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    $1 Billion Mega Millions Jackpot - Friday, 22 January, 2021. Good Luck Everyone!

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    1. Stanley Rinker

      Are we trying to get it up to a billion dollars instead of a million dollars

    2. Stanley Rinker

      America and their be a millionaire

    3. Kiran Naz

      I wish I could expose those people who is behind this game..whenever I get a chance I’ll expose this game.

    4. DJballer 2k21


    5. John Dow

      2 much money for 1 person 4 days $500 later i won 8 bucks lol Christ is the light of the world and i will do great things in his name 1 day regardless if i win the lottery or not. Time to boost the economy and work hard!! Jeremiah 29 verse 11 1 John 1 verse 9 is everything! God bless yall keep the lord 1st, $ comes and goes!!❤🙏

    6. ISDθ X

      Web sites claim zero jackpot winning tickets is y'all going to change that!? Better do before your caught up

    7. swaggerboy740

      If I won the jackpot and buy my entire work place and show up late everyday then fire everyone and then have it knocked down 😈😈

    8. Keem Neutron

      The next drawing will be 21 25 43 57 63 12 when u win look out for a playa💯

      1. Have a Nice Day

        Doesn't work

    9. Teddy Jam

      Why don't you guys just select the ping pong balls by hand?

    10. Spencer Uwakwe

      Love the game, love the hustle, ain’t nothin better that this

    11. Q.S.S. Bloop Sound.

      I'll give you $5.00 if guess the correct number of balls I have...

    12. BIG TIME

      It's funny how the liberal lottery officials gave the giant Mega Millions jackpot to the liberal State of Michigan AND the giant Powerball jackpot to the liberal State of Maryland. SHAME ON YOU LIBERAL LOTTERY OFFICIALS FOR CHEATING AMERICA OUT OF THEIR HOPES AND DREAMS OF A BETTER LIFE!

    13. Screwdriver Kelly

      I think this is rigged somehow. If for some strange reason I where to win perhaps I would quiet up.

    14. KMD D

      Mega millions never has winners in Washington maybe Seattle once always different states

    15. Tyrone Williams

      Why is it that nearly all Powerball and Mega millions winners seem to come mostly from the East Coast and mid west States? I can't remember hearing of winners from the west coast and, if so there very few?

    16. Treasure Summers

      Wow this blessing came from KOBE himself !! 4- # of children Kobe Bryant had 26- the day he died (Jan 26, 2020) 42- the age he would be this year 50- # of shot attempts his final game 60- # of points scored his final game 24- jersey #💛💜

    17. Juheardme M

      Why are the numbers backwards online

    18. Hamad Zafar

      To the people who keep saying it’s a scam, no one is forcing u to play lol so upset at losing $2, none of you are ever going to win anyway, you probably all get quick picks and even if u played your own numbers they’re probably shitty numbers, the type of combinations that would show up after 30 years lol

    19. Maya Santiago

      I saw a comment on the Internet that said that there is a priest who helps win the lottery in Africa, it was hard to believe because it was ridiculous for me to let people know this secret. But I am a person who believes in spiritual powers because I saw it work when I visited India years ago. All I did was try and I really did win $ 25,000,000 jackpot and my life has changed since I became a winner. I promised the priest that I would tell the world about him because he got me out of bankruptcy ... I can't give everyone money but I can give good advice to people to contact this good man to help me with the lottery. ... his WhatsApp number his is +2349011599819 and his email address

    20. Gian Felix

      This is the greatest scam of all times and yet we all keep on buy in it even though over 98% of its players will never see a dime

    21. DR JAJ

      that lottery is a real fraud. how convenient for them to launch it in those places. what fraud

    22. Shining Sharp

      I think lottery is scam ! What do you guys think ?

    23. Al Lopez

      Screw you to whoever won! 😁

    24. Alexis Cisneros

      I just hope whoever won didn't already have lots of money hope someone in need like me won

    25. Nelson

      I just won 25000

    26. Jonno P

      Latest news is the winner had previously been struck by lightening 501 times!!

    27. Anna Marrero

      I’m never playing this game again I never played it in my whole life until this year but I’m never playing again I don’t know why they win in every other state it’s fucking incredible

    28. Kit Kat

      I want return my mega million lottery it’s doesn’t work probably give my 2 dollars back

    29. Yo i Sanabria

      Why is it different numbers on the website?

