Stephen A. isn't letting Kawhi off the hook | First Take


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    Stephen A. Smith says the player under the most pressure in the NBA is still Kawhi Leonard following the Houston Rockets dealing disgruntled star James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets.
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    1. Blake Tolley

      Clips shouldn't have got out the 1st round

    2. M TELYA

      Meanwhile, Clippers at the top of the Western Conference now 🙄 Stephen A Smith needs to stop with the jiving.

    3. Isaiah Flemister

      Kd is under the most pressure or James harden how is kawhi under the most...he already lost ... I’m confused

    4. zyl zyl

      Stupid A. Makes it a joke when Max states that LBJGT & Durant have another MVP Superstar along with them and Kawhi doesn't!!!!!!!!! This is the NBA LeFrankesbron brainwashing agenda , overrated & overachieved by any means of media necessary ... Wow

    5. Life Of Zack

      Why KP get soo mad😂

    6. hahaha 00

      I understand what Steven A is saying about how he wants to see Kawhi vs lebron. but no one caaarrreees no one. because Kawhi is not expected to make the conference much less the finals. the MOST pressure is on BROOKLYN they have to much power to not make the finals. Kawhi is not on the spot light as BROOKLYN.

    7. Joe

      Lebron cannot take on Harden, Durant, and Irving without a third star.

    8. Arsenio Haggs

      These are the three best ever I love them guys

    9. Jason Tan

      Yeah Max said marginal, but don’t expect a pea brain fool to remember that

    10. Francisco Borba

      These 3 guys are super entertaining. But SAS and KP are tripping on this take... saying Kawhi has more pressure because there is no disruptive potential around him like Kyrie in Brooklyn? Oh Jimmy Christmas

    11. Yungin Glo

      Stephen a. Make me sick now, he always using his basketball card over max head when y’all talkn born max doesn’t do u that

    12. Myka'Al Ban Yahudah

      Thank you Max, what kind of convoluted logic is that? SAS is reaching. Perkins started talking about retirement 🤦🏽‍♂️ lol

    13. Saul Carrasco

      Stephen a acts like he’s a basketball expert

    14. L.O.U

      They hate MAX so much for speaking FACTS!! These dudes dont know more basketball than max. Why? Because they black? Im black and think 90% of the stuff out of Steven mouth is BS!

    15. Shota Toriumi

      The lacking door socially accept because mall clearly separate alongside a pleasant anatomy. wasteful, uttermost humor

    16. Corey Gilmore

      I’d take PG over AD because of his ability to run a team as a 1 like with the Pacers.

    17. Erick Santos

      Max is right, again, but Stephen A. and Perk be acting like they know everything lol. When Max schools them on boxing, he simply drops the facts and puts things in perspective for them. When it's Basketball, they mock Max like he has no idea what he is talking about but he is right, A LOT. Not always, but neither are they. The Nets have a big 3 and the leader of that team, or the best player, is KD. He is under the most pressure. This should not be a debate. He joined a 73 win team to get a ring because he could not beat LeBron, and now has the only big 3. Kawhi has Paul George who chokes every single time.

    18. Edwin Weekes

      Please! respect Max

    19. Itachi gotskills777

      Kyrie going through a phase

    20. Trent Tubman

      The guiltless ink theoretically flap because ravioli relatively paste as a oval lightning. fallacious, immense gear

    21. LyricalMurderer1

      Why is SAS being so respectful to Perk and so disrespectful to Max?

    22. Kadeem Patrick

      don't let this Harden trade make yall forget that Kawhi and PG13 owe the clippers a chip because they mortgage their entire future for them

    23. Mr.eastcoast Grow

      Aint it funny how LeBron comes to the west and everyone goes east.

      1. Don-Ke Billinsley

        Lbj lost when he got west he needed A.D.🙄And he actually got swept reason for leaving east 😁

    24. Qauda Quic

      Stephen A be cooking max bro smh 😂

    25. donkor thomas

      BK (Harden more specifically) is definitely under the most pressure now by far it’s not even close.

