Autism is my superpower

Kyle Hill

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    1. Kyle Hill

      *Thank you for all the messages, comments, and stories you’re sharing with me today. But my story isn’t really for me - I only hope that my experience can illuminate and educate.*

      1. Deborah Davitt

        Late to the party, but thank you, Kyle. I showed this video to my autistic son, and it did indeed give him someone like him to look up to.

      2. Loturzel Restaurant

        @CW Builds Then go and spread the Info that 'Autism Speaks' is terrible! THAT helps!

      3. CW Builds

        Growing up with Asperger's was incredibly difficult. I wanted to be cool, I wanted to have friends and I tried so hard, and I just couldn't understand what I was doing wrong. I didn't realize until years later that my brain was wired differently and I wasn't receiving social signals the ways everyone else was. I was weird. Still today I am not completely "normal" but after immense therapy I am at least able to recognize problems I am having in the moment. I have become more comfortable with myself and am able to identify my faults. I feel your pain but I also feel your triumph. this video touched me (insert joke at a more appropriate time) and I appreciate you being so open with your experience. I am a 28 year old male who has finally found the courage to go back to school and I wanted to let you know how much you have helped me to overcome my "fears" and helped me discover my passion for engineering.

      4. Loturzel Restaurant

        If ya really wanna help, spread Awareness of how extremly awful and toxic the Organization ‚Autism Speaks’ has become!! I’m Autist and i think thats arguably the single Best Thing to do if you wanna generally help Autists. Well, that and buying them Minecraft.

      5. Birdie and the Bear

        Working on your terminology would be beneficial as well.

    2. Shotokan Slugger

      Kyle, as someone who is autistic, just know that there’s nothing wrong with the autistic brain, it just means that our brains are wired a little bit differently. Nothing bad about it, I am quite lucky to have lots of friends, some of wish are autistic as well. When I tell people I’m autistic, a lot of my friends tell me they never would of guessed as I am usually outgoing and social. I’m not perfect, but I do have dedication in my life (I am a first degree black belt in shotokan karate, but due to the pandemic, my dojo has closed). Just know that we support you and I love your channel.

    3. Rugby187 Gaming

      Thanks for sharing this. Avoidance has been my goto unfortunately since I was diagnosed with Aspergers in 2018 just before I turned 40. Spent many years trying before this and had limited help since diagnosis but there isn't much support for adults on the spectrum it seems here in the UK.

    4. JenJen on wheels

      My youngest has high functioning autism and we were lucky she was diagnosed at around five years old (if your thinking that’s unusual for girls, I know, be we will get to that!) and I realised how much of our life we had already altered to fit around the different way she sees the world and having that diagnosis helped me close the gaps and change what needed to be changed. As a result she has grown up with the knowledge her ASD is just one part of who she is but also not an excuse for poor behaviour but a reason to help us figure out a way to avoid repeating the mistake again. It’s been a long process, far from easy and I have made many a mistake along the way but I now have a fairly well functioning child. Then when she was twelve some aspects of her current behaviour, tied into her past behaviour gave me an a strong suspicion and the day after her 13th birthday, just a few month ago now, she very nervously came out to me as a trans woman. Obviously this now complicates a few things as they need to be taken inconsideration between trans issue and ASD issue but mostly it is a blend of the two. My daughter is so much happier being herself in her home I look at my beautiful daughter and my heart swells to see her so happy. It’s not going to be easy for her but I know she is up to the challenge. I did asker why she was so nervous telling me given I am a lesbian, involved in the community, have a few trans friends, one of whom is very close and she has met several times and is well aware of how much I value the friendship we have but it just goes to show that even when you are in for a space that looks to be as safe as can be, it still takes a lot for anyone to be honest about themselves and open themselves up and then wait for the response. Whatever information you are putting out there about your hidden from view, private inner self and it’s workings it is very frightening and you are as vulnerable as can be. So don’t be upset if someone you know takes time to share, it’s not personal, it’s not that they truly think your reaction will be bad it is just something that take a huge amount of courage because letting people into that private of spaces is like Pandora’s box.

