Young M.A Holiday Livestream Performance + Q&A

Young MA

151 миӊ. көрүүлөр25

    Free livestream performance. Hosted by FunnyMarco. Thanks to all the fans that donated to the Kweens Foundation.

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    1. Uriahsgrandma

      Young and may you know I love you. However I thought maybe this would be a video of uplifting words . Being that is Christmas time and you got the tree in back of you with Christmas gifts. You are a very gifted highly talented rapper. But I know you have more to talk about them bitches hoes and throwing them out to her house and fucking them and all that other bullshit period come on and show me what you can really do


      Young m.a I get the bag freestyle was sexy confident honest and explicitly wonderful


      Classic why they looking mad im just looking good facts bro lmaooooo🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣(Sprays The Perfume )

    4. Mr. BIMA

    5. the chocolate bunny

      Love you did your thing.....but i would fire everone for not holding up there end ....

    6. Bachirou Salou


    7. Stephanie Lewis

      I love you MA

    8. Stephanie Lewis

      I'm white snd black So blow south yo

      1. Stephanie Lewis

        Even tho I prefer green For all the forgotten

    9. Stephanie Lewis

      Quiet Storm is the theme for my whole day girl!

      1. Stephanie Lewis

        I'm scared too deaf of the infiltration of the shot bruh I'm afraid they taken over my cells With they scientific asses I be scared of the thermo I'm fraud they markin my 🧠

      2. Stephanie Lewis

        I don't wanna catch the rona Not sure if that makes Much sense But I be feelin anxious

      3. Stephanie Lewis

        Sceeerdy kat sheeet

      4. Stephanie Lewis

        I might not should have mentioned the witch I been tripping off that TRUMP LUV

      5. Stephanie Lewis

        Oh, i forgot the 6-9 And the scorpion

    10. Stephanie Lewis

      I love the chair, but inwanna cut the red and throw some purple!

      1. Stephanie Lewis

        Does day NowS count? I been here since Ouuuuuuuuuu tho

      2. Stephanie Lewis

        Stay away from the zz's

      3. Stephanie Lewis

        Its a massively person thing to me, changing up a certain chair Dont tell em doh

      4. Stephanie Lewis

        I do love the red tho Its always been my favorite color For most my life

    11. Stephanie Lewis

      My number 33

    12. Stephanie Lewis

      I'm gonna cry!!!!!!!

    13. Stephanie Lewis


    14. Stephanie Lewis

      Forhunnid be one of my top favs

    15. Stephanie Lewis

      I be going hamm I cant even listen 🍼

    16. Stephanie Lewis

      And Max and NoahBug Js Cant leave them out They all my sons

    17. Stephanie Lewis

      Pray to get that Eli bak

    18. Stephanie Lewis

      MA get all the 💰 I try to pick just one track But I like em all

    19. Stephanie Lewis

      They bettA stay way from my E! FACTS!

    20. Stephanie Lewis

      Its Heffanie and Stephanie Allin1

    21. DNA Joshua Geist

      Aye how do i get my merch for donating 100$

    22. TheRealMaleQueen.


    23. TheRealMaleQueen.

      Yike's ✨

    24. TheRealMaleQueen.

      You cant sit with us 😂 " Mean Girls

    25. TheRealMaleQueen.


    26. TheRealMaleQueen.

      All Naked 😂 ✨👑🎀

    27. TheRealMaleQueen.

      Ayeee you already know

    28. TheRealMaleQueen.

      Wild asf all the smoke fuckin it up

    29. TheRealMaleQueen.

      What only fans

    30. TheRealMaleQueen.

      Yo next time Shot Rack first

    31. TheRealMaleQueen.

      Checks 😂✨👑 Letticia J Chacon

    32. TheRealMaleQueen.


    33. TheRealMaleQueen.


    34. TheRealMaleQueen.

      Mean Girls

    35. TheRealMaleQueen.


    36. TheRealMaleQueen.


    37. TheRealMaleQueen.


    38. Rynne Carnivora

      Baby this live was AWESOME. Your stage presence is so genuine and awesome! Those girls were dying of stage fright I think. Loved this regardless

    39. Tae Curry

      I love young ma she real asf she doing it for here city and people and not just for the money Is wat I see in my eyes if you not a hater 🥳🥳

    40. The Flowers Family

      The suits to to tight. I knew it the whole time🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣

    41. kyara . H

      M.A. out here finna donate to herself im dead bra

    42. Benzito


    43. B Angel

      The suits too tight🤣😂😅🤣😂

    44. mikiajanaee

      ; ,

    45. mikiajanaee

      damn she just hella fire to me

    46. Ebrima Jammeh


    47. Raville Johnson

      What are you doing ma

      1. Raville Johnson

        I love you and miss you ma

    48. AJW3B4L


    49. AJW3B4L


    50. G T


    51. Jo Jenny

      Them “dancers” were whack as hell

    52. lesile barber

      Yr shit Dope 💪🌺✌️Merry Christmas 🎄sick shit 🌷

    53. Danarah Brooks

      damn let me get my fat ass on that stage and vibe

      1. Danarah Brooks

        let me rap for you for Christmas

    54. 1Rapshow

      u put on the classic songs killer shit from past days but still gold

    55. Rebekah Sutton

      Please get sum around the way girls next time. Cuz these ig models are trash. 🤦🏾

    56. Oksana Gameeva


    57. Jenny Echavarria

      Hell yeah I do for mineZ I'll die for mineZ..... Young ma always my 🎶 to fucken just 💆‍♀️👿👿🧘‍♀️

    58. Iesha Dawson

      SENDING BROOKLYN LOVE!!! 🥰🔥🥰🔥🥰🔥🥰🔥🥰🔥🥰🔥🥰🔥🥰🔥🥰🔥🥰🔥🥰🔥🥰 LOVE YOU YOUNG M.A!!!

    59. k ty

      This was smackin🥰🤑❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    60. k ty


    61. Oyama Bunu

      Please show some love and follow me on Instagram @iyanla_babe. 🤍

    62. Vgmr Garcia


      1. CAVS2022 PLAYOFFS

        70 % c + 🤔😒

    63. Amanda Burger

      I definitely been doing my thing up there for ya M.A

    64. Farehunt . z

      Straight up icon😊

    65. OhPunky

      Next time get a warm up mic person that knows the damn words to your songs. 🤦🏾‍♂️



    67. Hannah Ankrah

      Why these girls so shy like whyyy man why am I in the uk 🇬🇧 it’s painful

    68. Hannah Ankrah

      Making it count snap me 👌♥️

    69. GlitcH 2077

      Young MA: Teacher said you'll never make it... The four twerk dancers at the background:

    70. Minah and Deanz DEMINAH

      If I was there I would be all over her.... no cap

    71. Tu Sicka The Zia Son

      Wen U kno' U made it...wen U performing on Ur own stage 💥

    72. Jerome Dillon

      Lyrically diabolical fundamental to the ear #Armageddon

    73. Jerome Dillon

      Do your best queen #Armageddon hope to see you soon violation evolution on crime aks m16s m40s and nine

    74. Jerome Dillon

      Do your best queen #Armageddon hope to see you soon violation evolution on crime aks m16s m40s and nine

    75. Jerome Dillon

      Do your best queen #Armageddon hope to see you soon violation evolution on crime aks m16s m40s and nine

    76. Jerome Dillon

      Armageddon aka jay

    77. Jerome Dillon


    78. Natty Armas

      👏🏼🔥young ma 💥💥 she is fireeeeee

    79. N I K I - M A R S H

      She really forgot the words to "I get the bag"😩Aww, bless her

    80. Raiquon Duncan


    81. Raiquon Duncan


    82. aaron tshwanda

      17:10-19:55 AND 27:48-30:16❤️❤️❤️ #PureCane x:TheMrs.

    83. Bob Shmurda

      Young MA be inspiring the African continent. Love from Ghana

      1. Bob Shmurda

        @Hannah Ankrah owwww great, that meand you have got our blood running through you innit. I'd wish we would keep in touch though. Please any social media handles?

      2. Hannah Ankrah

        @Bob Shmurda No I live in the uk 🇬🇧 my dad was from Ghana 🇬🇭

      3. Bob Shmurda

        @Hannah Ankrah yeah ooo Hannah. Much love from Ghana. Are you in Ghana too?

      4. Hannah Ankrah

        Ghana 🇬🇭 people’s here woop woop

    84. Oriel Osbourne

      The hypes true

    85. J

      The "dancers" were wack as fuck. The way she was still trying to be nice lmaoo. Send them back to Instagram.

    86. Icon Don

      Pick a side

    87. destiny reymond

      i love you

    88. Grass Mask Records


    89. TheRealMsSparkle

      OMGosh! These dancers suck...BIG TIME! Boring. I would have been dancing like the exotic dancer I used to be. LOL!! #realtalk

    90. A Wyze World

      She need a better production team lol...hopefully me soon

    91. Amanda Burger

      Damn I wish I lived somewhere ud like to visit cause we could have some hella fun 🤗

    92. rated r

      Her flavor so genuine like u gotta feel feel the vibes

    93. Roderick Asante

      Love your energy. Your performance was lit.

    94. lil jules62 sidibe officiel


    95. Khanyizzi Topic


    96. Samuel Feliciano

      Funny marco

    97. Eddie Rodriguez

      Ooouuuu ✌

    98. alisgravenil24

      Everybody gaining that rona weight

    99. Savvy Sy555

      Petty wap lit

    100. Savvy Sy555

      Ayeeee to sooon