    26. Alex D


    27. Soulfide

      Kd, kyrie, and harden have the most pressure because that's a powerhouse. Its like when kd went to Golden state. If they didn't win qith that incredible team... it was a bust

    28. Jeremiah Ogunnupe

      Max's point were valid lol tf stephen A talking about?

    29. RahXephon

      At 4:14, Max gives up talking to those 2 dumbasses lol

    30. Jahvonn_

      Max is right lol

    31. Darrell Anderson

      Kendrick Perkins is annoying af my god! Who told him he can do this lmaoo

      1. Dmiller 1128


    32. Keen Steele

      It’s sad because in the last few years Max predictions been more on point than SAS’s

    33. CULTR Pro

      Perk hates Max cos he’s white for sure

    34. Steez Nutsinyourmouth

      Paul George was building a castle in LA 🤫👀😂

    35. E P

      4:31 perk’s restraint noises are anime worthy

    36. Shawn Thomas

      Steven A really needs to do comedy I can’t stop crying laughing

    37. Joe Bob Tarheel

      Stephen A. Smith makes me sick to my stomach! "Y'all Can Kick Rocks" *creepy shiver*

    38. TJ3

      Max be speaking facts most of the time bury gets clowned for it and get this dude perk of tv

    39. Dy Chhoeun

      KD, Harden, and Kyrie will get slain by the King

    40. Youwin Louw

      Max Kellerman is the Craig Burley of the NBA

    41. Pawel Bak

      Maxx go to comment about boxing.

    42. Pawel Bak

      take the Maxx off the show .period !!!!!

    43. micah white

      Kendrick Perkins does not know more basketball than Max. SAS is trippin and Harden is easily under the most pressure. Why do I feel like Max always gets too much hate by everyone who doesn't agree with him. Like instead of just disagreeing, why do they take shots at him?

    44. Iceee W.

      Max is a lot smarter than them and it shows🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

    45. Adam Ariff

      I wonder what kind of convos max and SAS have off the cam 😂

    46. YourSTATISTACS

      Perkins to SAS: that's valid Perk to Max Kellerman: YOURE WRONG, NO

    47. Original G-street boy

      Can't stand kendrick just like shaq think they know everything ...

    48. Original G-street boy

      Paul Georgia was in the mvp race 2 years ago so he is mvp caliber.

    49. TEE FAZO

      Bro like fr they need to stop giving max so much hate

    50. Jeremy Mosley

      Brooklyn has the most pressure.

    51. streetdisciple30

      Max need to start to clapping back at SAS and stop being afraid of him...Max answers everyone else but SAS even when max making good points... Why would SAS allow him on the programme if he doesn't know basketball..cmon isn't max the one with a hip hop track and not SAS..max if u see this..stop folding whenever SAS give u the lil brother treatment he str8t punking u and u jus smiling like a lil kid without heart.Fight back..clap back son.

    52. Andre G

      Max is Right

    53. The correct one

      I swear perk is the worst on espn🤣

    54. osagie akhidenor

      Imagine if Stephen A is a coach

    55. Mack Peters

      Harden is probably THE biggest name without a ring. Why wouldn’t he be under the most pressure?

    56. Cameron Tyree Mitchell

      😂😂😂😂 bro they be tag teaming on max

    57. Gustavo Sanchez

      Man kawhi ain't off the hook! He literally tried to ring chase and set the lakers up for failure, asked Durant and Jimmy Butler to join him before Paul george. Blew a 3-1 lead while up Doc gets fired.......aaaaaaaand I bet he leaves the clippers after this season. All the pressure should be on him to win, instead he got lucky that eyes shifted to Brooklyn and he could easily come up short handed with no backlash now. he's a low-key cancer himself anyone who thinks otherwise D-rider

    58. lazyboy97

      It's funny how Stephen A said him and Perk know basketball more than Max. If thats the case it just makes him look even worse. Max day after day is a much better analyst than Stephen A and ESPECIALLY Perkins. He actually uses factual statistics and scenarios to back up his stances. Even if he might go overboard sometimes. I wanted the Clippers to win last year. But with Harden going to the Nets every NBA fan knows we're looking forward to Lakers vs Nets in the Finals. Come on Stephen A

    59. Jamrockdj HD

      James Harden has had 2 former / mvp level players on his team for the past three years while averaging mvp numbers and still can’t deliver a chip now he got 2 of em at the same time let’s see what happens cuz I guarantee that the result aren’t gonna change I feel bad for Kyrie most off all he was tryna play robin to James now he gonna play Alfred to James N Kevin 😂😂

    60. Duke Dangles

      Why they flexing like they basketball gurus, they ain’t talking X and Os, they just doing professional barbershop talk, cut it out

    61. Jamrockdj HD

      KP know what he talking bout. I’m not gonna feel sorry for max cuz I’ve seen him get proven wrong too many times.

