfinitiBlue Galaxy

      You can add training rooms for rent bicycle training classes , yoga classes , contact fighting sport training classes etc #bradlymartyn @bradlymartyn

    90. InfinitiBlue Galaxy

      Add one franchise food store like chipotle or anything similar #bradlymartyn @bradlymartyn

    91. Alexander Kiriaki

      New workout gym should be Zoo Culture Paradise

    92. Skylex

      When tf did he grow hair?

    93. Scott Pemberton

      work you ass off and make dreams come true. How awesome to have and build your own gyms! Brad definitely deserves everything coming his way!

    94. Sam Roberts

      I am a graphic designer and would love to help design some of the interior graphics :)

    95. N G

      Brad to 1 million subs

    96. Sam Vanhinsbergh

      please for the love of god get marko to do the wall murals

    97. Chiken Nugget

      Open in houston

    98. Sam Grayson

      He really had dog shit on his hand and shook that dudes hand smh

    99. Nicholas Brigham

      Lmao what is that dude’s hair? Does he think he looks good

    100. dutoiu hour

      I actually can’t wait to see this done