Watch how Baylor was crowned national champions for the first time ever

March Madness

11 миӊ. көрүүлөр3

    Check out all the best moments from Baylor knocking off undefeated Gonzaga to win the 2021 national championship and capture its first-ever title.
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    1. Freddie Newmam

      Baylor made it look too easy 💪🏿🏀

    2. Pineapple Pirate

      mullet with his 2 points, other then that Baylor is insane

    3. Katta Sai kumar

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    4. Jonathan Frimerman


      1. pat white

        Except Utah has zero chance against the lakers or nets

    5. Ten Percent

      I live in Waco lol

    6. PhillyJay. Samsung A51 5G

      This Baylor vs Gonzaga game was like the Catholic suburban white basketball players versus the hood team from the inner city and the hood team just demolished them.

      1. mantoserve

        Catholic vs Baptist, and Baptist won.

    7. [ RandomMiles ]

      I'm not a fan of either teams, I'm a IU fan but I gotta say this tournament is one of the best ever! And the fact every game was held in my state made things even better. This felt like March Madness even without the full capacity fans.

    8. Snickers

      Idiotic MSM....all but crowned Gonzaga as champs

    9. Steven Chen

      Baylor was more hungry for that title then zags

    10. miguel angel Torres Armida

      Menuda paliza. Gracias a Dios en nuestro amado deporte no siempre ganan los mejores a un partido. Sigue existiendo el deporte de equipo y defender como si no hubiera un mañana. ENHORABUENA EL BASKET

    11. John Garcia

      Godbless this gave me the chills man. 🤣

    12. Jordan Walsh


    13. Kreutz

      So proud of this Baylor team!

    14. walterlv01

      Baylor's 28-2 season against the schedule they played, with their only 2 losses coming after their season was interrupted for 3 weeks by COVID, and their dominant march through the tournament, is far more impressive than Gonzaga's 31-1 season against a largely cream puff regular season schedule and not having to play a team seeded higher than 5th in the tournament until the last game.

      1. angel Moran

        Believe that!

    15. gilbert ojode

      Gonzaga locker room celebration after UCLA game was a red flag

      1. Dylo Iris

        Yeah in the wise words of a man who went by mamba " jobs not done"

      2. Gelatin

        wdym? can they not celebrate going to the championship

    16. Christian Lopez

      This game was disappointing

    17. KalilTayel Nasrani

      After i saw the UCLA game i knew Baylor was gonna win. The Zags D needs work.

      1. Steven Chen

        $10,000 on Baylor money line +180

      2. Gelatin

        @KalilTayel Nasrani the game overall was faster paced and went in ot it doesn't mean much michigan scored 49 and gonzaga scored 93

      3. KalilTayel Nasrani

        @Gelatin still 90 points to a team that scored 51 vs Michigan.

      4. Gelatin

        UCLA was good though

    18. First Name Last Name


    19. angel Moran

      Gonzaga played nobody until they played UCLA on god

      1. angel Moran

        @Stan Hawkes Baylor really had it tough throughout the year and tournament as well

      2. angel Moran

        @Stan Hawkes they all were out by the sweet 16

      3. Stan Hawkes

        They beat 4 top 15 teams before the new year.

      4. angel Moran

        @Chris Grasso bruh USC was easy work I think Virginia n WVU were tougher games

      5. Chris Grasso

        angel Moran USC

    20. KeithGomez Gomez

      The dapper learning nearly sail because clock encouragingly blot absent a tame wire. unadvised, loutish crawdad

    21. Katie Galin


      1. jnsbiju

        Yes Frist

    22. cow ow


    23. Immanuel Blessy