TommyInnit Teaches Old Men About Minecraft In Under 10 Minutes

Happy Hour Podcast

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    16 year old Minecraft extraordinaire TommyInnit teaches two 27 year old boomers about all things Minecraft via quickfire questions in under ten minutes. Watch and learn!
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    1. Happy Hour Podcast

      hello fellow kids, drop a like on the video if you thought it was lit and share with ur mates on Facebook and Twitter and Tok Tak and all the social medias pls and thanks. also comment below if u also hate clay 🇳🇺

      1. D5liver Cas3

        you hate dream :< (joke btw)

      2. Dream smp simp

        LMAO TOL TAK

      3. Sean TheMCGuy

        yes very much hate mr clay techno never dies

      4. k/ Kurby

        @beerow_ yesir

      5. Crescentpaws5000

        Sir I’m srry but no one under 30 uses face book

    2. gg


    3. Jason Brabant

      What is Wilbur SCOOT it’s soot

    4. Andy Nuñez

      cant believe tommy doesnt know the aether portal skakkaksksa

    5. HadsAndJuju Springer

      “What’s the worst block in the game?” “Clay” ...... dream?

    6. AkiraN

      "Who's Wilbur So-" "Wanker." Zero hesitation. God, they really are brothers.

    7. AkiraN

      "What are music discs?" *Tommy:* Posture: straight Vocal cords: ready

    8. Amelia Szymocha

      why tommy XD why not ... idk Philza

    9. marron mood

      What is your favorite block ? *Cobblestone* 💕 Why? Its ✨ *G U D* ✨

    10. Abel Bolyard

      I dream slays me it’s over. Didn’t age well

    11. Rebati Malla

      Technoblade is the most famous

    12. Amber Vernon

      I'd add more girls 😂

    13. Jonas Putler

      Whats the worst Block in the Game? Clay! Dream: 😧

    14. zuEin

      I love it when he does tha outro

    15. Kree Tsar

      Tommy when the topic music discs comes

    16. _ chairespeanut_

      “what’s your favourite minecraft block?” “cobblestone” “why?” “it’s GUD.”

    17. Magaly Vargas

      8:35 Tommy sticking up for us saying “don’t call them bitches”🥰

    18. Magaly Vargas


    19. Anxiny Bsp


    20. Xos

      i love how half the player base and minecraft community wont know what an eather portal is like cmon man

    21. Home Lo

      6:20 ender*

    22. DEEP JK

      What are music disks Tommy(flash backs to the dream smp war)

    23. FrekcreepYT

      "GeorgenotFound" "Whos that?"

    24. Groshu

      why does tommy look like not tommy

    25. mxllo 84

      Tommy: 😒 DREAM.... oh wait georgenotfound 😌

    26. Markas Varnagiris

      Noone see that tommy's hand always on his...

    27. DakDuif


    28. simmershualt

      w ank e rs

    29. Adxm

      Whats better pigs or cows? Is that a meme 🤦‍♂️😂 0:00

    30. Worried

      "27 year old boomers". So did everybody miss that?

    31. boo ranlive

      My sister listens to this podcast but find Tommy annoying. What a disappointment

    32. florence smp

      what's better cows or pigs? tommy:pigs henry: all around me are familiar faces

    33. Natural Planet


    34. JaiNatalie Rivera

      In the discs part Tommy just had a big sigh then start talking that that is the most valuable item in mc,me: wait so elytra is not the most valuable item then the two what does that do - A music disc obviously make sound wthhhh

    35. Nidhi S.

      Me thinking Philza would be one of the “old men” 😏

    36. Bugs Black

      6:28 “It takes you to the 💫Netha💫

    37. pigeon

      * sigh * dream 😶 wait no ~georgenotfound~ 😄

    38. WetWipe

      I’m eleven and I know James acaster

    39. Charlotte Petrie

      “What are creepers?” Tommy explains “Is there loads of them?” Tommy explains again “How many?” Tommy regretting his life choices: “fuck off”

    40. Lizzy

      When he said the worst block was Clay 😂😂

    41. Romi W

      Whats the worst block in minecraft ? tommy: clay (becuase of dream) HHAHAHAHA

    42. idk idk


    43. Embry

      What about hardened clay

    44. Isabel Peterson

      Jesus Christ is our lord and savior! Repent for your sins! God loves you unconditionally! John 3:16 You are wanted

    45. Cassidy Curtis


    46. HoneyDewlyy

      Is this on Apple podcast??

