Resident Evil Timeline - The Complete Story (What You Need to Know!)

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    This year, we return to Raccoon City once again! Before we do though, we decided to take a look back at EVERY canon piece of Resident Evil media. That's right; the games, the movies, the manga, and even the stage plays. It was a HUGE undertaking, but luckily we got by with a little help from our friends.
    Video Chapters (See Pinned Comment for Full Detailed Timestamps)
    0:00 Intro
    0:54 Resident Evil 0 & Umbrella Chronicles (Beginnings / Nightmare)
    5:22 Resident Evil (Remake)
    7:33 Umbrella Chronicles (Rebirth) & Resident Evil Outbreak (Outbreak / Hellfire) & Outbreak 2 (Wild Things)
    8:59 Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1st Half) & Resident Evil 2 (Remake)
    16:36 Resident Evil Outbreak (Decisions, Decisions)
    17:45 Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (2nd Half) & Resident Evil Outbreak 2 (End of the Road)
    20:49 Umbrella Chronicles (Death's Door) & Resident Evil Survivor
    22:53 Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X
    27:17 Darkside Chronicles (Operation Javier) & Resident Evil Dead Aim
    30:57 Umbrella Chronicles: Prelude to the Fall & Umbrella Chronicles (Umbrella's End / Dark Legacy) & Resident Evil Revelations
    34:22 Resident Evil 4 (Main Game / Separate Ways)
    40:27 Resident Evil Revelations
    47:56 Resident Evil Degeneration
    53:22 Resident Evil 5 (Lost in Nightmares / Main Game)
    1:01:49 BIOHAZARD: The Stage
    1:12:10 Resident Evil Revelations 2
    1:20:49 Resident Evil Damnation
    1:26:59 Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire & Resident Evil Umbrella Corps
    1:28:46 Resident Evil 6
    1:48:28 BIOHAZARD heavenly island & Resident Evil 7 (Old Videotape / Daughters)
    1:51:21 BIOHAZARD: The Experience
    1:59:55 Resident Evil Vendetta
    2:05:00 Resident Evil 7 (Beginning Hours / Banned Footage / Main Game/ Not a Hero / End of Zoe)
    2:11:47 MUSICAL BIOHAZARD Voice of Gaia
    2:14:45 Outro
    All game footage captured and edited by Suggestive Gaming (with the exception of the stage plays, credit below); please do not use without expressed permission.
    Special thanks to the follow channels for their uploads:
    Biohazard: The Stage -
    Biohazard The Experience -
    Biohazard: Voice of Gaia -
    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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    1. Suggestive Gaming

      Make sure you check out the 2-Bit Players who helped immensely with this video! Topics covered at the following times: 00:00:54 - Resident Evil 0 00:02:45 - Umbrella Chronicles “Beginnings” 00:03:17 - Resident Evil 0 00:04:06 - Umbrella Chronicles “Beginnings” 00:04:32 - Resident Evil 0 00:04:45 - Umbrella Chronicles “Nightmare” 00:05:22 - Resident Evil 00:07:33 - Umbrella Chronicles “Rebirth” 00:07:49 - Resident Evil Outbreak “Outbreak” 00:08:22 - Resident Evil Outbreak “Hellfire” 00:08:37 - Resident Evil Outbreak 2 “Wild Things” 00:08:59 - Resident Evil 3: Nemesis 00:11:11 - Resident Evil 2 00:16:36 - Resident Evil Outbreak “Decisions, Decisions” 00:17:45 - Resident Evil 3: Nemesis 00:18:57 - Resident Evil Outbreak 2 “End of the Road” 00:20:01 - Umbrella Chronicles “Death’s Door” 00:20:49 - Resident Evil Survivor 00:22:53 - Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X 00:27:17 - Darkside Chronicles “Operation Javier” 00:29:00 - Resident Evil Dead Aim 00:30:57 - Umbrella Chronicles: Prelude to the Fall 00:32:00 - Umbrella Chronicles “Umbrella’s End” 00:32:22 - Umbrella Chronicles “Dark Legacy” 00:33:02 - Resident Evil Revelations 00:34:22 - Resident Evil 4 (& Separate Ways) 00:40:27 - Resident Evil Revelations 00:47:56 - Resident Evil Degeneration 00:53:22 - Resident Evil 5 “Lost in Nightmares” 00:54:32 - Resident Evil 5 01:01:49 - BIOHAZARD: The Stage 01:12:10 - Resident Evil Revelations 2 01:20:49 - Resident Evil Damnation 01:26:59 - Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire 01:28:03 - Resident Evil Umbrella Corps 01:28:46 - Resident Evil 6 01:48:28 - BIOHAZARD heavenly island 01:49:32 - Resident Evil 7 (Old Videotape) 01:50:29 - Resident Evil 7 “Daughters” 01:51:21 - BIOHAZARD: The Experience 01:59:55 - Resident Evil Vendetta 02:05:00 - Resident Evil 7 (Beginning Hours) 02:05:14 - Resident Evil 7 (Banned Footage) 02:05:37 - Resident Evil 7 (Main Game) 02:09:38 - Resident Evil 7 (Not a Hero) 02:10:14 - Resident Evil 7 (End of Zoe) 02:11:47 - MUSICAL BIOHAZARD ~Voice of Gaia~

