DreamSMP but we all have Mutant Superpowers

Wilbur Soot

6 млн көрүүлөр246

    tommy is chicken, mock him for it
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    Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

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    1. The_Plague

      I would like to join the origins smp

    2. Crystal Archuleta


    3. Hongo Gamer

      What mod is this?

    4. keith yes 11

      Bring your friend (your sheep) In this video

    5. William Pauzé

      That salmon jock whent from 0 too 100 rely quickly

    6. -•_ MimiLe _•-

      If I were to have a mutant power it would be intense screaming just like I scream when I get mad lmfao

    7. zero

      Endermen are stupid worst mob

    8. The Cooper of creation

      MORE MORPH SMP!!!!! PLZZZ!!!

    9. Kirbo boi’s

      Tommy is chimken

    10. Potatoes for life

      Phil is a bird!

    11. Adleigh Strickland

      Does anyone else feel like Quackity I'd he joins the server should be a drug dealer? (Or witch) Hear me out- He would have an extra slot in his inventory where he holds a random potion, And he can't tell what potion it is. And he can throw it to people and they can't tell what the potion is either.

    12. Trickster

      Can you make a survival serie with nickie with her a mermaid and you a ghostbur

    13. Jayden Adams


    14. Pan Glitch

      What mod you are using?

    15. ImBadAtNames SoJustCallMeARandomPerson

      I downloaded the origin mod, it looks cool so i downloaded it, i will try it rn.

    16. Taya smurth

      Nahh Tommy is jsut livin under a rock I'm 12 and ik what Danny phantom is lmfao

    17. Ash Walls


    18. Raphael


    19. Hayden Newman

      Where are you getting these mods from?

    20. Sam Muñoz

      Techno's race idea: Piglind class *Buffs:* *Strong limbs:* has extra knockback, but only with melee contact. *Preferred Diet:* Carrots(golden too) and potato's do an extra 4 four points of hunger.(2 meatpops) *Hells (Lame) Loan:* Has fire resistance, lava included. But will get hungry faster. *Brethren:* Other piglins will not attack you(unless provoked) and will give you more quantity in their trading drops. *Hells Children(or TechnoBlade never die'sss):* upon dying you will instantly get 4 hearts back with 2 hearts of absorbtion. But gets weakness in return. (Once every 12 hours of being online, recharge meter will show progress) *blood for the Blood God:* upon killing a living entity(except undead. example; skeletons, zombies, and Wilber.) You get 2.5 seconds of strength 1. *Nerfs:* *Cannibalism:* can't eat meat. Can eat pork(cooked as well) but will get mining fatigue, weakness, and slowness. (Will also provoke piglins) *HellBorn:* you spawn in the nether. *Familiar Metals:* you can only wear gold and netherite armour. *Know Thy Self, Know Thy Enemy:* you can see items that people are using in more detail (Enchantments, weapons, armor) but only in their hotbar and armour slots. But can also they can also see yours as well. *Slave Labor:* you can wear a saddle in in the place for your chestplate. Someone can sit on your head by right clicking while shifting. When they are on you you get a speed boost if they are holding a carrot on a stick. And your speed will double of they right click with it.

    21. Aries Collins

      make techno an undying pig, you can mount his shoulder and 1 abilty is like the totem of undying

    22. James Andrei Mayo

      20:35 Wilbur just started to sound like Pewdiepie 0_0

    23. Hunter Jones

      For techno there should be a brute Pro’s- strong, 15 hearts, and when getting or given gold can get any item from a creative menu Con’s- slow, and only can eat vegetables and fruits

    24. abdiel jurado

      They should add this to the dream SMP

    25. Muscle mothra

      I have a cool idea for an origin: Reptilian Cold blooded You have to stay near a source of light or you will get slowness and eventually start to die Carnivore You can only eat meat Bite You do extra damage Hard skin You have extra armor Fast legs You move slightly faster on land

    26. MissMagicalGirl

      He's a salmon basher, but also a salmon "smasher"

    27. Akari Playz

      This is sad

    28. Blake Bennett


    29. Oasis Dill

      You should do this again

    30. foxcat 243

      When willber stars singing MCR that's when you know he's cultured

    31. Marco Jr Martinez

      IDEA FOR TECHNOBLADE'S ORIGIN: Piglin Brute/ The Brute Brute Strength_ fist does 3+ damage and weopon does 2+ damage Immune to Lava Piglins, Brutes, Zombie Pigmen and Hoglins are friendly towards you DOWNSIDE can only eat meat fall damage increased by +1 sinks in water (can not swim or atleast not well)

    32. I am bored

      It only said except obsidian on the phantom, not anything about bedrock

    33. Daunce Guy

      Tecnoblade should be a wither since he spawns many withers. Abillity: 1) shoots his head 2) can do the wither explosion thing 3) after doing the explosion thing he can distroy any block 4) idk

    34. Kasper Persson


    35. Plain Zain

      What is the mod called that they are using

    36. GhostGlow MC

      My friend asked me to ask you what made you want to make dis SMP and how to join. They are weird. -m-

    37. lincoln donohue

      give technoblade the power of the totem of undying

    38. Captain Chase

      What mod are you guys using to have your powers

    39. BG SDX

      Wilbur = kidbur

    40. Pocolede2

      Will simps for niki

    41. the FOX


    42. jaguary jr

      29:50 lmaooo

    43. George P

      what mod is this

    44. Kirishima eijirou

      Oi Wilbur so I was on Spotify and I saw that u follow death cab for cutie... wellll My family actually is pretty close with some of the members idk if u really care but like just saying if u ever wanted to meet them or smt🤷🏻‍♀️ Also I’m not stalking u I just happened to come across ur Spotify 🙌

    45. Haunter Kingdom

      What is this mod called

    46. Lexi's Horses

      This is the best thing I have seen all day

    47. Darth Vader

      If there’s a war, anyone who is not on Ranboo’s side can just get a pumpkin head

    48. Vinícius Moreira

      what mod is that?