    30. Alex cordero News

      Because I got all five white balls like in the home page

      1. King Awesome

        wow! congratulations, the order of the 5 white balls doesn’t matter so on the website they put it lowest to highest, so you won $1,000,000

    31. Alex cordero News

      Can someone explain to me why in here is the 42 first and in the mega million home page is 4 the first number??

      1. Sarath

        pues si tu hablas español , aqui te va la explicacion lo que pasa es que en las paginas de loterias en internet siempre ponen los resultados de esa clase de loterias a partir del numero mas bajo hasta el mas alto , en todos los paises pasa eso , y lo mas recomendable es mirar el sorteo para tener certeza de cuales fueron los numeros y no tener ninguna equivocacion , pero al final es lo mismo , lo importante es que los numeros que tu juegas sean los que salgan en el sorteo , y otro detalle de mirar el sorteo es para llevar registro de resultados de un modo bien ordenado en el orden de salida de la maquina asi de ese modo se puede hacer un mejor analis en cambio con los numeros de las paginas de internet , ya no se podria analizar porque ya los numeros quedan muertos ya que no permite estudiarlos , algo asi como esto que en los 2 anteriores sorteos de megamillon habian salido 26 y 28 , si se estudiaban esos numeros en caliente anoche en powerball iba salir algun numero relativo y salieron 27 y 28 , o tambien que en powerball en 2 sorteos antes que se ganaran megamillon habia salido 60 y 40 en forma consecutiva de ahi combinaba algo en megamillon el pasado viernes cuando se lo ganaron y salieron 60 y 50

    32. Zafir89


    33. Sungod

      This was the winning combo!

    34. Ivan Ventura

      I’m 18 and imma buy one if I win fuck y’all😂

    35. axrezia

      My mom lost :(

    36. Centillionaire Centillionaire

      Bet they have an actor ready for any level jackpot 😉. rip offs...

    37. Centillionaire Centillionaire

      Back to 20million f***en dollars 👿

    38. Quan

      Came so close...matched 3 numbers and the mega number 😭

      1. King Awesome

        will $200 make you feel better, thats what you won

      2. Quan

        I wanted 1 billion 🤑

      3. King Awesome

        you still won money

    39. Sylvia pou

      Someone won?

    40. cKrispy PG3D

      Not winning is a blessing in disguise.

    41. T C

      idiots! all you have to do is buy every possible combination, which is like 300,000,000 combinations. You are GUARANTEED to win! You invest 300 million to win 1000 million, people are stupid!

    42. Roob Koj Niam

      Only eastern n small town win.!!! Y’all fake asf

    43. Roob Koj Niam

      Fuc Michigan

    44. Abigail Maldonado

      Pienso q esa máquina ya sabe cuales números va a dar en cada sorteo , eso no es correcto, pinche suerte pendeja so sad 😒

    45. Cody Williams

      Bro my numbers were 4 25 31 52 67 17 like come on bro😥😥


      Got two dollars from that

    47. boi Ducky

      I won 50 cents :)

    48. Silverback Silverback

      cant believe sombody hit this jackpot !

    49. Wilson Barrera

      How come the numbers are in one order and then the website says another order? Rigged therefore there should be a re-roll cause it’s makes no sense

      1. Wilson Barrera

        @Hamad Zafar that makes more sense now, thanks for letting me know

      2. Hamad Zafar

        It doesn’t matter the order, they get reordered in numerical order for the results

    50. Bobby Conklin

      Such a rigged ass game always the same state winning

    51. ThePresentation010

      A lady from Michigan won.

    52. seany

      Congrats and best wishes to the winner in Michigan! Their weekend went from 0 to a billion real quick

    53. Gaming Kay

      Damn I only got 3 numbers right!

    54. Hamad Zafar

      Those numbers were easy too, maybe not the 50 but everything was a easy number

    55. Diego D.

      Alguien gano!!!!!

    56. Od Wrld

      I won!!!!!!!!!

