Making an unpickable lock. Calling locksmiths

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    How hard could it be to make an unpickable lock? Turns out pretty flippin hard. After I recovering from the mental and physical turmoil of getting this thing made I called up a locksmith to see if they would be able to pick it. A fun time for all involved.

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    1. Stuff Made Here

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      1. Integer0verload

        Send it to the lock picking lawyer on youtube. If he can't pick it your good

      2. Joseph Sa

        Send it to the lock picking lawyer

      3. CommanderWolfyX

        Sorry about the late reply but its possible to make a tool that will memorise where a pin set and do it for each and then execute and open it Hard for yours but not impossible

      4. James Tschetter

        Seeing all your stuff here and the brilliant mind behind it is pretty cool I have to admit. I want to put u up to a challenge. See if u can make an automatic braiding machine. Doesn't matter if its fully mechanical or if software is involved, its totally up to u.

      5. Brandon Kepley

        have LockPickingLawyer try to pick it

    2. Marc Lalikos

      Since 3D printing opens up so many possibilities over regular machining, I wonder what you'd come with, if you'd 3D print an unpickable lock.

    3. Allen Magana

      You should send it to the LockPickingLawyer

    4. N1K

      What is that app you used to draw ?

    5. A Watchman

      Ask lockpickinglawyer and/or lock lab. They can pick anything.

    6. Dany Chuck

      2 months have almost gone by and has the LPL done his magic yet or is simply stumped?

    7. Jackie See To

      8:35 “I found a locksmith that specialises in picking locks” LOL

    8. Jackie See To

      Had to watch this video at 0.75 speed to understand lol

    9. Kamyk GCT

      Did you send it!? Where is link to vid?

    10. Sukotto82

      locksmiths suck at picking locks. if you really want to test your lock let the "LockPickingLawyer" try to pick the lock. he will most likely succeed but if he can't then you got something there. he has picked many locks that are advertised and unpickable. wow awesome she called it :) if you do send one to the LockPickingLawyer I'd love to see how he does and what your thoughts are one the results.

    11. march II

      Is your wife admiral bulldog's sister?

    12. The Society Of Bruh

      “You don’t think I’m an expert?” “No. I just mean a real expert.”

    13. Yolanda Shikers

      The lying ravioli ontogenetically cry because dead osmotically cycle throughout a hollow lipstick. outstanding, hysterical period

    14. EBSting

      I hope you patented this!

    15. Mark G

      send it to the lock picking lawyer or pack your bags (aka put your money where your mouth is!)

    16. Konjiki no Yami

      its easier to destroy the door

    17. Andrew Gee82

      Great video. Whatever you do, don't loose the key 🤣

    18. Aiden

      "I mean a real expert."

    19. Anthony Ash

      was this every picked by the lockpicking lawyer

    20. sparaaaa

      easiest sub of my life

    21. Brannon Schussler

      I bet LockPickingLawyer could pick it

    22. Fluff Fox

      Want an unpickable lock? Get one that can be easily short circuited instead :D

    23. trong nghia Nguyen

      Well ... How is the lock now ?

    24. Darkwing Dork

      Definitely send to him. NOTE: the “just get a lock without a key” is bad advice. Those can be less secure than keyed entries.

    25. I Eat Rocks

      What if the key brakes?

    26. JellyUK

      LOL if you want a lock that cant be picked get a rfid one... So you introduce another issue HACKING :P

    27. Sir Sir

      You and your wife look like brother and sister...

    28. gris186

      I know it was just for fun but if were to be produced you would have to make the angle or degree of the lock case more steep so you can't grab it with a tool and hammer it off easily

    29. Cococonutyt

      This dude: HEY GUESS WHAT I MADE AN UNPICKABLE LOCK!! His wife: *leaves window open.

    30. Kidde PI2010 Smoke Detector

      imagine putting that lock as your house lock and you lock yourself out

    31. Albin ;D

      That is a great design! So cool,

    32. Master killerdaki

      I wonder why I always see a bat outside my door

    33. Link Gaming

      Please sell these

    34. Richard Recupero

      you kinda make me hate myself

    35. david nabet

      is it just me or his wife llooks like his sister?

    36. biel andrada

      Security companies: WRIGHT THAT DOWN, RIGHT THAT DOWN!!

    37. david morrill

      Patent and sell it.

    38. Sean Murphy

      Can't wait to see the lock picking lawyer attempt this one

    39. Jonny Boy

      Use a real locksmith next time they come, drill it out immediately and sell you a new $600 lock...

    40. First Name Last Name

      I learned something new. He has a daughter.

    41. kainen mattison

      Send it to lock picking lawyer!!!!!

    42. Paramo Paramo

      Send this to the lock picking lawyer

    43. Markedone

      you should see if the Lock Picking Lawyer can pick it.

    44. NicNakPattyWhack

      now that everyone knows the design, we can find a way to pick it!

    45. KP [45

      But can you make a unlockable pick. Well...... CAN YOU!!!