    49. Saidin Velovic

      Wilbur should add vein miner

    50. Lottie Ives

      is it just me but when jack speaks really Britishly he kinda sounds like Harry styles!

    51. Ruby Klemple

      Phil:*bleaugrhghghrh *

    52. Ruby Klemple


    53. Paige Pugzly

      Good job muggle boy

    54. Panicbeeboo chef


    55. JEDi McNugget

      U should do shulkers and snow golems lol

    56. Teratin Goecke


    57. Panicbeeboo chef

      i have watched this 3 times its so funny

    58. gogyogyogyogy


    59. _ΔCheska_playzΔ_


    60. Axepela Soot

      and Thats How Origin Legends was Made-

    61. Rhea Patel

      What is the mod??

    62. cancer


    63. Glitchy Nightmare

      If technoblade was in this he would be a piglin

    64. not sejdi

      Amungus ඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞ

    65. Zakalope

      For the record I am only 13 and I loved Danny phantom and it is great so I am superior to Tommy since I have the better knowledge (in at my knowledge of cartoons not in anything else)

    66. commonlink

      beautiful song

    67. Reaper 123

      Alternate title: Dream smp but Ranboo isn't the main character

      1. tickles the lord of the damned

        YEAH we get it

    68. Reaper 123

      Alternate title: Dream smp but Ranboo isn't the main character

    69. Reaper 123

      Alternate title: Dream smp but Ranboo isn't the main character

    70. Reaper 123

      Alternate title: Dream smp but Ranboo isn't the main character

    71. The Cooper of creation

      I’m 11 and I know what Danny ghost is Tommy Шаталов

    72. Jordan Campbell

      What is the mod pack he is using?

    73. bunnie gutz

      iam way younger than tommy and i watched danny phantom xd

    74. Snakey B

      Wilbur has now canonically beaten his wife (Sally) with a stick...

    75. Natcha Lertsakunchon

      Wilbur: *singing wttbp* Me: *sing along*

    76. Talon the Velociraptor

      Where do you get the mod

    77. Ilias Hutse

      I’m 11 and i even watch jonny phanthom

    78. Argiro Roma

      Mod name?

    79. Eeby Deeby


    80. tyclone cyclone

      Noone: Absolutely noone: Wilbur: *AYOH*

    81. Last Lombax

      Does anyone know the mod name?

    82. Pineapple_Chan

      Wilbur How’s new milo???

    83. phule Playz


    84. Ron B

      could you send the mod/plugin link i want to play the mod

    85. atthillah blungky

      what the fuck was the intro just scraing tommy while he wield a axe

    86. 03 Jose Matteo Bartolome

      Who chose able to go through walls

    87. 5B-Cyra

      Wilbur in the description: "tommy is chicken, mock him for it" Me: tommy is chicken, mock him for it tommy is also child

    88. a short engineer

      how can i get that mutant mod or datapack

    89. sidnee ._.


    90. Milkmaster

      Technoblade pig origin, perk 1: gold lover/when holding or wearing gold he gets strength 1 and resistance 2 till he stops, perk 2: group mentality/ when near anything of the pig/hog species it will act like a tamed dog and defend and follow him however, this only has a maximum of 2 in number. Ability: pacify/since you are a passive mob mobs will not attack you for 15 seconds when this ability is activated but it has a 30 second cooldown. disadvantage 1: harmless/you’re not very durable in a fight (1.5 less hearts permanently) disadvantage 2: vegetarian: can’t eat meat. This is my idea for it let’s see what happens

    91. Yona Hutsell

      If niki uses any water breathing potions or respiration, she will be able to breath on land! This was tested and proven to work! It’d be a game changer for Niki. No more tank life for her.

    92. Flaming Suicide1793

      Is this a mod or a plugin? And can i get a link

      1. Flaming Suicide1793

        @Blue Pikmin thx

      2. Blue Pikmin

        Get Tlauncher get jump loader and origins origins will get fabric apk for you and it is free and it works on the newest version

    93. Shard Studios

      You should go invisible and poor lava on someone

    94. Zara-Lee Hamilton

      Best video I’ve watch in my whole life😂

    95. Kyliegh Jeanette

      38 minutes of Wilbur crushing on Niki

    96. Luke

      Remember when you edited for Jack?

    97. Marcus Ng

      i have never heard someone as well as wilbur

    98. HeyHeyHeyLover

      Me crying so I decide to watch someone that cheers me up and then I imagine that I’m part of this video

    99. Zenobia Rybak

      Please can you make hole cover of the baby got back in auto tune

    100. Karina Wik

      What mod is used here?

      1. Karina Wik

        @Blue Pikmin Thanks!

      2. Blue Pikmin

        Get Tlauncher get jump loader and origins origins will get fabric apk for you and it is free and it works on the newest version