    5. Peter Barnes

      Well conceived and bravely executed. There is another way to describe what you have done here. Leaping off the high-dive like that took guts and was done to benefit others. That's sacrifice, the most stark and universal currency of love in the world. It doesn't matter where on the planet or when in history or what faith: everyone gets it. The viewer comments are versions of joy and thanks. So if I have this right, a guy inclined to social isolation did a bunch of sci-techy videos and then released an act of generosity and love that resulted in a 15,000 strong chorus of joy and thanks. I'm freaking impressed. It don't make you a saint, but perhaps it is on that spectrum, too. Thanks, dude. All the best - Peter Barnes

    6. Ethan

      I have aspergers, and ADHD, and knowing that one of my favorite KGuprs has similar issues really makes me feel like I'm not alone. Thanks to you Kyle, I'm going to try and get my life together, and follow my dreams 👊

    7. Cleetus McYeetus

      I discovered your channel today and have learned so many very cool facts about science and history...then I found this video which caused me to goto AANE's website and realize that throughout my entire life I've been completely ignorant of the fact that the things about myself that made me feel like a fish out of water, are the things that if I learn to embrace and use can end up changing my life in a beneficial way. I imagine this was a hard thing to do but I thank you very much for making this video for what that's worth, because it did help me and I'm sure it has/will help many more. Edit: I also have the hypersensitivity to sound but before this had no idea what it could possibly mean or how to deal with it let alone communicate it to others without feeling like a freak or out of fear that I'd be ridiculed for it. Just knowing there are others out there like me makes a huge difference.

    8. Kyle Palmer

      Yeah I thought so, I have Asperger's too! There's no such thing as normal, the world would be boring if everyone was normal! Thanks for making this video, no one should have to hide who they are.

    9. TheShadotz

      Thx ill check aane out, might help ^^ love your content. And im sure it was very stressful to "come out" this video helped me, thanks.

    10. Nodari Kvatchantiradze

      This video got me thinking. I think I need to get tested. Thank you so much for making this video.

    11. Brett R.

      In a world of imperfections, in a world where human beings are not perfect, but rather they have weaknesses. And whenever a human realizes what their weakness is, they strengthen themselves in another area of themselves to help combat that or to balance their selves out. And whenever you have something in your life that is a weakness, such as a mental disorder or a disability, it's likely you will strengthen yourself in that area most people do not, that they will start seeing something special about you and something you can do to they cannot because they have different weaknesses so they have to create a different way to balance their selves out, which will be a different strength than yours. Which means your strength will be more needed, but that won't be recognized unless you show that you have that strength. Your weaknesses will always show, you don't have to show your weaknesses intentionally they happen by accident, but your strengths come out intentionally. Our weaknesses can show us what we really need, they can give us a motivation to be a better person than we were yesterday, they give us a challenge that either we can look at as a motivation to improve and do better, or we can let it drag us down and hold us back from being better. Even some people with disabilities and extreme problems in their lives, but they learned more about themselves where they could strengthen in the area to become something better and to be happy. It's even possible that the very issue you have can actually be your greatest strengths that you are capable of wielding. There's no telling what it would be until you try, experiment, examine yourself and put your stuff to the test and keep trying to find more and do more rather than just give up and try to survive and let the world tell you how to live

    12. M Lo

      Thank you for doing this and waiting all this time for the right moment. I’ve often wondered if I’m on the spectrum. I have success with my social life but it wasn’t always that way. I just know I think differently than other so called normal people. I think I’ve trained myself to act normally which has helped me get used to being a part of society but I still feel somewhat alien to a lot of people. I know my case is mild but you’re doing a good thing for people who might feel like their autism is a burden.

