Nick Saban reviews Alabama’s 2020 title run | #Greeny

ESPN College Football

20 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    Nick Saban chats with #Greeny and looks back at the Alabama Crimson Tide’s 2020 championship season and how the obstacles they overcame ultimately made them come together. (3:40) Saban also discusses how the game of football has become dominated by offense in the last 8-10 years.
    #Alabama #Saban
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    1. dexter williams


    2. Joan Mandeville

      Love coach's jab at McElroy! They really do like each other.

    3. rathofturkey

      I hate it when people say that your championship team is not as good as others because of the competition that they played against. I’m like duh. You’re only as good as you can be in the here and now. Would you rather all of the other teams decimated by illness injury or whatever not play and just automatically Crown Alabama champions? It’s always a fun conversation to talk about who would be considered the best team of all time but when it comes down to it, we’ll never really know. Don’t take it so seriously. Shoot I’m a Bama fan and I still maintain that the 95 Cornhuskers are the greatest team of all time, the 01 Hurricanes at # 2. Do y’all think that the 85 Bears would be a dominant team in today’s NFL? Absolutely not. Quit comparing things like you actually know anything. We won, get over it.

    4. Jam3s Barry

      !! ROLL TIDE ROLL !! 🐘🐘🏆

    5. Mike Lawry

      I love Nick ! Years of success no cheating just hard work gotta respect it !

    6. pretzel playz

      Can't be considered the greatest if your ducking other teams. Can't be considered the greatest recruiter when anyone with nfl aspirations wants to go there. At footballs highest level he couldn't cut it this man has single handidly destroyed college football

      1. pretzel playz

        I'm not a clemson fan just giving an outside pov you'd do well to understand dabo built that program into a power house saban just took over a storied sec team

      2. pretzel playz

        @Don you sec guys are all the same preaching superiority all the while killing college football

      3. Don

        @pretzel playz LOL. Your right wing fundamentalist loudmouth hero Dabo has gotten routed in the playoffs the last 2 years. You should be thankful Ohio State crushed you so you didn't take an even worse beating in the championship game.

      4. pretzel playz

        @Dexter Royster don't call me out you frontrunner I'm just speaking facts dabo is twice the coach

      5. Dexter Royster

        hahahahahhaha.....what a loser mentality u have

    7. Jake Thomas

      GOAT. Nuff Said. You know not playing the best defence is killing him to some degree. That's his DNA. RTR!

    8. Idalia Martin

      Only the ULTIMATE coach can bring together a group of young men and develop them into the ULTIMATE team! Roll Tide!!

    9. Reginald Hall

      Bama has had a Bear & now a GOAT as coach. With an elephant as a mascot but always being called the Crimson Tide instead. But the best name to call them is National Champions

    10. Reginald Hall

      Saban subtly calls out Greg McElroy as a 'game manager' without saying the words game manager.

    11. D News

      As a college football fan and an outsider looking at the Alabama program, I would have never believed that Coach Bryant's six national championships at Alabama could ever be equaled. Then along came Nick Saban and matched that in just 12 seasons. It doesn't even seem possible but his dedication, his drive and his commitment to excellence is unequaled in any era of college football. The man is like Fielding Yost, Wallace Wade, Knute Rockne, John McKay, Woody Hayes and Bear Bryant all rolled into one dude. The man has coached three Heisman Trophy winners and also had three or four runner-up Heisman candidates. At 69 years old Nick seems so energetic that it would not surprise me one bit if he wins two more national championships before he retires. He's simply the greatest college football coach of all time.

      1. Redgle

        He won't retire.. he'll die as the head coach imo

      2. Doc

        Point blank period. Very well said, sir.

    12. Hugh Brame

      Roll Tide!

    13. Alan __

      Imagine being the literal best at what you do. What a dude.

      1. Doc

        And not just the best today or even of his generation, but the literal best of anyone to ever do almost a mile at this point.

    14. Calvin Swink

      He was the GOAT before this national championship.

      1. retro nerds

        @pretzel playzoh then explain georgia, florida, clemson,ohio state, lsu this year then

      2. Calvin Swink

        Don't hate. Congratulate

      3. pretzel playz

        Anyone can go win titles with all 5 star recruits

      4. Isaiah Prout

        @pretzel playz You mad.

      5. Isaiah Prout

        Right he just solidified it.

    15. Chris Lane

      7X National Champion. 2X Walter Camp Coach of the Year. That seems a little odd.

    16. H. B. West Music

      The Goat Roll Tide Roll

    17. tua hurts

      ROLL TIDE ready to roll 2021

    18. Appalachian Underground

      I loved the Tide during the bad years .... now I can’t honestly find the words that describe my more than ever we need a escape from the world... thank you Coach Saban.

      1. AK

        I grew up during those years. I had only ever heard stories of how great Alabama used to be from my dad and he always said we would be back there one day but I honestly never believed him. Never been more wrong!

      2. TheMcLeanster

        @Mr. Chaos but those struggle years is what makes this Dynasty run so much sweeter! ROLLETH!

      3. Doc

        @Mr. Chaos how about the Dubose years? Or the Price debacle? I remember really really liking Dennis Franchione and feeling sick when he left Bama high and dry. It's crazy the shape the program was in when Saban got there. All I can say is God bless the man, he has brought me pure sweet joy so many times over the years. He should be eligble for sainthood as far as I'm concerned.

