The Day After - DC And Jacob RedCrest Recap (Raw and Uncut)

DC Fishing

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    All I can say is WOW. What a week. This is a moment I have dreamed about since I was a kid. I want you all to know I read every comment and I really appreciate all the support. 2021 RedCrest Champion, unreal. @Wheeler Fishing and I decided to do a little after-tournament recap for you guys. We are both going to have more RedCrest videos coming out over the next week. However, we decided to get you some raw and uncut video out now explaining how it all went down this week. I hope you guys enjoy all the nuggets we give you from this past week.
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    The Day After - DC And Jacob RedCrest Recap (Raw and Uncut)
    #2021RedCrest #MLFRedCrest #DustinConnell

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    1. Jeremy Davis

      Not going to lie. Watching your victory had me tearing up. YUGE WIN! Congratulations!

    2. Larry Mac

      You said you would jump in that pond if you won.... STILL WAITING!!! ;-)

    3. steve smith

      Great win. Keep the videos coming.

    4. Scotty Martin

      Love this content as much or more then the fishing! Great job! should do this after every tournament!

    5. Jerry Marshall

      There's alot of piles in my community too.

    6. Jerry Marshall

      This beats the hell out of a crazy world full of fake news and and pandemics

    7. HooLo po

      Im so happy for you man !! big hype for you man. God is truly real

    8. Justin Whalen

      The private instruction realistically label because periodical pharmacodynamically sparkle midst a wild road. gaping, scientific pond

    9. Johnathan Abaya

      my man jdub said "alamo alamo" lmao

    10. Ethan Schweizer

      What is the name of the best sub shop in Tuscaloosa?

    11. Ryan Smith

      Congratulations DC! Loved watching your winning experience! Also would love to watch you and Wheeler talk about stuff more often!

    12. Leonardo Welch

      I thought you were going to jump in the lake if you won. Did I miss it. Hope you know how to swim. Thanks for the entertainment

    13. Brock Nixon

      DC is the best thing since sliced cheese.

    14. Lime green Trump machine

      Dc has got me polling for him all year love his personality he deserves it followed him since hearing the whole construction job quitting fishing deal. Glad he never gave up congrats DC

    15. Kou Vang

      Congratulations bro. 🎣🎣🎣

    16. 336 Outdoors

      Congratulations Champ! 👍🏻👍🏻💰💰

    17. The Ultimate Steel Shooter

      The fluctuations in water level kept the fish from moving up to spawn even though the water and temps were rising

    18. Gary Sims


    19. Jackson Baltz

      Big props to dc for not holding back on the info and trying to feed people false info and what he’s throwing. For example he could’ve easily said he caught his fish on a googan baits jerkbait, which any angler with sense knows is never the case, instead he admits to throwing a megabass. Wish more guys would do that. Congrats on the dub dude.

    20. State Line

      Ist and 3rd....These boys showed out.

    21. Ted Heckerman

      Well, I ran down to Bass Pro and then over to Academy and I wasn’t able to find even one Dustin Connell signature rod on the shelf. Let us know when the are coming out so I can get one. Just like the one you used to win Red Crest......except with your signature on it

    22. Douglas Poppe _ Staff - HollySpringsHS

      Congrats to both of you. Enjoyed watching the tournament. Hopefully many more to come. I will see you in Raleigh for the heavy hitters.

    23. Emma Kelly E verranno dichiarati chiari segni della vittoria dell'istituzionalizzazione che violano le norme universali di etica e moralità. Dobbiamo partire dal fatto che la solidarietà di un team di professionisti ci impone di analizzare la tempestiva attuazione del compito più importante.💕 市民は、伝統的な生産を廃止しようとしている人々がどのように人口の特定のセグメントの間で人気を集めているかを観察するのは楽しいです。つまり、機能的に独立した要素に分割する必要があります。しかし、私たちの活動の絶え間ない情報と宣伝のサポートは、私たちに選択の余地を与えませんが、努力のクラスター化を定義することです。 予備的な結論は期待外れです。既存の理論は、社会の漸進的かつ一貫した発展を形作る上で重要な役割を果たしています。総合的なテストはクラスタリングの取り組みを実装するのに最適であるという事実から始めることを余儀なくされています。

    24. James Lindsey


    25. Steve G

      Congratulations DC! Good on ya!

