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    SpaceX and NASA are targeting Sunday, November 15 for Falcon 9’s launch of Dragon’s first operational crew mission (Crew-1) to the International Space Station (ISS) from historic Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The instantaneous launch window opens at 7:27 p.m. EST on November 15, 00:27 UTC on November 16. Following stage separation, SpaceX will attempt to land Falcon 9’s first stage on the “Just Read the Instructions” droneship, which will be stationed in the Atlantic Ocean. The launch webcast will go live about 4 hours before liftoff. Tune in here to watch live.

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    1. OwnedBucket

      *All for one, Crew 1 for all.*

    2. Niwat Suriharn


    3. Niwat Suriharn


    4. M J88

      Why dont they show inside the cockpit on takeoff during burn etc

    5. Daniil Tuneev

      Is it Elon's voice at 4:13:20 ?

    6. Sunrise Weaver

      Anyone notice the Ninjas with two sheathed swords @1:21:19 and @1:22:23 and @1:24:06?


      Can NASA please leave the webcasts to SpaceX please... It's kinda annoying to see them trying to put in their faces everywhere

    8. Richard Allen

      I think you should make sure these spacex rockets are safe for humans ,before shooting people into space , to many accidents

    9. Lino Delas


    10. Whyou hatin

      I thoughts it's spaceX... why is everywhere written NASA?

    11. JON 5 8

      4 meses tarde

    12. Jubayed Hussain

      Hi ELON

    13. Yanira Urenda

      My mom just now is telling me she worked for someone that worked for NASA and they must remain private very discrete in everything that they doo. BUT WH?

      1. Mudkip909

        Because rockets are missiles on steroids, and if an enemy country knows how to build a missile...That’s not good

    14. Surgie Romo

      I understand and would like to go to Mars too but..... should they send robots with 3d construction printers to have a "human friendly base" to live there just in case there technical problems returning? Anyone with me?

    15. Krish Gujaran


    16. Jecon Perez

      SpaceX, will be the first reality of the Netflix series "Star Trek Discovery" 😍 Call it SpaceX Discovery🙌🏾

    17. Matthew Duncan

      I LoVe ThIs, AnD aLl sPaCe X rOcKeT lAuNcHeS !!! 🚀🛰🚀🛰🌠⭐🪐🌌🌟⭐🚀❤❤🙏🙏✌✌🙏❤

    18. Matthew Duncan

      Man I'm so freaking crazy ecstatic that dreams love energy enthusiasm science technology is back in action taking us to the Heavens n Gods again this was so amazing from a amount of work blood n tears an all the lifes lost making this unreal achievement n opportunity of lifetime to completely smash the bar that's been since the 70's!! Fresh New Look taking us to Mars an "BEYOND" !! Thank You E.Musk an NASA !!

    19. Onlyforlol Lolonlyfor

      I wish i had important life,and i wish i did important job...rather than being useless piece of shit

    20. ArzaHelkilporo GABUT

      4:15:12 go T-tabs

    21. Dr Sanchita Shettigar

      Was this live streamed from the future?

    22. apsinc soros


    23. Mark6O9

      To the moon


      Ive got a news Elon musk did u put thrusters on a starlink it may reenter and explode on a random location

    25. hordes Coffee

      I hope in the future all your test flights and landings bring you closer to your goals. When NASA makes it to Mars, then that will be the turning point for all Mankind and maybe a bonus

    26. Ramsey Bolton

      LOL....why would anyone downvote this....

    27. Фуркан Динчеров


    28. Фуркан Динчеров


    29. hordes Coffee

      I hope NASA Space crew succeed in your trip to mars and beyond the Horizon

    30. im Clever Artist Name

      What a waste of Earth's resources.

      1. im Clever Artist Name

        @Fastum CoD You as well.

      2. im Clever Artist Name

        @zllky If you'd like to compare Lifelong Resumes of Productivity, we can do that some day, on camera.

