WISH GRANTED - Watch This if you need a SMILE

Scott Martin

213 миӊ. көрүүлөр19

    Best Day of 2019. Spending the day with Colby making his wish come true while practicing for a tournament was an amazing experience for both of us. Let’s touch others with this video so please share it to as many as you can. Thank you so much! Great Job Colby!!!! 👊🏼
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    1. Scott Martin

      Such an Amazing Young Man! Please share this video for Colby. Thanks for all the support!

      1. Jess Veale

        Scott os like Santa clause for fishing

      2. Ray C

        May be the best thing I've ever seen on KGup !! You rock Colby !! Well done Scott. ;-)

      3. Jack Bailey

        Dude, you are a class act! God bless you my Brother! Keep your focus on Jesus, he will honor and bless you. Give him glory, in all things from your heart... My eyes teared up watching your compassion... Keep up the good work!

      4. Jeremy Smartt

        Scott Martin it would amazing to see you at the CA delta on August 2 I’m a big fan of yours even though i like to ride skateboards 🛹

      5. Brandon Terrell

        You’re an one amazing man Scott. Colby is actually a good little fisherman too!! Thanks for giving back to the kids in the fishing world!!

    2. Bill Mitchell Jr

      Awesome!!!! One of the best videos ever. Thanks for fulfilling his wish..

    3. Bobby Russell

      That's cool man

    4. T.J. Quirk

      Make a wish kid get on the boat Scott: I'm beating you dude!!!

    5. J-Brock

      I have so much respect for you Scott . Your a great father a great fisherman all around a great man i wish i could fish with you . Itd be great

    6. Catfish Life

      Scott you’re awesome man!! This is what dreams are made from!!

    7. Battleboy 21

      Good stuff...This is the reason you continue to be blessed!

    8. Johnny Thompson

      Love that you treated that young man like a great friend and let him catch some great fish. Thank you for all the videos and keep them coming Scott. Praying for you brother, every day.

    9. Preston Mire

      This is the best awesome video best video

    10. Heather Provencal

      Best thing I watched all day. Well done Scott.

    11. Aiden snipz

      However disliked you just jealous you will never be this kid

    12. Lucky Shocky

      You're a good dude !

    13. Live free

      God bless scott martin

    14. Live free

      My best wishes to Colby i just want him to be able to compete aginst scott in the classic 😥

    15. doubled3510

      Much respect for taking the little man out! Awesome job Colby!

    16. Jeff Fournier

      SON catching that 4lb smallmouth near the dock and ramp with folks cheering you on was an awesome feat. Like scoring an NFL touchdown as times running out.

    17. Robert Castano

      Absolutely love your channel! You are a great person Scott! Keep doing great things!

    18. Ron Alexander

      That’s awesome of you. You’re doing the Lords work.

    19. CatDogKY

      Scott, you are so much fun. I wish you were my brother!

    20. C

      Colby can fish dude!

    21. Ccalate

      Does anyone no how this kid is doing?

    22. Brandon Wade

      What ever happened to colby

    23. Cliff

      Scott Martin.. We need Alot more People like you in this World.. God Bless from Texas..

    24. travis bright

      How are 75 idiots going to dislike this video? 🤬kid probably out fishes every last one of em

    25. Texas RedFox

      How is Colby doing?

    26. Eze Heins


    27. Travis Vennel

      Is he related to roland Martin

    28. Kimzy

      u got me bro.. big smile on my face!

    29. Beau Bitz

      This kids actually really good!

    30. Austin the fisherman

      I need to take hook set lessons from Colby

    31. Ramon Vargas

      Scott Martin thank you for being such a godly man and obviously an awesome family man. I can see the light and Colby‘s eyes light up. When you invited him out in the boat to fish with you for the day. God bless you thank you for being a fisher of men. 🙏

    32. Smitty Boi

      I wish i could give you a 1000 thumbs up on this one Scott. Awesome

    33. Smitty Boi

      This video is awesome. Good for him, Colby. He got to meet his fishing idol. Which i wish i could and i am 40. What a great guy SMC is. One of my favorite fishing angler's. So cool. Almost teared up, but I didnt. Lol

    34. Pamela Klemp

      SCOTT, I hope your tournament (later that same day) went off well. Even better if you SLAMMED a win! One thing's for certain above all else --- YOU ARE SUCH A CARING AND GIVING 😇PERSON. I'm PROUD to be one of your KGup Subs. Never change with ⏳, you're 💯 PURE PLATINUM ‼️

    35. Pamela Klemp

      COLBY, You leave me ⭐awe struck⭐ dud! Your fishing skills are amazingly brilliant‼️ 💯💪 My man, you're the 💣🙌

    36. Raythemanroe

      This really was awesome, he really can 🐟. He will remember this forever

    37. kieranbunny

      just saw this...what a beautiful video!! What a great young man!

    38. Clint Engel

      Scott Martin, you are the best human ever!!!!

    39. Fishing With Nate

      This was a really awesome video. Great job, Scott!

    40. Barry Lee Music

      how can 73 people not like this video? how can 1 Person not like what happened here? He obviously had a blast! Great video Mr Martin

    41. JD Guckenberger

      That is awesome SMC!! We need a little more of this in the world!!

    42. Clapmando

      Probably one of the best fishing videos I've ever seen. I take my 12 year old son and his friends fishing alot. I am no longer going to take it for granted and make sure to enjoy ever minute of it, remember every minute of it and be thankful that we are blessed with health and not going through what Colby and his family are going through. I'm so glad there are people like Scott Martin who go out of their way to help others in their time of need. God has given us one life and we need to make sure we honor Him with the things we do and Scott did this day.

