Meters from DISASTER! - Air Canada flight 759

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    On the 7th of July 2017 an Air Canada Airbus A320 came within meters from landing on top of FOUR other aircraft in San Francisco international airport. The four other aircraft were standing in line on taxiway C, awaiting takeoff clearance.
    How is it possible that a trained and experience flight crew in a modern airliner could make such a mistake? In todays video I will dissect the whole flight from the beginning to try and answer that question for you.
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    Below you will find the links to videos and sources used in this episode. Enjoy checking them out!
    NTSB final report:
    Pilot Sleeping: @OPSGROUP

    Runway Maintenance: @MAG

    Light Maintenance: @MALMS

    Pilot Fatigue: @Aviation Voice

    Pilot Rubbing Eyes: @Getty Images,1)/GettyImages-548007635-5773d1f95f9b585875d92171.jpg

    RAAS System Screens: @Honeywell Aerospace

    UA 737: @Clayton Eddy

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    1. Metsur Volugeret

      This video easily beats Hollywood on content, production quality.... I think I stopped breathing for 20 min ))) Thank you!

      1. Hardcheese Yer

        @msromike your homework this week is to look up the word "nuance" in a dictionary.

      2. Matt Cairns

        @msromike If this incident was turned into a movie, you can be sure that Tom Hanks would overact as the lead.

      3. msromike

        Yeah Greyhound, Saving Private Ryan, Castaway, Forest Gump, Sully, Angels and Demons, all have nothing on this KGup channel... Really your fawning is embarrassing. It's a good channel, it does not have the same production values as Toy Story. Get a grip.

      4. merlingt1

        Being better than corporate media doesn't say much these days but I agree this is one of the absolute best aviation channels.

      5. Mighty Tiny

        Exactly. And there's no drama where there is none:)

    2. TommyG1814

      Great analysis.

    3. Tren TR

      One of my simulators has this issue with an airport, 3 parallel runways, all with left hand taxi ways, at night they all light up and unless you are familiar with the airport you'll end up landing on taxing players. Still peak entertainment when theres a few hundred people on the server, can just watch the fireworks

    4. JiveDadson

      Maybe I should have been a pilot. My circadian low comes around 10 AM.

    5. HightLink

      The pilot quick decision to turn on the lights saved a lot of lifes.

    6. MP 40 Submachine Gun

      I was on this flight, in all fairness to the pilot the actual landing was probably the most buttery smooth landing ive ever experienced.

    7. MP 40 Submachine Gun

      I was on this flight, in all fairness to the pilot the actual landing was probably the most buttery smooth landing ive ever experienced.

    8. Simon Farthing

      Surely SF tower should have been reminding all incoming pilots that one runway was closed with lights off. This could have been as bad as Tenerife

    9. perasperas

      The pilots on the taxiway who turned on the landing lights, avoided this disaster surely about to happen.

    10. Lord Fluffykinz

      Mentor Pilot: 0:07 - 🙂 0:39 - 😐 0:49 - 😲 😨 😱

    11. Simon Farthing

      Shouldn't all taxiways and inactive runways have large red X lights at their ends? What are the statistics on accidents at night vs daylight?

    12. Oscar Fuentes

      Great video, captain! By the way, I visited Girona about a year and a half ago, before the "plague"...what a beautiful city!

    13. Joshua Wayne York

      I have Microsoft Flight Simulator so can I join the group flight thing you were talking about?

    14. P P

      Jesus those visuals, such as the exhaust fumes effect, are spectacular.

    15. James Rice

      Once again, you explain something in a way that even a truck driver can understand. EXCELLENT.

    16. Galileo Chiu

      Close call

    17. Yoshidis Yo

      Fantastic video very nice explained! The transition from a night scenery to a fully white scenery in 11:59 made my eyes hurt tho.

    18. Sophia Marchildon

      They almost pulled a Harrison Ford, but with disastrous consequences. To quote Airplane!: "He's a menace to himself and everything else in the air... yes, birds too."

    19. David Hardaker

      I've learned so much about flying from you - thanks

    20. Patrick Cronin

      I’m not a pilot, so forgive me if I’m wrong, but in the recommendations from the NTSB, they do not state that there should be an ILS approach in concert with the visual approach. It seems to me that could have prevented the situation. You said that they would have had to manually enter this ILS approach, which is probably going to overload the pilots in the moment. Could thee not be an automated way of giving the pilots that kind of help in a potentially difficult situation?

    21. ClickinOrka

      On your next flight, take me with you... :D

    22. Boss223

      If for a second your mind doubts something Immediately back up and revaluate, not a commercial pilot but I do move giant machinery, same principle. If in doubt go around.

    23. bugalaman

      The Air Canada pilot was so used to metric runways that he got confused with American units.