      3. Fastum CoD

        @zllky indeed

      4. zllky

        better use than your waste of oxygen

      5. Fastum CoD


    31. caleb jaymes

      Gogogogogogo go n never look back we're all with you

    32. William Lowe

      Launch: 4:12:18

    33. Aesthetic Kazakh.


    34. CarBoy

      jus noticed that sas on my bday

    35. Joao Luis

      So we are back to pods. After 200 billion spent on the space shuttle and 14 dead that wasn't good enough. Iraq war cost 1100 billion and the lives of 4809 invaders and 460 000 invaded deaths. Which way next? to the Moon/Mars or war on Iran or China?

    36. Hadi Avazzadeh


    37. Donald Hump


    38. sfs space agency

      Yey crew 2 is in april 22

    39. Illidan Stormrage

      I send greetings to the future Martians who are viewing this video.

    40. A Robloxian Named SBPepperminion

      Cant you just make source for a quick trip to the station like the Roscosmos Soyuz Rocket does?

    41. E DNRA

      4:12:22 what dit she said lockdown!??

    42. Tessa Parawan

      I saw the animation of animation crew1 the thig up on the falcon9 booster so i know ir tye real elon mass🤔omg ur real wow im in phil_but 8 love the star ships omg ty for the vid i know ur elon wow yay ty cya wait you know im 7 im just in my lolas ipad so lets say good bye....bye🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🤮🤮🤮🤮😱😱😱😱😱💗💗💗💗💗

    43. jon lowe

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    44. Aiden jans Gaming

      2:04:26 sunset

    45. FAD Channel Family



      Time 04:22:59 - 04:23:01 Oh my God..😲😲 I think I saw a little snake in the boot of the pilot. 🧐

    47. Colin Crisostomo

      58:08 IS THAT A FORD RANGER?!?!

    48. Nithish Kumar

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    49. Nithish Kumar


    50. Nithish Kumar

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    51. Nithish Kumar


    52. nadennn


    53. troyguererro 08

      Aliens: Ha, our ancestors did that!

    54. troyguererro 08

      Aliens laughing at us: nahhh too much fire. You should have used dark matter. Me: Just come down and teach us! Come on!

    55. ILLIA

      Reminds me soviet kind of nomenclature bla bla

    56. Born upon a wave

      Who was that ninja that followed them in the elevator at 1:18:50 ? Haha

    57. Minh Cracker


    58. Justin Jackson

      20:22 they all lookin at butts lol

    59. ON EARTH


    60. Mayor of Halloweentown

      Mr. Elon Musk ..WELL done Sir!👍😎👌💨

    61. Kristine

      To be honest, watching this inspires me more to do my best to live longer just to be able to see and experience the future that Elon and his team would create! Thank you so much Elon Musk! God bless and more power!!!

    62. Equ1nox_41

      Man I can’t get over those new suits! The rockets, the landings, EVERYTHING!

    63. علی نقاش

      is good

    64. Randy Johnson

      They should have photoshopped a rocket above the rocket exhaust. Or did they just forget?

      1. Mudkip909

        @Randy Johnson the booster doesn’t need heat shields cause, surprise, it isn’t goin at orbital velocity.

      2. Billybob Joe

        @Randy Johnson this isn't the same as coming back from the moon also you can *clearly* see the rocket

      3. Randy Johnson

        @Billybob Joe they have you so brainwashed they tell you they dont need heat shields and you buy it hook line and sinker.every thing for 4.5 billion years going through our atmosphere has heated up almost so hot it glows.all space debris all meteors all the pieces of the space shuttle that came apart. All mercury missions all apollo missions all Gemini missions but Elon musk says we are past that problem forever and you believe it.that is called brainwashed

      4. Randy Johnson

        @Bop they have to so brainwashed that you are pathetic.....your seeing things that aren't there. What is wrong with you. Please go to church and pray

      5. Randy Johnson

        @Bop the first few minutes of launch you can't tell what's above the rocket. Are you blind.its just to dark .are fn blind.

    65. Neil Miller

      Need more games in Crew Dragon

    66. 7daze

      NASA - "report range go for launch T minus 3 min" SpaceX Team - "yeah we're like totally ready and stuff...heart if u like rockets"!!!