    13. Ehren Morris

      Who the fuck dislikes this video!?

    14. Ron

      I like how you don't really need to tell jokes to be funny. The humor just flows

    15. Ron

      Thanks Kyle.

    16. ricky110882

      Thanks for sharing. My son and I had a daily routine of watching a Because Science video everyday after school. He was diagnosed with high functioning autism when he was 4yo and he is now 15. I'm going to show him this video and let him know that somebody he enjoys is just like him.

    17. MrSkillns

      The reason I love this channel Kyle is that, you remind me a lot of the Game Theorist, before he sold out. Back when he started out it was physics and all that fun stuff, the really interesting things. You are dedicated to numbers and science, and that I love as an engine officer (lots of thermodynamics but hey that's fun!). Don't change man, if you've met one person with autism then you've met one, just as if you've met someone with ADHD.

    18. MMSkan

      did he say assburger

      1. kertig

        funniest comment I have ever done seen

    19. Matthew Mcafee

      thank you for making this video, and It suck that KGup just now recommended it, for reference I'm writing this on 05/14/21, over a month late. To everyone else, please share this video to get it available for anyone who needs to hear it.

    20. Homer

      you're a hero bro

    21. 15098D

      Oh yeah, I love me a regimented schedule

    22. FirstName LastName

      Oh god these all apply to me, I just thought I was stupid.

    23. Soothsayer Sentinel

      I have misophonia as well, but the people I've worked with aren't so kind, so I've lived my work and much of my personal life in headphones. Noise cancelling headphones have been a great addition to the mix.

    24. Matt Pijan

      As someone who works in special education and an advocate for special needs representation I thank you so much for this. I can use this as motivation for students on the spectrum as well as an educational resource to help others understand ASD better. Much love and respect! 🧩❤

    25. Gustavo Schonarth

      Being aneurotypical is unusual and awesome in its own way that neurotypical folks will never understand. ADHD is my superpower, welcome to the club! 👏👏👏

    26. megasaurus

      I just want to take the opportunity here as a neurodivergent person that the overall preferred way to refer to someone like myself is ‘autistic person’, not ‘person with autism’. The latter implies that it’s a disease, the former is friendlier and overall less offensive or rude.

    27. Blaire of Hylia

      Lucky you. Autism and adhd make me incapable of speaking to people, or generally using my brain at all in social situations. Wish I could call mine a super power, but life just isn't worth living when nobidy will join you in it.

    28. Pm. Lucianapolineelisunakonicari

      Oh hey, also want to give a quick shout out to your team you talk about! They sound like some good people ^______^ I love people showing consideration to others! That’s cool

    29. Matthew Heywood

      The advantages of having aspergers far outweigh any flaws by a large margin, the biggest pioneering figureheads in history all have autism or suspected to. Its a gift from the gods that neurotypicals cannot fathom what it's like to have.

    30. Pm. Lucianapolineelisunakonicari

      You’re still the same AWESOME SCIENCE BADASS to me ^_^ That takes some inner strength coming out like that by the way; I can’t imagine what that’s like when so many people know you O.O Anyway, thank you for bringing us the coolest damn science❤️ keep on keeping on man ^_^ (P.s. I know I’m just one of a million rando’s, but if you ever need a friend you’ve got one here; and especially if life ever gets dark and confusing and you want to talk to someone completely on the outside of the situation who still cares despite the distance (Hahaha that made me so happy when you mentioned putting the car keys on top of things to create a necessary reminder lol I have ADHD so I do that specific thing a -lot- lmao)

    31. C

      I didn't even know that you could get diagnosed with autism as an adult!. I've known that I think differently for a long time now, but I thought that autism was almost always caught at a young age. I don't know yet, but this might give me some answers.