    46. Andy Schema

      Next level home engineering! bravo. Now please send it to the L.P.L!

    47. KEEPER

      Damn dhas hard to picc Aht imma go kick da door down

    48. PulseFlare

      His wife kinda looks like his sister. Why do they look so alike?

    49. tenebrarius the philosophic

      it would be really cool if they made an impossible lock together and sold it. I would buy that.

    50. Be Original

      Ur wife seems So bored of u. Y???

    51. Medina Jyke

      you can sell that

    52. René Casaña

      Your girl underestimate your capacities, drop her, get a better one.

    53. G3TPL4YEDOE Gaming

      burglar just finna get mad and break the window lol

    54. jasiah mascarenas


    55. Joseph Pantolon

      Lorena Bobbitt had a lock picking method.

    56. CoolWolfMan

      I “picked the lock” with an AK47

    57. Michael McGee

      Heeeeey there KGup algorithm

    58. baba booey

      Didn't understand anything he was explaining but it was a cool watch

    59. Denzel Curry

      Why do him and his wife look the same.

    60. Sal Dragg

      patten this bro

    61. ChicagoModzz


    62. Brandon Morgan

      @Stuff Made Here please send your lock to the lock picking lawyer.

    63. K Ko

      FUN FACT: If you blow off the lock with a shotgun you wont have to worry about picking it and you can have fun robbing anything you desire

    64. Ethan Jin

      I'm just waiting on "the lock that Stuff Made Here made" vs "the pick that BosnianBill and I made"

    65. Jared Steadman

      do it! send it!

    66. Kyle Skurka

      Send it to lock picking lawyer from KGup

    67. Night Storm

      LPL still wanting to know if you will collab, he said you haven't got in touch.

    68. Kaykay Abuel

      He can start selling these as ACTUAL unpickable lock that has a key if he wants to

    69. Kaykay Abuel


    70. journeyfiveonesix

      "This is the lock picking lawyer and today we're going to be picking the STUFF unpickable lock with a 12 gauge shotgun."

    71. Nicholas Baxter

      10:40 I'm pretty sure that even some locks that don't use keys can be bypassed anyways

    72. Sheila Walker

      Unpickable locks are simple. Any lock can be made unpickable. The key is in two parts. The first part is slid in. The key slot has a 'door'. The door must be closed for the pins or tumblers to be activated. The door closes behind the first part and the pins or tumblers move into place. Now the remaining part of the key fits into an external slot and turns the lock. Once the lock is open the first part of the key is retrieved from the other end. No conventional picking can operate with the door closed.

    73. Jeffrey Nagy

      "Just remember, it's never too early to teach your children about medieval siege strategies" XD

    74. Maggot King556

      "If you want us to send the lock to the Lockpicking Lawyer don't bark" How many attempts did that take?

    75. ALL CAPS

      Its been like 6 weeks where you at??

    76. Michael Berru

      Lol "That's your baby?" Hehehe 😁

    77. Terwase Kelvin Gberikon

      The Lock picking lawyer could pick this easily, send it to him!

    78. RIP Juice WRLD RIP X

      Yeah... he’s confident until the three minute video comes out and he hears click on three, two is binding, four’s set... and it’s open. Really challenging lock folks, one that I might consider buying myself. It took me nearly 30 seconds to pick it open

    79. Gumbo

      Where can i buy this?

    80. The Real Dohos

      Will the lawyer ever pick this lock ?? or did i just miss it ?

      1. Tyler

        I keep checking his channel waiting for it. I thought I missed it too lol

    81. Justin Haggmark

      He should send it to the lock picking lawyer

    82. Mark H

      Send it to him. He’s the only guy who could give it the best efforts

    83. ameba 2804

      You should send this lock to LockPickingLawyer

    84. BLB gaming Official

      You look like Luke skywalker😅

    85. Hoi Boi

      The ultimate way to get past any type of lock, 14.7 mm russian

    86. Rare Red Cobra

      Would really like to see that LPL video soon. Are you going ahead with that?

    87. sinister is random

      When the lock is ready it will be sent to him. Patience people for crying out loud. Things take time it doesn't come out of no where in 3 seconds.

    88. bion1c CROW

      Is there a video from lockipicking lawyer?

    89. Can I Spoon You

      1 month and he hasn't sent it

    90. Donovan Wilemon

      send it to lockpickinglawyer!

    91. Mad_Cal


    92. Jacob Elmore

      Please send it to lockpicking lawyer

    93. some random ginger

      That’s cool! *kicks door in

    94. Expert of Lizard Corrugation

      You could probably impression it

    95. Triston Wilson

      Please send it to LPL

    96. mike s

      My dad, 50 years of being a lock smith , says that locks only keep honest people out.

    97. mlite2go

      Yes! Please send to lpl

    98. Joe Novak

      One thing I've learned on KGup. Lock picking is far harder to learn and defeat then the doors they mount to.

    99. The_Yeet_ Beep

      Me who has a sledgehammer: pathetic

    100. --

      Sell it, you've made yourself a millionaire