    24. comicsansgreenkirby

      Imagine the sounds heard as a passenger from one of the planes on ground. **WHOOOSH**

    25. Amar Dave

      I was gonna say do they have a horn in the airplane? Because if I'm sitting on the taxiway about to be landed on by a big jet, I would be honking like crazy.

    26. Helena Chase

      I love your stories !

    27. Chinnam Praveenkumar

      Sir which game ur using?

    28. Jose Cuervo


    29. Heowa

      "Where is this guy going?" - The calmness with which that pilot said that, incredible...

    30. Gacheru Mburu


    31. Pedro Henrique Menegoli Tamaso

      yeah after 3 vids you earned my subscription

      1. Mentour Pilot

        Thank you! I hope you will enjoy the content

    32. Allan Copland

      Colour blind pilots? Blue = taxiway edge lighting. (Just a paying passenger).

    33. Paul H

      I miss the days with the original intro jingle. Much more happier :)

    34. J P

      Polished presentation with just the right pace and level of detail for laymen to understand. Thank you.

    35. The Business

      What a great go around success story... usually all we hear about are aircraft crashing because no one called a go around.

    36. Mantulis87

      21:14 the big irony here is that this incident was not even considered reportable under federal regulations at that time as NTSB only required notification when an aircraft lands or departs on a taxiway, or when a collision is avoided after a runway incursion, and neither happened here. I find it ridiculous that such situation would be perceived as unneeded of investigation and at this point it took several days to launch full scale investigation only after a former NTSB chairman urged to re-evaluate those reporting requirements who had called it "the most significant near-miss in the decade". Consequently and noteworthy of this situation absurdness - CVR of that plane was overwritten as it continued to operate as nothing has happened.

    37. PelenTan

      Thank you. Excellent video. And I fully agree with the findings. 'Cause lets face it. There is now less than zero chance those pilots will ever make a mistake like that again. Which makes them safer than a lot of other pilots out there!

    38. Mike Evans

      Okay Mentour pilot I subscribed to your channel and I have binged watched all 24 of your aircraft disaster videos now I'm going to start on the other ones. I need you to make more of these you do a fantastic job it makes me feel better there's people like you flying aircraft up there much appreciated. PLEASE feed me more. 🤔🆘✈️.

    39. Caper. here

      What was your scariest experience?

    40. Lori Talbot

      A frightening thing happened to me in San Fran. in the eighties. We were taking off when another plane was coming in. Our nose just left the ground when it suddenly came slamming back down and another plane just skimmed over top of us. Terrifying !

    41. judebrad

      Very interesting in-depth video. My first impressions were that the pilots were not competent. Thanks for clearing this up.

    42. Brad

      Through hearing this I felt sorry for the pilots, because it wasn't exactly their fault, it kind of was their fault, but at the same time that chain of events could happen to any reasonable person, but I surmise that if they had hit the other plane and there were casualties, and the pilots survived, then I'm sure the pilots wouldn't be allowed to fly again, so they are really fortunate that they realised at that very last second, and that is the part that not only makes them very lucky but also great pilots.

    43. George Johnson

      We are all human. If you can show me a human who never made a mistake, I'll look at a Saint! The fact seems to be that a mistake [not tuning the ILS on] was made ... Thanks be that all the disaster ducks did not all line up. Thank you for your videos. Best wishes from George

    44. jda79

      Man I've seen a video about this flight but never seen that shot from the tower, holy crap that was close

    45. Dawn

      Thankfully the pilots waiting on taxiway were aware of what was happening around and above them or this would have been the worst accident in aviation history with multiple planes involved in a catastrophic accident. It was down to their awareness this was avoided and noone was harmed.

    46. K.C. Christensen

      Good vid!!

    47. Joël R.

      I want to hangout with the guy that radioed, “Where’s this guy going?! He’s on the taaaxi waaay…” 🤣💦

    48. Daniel K

      Every time I watch the CCTV footage from the tower I'm astonished at how close this came to disaster. I think there is no arguing that had the AC a/c not pulled up and initiated a go-around, we could be looking at the biggest aviation disaster in history.

    49. oscarjones xxx

      I'm not criticizing here but I have never seen a runway with blue lights on either side. These two pilots were very close to asleep in my opinion - how else can you logically explain what happened?

    50. Cynical Indulgence

      lol @ 4:31 the ground crew walking right into the engine exhaust - MSFS best-of :D

    51. Karamjeet Gupta

      Most Canadians who fly regularly fly WestJet and ignore Air Canada. This would be but one example of why.

    52. Eitan Rieger

      OK... Stupid question: What are the chances to visit the cockpit during the flight when you're over 10 years old?

    53. Jessica James


    54. Werner Fogel

      Are you from sweden?