    32. PoKe Maciej

      In 2019 i created an article called "Mój przyjaciel asperger. Tego się nie leczy, to się kontroluje" (eng. "My friend asperger. It is not treated, it is controlled "). As a person with asperger myself a was happy that article existed, but I knew that it wouldn't reach to as many people as I wanted to. Also the whole thing was in my native language Polish. But you created a video about it for the whole world to see and in the international language. You did an amazing work for the whole world of autism/asperger people. Damn you youtube for recommending this video to me a month after its release. Still, a great video man, glad you did it and keep the good work, because you are amazing.

    33. Luis Velez

      I’m Asperger and I don’t see you with a lot of mental issues in the videos you send Kyle you look 👀 neutral to me. Thank you 🙏 for saying something personal about you.

    34. Pathfind

      I'm not on the spectrum (at least I'm sure I'm not) but it's cool to see someone I look up to have acceptance of himself and come out to the public. You keep doin' you, my guy. You're awesome.

    35. Christy T

      I’m right there with you.

    36. Everest Jarvik

      I've never been diagnosed, but lately I've been feeling like I've also been on the autism spectrum my whole life and just never considered it. Who knows if I would be diagnosed, but I relate to how you're feeling here. Thanks for coming out and saying all this, setting a great example and all that

    37. Palmer Buss

      Kyle, I've been a fan of your material for some time and was intrigued when I saw the title of this video. As I listened to your story I started to realize a lot of this sounded familiar. After thinking on this and doing research over the past month, I now realize that I too am on the spectrum. I am just starting this journey of discovery. Thank you so much for sharing your story and putting me on the path to find the answers I've been searching for over the past 38 years.

    38. Javier Soto

      Being an aspie is a trade-off, we're socially awkward but we can really hyper-focus on something. It's good to know my sensitivity to LOUD NOISES is not entirely unfounded, my headphones are one of my most prized items, they protect me and let me focus.

    39. AaronAlso

      Now, imagine having suffered severe trauma at a young age (body temp =>106Fdeg for 6 weeks, 1982, Kawasaki's disease) and not being able to find a professional that is even willing to entertain the idea of un-diagnosised brain trauma, or ASD. Welcome to the world of the unprivileged: skin color and gender are irrelevant.

    40. Tenten Shitai

      Thank you so much, this video really helped me.

    41. First name Last name


    42. blue circle man

      ok but are we gonna ignore the fact that he went from talking about autism to vampire mommy stepping on you

    43. AirMasterParker

      Thanks so much for sharing this Kyle. I'm currently 21 years old and I was diagnosed since I was little as a gifted kid in the Asperger spectrum; like you said, I also have an attraction to science since I'm currently studying architecture, but also found an insane passion for comics that not many people I personally know have. I always thought of my disability as something that actually made me who I am and me me improve, and for that I thank you so much for making this video. It can inspire multiple people and kids, so I want to thank you again for this.

    44. MaxTheChalupa

      Love this & love you dudeman!

    45. WeelChairDrivBy

      Eye opening to me, I can relate with a lot about what you said especially the black and white nature of things. I’ve loved math and science. To the point where accounting and pharmacy were my dream jobs. I love keeping detailed notebooks of financial decisions constantly keeping my ledgers updated and finding new avenues to maximize efficiency to the point it’s exhausting. I’m not sure what’s going on in my head but it’s nice to know others think like I do too

      1. Doctor Doom

        Ngl it just sounds like you are organised, especially as you are exhausted by the actions.

    46. Stevie Doney

      You have helped me so much! I thought I was on the spectrum but now I am sure. And I'm OK with that.

      1. Doctor Doom

        You can’t be sure until you get diagnosed

    47. La Luz de Shandora

      This made me take a test and i got 24 (severe (21-30)... "You have many tendencies of autism spectrum disorders which may be having considerable impact on your daily life" Not sure what I should do, if anything at all

    48. frogoat


    49. chris kincaid

      Extremely proud of you! I can’t imagine what this app would be without your content. Thank you for being you and thank you for stepping into the lime light for those with no voice. Truly a super hero ( with great beard comes great responsibility)

    50. TheArcknight

      I was told I have dysgraphia when I was little. They told me I had a learning disability, making me think I was less capable then everyone else. In truth Its not a disablility, its just that my brain works diffrently then theirs.