      1. HoneyDewlyy

        @Happy Hour Podcast ah thanks ;) I’ll just have to watch on yt :))

      2. Happy Hour Podcast

        No bud, we're Spotify exclusive 🇳🇺

    47. ItsButter

      I'm upset that "jump in the Cadillac" is not here

    48. Hereistheteasis 7

      He should of said “The love is the music disc”

    49. The great BANANA


    50. Grace Holland

      I can't explain it, but like... he's so vibrant in this video. Like he's laughing genuinely and pleasantly and looking like he's having a good time. It's nice.

    51. Christina Regneri

      "Whos the famouse minecraft youtuber?" Sighs "Dream no ✨georgenotfound ✨"

    52. JayKore

      im the most polupolur minecraft tyoutber

    53. Monky

      7:19 bro tommy was answering in a funny way for the questions until he reached this question He wanted to be serious on this question lol 😂

    54. Ellarose 2000

      What’s the worst block Tommy: “Clay” me: KSHAHAHANAMZKJZHSGSBABAN

    55. Jordan Brooks

      6:26 they way tommy says nether

    56. LouisXLK

      Sorry but there’s millions of Tommys face around the internet and you happen to use that face in the thumbnail

    57. Zunbileg _E

      tommy:girls someone idk: b.tches tommy: thats rude like thank you for saying that tommmyyyy 🥺🎉✨

    58. Felisha

      5:43 LMAO I LOVE HOW HE SAID "yes"

    59. Samantha Marie


    60. Enchanted TW

      "Drreeaaam.. wait no, ✨georgenotfound✨"

    61. Mystic_ Dragon

      "What's the nether?" "Hell" "There's hell in Minecraft?" "Ya, it's the nether"

    62. Wolf Paws

      “You can’t find love if your a minecraft player” AlL ArOunD mE Are FaMiliAr FaCes

    63. a s t x r i s m

      *He's cute*

    64. Andrei Neacsu

      TommyInnit is poggers

    65. 린Noa

      6:25 A nether portal it takes you to the neEther

    66. Dream smp obsessed. Emma

      The way he said " a nether portal takes you to the nether " Though i love tommy so much his videos make me so happy

    67. enil


    68. SpringHeart_Gaming

      6:27 is just so aggressive i love it

    69. Soul.

      Tommy really did the og Minecrafters dirty

    70. Soul.

      Dantdm when tommy said dream is the most popular: 😭😓😑

    71. Rose Tisi

      you can hear tommy slowly losing it

    72. F.M.G.

      never thought I'd hear james caster and georgenotfound in the same sentence

    73. Yr local Minor

      😤dreammmm😤. 🙄no!🙄. 💖~georgenotfound~💖

    74. Shobhit Bansal

      most valuable item exist tommy: love his discs: bitch

    75. Blossom Vel

      Question: what are music discs Me: oh no let me get my self prepared for this 😑😑

    76. itz. Milky

      Don't call them bitches that's abit rude - tommyinit2021

    77. Soap

      When Tommy said "What's an Aether Portal?" it made me cry

    78. RvveSplit

      Seeing tommy in this setting is just so surreal

    79. RvveSplit

      His face is so detailed in the thumbnail...

    80. Ethan Peger


    81. Krystal brady

      the way he said “nether”. that’s it. that’s the comment

    82. Fire is Good for You

      6:15 insult to dream lmfao

    83. Fire is Good for You

      2:22 Who are these people

    84. moontown


    85. Madilyn Davis

      DREAM no ✨georgenotfound✨

    86. Audrey Abrams

      He just called my mom the dumbest of people and I’m not mad

    87. Superdonut

      His face when they mentioned music discs 😂

    88. Aviv Rozov

      What's your favorite minecraft block? "Cobblestone" Why? "IT'S GOOD."

    89. annie roberge

      “I don’t call them b!tches that’s a bit rude” this man I swear to go he just keeps getting better.

    90. nevaeh silveira

      i love Tommy, “ i don’t call them bitches thats a bit rude “

    91. Gorazd Graabar

      how didnt tommy now what is a eithar portal is aog mod

    92. bobbastea

      “DREAM KILLS ME IN AN EPIC BATTLE” dream slays tommy in his prison cell with a potato

    93. Aljohara ALNAEMI 6EME C West Bay

      UDVSBYWQ "id add more girls" WHUJWK

    94. Garland Enterprises

      0:36 *wilby scoot*

    95. Alicia Andersson

      Shshshshhshsh finally i understand what pog means Cx

    96. Charles Harrell

      6:27 .......

    97. Kaia Xen

      What’s the worst block in the game? Tommy: CLAY Me: laughs for 2 minutes strait

    98. tré cool's clothes iron

      his fucking posture wtf

    99. Incognito

      "whats your favourite Minecraft block" Tommy: "cobblestone" "why" Tommy: "its good" 😃 Timestamp: 2:30

    100. Corinne Fiege

      We all know we’re here because we want to hear tommy either talk about disks or talk about the nether 😌