    55. jack stone

      air canada= sketchy

      1. jack stone

        yes the first part of flight was very very normal...departing an Air Canada flight an hour late...perfectly normal

    56. AaronShenghao

      Maybe we need “runway closed” lights...

    57. SuperS05

      A giant X with lights is placed on both ends of a runway at CYYZ anytime the runway is down for whatever reason. They turn off most of the runway lights but not everything. I wonder if this played a factor, as their brains would have been used to seeing a closed runway like this.

    58. John Estupido

      French Canadians ....

    59. J K

      airlines these days: oooo yass we are more concerned about the pilot skin color than pilot skill. me: oooo yass i will not be flying anytime soon (with you) 👍

    60. Jasper Jones

      Reminds me of the Harrison Ford incident.

    61. EnigmaDrath

      What I wouldn't give to hear the inner monologues of the flight crews lined up on the runway watching that plane drawing ever closer

    62. bradley c.

      This is the best explanation of that very near disaster I've seen , had no idea Air Canada got that low to the ground ( and the other aircraft ) till seeing the security video footage,.

    63. gabriela vozarova

      What do you use to edit?

      1. gabriela vozarova

        or is it an app?

      2. gabriela vozarova

        @Mentour Pilot Do you know what he uses to edit your videos?

      3. Mentour Pilot

        My Dominic!

    64. Glenn Cooper

      An absolutely brilliant and insightful breakdown of this event. Thank you so much for doing this is such great detail!

    65. Seah Chew Ng

      Love this episode!

    66. Frank Ruiz Jr

      Wow.. Hundreds of lives spared by 10 feet

    67. al84

      These visual approaches at SFO... Why don't they simply stick with the ILS?

    68. Murad Sheshani

      I honestly believe a total recreation of UI and pilot systems by UI designers and gamers could save a lot of lives and make airplane accidents much less .. not at first but with time for sure!

    69. Mimu Mi

      « Meters from DISASTER » is still a lot better than "Feet from DISASTER" Just another proof of the superiority of the metric system! 😛

    70. badass1g

      I would shit my pants if I was the second plane on the taxiway whewww! Close call! They should put some sort of emergency flasher system on planes for stuff like this. Maybe they already do?

    71. Joe Dutra

      Too many excuses for too many pilot errors.

    72. Max Rank

      I really struggle with how this happened, combined flight hours of over 30000. At SFO there is a huge difference between runway and taxiway lights. Very defined lead in lights out into the bay. Now for Airbus when turning off the auto pilot and flight directors, trk/hdg mode should be engaged, this provides the pilot with ‘the bird’ this indicator provides a visual cue on the PFD showing true track, which in this case would have been aligned to the runway heading. This is used extremely often by Airbus crews for approaches, although it cannot be relied upon for landing as there is a delay. The other strange thing that confuses me here is the approach itself, the quiet bridge visual after archi has you fly a heading of 255 to intercept the 095 inbound radial for 28R this is backed up with a localizer. Why did the crew not extend the centerline in the MCDU providing themselves with nav aid backup? Why did ATC clear them for a visual approach at night with a runway out? This is not best practice in anyone’s handbook. Not backing up a visual approach with ILS in my opinion is a rookie mistake. The briefing for this landing was clearly inadequate and a lot of assumptions were made by the crew. Checking the plate on final leads again to my assumption of a very poor briefing. Off the top of my head the missed approach procedure for 28R is fly heading 280 or as directed by ATC at an altitude of 3000’. Why are they checking missed approach headings and ALTs on final? Accepting a visual approach knowing your tired is irresponsible at best, ATC clearing a visual approach at night into SFO is also negligent in my view. While I support looking for root cause and making the back end procedures and process safer, in this case I would also be looking very hard at Air Canada’s SOPs and training. If experienced crew like this can make this many errors heaven knows what the outcome would have been with a less experienced crew. I think the FAA and NTSB could have done more here. Great video Mentour really enjoy these breakdowns.

    73. Gaylan Lee

      Excellant review.

    74. Alicia Blackman

      Hey Mentour, I'm not a pilot but learning a lot from your videos. Question. Could you do a video on the crash of flight 764 from Surinam Airways? It happened on 7th june 1989 i believe. I was just a little girl then and I'm not sure if there ever was an investigation into the crash. But if there was, maybe you could shed some light on it? Thanks for the videos and keep 'em coming🙂

    75. Venkat Raman

      Yes! I was waiting for you to make this video. After this incident ‘Air Canada’ has become a meme word for near miss incidents. Good that nothing went wrong

    76. vicroc4

      "Let's build systems that make it so that these mistakes cannot happen." Which is incidentally one of the things Major Murphy was talking about when he formulated his eponymous law. "If it can go wrong, it will" so make damn sure that it can't. Or at least make sure that if it does go wrong, it won't go wrong in a way that ends up killing people.