      1. Elizabeth Rojas


      2. Suggestive Gaming

        @Tinbeef it wasn't out yet, but it's probably canon. I'll include it in the second version of this timeline

      3. Tinbeef

        So re3 remake is not cannon?

      4. The Lost Viking


      5. nicholas barton


    2. Teecarmon Carmon

      I hope they make another 2 player story mode like re5

    3. TFBKID02

      1:37:10 That Trump China voice tho

    4. TossGawd

      One thing I learned was that rocket launchers solve everything.

    5. Darth Vacation

      Ah Resident Evil, where every final stage ends in self destruct 😂

    6. Pedro Animações

      38:37 oops

    7. Yusef Tirado

      -Losing the use of his limbs.' Is great line delivery.

    8. Alexis Michailidis

      2:03:34 me who just finished a plastic water bottle while watching this: intense uneasiness

    9. The egg man

      A fucking resident evil stage play What

    10. A User

      1:27:30 if this guy was Irish, he would sound almost identical to JackSepticEye

    11. For Music

      Wow I did not think I would watch the whole thing. Amazing video!

    12. Aaron Gonzalez

      Absolutely incredible! Such a great story that makes so much more sense thanks to y'all. Thank you

    13. CrazySmash Vlad

      What I learned after watching this: **ROCKET LAUNCHERS EVERYWHERE**

      1. Elizabeth Rojas


    14. Impios Rex

      This video gave outbreak more time and love than Capcom ever will

    15. Annaliese Cooper

      If Resident Evil taught me anything, it's to self-destruct.

      1. Elizabeth Rojas


      2. Elizabeth Rojas


      3. Elizabeth Rojas


    16. Anime Boy

      Resident Evil is such a classic zombie game at first and then we get more mutant monsters to Vampires in village The virus got the buff than the pandemic

    17. kenny krieger

      Gotta catch up on my lore since this is gonna be the next dbd chapter

    18. Chris Jones

      ah yes let’s not forget chris punched a boulder

    19. Michael Brown

      really they didn't do RE5 just why well atleast they did RE6

    20. MichaelJ

      I love Resident Evil but where the hell are they getting the body mass to mutate like that 😂

    21. The Vigilante

      What about resident evil revelations 3

    22. Robert Kiser

      That play was probably better than all the movies.

    23. Doctor Winchester

      I never played any RE game but i like the story. Gotta ask something: why does the Beginning (in this video) look so much better than the second (Racoon city)? It's still too bad to be a "new" remake.. i'm confused

    24. Keelan Thomas

      Theater plays in U.S.: Fiddler on the roof, cats, hamilton Theater plays in Japan: Why not zombie outbreak?

    25. Logan Shillington

      Is Vendetta a movie?? It looks really interesting.

    26. David Holczer

      Summary: 2 hours lol. And thanks for leaving out those awful films!

    27. Omar Abdullaziz

      dude.. they truly milked the fudge out of the series.. and yet Kill gets fuck all

    28. Titanus Draconis, The Crimson Beast

      I think this video needs to update because Resident Evil Village is here.

      1. Titanus Draconis, The Crimson Beast

        @Suggestive Gaming okay

      2. Suggestive Gaming

        I mean, it isn’t yet. But I do plan on updating this video later this year when the Netflix series drops

    29. JDG602

      Dude sounds almost like Todd Howard...

