Friday Night Funkin' Mod Showcase: Wii Funkin' (Vs. Matt) [2.0 UPDATE]


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    Get this really challenging mod here!:
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    THIS MOD IS CRAZYYYYY!!! Who knew it would have harder songs than before and even recharts lmaoooo. I wonder if there's gonna be a wiik 3 for Matt in the future, but only time will tell lol
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    0:00 Intro
    0:35 Light-It-Up (w/ Dialogue)
    2:11 Ruckus (w/ Dialogue)
    5:21 Target-Practice (w/ Dialogue)
    8:14 Victory Screen Wiik 1
    8:28 Sporting (w/ Dialogue)
    11:26 Boxing-Match (w/ Dialogue)
    15:00 Victory Screen Wiik 2
    15:07 Outro
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    1. The Amazing Jayce Jayce

      Matt starting Rukus be like: potatoes in the sky

    2. sansraptor YT

      Are we just going to ignore the amogus guy in the background?

    3. UnovaMonZ

      I LOVE the new background of the bf playing Wii fit

    4. Alex

      *POOT De POOT* *P O T A T O W A T E R S L I D E*

    5. Hikmet - Parody

      8:51 2× speed😂

    6. Yasha KeroKeroppi


    7. Dove


    8. PerfectAimer

      Boyfriend: *e a t m i i n u t s * Matt: what is wrong with you?

    9. Michael Duru

      Matt is so so hard

    10. PerfectAimer

      4:38 warning matt is hacking 3:32

    11. diad x. O x.


    12. diad x. O x.


    13. diad x. O x.


    14. Bernardo Gachatuberツ - Brawl stars E Roblox

      8:05 bot or ULTRA training!You are a pro!

    15. Lion Games

      Amogus in the background

    16. Alberto Martins de Abreu

      *e a t m i i n u t s*

      1. PerfectAimer


    17. Samii .-.

      6:39 matpat explaining the fnf lore :

    18. Val Galang

      Why do i see dream and among us?!?!

    19. dont mind me, just a box

      Matt is matt until he speaks beep boop

    20. JBthe Man

      What's the music at the beginning?

    21. mr taco ritz man

      Sporting is the best song in my opinion

    22. Gabriel Flores Retamal

      12:44 is love

    23. xUniwolfy!

      I catch a glimpse of the amongus and a warrior from Castle Crashers

    24. Gamingtastic

      Matt learned the enchanting table language by singing target practice

    25. The Voice of Logan Underwood

      13:29 Almost sounds like Spookez

    26. Eggdog

      E a t m i i n u t s

      1. PerfectAimer


    27. ImSoggy__ YT

      Fun fact in a audience is a among us character and pico n’me

      1. PerfectAimer

        Among us

    28. veauxx gamer


    29. WhoDatMilkshake

      I feel like it was going well at the start, but nearing the end in Wiik2, it just leaned more for difficulty instead of enjoyable and actually good music...

    30. Gabriel Nunez

      The mod was easy

    31. Eli

      1 2 3 4

    32. King Classified

      Light it up is so fire

    33. Maximoss 575

      I love boyfriend playing wii fit

    34. The Snakey, but its better

      Everybody gangsta, eh? Until big brother Boxing Match comes.

    35. Ahmed Malaki

      Is it just me or is he saying ricochet ?

    36. •-•

      Is it just me that LOVES Matt’s voice?

    37. upstartfan gaming

      12:44 y do I love this so much

    38. Emily Beesley

      The fact girlfriend is still alive after being though hell is amazing

    39. kirbmaster

      13:31 spooky month vibe ngl

    40. Egaman Æ


    41. Brayan stiven Leal Mosquera

      just put it on quick in settings and you will see in 2x

    42. Conner O’Rear

      I'm really wondering if this is a bot or if he's using a guitar hero guitar...but if it's on keyboard that's pretty impressive

    43. Priscilla Rojas V.

      13:04 1 2 3 4

    44. deivy gonzalez

      matt is the spanish mate hahaha

    45. Rainzeez

      So no one is talking about how the description for wiik 2 is “Matt is done with your shit”

    46. DEMON KING

      matt rage is burning haha

    47. Shawnda Corbett

      How are you so good?