      1. Carson N

        Same with man.

    51. Ryan Hardy

      You helped. Thank you. And bravo, for the courage it took to make that video.

    52. Craytherlaygaming

      There needs to be more video's like this As someone who's also on spectrum like... all of spectrum ADHD, asperges, OCD est,est Video's like this motivate me to continue to improve.

    53. Sam Thompson

      Absolutely love you man. So happy you can come to peace with this & yourself.

    54. ZerreZ

      dyslexia is my superpower.

    55. Charlie Kelly

      So much of what you've said and what I've read from other commenters resonated with me so much. I took a few of those online tests (yeah, I know they aren't the end all be all) and every one said I had a "high likelihood". So I'm going to speak to a professional as soon as I can. Like you, I just want to understand myself more. If I'm not somewhere on the spectrum, cool, I guess I'm just an awkward anti social person. If I am then thats also cool, I can see where my actions and thoughts come from. Thank you for this video, I love your stuff and this just makes me love it even more!

    56. VJW

      "Autism is my superpower." Captain Tard, here to save the day lmao. But seriously, I have Aspergers myself, along with ADHD and Tourettes (just the twitchy kind, not the cursing kind, I do enough of that on my own) but I was diagnosed when I was 7-ish, so I've been lucky enough to have almost my whole life to learn how to function with these things and whatnot. I've also been lucky enough to have amazing parents who're very supportive and patient with me. I'm glad to see you're doing grand.

    57. Doginthesleep

      Thank you for this video 💛

    58. Brion Smith

      I’m literally crying right now. So strange I discovered your channel last nite and am immediate fan. This popped up today and oddly enough I will be receiving my sons diagnosis within the hour. The reason I’m crying is I feel i am undiagnosed and therefore responsible. I know this isn’t bad I just feel I could have not tried to avoid this and done better. Thank you so much for having the courage that I could not but more so for inspiring me to face this without shame and maybe even embrace what’s special in me and my son. Keep up the great work and know that you have helped me And my family for sure.

    59. Steven Coyle

      Great video. I still don't understand why we call it aspergers. Hans Asperger was a Nazi collaborater who put thousands of autistic people to death. Doesn't seem like a good name choice.

      1. VJW

        @Steven Coyle You do realize ASD is the broad term for all kinds of Autism, including Aspergers, right? Aspergers is the name for a specific kind

      2. Steven Coyle

        @VJW Literally anything else? How about what clinicians actually call it? Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD.

      3. VJW

        What else'd you call it? Autism Lite?

    60. Blake

      Iv'e been watching your videos for years and I never once noticed you were on the spectrum, you're very strong for talking about it.

    61. Roman

      I have asperger and having someone as interesting as you representing us is a blessing

    62. Black Hole Gaming

      Doesn't change who you are :)

    63. Shadomossis

      I don't mean to offend anybody ok? so don't insult me. But i don't understand why is it so hard to say out loud about asperger. I mean, it's not a disaster, it's not the end of a life. You'r just anti social basically (it's more complex of course but you see what i mean).

      1. Doctor Doom

        As someone with autism i agree. Especially as he considers it a superpower, i feel as if hes playing up the emotional side

      2. VJW

        I used to be ashamed of it for whatever reason, but it's gotten to the point that I just don't give a shit. I'm retarded and I'm proud lmao

    64. queenannsrevenge100

      Kyle, thank you for sharing that. I’ve always respected you and your work, and coming forward with this for the goal of helping others just raises that respect even more.

    65. Kaiden Bird

      I wish i could say the same bout my autism but unfortunately i just keep isolating myself from everyone i know and love

      1. James Sarrett

        I learned a weird trick: just smile at people. Even if you don't mean it. They like it and it helps them get along. Don't over-do it, just smile and then move on. Try it with random strangers on the street.