    30. Braden Gilliam

      Richard is such a unit. He sacrificed himself twice in the span of one day. And he was already infected and injured the second time.

    31. Azura BlackHeart

      "so class, what have we learnt" *Raises hand* "Take a rocket launcher as your primary weapon" 👉🏻 "You're gonna be just fine kid"

    32. no content at all

      Protagonists to Resi villains every 5 minutes: Bitch, how dare you still live?!

    33. keeley Fleming

      Im still confused but its okay lmao

    34. Josh Chin

      the person at 32:00 sounds like linus sebastian

    35. Tenth Shadow

      I can’t believe I spent 2 hour on a KGup Video but in the end it was WORTH IT.

    36. Tenth Shadow

      All we know rocket beat everything in RE

    37. grimey 5.56

      Fantastic narration and storytelling, you also used the original musical score for each game that you told. Bravo!

    38. White Shadows

      After playing re7, re2r and re3r, i thought this would be a franchise about experiments gone wrong, didnt know Final Fantasy bosses would be part of it.

    39. CaptnCreg

      I keep thinking “Boy Scouts of America” whenever they say BSAA or BSA.

    40. CaptnCreg

      Can’t wait until Resident Evil: Village.

    41. Splashy. Beni

      I feel that all this storyline of virus could happen in real life especially like now it could be come a really global issue

    42. Rhenz Raizen

      Hello Suggestive Gaming, would it be possible for you to tackle the full/complete story of Dino Crisis? this is one of the best games out there way back. One of the best true classic

    43. SweetDangos

      Really happy you guys mention outbreak, chronicles, and the revelations series. They tie into the lore really well but are often overlooked for not being numbered games.

    44. biokendozer

      You left out when Jill came around to my house and asked me out, and I told her no, there is someone better out there who is worthy of her and then I put my hand on the window and cry as she walks away


      what the hell is up with this cannon

    46. Max

      I’m subscribing just because of how obviously huge this undertaking was. Bravo guys, bravo.

    47. Max

      Am I the only one who doesn’t know anything about the RE play that apparently exists?

    48. gorilla1871

      That was awesome

    49. Bijay Sarkar

      My favorite Resident Evil is Resident Evil 3

    50. Michael Vang

      Makes me always wonder which state is RC located in

    51. UncleAlbert29

      What I've learnt is everything, and I mean everything is laced with explosives and somehow self destructs!

    52. Jay Johnson

      Chris Punching A Boulder..... nuff said

    53. Edwin Del Bosque

      Someone give this man a PhD in Resident Evil lore!

      1. Suggestive Gaming



      So do the first 3 take place at the same time?(it seems like they all cross paths at some point or another, like if the other was just there)

    55. Bobafootsy BLANK

      "Sophie gives Piers her number" This explains why Piers is chill in RE6

    56. jeff harwood

      I don'/t know how this became popular. This story is complete shit.

    57. Agent XIX

      I was like 14 when i played my first RE game and it was RE2 (the original).. Me and the boys taking turns playing though the game on the one playstation we had figuring out puzzles and how to outrun nemesis good times

    58. lordkfresh02

      What about RE8

      1. Suggestive Gaming

        @lordkfresh02 it’s not out yet! We don’t know where it’ll all fit in (probably right after RE7)

      2. lordkfresh02

        @Suggestive Gaming huh?

      3. Suggestive Gaming

        Oh you cad

    59. Elsa M.

      I need MORE of Chris ^^ P.S. These Japanese scenes look like crap really.

    60. Rick Nobers

      Claire and Mona Sax are my favorite lady characters of all time

    61. Duffermod

      Imagine a game made in the whole timeline . Super size harddrive . But it would be worth it .

    62. hxer bo1

      this game series sure do love theyr rpgs

    63. MBOTy

      What about resident evil: operation raccoon city???

    64. MBOTy

      Sheva (Karen Dyer) was my video game crush for years as a kid 😂

    65. Dean Fowles

      Taken as a whole the resi evil series is incredibly silly.

    66. Oggystein

      So, why has Jill Valentine not appeared since 5? Would have thought her and Chris would have been partners rather than Piers, or at least taken the partner role after Piers death

    67. music Studio


    68. The Koda Wolf Gaming

      The thing I've learned from this * There were how many stage productions based on a video game series about zombies?