    67. souzi

      imagine they just blew up

    68. Brett Harrison

      To the person on Mars watching this in the future: I hope all is well on the red planet! Sincerely, Earthlings

    69. helloMRdj1

      4:12:24 "Not even gravity detains humanity as we explore as one for all"- You couldnt have come with a cringier statement, could you?

      1. Christopher Banbury

        Was bad.

    70. Matyáš

      Yes jsem na měsíci hlásím

    71. jon lowe

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    72. John C

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    73. jman sephod

      Well they look gay thats for sure


      looking at all the explosion of space x rocket, I fear for their life

      1. Oren

        Those we're boosters. Nobody is in those boosters.

      2. Benji

        Dude that's a totally diffrent rocket and the test had nothing to do with this mission

    75. Gregor 7008

      „Have a nice trip“ I have never laughed that hard 🤣. Sounds like all day work for them! „Mhm, let’s go on holidays on the ISS“ 😂

    76. Aviation Lover

      On the shoulders of the space shuttle, America has continued the dream

    77. Lion Clieli

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    78. Tranch Space Technologies

      Vous avez tous compris par rapport à Soyouz L'espace vitale est important ;)

    79. peanut simpson

      46:43 omg that artist's explanation for their artwork is so damn cliche it hurts to hear it lmao, I used the same damn phrases to get through my politically correct college, I just over used diversity and all my explanations were "that asset in the image is meant to induce awe and wonder"

    80. Mekhi

      #33 extra thicccc

    81. Shrek

      Space x is clearly better than those nasa 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

      1. Freeman 3000

        wait, that is the fuckin sense in comparing National Organization to Private Company???

      2. Benji

        But this is a Nasa/spacex mission. Do you mean Boeing?

    82. Luke Maney

      Uhh Houston we got a problem! Nobody that watched this video noticed the fact that the engines were filmed during the entire launch, the booster was filmed and sent a live feed back during its reentry and descent to the barge in the sea, but the crew was not shown at any time during the launch. Why was there not a live feed from the dragon crew capsule, why did we not see the crews faces why did we not see the acceleration pushing the astronauts into their seats, why did we not see the vibrations of the launch on the crew??? That's odd, we saw the booster separate in real time, we saw the engine bell of second stage glowing white hot, but ZERO images of the crew!!! Uh Houston we got a problem???

    83. Christine Stapleton

      i would have a panic attack and would literally like die from a heart attack right then and there

      1. yuranamo

        which is why only selected people can become astronauts

    84. BabyBatPlays

      john sounds like norm macdonald

    85. robertj426

      Space X should put a counter every time someone says "nominal" in these streams. If the rocket is still flying, the average observer can safely assume everything is "nominal". Don't need to hear it from the PR turds. Great flight by the way.

    86. 藤原氏Haru

      I believe in you Elon! You’re turning our dreams into reality at such a quick rate! Love you so much !

    87. Petra Imhof

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    88. Frost Gamer

      That's it! I'm re-adding "Go to space" on my bucket list!

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    91. Gray Franklin

      Why aren't more rich billionaires like Elon?

    92. Gray Franklin

      How many people becoming astronauts now?Bet the numbers have been skyrocketing

    93. Rad Foxx

      Everything is so futuristic except the embarrassing moment they say “the first black person” 😂wtf humans are odd indeed (still describing each other by the hue of our skin )

    94. Goofyyy DogeCoin

      Imagine preparing for flight sitting in your chair 25 min for takeoff and suddenly you get a blackout, that would be creepy as fuck

    95. R3NZ

      real life sci fi goddd thankk youu

    96. Skyler Stubbs

      i feel like eventually Nasa will make the sea dragon a real thing

    97. Stanley Stepien

      Elon is pure genius!! NASA people are genius, JPL are genius!!

    98. 鈴木基紀


    99. Cyril Liss

      0:06 no mention of Gagarin. Funny.

    100. Nixy Carter

      Rockets are looking like rockets now, and astronauts are looking like astronauts now.