    66. Beau McLaughlin

      I am going to look into this further, I have always struggled with being social. I can count my number of partners on one hand, I struggle to look people in the eyes, I am super absorbtive of anything I find interesting ( people think I'm smart). But I like to be alone. Some of my coworkers are worried about how alone I like be. I was diagnosed with ADD (not AD/HD)as kid, perhaps I was misdiagnosed.

    67. Zoë Geurts

      I have autism as well. I agree it's a super power, but people around me need a manual in order for me to function properly xD. I love learning and I'm super good at it, as long as things don't have deadline. Stress destroys me and makes me literally sick. Give me my time and space and let me have my system and I flourish and will successfully finish tasks or keep going until I am 100% sure I can't finish something. My boyfriend/almost husband has so much patience with me. I am extremely sensitive to stimuli from anything and thus can't handle sounds or touch at times. But if I get a calm environment, I can keep going and going and going and forget the world around me and do lots of things. I'm so thankful work (I am a programmer) is understanding and wants to help me, because they know how much I love learning and helping and finish stuff. Everything has to be correct and tested and taken time for before I think something is ready. Unfortunately I also have fibromyalgia and it make me quite sick. But still everyone is patient and loving and understanding. I would do anything for me friends and family

    68. Evil Grivin

      Wouldnt had thought you would have autism actually. Everbody acts a bit different for sure. Im an autist myself, same syndrom, just a bit less "effective(?)" on me than on others. I do sometimes act out weird with the reason being that i just dont know how to act. When it comes to social life i literally dont know what to do and say unless i am with people i have known for years. Whats also really bad to do, (atleast for me) is to call me out as such. I dont think anyone i dont want to know needs to and dont really want to have people be like "ah yea now you act like one". Happened. Told them i had such a syndrom and them saying "now you can see it" is a weird combination and shows me they know nothing about it. Stay strong

    69. ItzYaBoiHugs

      Thank you! I feel the same way an even have some similar properties. But I never really considered something like autism. My life is going downhill at the moment because of those "symptoms" and I am trying to catch it, so a diagnosis could help getting me treatment for living in our society. Again thanks for opening my eyes!

    70. Phil Urbaniak

      Keep on exploring the frontiers buddy, inside and outside 👍

    71. Fake Account

      Kyle Hill 100 percent does not have Asperger's or Autism. He is also not "high functioning". I have known several people that really have this and it's quite clear even in cases of high function. This is sad and really takes away from those that really suffer from this.

      1. Fake Account

        @VJW Everybody wants to be a special snowflake ❄ Sorry you can't claim a BS disability for woke points.

      2. VJW

        Hi, I have high functioning Autism and my parents didn't have a bloody clue until my professional diagnosis despite raising me for my entire life, so how about you stop acting as if you know more than the psychologists that diagnosed him, you right prick

    72. Alana R

      Thank you.

    73. Zach Clayton

      This hits me hard. Because I recognize some of the symptoms and signs that you mentioned not only in myself but also in my 5 year old son. Thank you, deeply and truly. I now know that what I've been feeling my whole life, why I always enjoyed being alone and learning, and now seeing my child grow up with the same disposition that I had growing up, it all kinda makes sense. Now I kno how to go about seeing specialists the right way

    74. Neurodiversity를외치는Aspie아스퍼거인

      I can't agree with you more

    75. amy mauritson

      Great video.

    76. El Pulgón Carbonero

      Medic check, not autist... But why it is so relatable tho...