    57. Hamad Zafar

      Upset I didn’t win but still gonna play both powerball and mega, $20 million is still a lot and i know have at least a million dollar combination for both so still gonna play just relieved don’t have to spend $400 on each every drawing now that the jackpot has been won

    58. Michael Wallace

      They really let 1 person win.... Wow!! Congrats to whomever won in Michigan always a state where the winner can remain anonymous 🤔

    59. awesome chick

      The lottery is a big scam because if yall noticed all the big winning is up state its never in texas we always get low ball everytime its crazy how we spend our money on the tickets to but y'all know we ain't gonna win it should say only up states lottery change the damn system

      1. ThePresentation010

        1. You buy the ticket prior and have the numbers. 2. The balls are drawn on live TV. 3. The ball combination can match any ticket anywhere.

    60. Lucky O'D

      Maryland and Michigan 2 Northern States for the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpot win for this week. Of course one of those states is a liberal state of course.

    61. Suspect Down

      They need to reduce the numbers on both machines so more winners can hit more often....Yes ? No ?

      1. Suspect Down

        @Za World of Anime On my channel

      2. Za World of Anime

        @Suspect Down hit 49 and 56, off by one chose 28. Only 60 i had was 62. Where the vid?

      3. Suspect Down

        @Za World of Anime 66-67 and 56 67. My pre-game video shows 63 64 65 66 highlighted 66 hit winner down to 4 numbers. 44 45 46 47 highlighted 46 hit second winner down to 4 numbers. Look at the video.

      4. Suspect Down

        @Za World of Anime Forgot to mention Consecutive numbers FC/RC like 01,10 12,21 32,23 etc.....

      5. Za World of Anime

        @Suspect Down id play some repeating and consecutive numbers just to be sure

    62. SouthSideStunts

      Guy posted on tik toc on his winning ticket, he’s 22

      1. John Tran

        andre? His ticket is fake. It also says galottery which no one in Georgia won.

    63. Vineisha Burke

      I won 20! Had 3 of the numbers. 🤗

    64. X Xx

      Every state should let people stay annoynus like who the fuk cares what the name of the person who won and where he lives y'all sound like stalkers

      1. X Xx

        @ThePresentation010 so what they paid for the ticket and won it non of y'all business

      2. ThePresentation010

        No. Cuz they can scam and steal it. All they gotta do is drive up the money, and take it for themselves. And renew it.

    65. E quintanilla

      I spent $ 500.00

    66. Celeste Siempre

      I got two numbers and I don’t win nothing,come on give me a break.

    67. Donny Morales This is the winner

      1. John Tran

        Winner is in Michigan not galottery, it looks like he matched all numbers but jackpot winner isn't in Georgia.

      2. Have a Nice Day

        @Donny Morales can't open tiktok. Instagram?

      3. Donny Morales

        @Have a Nice Day Did you click yet?

      4. Have a Nice Day

        Don't think so...

    68. wentworth corbin


    69. Kuroは

      Im curious is to why everyone is surprised they didn’t win even with me the chances are incredibly low like it’s obvious barely anyone is going to win thats just common sense

      1. ThePresentation010

        Ppl win all the time clown. That's why it's rare jackpot goes high. And someone will win. Cuz they had hope

    70. Zachary Dion

      If I ever won I'd start doing real estate to keep the money coming in and on top of it open up a arcade and make it 1980s theme and not just have games inside but have rollerblading and if it paid off I'd then have rides put outside around so people can go on them. On top of that I'd buy my dream house with a 6 or 10 car garage and over time I'd slowly buy my dream cars and then after that I'd buy a house in England because England is beautiful and down the road I'd probably buy my own jet and maybe a yaught but it also depends because yaughts cost almost 2million just to dock it at port somewhere on top of that I'd id invest in airlines and maybe Amazon the stocks with them always go up but I would never invest in the stock market it self because that's a government scam that will go up in down by day but with a actual company you have a better chance of stocks always stay up. I also definitely definitely would buy a house in Calabasas California. As they say in pretty woman what's your dream

      1. ThePresentation010

        Tl;dr. Just say youd live off interest.

    71. denz310

      Both winners won in a state that you can remain anonymous, lol.