      4. Mr. Chaos

        The Mike Shula years oh God don't remind me

    19. Wett Wett

      I am up tonight watching alabama games. Sad that football is over. I am so proud of our football team and our coach. It’s really the only thing i can brag about being from alabama. Coach, if your reading these comments tonight, thank you for giving me something to look forward to in life.

      1. Stephen Danley

        Then you don't know Alabama very well. Pity.

    20. Alabama Football Fan Roll tide

      Great interview by the Goat Coach Saban Roll Tide !

    21. slyfish

      simply the best ever. Coach Nick Saban.

    22. Ken Ross

      The unity of this team was exceptional. Through all the diversity and challenges of this past year, this team chose to rise above and dominate. Thank you Alabama.

    23. Thad L McMullen

      We’re extremely blessed to have Coach Saban....RTR!!!!

    24. J Dub

      🐘🏈🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 nuff said! I've always heard that no college football team could EVER BEAT AN NFL TEAM, however I believe this team fully healthy, would not just be competitive in the NFL, but I can think of 5 or 6 teams THIS ALABAMA SQUAD COMPLETELY HEALTHY could beat!

      1. retro nerds

        @D News and the 0-16 browns

      2. Latrell Edwards

        I believe in my heart that this Bama team can beat New York jets

      3. D News

        @William Jordan correction... Vegas odds makers say this Alabama Crimson Tide team would beat the New York Jets. They would have Bama favored by 3.5

      4. Hugh Brame

        U 4got 1 trophy lol

      5. William Jordan

        Oddsmakers say it's not possible.

    25. Ryan Robinson

      Remember when yall thought OSU and Clemson were better coming into the season? 😭

      1. Luke Piazza

        @pretzel playz check the ratings bud💀

      2. pretzel playz

        College football is trash and it's killing itself thank God for the nfl keeping it afloat

      3. Isaiah Prout

        They should've known better. Never count out Bama

      4. Ben Bordenick

        That’s what I’m sayin

      5. IDont HaveOne

        everyone had it as 1. Clemson 2. Ohio State GAP 3. Alabama GAP everyone else.

    26. Steelman

      Thanks for putting pathetic Greg in his place

      1. Steelman

        @L W ok. John park Wilson also. Aj macaroni ok... coker I can't judge Brian dabol was worst person ever to be on the coaching staff.

      2. L W

        @Steelman I don’t think I ever said he was a good nfl player. Lol.

      3. Steelman

        @L W guy drafted 7th round..214 yards total in NFL.. 1td and 1int.. guy isn't worth mentioning

      4. Steelman

        @L W doesn't change he was a bad QB. Alabama has good running backs every year.

      5. L W

        @Steelman comparing a system ran by Kiffin in 2014 to 2009 with a pounding running game with Ingram and Richardson is goofy. Apples and Oranges.

    27. Timothy Lacefield

      The greatest team in the last 20 years

      1. zilla beatz

        @Nathaniel Wright I know not that team but the 02 03 and 04 teams were just as good that 01 team in my opinion

      2. Nathaniel Wright

        @zilla beatz not the 01 team.

      3. zilla beatz

        @Nathaniel Wright but didn't nick have lsu and he beat one of them u of m teams

      4. Appalachian Underground

        @Nathaniel Wright The Canes have many Awesome teams, Bama here but I always pull for the U...i want Miami to come back into the top 5 every year

      5. lenny the gump summers

        @Nathaniel Wright true from a bama fan

    28. Delta Zulu

      I remember all the non bama fans used to say that bama was boring because of their dominant defense every year. Can’t really say that now.

      1. Anthony DC

        2011 Defense was hands down the greatest shutdown defense ever! SHUTDOWN. 2016? Not even close.

      2. TheMcLeanster

        @Phillip Ivey if we just could've had Simms QB'ing the 2016 season instead of Hurts we would have been undefeated and would have went back to back

      3. Bama Dave

        I miss the dominant defense. If I could make CFB the way it was I’d do so in a second. I don’t watch basketball because in basketball points are almost meaningless - if your team makes a basket it’s not a big deal cause there so many that are made. In football today when you score it only means that you haven’t lost the game yet, which seems to happen the first time you punt. The whole chess match between offense and defense has taken out of the game and it sucks. But ya, RMFT! At the end of the day just win, but j wish they would change the rules so it’s at least a little more of a fight.

      4. Antonio howard

        @RedSkaal Guy We won a Championship with 15 what are you talking about ? And 15 got more current defensive NFL starters than 2011 so ?

      5. RedSkaal

        @Antonio howard 13, 14, 15 did not have defenders as good as 2011. Saban said so back then, he's changed his rhetoric to the new offense first strategy. You people can't understand that this is just a cycle.

    29. RomanCaesar47

      Roasted McElroy

      1. Doc

        @Reginald Hall Greg knows he was a game manager lol. He actually says it himself all the time.

      2. Reginald Hall

        Basically calls him a game manager, lol

    30. trusoldier77

      The Greatest!!!! Roll Tide Roll!!!!

    31. Happy Gilmore706GA

      Roll mf'n tide

    32. Scott

      Coach G.O.A.T saban

      1. Christopher Brock

        These hatters better be glad that 2008, 2013, 2014, 2016, slipped out of his hands - not going to speak about that blowout in 2018 and the injuries in 2019 - still having nightmares about those 2 seasons lol 🏆🐘 ROLL TIDE

      2. J Roberts

        AMEN! Dont forget Coach Uce & Nitty!!