    77. John White

      Thank you for this video. I was always somewhat different from other people. Self isolated in almost the exact way you described yourself. Right down to the legos and wandering the woods. I had few (if any) friends all through school. Always excelling in science and math, but extremely disorganized. Never remembering to bring my homework even though I'd done it, but always scoring extremely high on tests. I went into adulthood just thinking I was weird. It wasn't until I was nearly 30 that I discovered that I too am on the spectrum. That discovery definitely changed the way I functioned because I was more able to identify the things I struggled with. Your video made me feel a lot less alone and gives me hope for my future. I can't thank you enough for this video. I've been a fan of yours for quite some time and now I feel a sort of kinship with you. Keep up the awesome work! Thank you!

    78. Liz Cademy

      If I could go back in time, I'd tell your 2016 self, welcome to the club! I finally got my pro diagnoses in 2010 by an AANE therapist.

    79. David Keeth

      Thank you, Kyle.

    80. Sonja Morrison

      Utism is absolutely a super power ☀️

    81. devil260996

      Because of your video I noticed that some of my behaviors are not normal and took several tests online. Based on them I have several strong Indicators that I maybe am on the ASD spectrum. I will now search for professional help. I respect your bravery for making this video and I love your all of your science videos

    82. jchoneandonly

      "autism is my superpower" Excellent description.

    83. Marlon Wiese

      Thank you so much for sharing this! I've been diagnosed earlier this year (age 25) after trying to figure out why I struggle with things that "should be" easy all my life. Your video is a great resource and gives a new perspective. Thank you for being so brave and open. You are my superhero :)

    84. coremix

      Semi serious question to all who are on the spectrum; if you have difficulties maintaining or even look at other in the eyes then how about cameras? Can you look at camera lenses more easily or is it just as difficult as with eyes?

      1. VJW

        Cameras are fine for the most part

    85. The Raul Guerrero G

      I think i'm autistic. I'm like 80% sure that i have what people usted to refer to as Asperger's syndrome

    86. TheDaringPastry1313

    87. Mister Ree

      ASS SPERGERS. I cant cope with assburger......... There's no B in the fucking word lol.

    88. J-bird

      05:00 It was worth it Kyle.

    89. Alexander Carder

      I have this same super power 😉

    90. BARONC

      I think autism is like seeing the world from another prospective, thank you for sharing it it was beautiful and i appreciate so much your hard work.

    91. Mr.Moose

      This is a great video and good for you to be able to harness your situation in a positive way. I've been lucky enough to work with people who wouldn't know what to look for. But my wife however was the one who put an explanation to why I am the i am

    92. 'eXotic.

      I have difficulty interacting with others, people that I'm not close to, I am physically incapable of looking them in the eye, I often get extremely anxious about things that I haven't experienced before, I often wander aimlessly, overthinking everything in my mind, I tend to be either hyper aware of small details and my surroundings or completely lost and unaware of things around me.. I've been told that i give off a cold, distant type of vibe to people I first meet and so on, It's things/actions like these that result in people telling me I'm weird, but I'm still hesitant to even take tests or talk about it because I feel like I'm faking my issues..

    93. Neurodiversity를외치는Aspie아스퍼거인

      Here NT people are absolutely and so openly bullying aspies. I started my lonely movement to against the prejudice and it's going to be a long journey

    94. D

      I was diagnosed in 2017 after years of struggling and not understanding why, its both beneficial and hard to accept a little bit I think, at least in my case. In the moment of diagnosis it makes /so much sense/ though.

    95. Birdie and the Bear

      Working on your terminology would be beneficial as well.

    96. Mark Lewis

      Well... I'm 55 and it's too late for me, as for the limited people who were in my life, and who (understandably) never understood me. But at least, if it turns out I am autistic... your story explains much in my difficult life. Thanks for sharing.

    97. grovak

      Great advice for anyone! Well spoken

    98. Brodi

      Thank you so much for doing this, Kyle! My son was diagnosed with ASD, as was my brother. It wasn't until I learned about it through him that it occurred to me that I may be on the spectrum myself. I hadn't really taken any steps about it, but because of your bravery, I believe that I should too. Thank you again for the inspiration!