Why This Japanese Town Eats BEARS

Abroad in Japan

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    In Japan's northern region of Aomori, the locals regularly eat bear meat. But why's it popular and how does it taste? We travel across Aomori to try 5 dishes and uncover why it has the shortest life expectancy of any prefecture in Japan. (And no it's got nothing to do with the bears!)
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    1. Abroad in Japan

      NOTIFICATION SQUAD: On our 200km journey around Aomori we ate our way through five local dishes. WHICH ONE do you want to try the most? Also, don't miss Ryotaro's absurd rap. He truly outdid himself this time. Jokes aside, it's good to be back on the road together. I always enjoy these little excursions and I hope you guys enjoy coming along the ride! (ESPECIALLY now Abroad in Japan is in 4k). Right, I'm off for a liquor breakfast.

      1. Marcus Draper

        I really want to go to Japan and become a teacher there but I don't know how, I am young and have a few years left in school but what road would I have to take to have the required skills,

      2. xNico

        Congrats on 2M!!

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        Awesome video and humor as usual.

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        @Jonas Arnesen おそらくそうです。彼 ステーキみたいだと言ったので美味しいと思います。

      5. Jonas Arnesen

        @Dwayne 熊肉が美味しいですか。

    2. Marcus Draper

      I really want to go to Japan and become a teacher there but I don't know how, I am young and have a few years left in school but what road would I have to take to have the required skills,

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      Eating bears is such a cliche in anime that I assumed Japanese people just eat bear all the time.

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      Fun fact : even though Aomori people has the lowest average life expectancy in Japan, they're still way higher than the other countries have. According to the government's most recent statistics, the average life expectancy for men in the prefecture is 78.67 years, and 85.93 for women

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