      1. Suggestive Gaming

        3 (so far)

    69. GreenWarMachine

      I've watched this at least 3 times and can't wait for the re8 update.

      1. Suggestive Gaming

        I can't wait for it either!

    70. Sidney Boo

      This crap is so repetitive/stupid rofl.

      1. TheBruhNetwork

        Bruh who the fuck still says rofl in the year 2021.

    71. Dylan Wicklund

      The movie were they're in the airport at the start was actually a pretty good movie I enjoyed it alot

    72. Dylan Wicklund

      So if they were going to let her go back to the president why do they capture her again and keep trying to kill them

    73. Kyle Sullivan

      RE4 was so much fun to play omfg

    74. Convertible

      In resident evil there are infinite helicopters

    75. Odd haven

      I dont get how the japanese plays are canon but aight, shit was cool and chris with that boulder like whaaat?

    76. Yes '

      Listening to code veronica like this sounds like a fever dram

    77. KORO CHAN

      And you just have to wonder how come the movies wasnt like this from the beginning, simple as that, thats all what the people wanted

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      Hol up. Quint and kurt died?

    79. Nip Noras


    80. TarantulasKill

      Jesus bless Leon and Chris for there service to our nation

    81. SoZeusGamingso

      Remember this started cause a guy was curious about leeches

    82. gmaxian

      Even though I have not played the resident evil games it would a pain in the a** with the Ustanak

    83. Storm Fox

      I Played the Original RE Trilogy! There was no MR.X in Racoon City! The Remakes of 1,2 and 3 are nothing But Bad Scams to Optain Money from PPL Who dont Played Resident Evil! And for People who Pisses on Storry Riddles and the Timelines! I have Played RE 1DC in all Difficultys RE 2 Leon and Claire on All Difficultys and RE 3 Nemesis on all Difficultys! Compaire to the Originals I Hate the Remakes cause they are a Poore Disrespectfull Slap in the Face to the Original Trilogy! They are all so Unbeleaveble Bad so i would Say PPL Buy a PS 1 or 2 And Play the Originals! More Playtime more Fun and more Right than the Shitty Remakes!

    84. GameOverScy7he

      Once I got to the first play I said out loud "Wait wtf!?," paused the video, then looked it up lol

    85. norie sky scrain

      Something I learned all good characters in resistant evil never die

    86. Evan Jagielo

      17:45 - Is that Todd Howard narrating?!!!

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    88. Dlorenzo680

      Never knew resident evil plays existed 😳❤❤❤❤❤

    89. Angel Bahena

      It's a play

    90. Daniel Rabie

      This game goes to show and Just proves how corrupt the governments can be if we can just think of game plots like this how do you think the governments can think and how small time issues can turn into massive consequences for the world, also due note that corruption lies in many places within authority and the the public is silenced in ways we consider to be inhumane and unjust, California, Washington state, Florida, and new York is a prime example of it over many years, and Chinas mass population covers up many experiments made by multiple governments, Russia being a massive piece or earth land is used in many places for things we can not even imagine happening, and there's places in the world unnamed for reasons beyond our public comprehension, Our world is base on social media this shittt should all be noticed by now buy yet we are still silenced, Half our worlds public is raised and molded to be used and not think for themselves or understand what is actually happening in the world to this day, WE JUST DO THE DYING AND THEY JUST DO THE TALKING, Consider my comments here what you wish but someday the world is gonna get completely out of hand something similar to this franchise or Apocalyptical event.......

    91. MemeQueen Asteria

      i can't wait to add the tall lady incident to the timeline

    92. Johnae Smith

      So this all started from a fucking leech 😭

    93. CPG Nate

      Im here from the batman arkhamverse timeline video suggestive gaming did.

    94. Kill The Batman

      After racoon city the series was trying too hard

    95. Servus

      They should have a helicopter counter

    96. I L

      Why Jessica gotta look like a snack tho? 🤤😩😩😩😤🥵 There's a fucking play????

    97. Chaos

      What a headache of a series. Not to be fangirling or anything but Silent Hill is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better.

    98. Kris K

      This should be a netflix series

    99. Grim Goblin

      The scriptwriters of this series are clearly low-rank employees of big corporation taking out their anger at the bosses through the writing and god bless them for it.

    100. RelentlessEating andGaming

      You almost became a Jill sandwich!