    77. bonbondesel

      I read an article saying that the efficiency of NOTAMs are seriously questionned nowadays because they now deliver too much information. Even private pilots have this feeling when preparing a flight. I had it several times. NOTAMs making the flight preparation so labourious and you have to decide what information is crucial. So you can make mistakes. Even with a flight dispatch, missing information that could lead to issues in some situations is possible. If you add to that habits... This crew were so used to see to runways lighted, their brains maybe interpret the lights as two runways. With fatigue... All is set for this kind of mistake. And God knows how we are all capable of this kind of mistakes !

    78. R Nies

      I would have liked to hear the comment of the pilots afterwards. When did they board their next flght? Did they get treatment?

    79. Donald Moser

      This series is phenomenal. Can you explain FlyDubai flight 981? BTW: Harrison Ford sounds like he could highly benefit from the RAAS system, since he has landed on the taxiway, two times!

    80. Mad Scientific

      That's *insane*

    81. Ron Duncan

      You are too nice! It’s OK for you to be critical of other pilots. That’s why there are two of you in the cockpit so when one makes a mistake the other catches it. Plus the runway approach strobe lights and the PAPI lights kind a give it away. Oh and the rotating beacons, wingtip strobe lights, navigation lights and taxi lights on the other aircraft kind of give it away also. The story would obviously be a little different if he would’ve collided with the four other aircraft on taxiway Charlie.

    82. Chong Jiun Kit

      It reminds me of Singapore Airlines Flight 006 crash at Taipei Taoyuan Airport. Same runway closure resulting in a serious crash. The difference was that Singapore SQ006 did not have anyone there to alert them. Would appreciate if Mentour Pilot makes a video analysis of SQ006.

    83. Frank James

      this proves the runway managment isnt good enough or isnt fool proof ... a dead runway should have color coded lights rather than no lights so forth so on

    84. DoucheJet

      Open Descent mode means the engines simply go to idle and what ever that naturally gives, is what you get.

    85. Spydercolector

      What happened to the pilots? Any punishment etc?

    86. piwex69

      I cant focus because of this Mac heating up on the pillow....;)

    87. Ranger Rick

      Very well done. Is there not an SOP that states if the runway is ILS equipped and operational, that pilots must enable and use / monitor the equipment anyways, even if they are not conducting an ILS approach?

    88. Douglas Robinson

      I love your channel but.... What on earth is with the facial expression in this thumbnail 🤭😳 I don't like it when channels do this.... You just drop so much in the level of professionalism that you're projecting. It makes it look like a meme channel.... Which I know isn't right because I've seen the level of work you put into the channel

    89. Tony Nesta

      From a Psychological point of view; I grew up in Canada and July is truly a perfect, sensational time of year with good feelings in all Canadians. And with great weather and when you expect everything to go right, and get TOO COMPLACENT, something can go wrong. Maybe that was something in the thinking of those pilots. Also I can imagine the "post traumatic stress" in the minds of those pilots. I hope they were put on TIME OFF for the rest of the summer. I myself working in the medical field, know what a close call is by dealing with life and death. I almost quit my job in some close calls I had in the early stages of my profession.

    90. Tony Nesta

      Human error will always be around especially in aviation. I personally think all commercial flight landings should be performed automatically with FULL ASSIST by an AUTOPilot; artificial intelligence, "AI" even though I am saying this as a non-pilot, an arm chair pilot. Finally, ESSENTIAL recommendations by the aviation industry... Great re-creation with MS simulator!

    91. Rhys Wolfstonecraft

      The sound in the cabin of those engines spooling up to max power as the flew over the A340 must have been really interesting.

    92. Mohammed Khaled

      Wow that was a real close call 10-15 ft is nothing really Reminds me of that klm and Panam 747s tragedy

    93. David Herbsman

      The graphics and visuals are unreal! Superb and awesome! Thank you as always

    94. Huy Pt

      So many accidents were caused by system or runway maintenance

    95. Heisenberg

      imagine the fear in the flight crew in that third plane that was seeing that airbus come head on only 60 feet above. staring death in the face

    96. Paul Vincent

      Just don't iunderstand why this flight crew got a free pass. They could've killed over 500 people.

    97. BastendorfEvergrass

      There were some tightly clenched buttholes that night.

    98. Steve Marethyu

      I watched that video of the plane coming in several times, but without the highlighting of where the other planes were. It was scary enough when I didn't see the first two planes lined up, but now... holy crap that was so close!

    99. p0xus

      I didnt realize this was so close until I saw this video

    100. A Duboi

      Lot of explaining here but the flashing lights over the water directing jets to the proper runway are impossible to ignore but they did.