    26. DannyMakFishing

      DC and wheeler taking over the Bass scene! Watching from Australia

    27. Captain Ron

      Oooooooo yea u promise a jump in if u win WAITING WAITING WAITING LOL!!!!!!!!!! ☆☆☆

    28. Captain Ron

      Dustin dc the man I THINK U MIGHT HAVE TIME TO WRAP YOUR NEW BOAT NOW BEEN A SHORT TURN AROUND TO OLD SEASON A ND NEW But what a way to kick it off champ $$$$$$ ding $$$$$$ ding $$$$

    29. k-wayneGATOR

      congratulations to my man DC well deserved bro

    30. woef man

      Right On DC You Rock!!!

    31. Tim Jolly

      Great video guys

    32. Razorbak

      Good stuff it....congrats DC.... well deserved for sure!!!!!

    33. brady johnson

      Great job guys. Would you please do a video of what you were seeing on Active Target?

    34. Charlie Wells

      Great job Dustin. It was your time and you put in the work. I really enjoy following you and Jacob

    35. Powersports Service Center

      Great video. Please keep doing this after tournaments. Congrats DC was watching live pulling for you man.

    36. Ontario Bassin

      Between You winning and my boy Gussy winning in the elites. It was a perfect weekend. Both of you are my favorites and so proud. Ding ding and DING!!!

    37. Robert B

      New to the Channel, love the insight you all give in this video. As we prepare for a High School tournament this is so helpful! Thanks you two and God Bless!

    38. Aaron Brady

      Congratulations DC!

    39. Al Smalls

      What a blessing on blessings DC 2021 big 🛎🛎🛎

    40. Fran Saban

      Congrats!!! Watched the entire derby. This stuff is great! It fills in the whole story of what went down that you don’t see on the broadcast.


      CHILTON COUNTY IN THE HOUSE!!!👊🏼💰 Using TECH to cash a CHECK! I got to watch every minute of Championship Day. It was so cool to see you so dialed in on that Lowrance. I knew when you saw one and said "BIG'EN", you were gonna hook up. I saw the way you timed your hooksets perfectly in synch with their bites. Great job, bud. Congratulations.

    42. the quest for bigguns

      I was on the edge of my couch watching that last hour. Im sure you were a nervouse wreck. Congrats and good luck this season. #DING

    43. Rosenberg’s

      That was such a fun video to watch. Great info too

    44. David Hidalgo

      Yes do this after each tournament but dont forget to get MDJ in on it also. Get him back in the top 10 with you guys. But no matter where you guys place do this. Congrats DC you deserve the big win

    45. Terry Mooney

      Congrats DC! So awesome to see the genuine friendship and how happy you are and one of your best friends happy for you!

    46. Captain Ron

      Heart of a champion

    47. Rick Shipley

      Congrats DC

    48. Rick Shipley

      Awesome video guys



    50. Daniel Forsberg

      You really deserve that win! You were really SLAYING them with the jerk bait active target combo! So good. Congrats DC

    51. Toubee Heu

      Awesome congrats

    52. Mike Wozniak

      This is great stuff.

    53. RAFBassin

      Congrats to both you guys! Amazing finish for Wheeler and a stupidly awesome finish for DC!🛎️

    54. Tyler Mims

      do this on the coosa there will be 100 boats on ur spot the next day😂

    55. XDM Stranger

      Congrats man. Been following you since your rookie year on the elite series. That winning fish on Ross Barnett where you almost fell out of the boat was amazing. You, J Dub, MDJ, and B Lat are my favorite pros. Keep grinding on em!

    56. Theo Mcallister

      Congratulations 🎊🎉🍾 DC keep putting in work

    57. Jason Garcia

      Congratulations DC. I’ve been following you for a couple years. As a guy it’s hard for me to admit but when you won and was talking right afterwards in the boat, duuuuude, I was crying like a little itch haha. I’m so happy for you brother.

    58. Kimberly Wood

      Great content and lots of fun watching. It is easy to tell you guys are really good friends.

    59. Nicholas Bowen

      Do this after every tourney plz!!! DING

    60. Greg Taylor

      No need to edit. Take your time. Loving the knowledge your dropping!

    61. Andy Bulson

      DC!!!!! Great win and this video was awesome, two of the best guys in the game telling ya how it's done.

    62. Derek Snider

      What to get it done DC. Your are a great example of how hard word, staying humble, and being patient pays off! You play the game with integrity and your spirit is second to none. The biggest compliment I can give you, is to say that I encourage my kids to watch, follow, and learn from you because you do things the right way. God bless you and your family. Well done.

    63. M Jones

      Finally got the big boy

    64. Josh

      Gotta be fun to have a friendship like this in a profession where you compete each other. Congrats DC!

    65. Donald Touchton


    66. sense383 smith

      Congrats DC been a huge fan for a while, watch you top the field in 2017 at Ross Barnett, hard work paying off, love the brotherhood between you guys, true fisherman and beat the guy next to you but happy for your best friend

    67. Tim Parker

      Congrats DC, Happy for ya brother!