    43. Brandon Houston

      That's what it's all about you the man bro just like your dad

    44. Brian Johnson

      Sir, you are a rockstar! Loved watching this.

    45. Samuel Rosa

      Thats great Scott seeing the enjoyment out of Coby and Seth. Great job putting them on some fish

    46. Alex Diaz

      Much love to yall❤️

    47. Christian

      20 seconds in and im smiling ear to ear! Love you scott! you the freaking man!!!!!!!!!!

    48. Detstormvet7991 Rider

      That's was just plain awesomeness, better look out Scott that man will be winning tournaments real soon!!

    49. reno4x4

      Good stuff!

    50. Randy Gilbert

      Love it!! Made his day!! Keep up the great work!!

    51. Nolann Grant

      Nice job, Kobe! 👊🏿✌🏿

    52. William Goolsby

      God bless

    53. Hillbilly Tv

      Alright how do i book a trip

    54. jomigirock

      great job scott made his year for sure.

    55. Josh Cunningham

      It's so awesome u are able to make so many dreams come true for people and especially the kids and putting a smile so big on a kids face that he will never be able to wipe it off its awesome I wish I was able to do that I take kids hunting that doesn't have the opportunity to go it's awesome when they harvest a deer seeing there excitement just wanted to say my hat is off to you for what you do

    56. Topher D

      Your dad greatly inspired me at that age. I’m sooo glad to see his son carry on that tradition.

    57. Nic Brand

      That's 3 pounds not 4 pounds


      Mad props to ya SMC.....

    59. Lanny Seals

      66 dislikes? Really people? Glad I am part of the people who like this,we always out number you! This was a awesome time for this young man and was a treat to see!

    60. Bretts Lawn Maintenance

      Brother my hat is off to you! I have learned over the years of just how much of a stand up guy you really are! Many blessings to you Brother! You are one of the few that really believes in getting others out on the water and that’s what it’s really all about! Love your videos. Fishing is what gets me thru my toughest days as I am battling non military PTSD! God Bless you!

    61. don juwann

      SCOTT When all the tournaments are done and the trophies counted,none will be remembered more than the things you do for the youngsters,God Bless

    62. Willis Olive

      Dude you made me tear up. That was totally awesome for what u did for that young man. You are the coolest

    63. Frank Carey

      Ive shared to everyone that was the best video containing true human connection with never meeting each other before and the kid pretty much showed everyone up! I know he had some help along the way but what were we doing at 10!? Absolutely love the video great job.

    64. tritontravis

      I know with your schedule it’s hard but please do more of these with the kids. Awesome tons of respect for you sir.

    65. Old Hickory

      Scott you're a good dude. I'm a native Floridian. You make us proud.

    66. Rylan White

      When you think you have a good hook set just remember the Colby is better at it

    67. Blake Johnson

      I don't care how old you are, that kids hook set is impressive

    68. coda514

      So very cool of you Scott, that young man will never forget you.

    69. Evil Soul Cd


    70. Greenville RP

      Hey Mr. Martin next time you come to oklahoma hit me up and I'll take you to a really good spot that no ones knows about

    71. Eli Schwieker

      These are the kinds of things that keep me going

    72. TheJtaylor000

      I love still love this video.

    73. Mary Cutler

      I have so much respect for u now

    74. Robert Hornish

      You are absolutely a legend Scott love what you do man and you're an inspiration to many God Bless you man this is so awesome!!!!

    75. Marty G

      Shwack attack

    76. Marty G

      Wow, those cinematic shots!, rock on Colby

    77. Dancingjeff

      You were fishing lake mantrap

    78. edgar57639

      Fluken legend man , Scott Martin

    79. reuben edwards

      I just found a replacement for Scott Martin lol

    80. Slimmy Jim John 21

      Good person

    81. Lori Thane

      Awesome video dude!!!!

    82. Julian Navarro

      That was awesome dude

    83. Luke Videine

      Colby be James

    84. Jason Pirok

      Freaking awesome Scott. And yes Colby has a hell of hook set. Kids a natural.

    85. Colby’s Vidjas

      It’s weird hearing my name all the time but it’s not me

    86. Chance Wombles

      Scott your so nice man this is so cool for you.

    87. Douglas Enzor

      As the day went on he began to talk & interact a little more.his smile! I loved this so much.i hope it's ok that I cried a little.scott your a great man

    88. Fishing with Mike

      love it!!!

    89. DeepSouthBassin

      I kept a smile through this whole video

    90. Squaz is Daddy

      I’m the 900th comment

    91. Gary Powers

      This is where we need to be able to have more than one like!! Awesome Scott this is awesome 👍 💚 👊

    92. Mike Bennett

      Thank you team SMS!!! I WAS SMILING the whole video! Great job!

    93. Shelton Merrill

      Thanks for this video Scott. Everyone needs a good eye opener on how precious life is. God bless this young man. Colby definitely knows how to fish.

    94. Deyon Wright

      Coby and trash talking James should do a competition like if agree

    95. Brent Summers

      An amazing thing you did for him! My hat is off to you!

    96. Patrick Stegosaurus

      have you every fished at lake Norman

    97. Kevin Caldwell

      Super cool Colby.

    98. Kevin Caldwell

      Very cool Scott hats off to you Sir.

    99. Charles Hasler

      I am a occasional fly fisherman for trout. But I just love your videos for the interactions with kids and the public. You are a great role model for the current youth culture!!!

    100. Marco Pozo

      Colby is one awesome young dude, and some serious props to you Scott for making a memory this young dudes never gonna forget, incredible vid my man!