      1. Dave V.

        @denz310 yeah that makes sense and I think that’s what I read too. Thanks buddy

      2. denz310

        @Dave V. we're both kinda right. You can stay anonymous in Michigan, but you can't stay anonymous with a multiple state game like Powerball/Megamillion. That sounds so dumb, but that's what I just read. You can only remain anonymous with amount $10K or more from games that you can only play in Michigan

      3. Dave V.

        @denz310 no I live in Colorado

      4. Dave V.

        @denz310 no you can’t. I just read an article that said the winner will have to be public record. So hope they get out of town fast.

      5. denz310

        @Dave V. do you live there?

    72. denz310

      I'm kinda Glad I didn't win. I wouldn't know what to do with all that money.

    73. Olivia Ethan

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    74. BL4KBOLT-300

      Congratulations.. to the winner in Michigan! 😃 Lucky son of a bastard!

    75. Fun and Education

      It is like the person in michigan didn't win, but we lost 😂

    76. Hamad Zafar

      Whoever won plz do good with it, help humanity and suffering people in the world because one thing is certain in life is death and if there is an afterlife you want to make sure you help as many unfortunate people you can

    77. Stanley Rinker

      Got 8 dollars

    78. Hamad Zafar

      $20 million is still a lot to quit work and live stress free, definitely still gonna be play just not $500 every drawing, same with powerball

    79. Alakronn


      1. Alakronn

        @ThePresentation010 never seen a magic show? 👁

      2. ThePresentation010

        1. You buy ticket before draw. 2. Ballls drawn live. 3. You may have the combination.


      My name is Lucky Zondi from South Africa 🇿🇦. I do dream of US lotto numbers. I need someone from USA, who play the numbers and we share the winning. Please send me an email I only need serious and trustworthy person.

      1. Have a Nice Day

        Germany we have Lotto too

    81. Hamad Zafar

      Besides the 50 the numbers were easy especially the mega ball

    82. Hamad Zafar

      I’m kinda sad and mad because someone won but now I can I guess save my money and stop spending $500 every draw and instead spend only like $40 week, but now I don’t know what combinations to play for the next drawing because I have like 100

    83. Hamad Zafar

      I spent $400 on tickets played the best 100 combinations thought I had it, I knew the mega ball was gonna be 24 because it hadn’t been drawn in 180 days but I picked 22

      1. ThePresentation010

        How many numbers you match?

      2. Sky Land

        If you play 200 tickets, you can play each red ball 8 times and your return can be guaranteed to some amount. I planed to play 25 ticket this way if the jackpot did not get hit. But the the lucky bastard in MI ruined it. LOL.

      3. Shawn Dye


    84. Crawferd Cartel

      At least we still have the weekend. Stupid broke ass weekend

    85. Em Jaye

      I KNEW it was going to be a state where the winner can stay anonymous- just like the big powerball jackpot was a couple days ago. Wake up people- there are no real winners, just the government collecting enough money and generating a fake winner

      1. ThePresentation010

        1. You buy ticket before draw. 2. Ballls drawn live. 3. You may already have the combination.

      2. John Tran

        Yeah I said this too, almost a 2bil profit for the show runners. Especially during Covid.

    86. Mj Armiger

      Congrats to the winner have a good life..

    87. brian sourde

      You say your odds of winning any jackpot whether it be 5 million or 1 billion are better chances of getting struck three times by lightning on a sunny day I guess it was someone turn in Michigan to get struck by lightning hopefully they survive with all that money

    88. Becky

      Scanned ticket. Message said to take to retailer. Scanned next ticket said same thing. Scanned third ticket said same thing. Checked manually and found out lottery scanner app is down. I got 2 numbers. It was exciting to think I at least won something even if it was only for a I thought John might do as Sam does and wear a tux. That must be why I didn't win.


      Can be found in India and how will it get money in India

    90. joe bama


    91. Mr Wiggles

      DAYUM! matched 3/5 numbers on one ticket!

    92. duno9800

      Somebody won ! Lucky

    93. duno9800

      Never lose hope. When u least expected 💯

      1. duno9800

        🤣🤣🤣 who am i kidding 🤣🤣

    94. Alex Norman

      The largest jackpot ever $1 billion

      1. Leihulu Oliveira

        Dude, you know there were two other jackpots over 1 bil right?