    68. Malcolm Greene

      Good job man..congrats to you both ..let's see some more

    69. Slam’N Da Bass

      Next time u and rest of boys should do a recap on the tournament would be cool hearing you all talk different styles of fishing so who has the bear

    70. kamballs63

      Much deserved!

    71. Marty Price

      A known fact DC you are a very talented fisherman!! But you giving God the glory And thanking his son Jesus was totally 💯 you know he was a very accomplished Fishermen also!! Here’s you some juicy fruit do me a favor and read John 14:21. A great man is a humble man who loves God keep it up 👍 Brother!

    72. Chris Cumbest

      Social distance guys social distance 🤣🤣

    73. gordon richards

      Good going DC I watch y'all all the time hey can I borrow a dollar

    74. Scott Lopez

      Dude congratulations!!! So happy for you! Met a couple of your local people at an archery tournament this weekend and they were Ecstatic for you and couldn’t quit bragging on you. So happy for you couldn’t have happened to a greater guy!


      Honestly watching you to guys is really cool! Best friends, brothers!! Congratulations to DC and JW!!

    76. Z Duke

      Hell yea, keep pluggin away bubba, it's only the beginning!

    77. John m

      O by the way I'm glad lowrance played a factor in the win ! Garmin has been tear n it up !

    78. John m

      If ya dont win ! Always pulling for your buddy's! Especially when your traveling together!! Congrats again dustin !!

    79. Shawn Couture

      Congratulations DC and Jacob!!! Well earned victory! Can’t wait to see you guys the rest of the season!

    80. Joseph Pinola

      Congratulations bud no one deserves it more than you #RedCrest2021

    81. Josh Wollman

      Thank you for this video, very nice to hear tips from the pros and see you great friendship as competitors too 🇨🇦🍺🎣🇨🇦🍺cheers stay safe out there guys.

    82. Tristian Scarbrough

      Congrats to DC on the big win, well deserved and well earned. This video was hilarious with some great info.

    83. Gary Lukas

      Real talk !!! Love it !!! Congrats keep your foot on there neck !!! DING ! DING !!

    84. Felipe Reno

      Who ended up with Marshal?

      1. Felipe Reno


      2. B Fishing Outdoors

        DC had Marshal knockout round and championship day. He was just shoved in the driver side storage locker. 🤦

    85. Andy Hyman

      Congrats DC, awesome win!!

    86. Joshua Bentley

      I’ll tell you something I thought was really cool and maybe foreshadowing. I was just in the bathroom reading the new Bass Fishing Magazine Redcrest Edition. They profiled Palestine and the Redcrest. Guess who’s picture was the first picture prominent in that article? You guessed it. It was Ol’ DC. Dustin and Evers were the only pictures of anglers in that article and Dustin had a full page almost on the second page of the article. No one deserved this win more than you DC. Huge Congratulations

    87. Bill Durham

      DC.. that rod you had a technical difficulty with.. I'm really surprised you didn't snap more than one! When you set the hook, you turn your body away from the fish with the rod clamped to your ribs. The angle to the fish is like 120 degrees.. poor rod didn't have a chance. The tip was almost bent all the way to touching the middle of the rod! Contrats on winning the event.. that was really sweet. Roll Tide!

    88. Justin Bennett


    89. Justin Bennett

      we not gonna talk about bryan thrift?

    90. Brenton Atkins

      So pumped for you DC!

    91. CiscosTv

      Congrats big dawg , what a dub. Ding!!!

    92. Jeff Hughes

      Congratulations DC!!! There is no one that deserves it more. Damn near gave me a heart attack that last 5 minutes though! Felt like like I won it myself when it was over. Thank you for giving an old fart another fishing thrill

    93. Garret Mcdaniel

      Congrats man! I was yelling at live watching ya

    94. DW B

      So cool to see you win!

    95. Wiiliam Posey

      Awesome proud for you .Now go win a bunch more Roll Tide! Like the way you work that jerkbait going To try that

    96. Joe Danner

      Top notch guys right here.

    97. IngloriousTv

      Yo when you caught them early on championship day I was literally yelling this is it lol congrats dc keep it up!!

    98. TexasAirGunner

      Congrats. U deserve the win. It's fun watching you and wheeler.... shout out to Mark Daniel's also...

    99. S MCC

      I missed three days of work!!! Telework and MLF not a good combo....Folks on zoom must have wondered why I was so concentrated during the meeting! Great Job.

    100. Kevin Wilson

      Been TO LONG , DC is the man!!!!!!