    48. Minnie Sisouk

      On the end it so hard

    49. Elox n Zerech EZ

      I thought that ruckus Was the hardest song of matt but then i got to target practice and mi doomed

    50. SMOKE2.2GTA

      Felicidades Has Encontrado al Primer Comentario en Español Congratulations You Found the First Comment in Spanish

    51. The RealDevPlayz

      Mom can we have a Wii Console and a Wii sports Mom : we already have a Nintendo Wii and the Wii sports game The Wii and the Wii Sports game : Matt You : I can’t play it Your fingers : R.I.P Mom : it’s because of that stupid Wii

    52. Jiro Machamer

      Are people gonna ignore that wii sports reference at the title screen?

    53. Lea Wilson

      This is, in my opinion, a bad mod. It the first 2 songs are great! But the rest don’t really feel like songs. Just like a bunch of fast arrows for the sake of being hard.

    54. foxy

      Time stamps: Light it up 0:51 Ruckus 2:23 Target practice 5:36

    55. benedict anggriawan


    56. benedict anggriawan

      what boy friends like matt hands LOL and girlfriends LOL LOL

    57. benedict anggriawan


    58. benedict anggriawan

      i see pico with no hands and guns LOL

    59. benedict anggriawan

      and bomb and combat hank matt lolololl

    60. benedict anggriawan

      i see lila matt lol

    61. Dallaslucci 18

      14:51 And this is why hard doesn’t mean fun or a good sounding song

    62. Reaper

      gf looks like she is spamming lean in an r6 match in boxing match

    63. Sonny xd

      Question: Are the hi-hats of boxing match's song replaced with vocal chops for Matt and Keith?

    64. flutter_abi

    65. videos xd y guatafaf

      XD casi le arruinamos su trabajo a matt

    66. xiz yt


    67. ELMNT OF PLY

      in start of phase 2 spng 2 he does double notes like 50 times.

    68. Bre Minor

      The fact gf didn't break her neck is amazing

    69. Jeremy Fabian Leon Castañeda

      1 2 3 4 3 3

    70. D4 Norman


    71. Brayden Newton

      Time to play this. I might rip my fingers off. Rip me

    72. Messiah Bent

      if you look in the back ground you can see lots of recognizable characters, tell me what you see.

    73. ZeroGacha YT

      8:13 BF normal?

    74. CypherJH

      if only matt had his silver gloves

    75. connor fucking dies

      these are practically death grips instrumentals

    76. Emma

      Anywhere in 4:23 , do ya’ll people hear sans sound? ;-;

    77. Edgar lopez

      Everybody gangsta until Matt goes full tryhard mode

    78. not descriptive_ly

      my man got 69 misses on sporting

    79. BF purple guy


    80. Sven Speldie

      A M O N G U S 7:35

    81. Shubh Ranjan Chakraborty

      Pico's school, tankman, yandre simulator, vocaloid, madness combat, zardy's maze, Eddsworld and now Wii sports is getting raided by boyfriend and girlfriend LAMO

    82. Black Heart

      I couldn’t even imagine boxing-match hellbeats

      1. Corgi Playz

        4 notes every funking milisecond

    83. Boyfriend

      2:41 something in the background looks kinda sussy

    84. lobs

      4:39 ballistic

    85. Just some random Minecraft player

      I'm scared if Nintendo sued this mod.

    86. K Gratia

      this seems to be the hardest I've ever seen on fnf

    87. AliFurkan BS

      0:51 why this sound is same with fresh beatbox?

    88. JoelGamesXD

      Un dos tres cuatro tres tres

    89. Consuelo Almazan

      Boyfriend: Everybody I Beat matt ok And it was really faster and she's a robot and she's not real

    90. Aaron4999

      13:05 uno dos tres cuatro one two three four

    91. Maxi The Squid


    92. pump shitpost

      13:04 bf no sabe decir 1234 xd

    93. Jinseo Colin Kim


    94. Adriel Silva vega


    95. Emanuel Chambi


    96. Alvaro Valdivia

      Why does girl friend and boy friend have circel hands

    97. Alvaro Valdivia

      This is so COOL in the back of the menú boy friend is playing the wii

    98. Mercedes Castillo


    99. Ricardo Alonso Luna Troncoso

      Epic 😎😎👍👍 5:34

    100. Ghael Silva