    62. Christian Rodriguez

      I love how Max takes on SAS and Perk at the same time and still has more valid points lol

    63. Ghost 83GC

      Steven a keep disrespecting max

    64. Teufel Hunden

      Nice of James Harden to retire and join First Take

    65. NcDash

      Max said “TIMEOUT”!! He mad asf 🤣


      Ibaka is better than trez

    67. Charles Billions

      Yeah bruh we want the smoke 😂😂


      IDK why all the hate for kyre and pg13

    69. Jay D

      Kendrick Perkins “2 mar” Very elegant 😂😂

    70. Tariq Maciver

      Max right on this one no cap

    71. Lonnell E.

      SAS is a clown man smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

    72. DeonteØnni ØTL

      4:28 I’ve been waiting for Steven A. To say this since kawhi made that New Balance commercial 😂😂😂

    73. georgecbrr

      So we gonna sit here and ignore that straight face burp

    74. Ghost Graft3rr

      Max is right

    75. eigo bike

      what’s the deal with NBA mental health ?

    76. charles Selvarajan

      SAS is a DK

    77. reimixo

      The pressure on the nets is on the coaching staff... A Rookie coach and a coach that never got to the finals when he should have

    78. reimixo

      3 top 15 guys have no pressure man cmon...they have expectations... No pressure...

    79. h girard

      Max is Right. Kd n harden are under more pressure.

    80. Zigu Mike

      It's so fun watching Stephen A. vs Max going off 😅

    81. i love basketball ph

      shut up perks

    82. G B

      Hey Stephen A Smith don't worry we Clippers going to be there in the finals ready for the Flakers this season for sure and Kawhi and PG13 ready & better for war

    83. DS Sorley

      Max gonna leave soon, my guy has great takes more often than not but gets treated like an idiot unless it’s the fight game. He needs to go to Fox and join a better show. First take just getting old with the arguments every single day year in year out

    84. Ronald Berces

      Max has points. but Sas should not go too far man....

    85. Jonathan Ntumba


    86. Jerome Potter

      Stephen A is so disrespectful when he talks to max

    87. Demarion Ellick

      Max be making perk so bad 💀💀💀💀😹😹😹😹😹😹 his facial expressions be killing em grace yard dead

    88. Waldo Gutierrez

      And Max couple years PG13 was a mvp candidate for OKC that's what you said then

    89. bryan

      ad looked like a mvp on the lakers in large part due to LeBron. They both make each other better

    90. Waldo Gutierrez

      Max you cant call a man mvp without ever winning a mvp award smh

    91. The Universes Dankest

      Funny thing is Max wouldn’t say I know more boxing than you if they were discussing that topic they disrespect max so much for no reason other than he’s winning the debate 😭

    92. Braden Olsen

      Max is right

    93. VashAnand

      As usual max makes the most sense

    94. Deion Leake

      Yeaaa Max is right. Definitely KD and Harden under more pressure

    95. Erick Freitas

      The typical card endogenously embarrass because link operationally shrug regarding a tearful rutabaga. light, marvelous rubber

    96. Derrick Anim

      😂😂😂 best one I have seen by far

    97. ejay the goat

      Max is right the nets have to win the chip it’s a must or bust

    98. Chris Smith

      Pandemic Paul is under the most pressure in LA

    99. Bun Bee

      Max is 100% correct....Stephen A and Perk are OTL! 🤪

    100. Everett Salazar Gonzalez

      why SAS gotta be so insecure, I feel he just lowkey dont wanna look week in front of another brother... his attitude changes so much whenever perk shows up. SAD!